This Fairytale Swedish Country Home Could be Yours!

Tjena vänner! Another Monday has rolled around, but it's slightly different here. Our eldest daughter has returned to school. Two down, two to go! One thing that has stayed the same: I'm still dreaming over beautiful homes far and wide. Especially ones that are for sale! Do you enjoy looking at local real estate too? Now, I wouldn't call this one local (I think 600 km is a stretch for USA even) but it IS dreamy - and definitely worth interrupting Per's coffee break (''hey P, how about moving here?''). Dating back to 1915, this beautiful Swedish country home is around 45 mins from Stockholm and part of a row of red and white houses which wouldn't look out of place in Astrid Lindgren's 'Children of Noisy Village' (my kids would fit right in!). The large spacious rooms have been decorated in soothing muted tones which look out over the snowy countryside. In springtime, the melting snow makes way for lush green rapeseed fields which turn a vibrant yellow come May. Enjoy the tour friends - who knows, this might just be your next home! 

So beautiful! 

I love the golden winter light - and would happily sit out there on the terrace for a social distanced gathering, how about you?

Are you tempted to move right in? If so, you can find more details here - including pictures and layout (I know sometimes it can be hard to figure this out from the pictures). 

Since we need to ease ourselves into the week gently, I couldn't resist digging out these incredible Scandinavian country homes from the archive. Time to put those feet up! 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!


PS before Christmas I mentioned I'd planned to introduce a new MSH column about readers homes. I plan to kick this off at the end of Feb - and I need your help! Do you have a room in your home you'd love to share? If so, please e-mail me a picture (a JPEG at least 750 pixels widen- this interior photo guide is helpful) with a little info about why you love the room and any key details (furniture / accessories etc) we'd all find helpful. Tack så mycket! 

Photography courtesy of Bo Sthlm.

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An Artist's Super Cosy & Relaxed Open-Plan Living Space

Hello! Before we all head off for the weekend, I wanted to nip in and share this super cosy, super relaxed, open-plan kitchen, dining and living room area with you. The space belongs to Katharina, an artist, her partner and their wonderful cats! I can just imagine the duo curling up by the fire under a blanket, cats purring by their side while the snow falls. 

So cosy, don't you think? 

You can see more of Katharina's charming home and their previous apartment in Nuremberg here

Wishing you all a 'hyggeligt' weekend! 


Photography: Katharina @hiermitmir

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Cabin Escape: A Dreamy Scandi Inspired Ski chalet in Whitefish

The whole of Sweden is blanketed in snow right now - and the temperatures are well below minus for the foreseeable future (at least according to the 10-day weather forecast). In Malmö, everyone is breathing a sigh of relief and the children are rushing out with their sleds. For the first time in quite few years, we're being treated to 'a real winter'.  This calls for a snowy cabin, don't you think? And The Nooq fits the bill perfectly. Described on Airbnb (yes, this beauty is available to rent!) as a 'Scandinavian minimalist ski chalet', the Nook is a ski in / walk out retreat on the slopes of Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana, USA. I could totally imagine skiing in - all rosy cheeked from the fresh mountain air - enjoying a casserole by the fire before a long soak in the bath looking out over the forest. 'Walking out' would be a different story. I mean, would you ever want to leave? 


Could you imagine checking-in here? 

I miss the mountains so much - do you? Or perhaps like Swede Bettina Kapare you're lucky enough to live somewhere like The Alps? 

If you're feeling the snowy cabin love today - here are a few others to feast your eyes on:

Wishing you all a relaxing day! Stay warm fellow Swedes and everyone else feeling the chill right now! 


Photography courtesy of The Nooq - shared with kind permission. 

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Rustic Simplicity in Beautiful Neutral Tones

Are you a fan of rustic? If so, you might just love the rustic simplicity of this living space. It's been beautifully styled for a Zara home photo shoot, and the images were just too beautiful not to share! Think subtle nuances of cream, beige and light brown with texture oozing from the surfaces of stone, rattan, linen and wood. Perfect inspiration for anyone looking to add softness to their home, without a load of 'stuff'! 

This reminds me a little of my own sitting room - I love the brown tones and tactile linen fabrics. 

A friend gave me a wooden bowl like this for my birthday a few years ago and it's been a favourite ever since. They're soooo versatile. I use mine for serving food (salads etc) but also for decorative purposes - they look pretty filled with fir cones, shells and other items!

Love the two-toned hem on these curtains - there's something really cool about them in the light. 

So serene! Just what I needed for a little mid-week calm, how about you? 

How I'd love to swipe my hand across the bedding in the final picture... I bet it's so soft! I have to say, my desire to touch things is what get's me in trouble in museums! Tell me you also get an uncontrollable desire to touch and feel things from time to time. I think that's why I also prefer to shop in store than online (I'm so old school!).  

There's a load more rustic inspiration here: 

A magical farmhouse on a hill (captured for my second book - I'll never ever forget the day I spent there!).

And in the rustic archive

Wishing you a great Wednesday! 


Photos courtesy of Zara Home

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Beautiful Stays: A Hundred-Year-Old Workman's Cottage

What's the temperature like where you are? In Malmö it's lovely and sunny and I did actually witness someone take a dip in the sea earlier. BUT they did need to withstand -2 C (and that's without the windchill!). Meanwhile, Down Under I'm guessing the waters are exactly the right temperature. Which is why I found my mind wondering to Dubbo, NSW, Australia today. Admittedly, this is because I've found a perfect place to stay. The Repose is owned and managed by Bede and Jemima Aldridge, co-founders of boutique Saddler & Co and Ric and Moir Jones. The four spent two years renovating the hundred-year-old property by hand, with Jemima taking the lead on the design, before opening the doors to guests. And what a great job they've done! Think whitewashed cladding, vintage touches as well as a dreamy bathroom and European-inspired courtyard. Did I mention that there's always a local bottle of wine waiting for you too? We're all aware that travelling to Oz is not an option right now, but if we close our eyes, we might just feel the warm sun on our skin while we sip wine in the courtyard. Or you could just keep your eyes open and feel inspired by the design that oozes from every image. Either way, you're in for a treat! 

"We all have European heritage and I purposefully ensured the cottage has interwoven elements that reference our love for 'gezellig' interiors and also the Australian quintessential cottage charm."

- Jemima Aldridge 

"Many of the items featured throughout are by Australian artisan designers, but the house also features a rather lovely custom brass lamp by Wo and Wé Collection as well as table linen and blankets by Timeless Linen."

The luxury bathroom features an original clawfoot tub restored with care, brass tap ware, original artwork, as well as complimentary Aesop hair and skin formations (now you're talking!). 

How lovely! I'd be happy to check in and stay for a while, how about you?

The decor makes me want to head off and for a 'loppisrunda' (flea market tour) - second-hand pieces add so much to a space don't you think? And of course, there's all that wonderful linen! 

Is there anything that stood out to you?

Find out more about The Repose here

Other beautiful homesteads Down Under can be found here (keep an eye out for the 'before and after' and other dreamy guest houses). 

Har det så fint! 


Photographs: 1. The Repose 2. Lean Timms 3 - 8. Abbie Mellé 9 - 10. Lean Timms 11- 12. Alana Landsberry 13. The Repose

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