A magnificent chalet in the Austrian Alps

A few weeks ago I was invited to visit the Bernd Gruber studio and workshop in Kitzbühel, in the Tyrol region of The Alps, Austria (imagine the little dance I did when it dropped into my mail box). Bernd Gruber is a carpentry and interior design business working with clients all over the world to create bespoke homes. Not only are the team passionate about incredible craftsmanship, honest materials and attention to detail (the fittings and furniture are created in their workshop in the quiet countryside of the Stuhlfelden region), the occupants are central to everything they do. 'The things we surround ourselves with know far more about us than we think: we are not the same person in each room. This knowledge allows us to create rooms that suit the character of their inhabitants – by telling a story about that character, ' says Bernd Gruber, who took over the business from his Father in 1992. Located a few kilometres from Kitzbühel, Chalet Jochberg was completed in 2015 and is a fine example of their work. The interior is both modern and timeless in equal measure and beautifully crafted down to every last detail. I could just imagine returning here every afternoon after a day in the mountains, how about you?!

All photography by Alexander van Berge.

What an incredible space?! The natural materials, the warmth of the wood, the incredible finish - and of course that view! I can just see myself sitting amongst those cushions with a good book and a glass of Gluehwein, how about you?

Is there anything that catches your eye?

Thank you Bernd Gruber for a fabulous weekend in Kitzbühel. I hope one day you're able to design my mountain chalet (I just need to to acquire one hem......anyone want to go in with me?!).

It's been a while since I've been in The Alps and there's no way I could leave without hitting the slopes! I had such a magical day skiing, taking in the scenery, snapping inspiring log cabins, enjoying the fresh air and of course, picking myself up from the odd wipe-out!  Have you ever been skiing in Austria? If not, I can highly recommend it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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A modern retreat in the Swiss Alpes

Hej hej! Sometimes, when it feels like winter is never going to end the only thing you can do is embrace it. And this is what I would do if I stayed at this chalet dug into the mountain side in Switzerland. Designed by Peter Zumthor of SeARCH and CMA it sleeps 9 and is completely heated by green energy from a local dam. Skiing anyone?!

Photography: iwan Baan Via Q uen Bleu
 There are plenty more of pictures here! Fantastic architecture and of course loving the concrete, the lighting and the funriture. But what do you think - could you stay here or would you prefer a more traditional alpine chalet?

And just before I head off - hello to all new lovely readers! Great to see you on here. I hope you feel inspired and will come back and visit soon! kram!

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