A Stunning White Farmhouse in The Snow

It snowed here this morning. Nothing major, just a light sprinkling, but it was enough to make me feel all warm inside! Do you love the first flurry of snow too? I felt nothing captures the cosy mood today like this beautifully simple farmhouse in the Indiana countryside. Photographer and stylist Angie Wendricks has struck the perfect balance between minimalism and warmth thanks to the white washed floors and walls and rustic furniture. Look out for soft, natural textiles, simple bouquets of flowers and the odd candle too!

The beauty of having furniture on wheels like this table, is that you can easily move it around depending on where you need it - you can even roll it outside (not that you'd want to in the snow of course!).  

I have a similar stool beside my bed which I sourced here* (I see they currently have a beautiful side table too - but there's only one left*, so you'd need to be quick!). The kitchen cabinets are from IKEA.

Kitchen Aid range

These images of Angie's homes are from a selection taken over the past year - which is why the Smeg is in a different position! I still wanted to include the image all the same, as I think it helps to understand the shape of the room - and get a better look at that stunning table! 

Angie's Ikea sofa has been covered with a Bemz linen cover (a girl after my own heart - I'm loving my linen sofa cover!). My bench / coffee table is almost identical too - pick up a similar one here.

This is such a pretty idea: white candles in vintage baking moulds! 

 The black wood burning stove looks really striking in the all white space and helps to show off the immense ceiling height - imagine how it looks all aglow with the snow outside?!

Woooow, this home is just beautiful, don't you think?

If this hasn't got us all in the mood for winter (and a white Christmas!), I don't know what will!

Could you imagine rocking around here this December?!

See more gorgeous pictures of Angie's home at @countyroadliving and

Other countryside cabins I love (I'm on a roll now - there's no stopping me!) - include this little Danish cabin in the woods, an idyllic lakeside cabin in Canada and Leanne Ford's dreamy white cabin.

Speaking of cold weather, I'm currently packing for my trip to Moscow tomorrow (I'm talking at an event about Pure Scandinavian Design there on Friday) - I've never been to Russia before so I'm super excited. Just got to work out what to pack to keep the minus temperatures at bay! Tips welcome!

Have a cosy day - keep warm!


Photography: Angie Wendricks, shared with kind permission. 

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  1. I love the accent of natural wood in this home!

    1. I love the natural wood touches too Aimee, they bring all the warmth.

  2. Hi, Niki. So you go to Moscow? I live in St. Petersburg ... it's a little north of Moscow.
    If you need advice or have any questions, I am ready to help you :)
    My name is Svetlana. I love your blog very much

    1. Hi Svetlana, how lovely of you, thank you! I am curious too know if there's snow on the ground right now (do I need to take my snow shoes?!) and also I will have a free day on Saturday in Moscow to wonder around so iff you have any tips for me (things to see, restaurants etc) I'd be so happy!

  3. i think this space is so beautiful, except - no curtains? no rugs? It looks cold. I hope those floors are heated :)

    1. I agree with you. I like white interiors but I would not want to be in this one in winter for the reasons you stated. Plus the exposed lightbulbs. I have only one in my house (the Edison bulb) and I have been planning to get rid of it for a few years already (will really have to start looking for a different fixture).

    2. Loved hearing your thoughts. Living in Sweden I am quite used to homes with no (or very sheer) curtains so this doesn't bother me - I'm totally imagine this place with under floor heating and the wood burning stove on - and toasty and warm!

  4. Niki...Yes, there is snow now. I already walk in my uggs. Be sure to take a knitted hat and a warm scarf. Right now there is -10 degrees Celsius. If you have a down coat, then this is the best option for this weather (if you have a wool coat, then you will freeze). Credit cards are accepted for payment almost everywhere. But be careful and take care of your bag and wallet ... there are a lot of different people in the big city.
    Restaurants ... you can easily google it with your phone. Many vegetarian restaurants (if this is relevant to you). Prices vary widely ... from the most democratic to the most high. Be sure to visit the Moscow metro and Red Square! (I will try now to find links in English so that you can understand where to go)

    1. Thank you Svetlana - so helpful! I've now packed my snow boots and down coats thanks to your advice. This girl is going to be WARM :) I am going to have my big city hat on when it comes to pick pockets too! I'm really looking forward to seeing Red Square - and Moscow in general! Exciting!

    Moscow Metro

    Saint Basil's Cathedral.

  7. Check out this site, there are the main places to see. If possible, visit the Diamond Fund of Russia. The Diamond Fund of Russia is located in the Kremlin, a five-minute walk from Okhotny Ryad metro station.

  8. In one day, you barely have time to see Red Square and the museums and cathedrals that are located there ... also try to go down the subway.
    If you have the opportunity and time during your trip, then ask me through the messenger in FB, it will be faster. Hugs, Svetlana Komarova.

  9. Great interior design! The whole house is nice!


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