Before and After: A Traditional Norwegian Cabin Gets a Beautiful Colour Update

A few years ago, Berit stumbled across her dream croft surrounded by forest in Lunner, Hadeland, South-east Norway. The 50-metre square (538 sq.ft) cabin had great bones, but was in need of an update. Keen to put her own personal mark on it, Berit turned to Hytteliv magazine and interior designer Siv Brenne, who together with paint brand Jotun set to work on transforming the space while working to highlight the original features. The result is a peaceful retreat in soothing tones, and the perfect place to unwind. 

Kitchen before: 

Kitchen after: 

The kitchen has been given a fresh, calm update with wall panels in 1140 Sand, the ceiling in 471 Lys Antik (both LADY supreme finish matt) and the kitchen cabinets are from Bærum Kjøkkensenter, painted in colour s3005-B8OG. 

The sand shade has also been applied to the traditional-style sitting room area to give the living space a cohesive look. 

Master bedroom before:

When Beret bought the cabin, the small master bedroom was a sea of blues ranging from a more earthy shade to a bright sky blue. 

master bedroom after:

A soothing blue-grey tone (6315 Jade) was applied to the walls while the window frames were painted with a slightly darker 6232 Sjøalge to ensure the original features pop. Furniture and accessories in white and sand help to carry the theme through from the kitchen and sitting room. 

Guest bedroom before:

The guest bedroom was a riot of blue and red - which I am not opposed to since it gives it an air of traditional Norwegian country. However, the transformation is so charming....


The top bunk is mounted on the wall to give an airy touch to the small room (I'm curious to know if the walls would hold this at our summer cottage - I'd love to do something similar!). The walls and beds have been painted in a lovely light 1376 Froströk, while the door and window frame have been given a darker 6232 Sjøalge treatment to match the master bedroom). 

Bathroom before:


The bathroom has also been given a traditional touch with antique furniture against a backdrop of wood panels painted in calming 4017 Pilasterblå. The blind is from Green Apple and bench is from Lama. 

The exterior was also given aan update. A dramatic 734 Brunsvart (brown-black) was a applied to the wood panels and been paired with window frames in a softer 1376 Froströk and shutters in 4252 Kimrök Dämpad - creating a wonderful cohesive look between outdoors and indoors. 

What a lovely update! I love the soothing palette. It demonstrates just how important it is to work with a cohesive colour scheme before you start to decorate. 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

For more fab before and afters, check out this archive - some really incredible ones in there! Also, take a peek in the Norway homes archive - a favourite of mine! 

A couple of other things before I head off:

If you subscribe to My Scandinavian Home via e-mail, the feedburner will no longer work from tomorrow onwards (unfortunately) so I'm working on a new solution in order for you to continue receiving my posts straight to your inbox! I'll be back soon with more info!

And secondly, my article: Handmade Tale: The Rise of Handcrafts for the Home is now live over at IMM Cologne online magazine if you fancy a read! I love this movement, it makes me so happy! I hope it inspired you, too.

I'll be back tomorrow with a beautiful Scandi home tour. See you then! 


Photography courtesy of Hytteliv & Jotun

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Marianne's Charming Swedish Country Escape

Remember the lovely home of Swedish interior designer and graphic designer Marianne Wikner I featured a few weeks ago? Well, I made a great discovery! Marianne also has a summer house in Österlen, Southern Sweden - and it's equally beautiful! Surrounded by farmland in Grevlunda, the lovely old house is a place Marianne and her partner go to relax and switch off at the weekends and in the holidays. Just like their home in Mariefred, the interior is full of wonderful vintage finds, art items made from warm wood and distressed leather and layers of texture. It also has the same creative feel, yet the palette is made up of a soft, off-white with contrasting dark woodier effecting the surrounding landscape. I hope you enjoy the peek inside! 


I particularly love the relaxed, creative feel of the space as well as the magnificent, high ceiling in the main living room area - how amazing is that? Just imagine that fireplace in wintertime! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

I love Österlen, it's a beautiful part of Skåne (my adopted home county here in Southern Sweden). I've featured loads of lovely houses from the area before. Here are a few of my favourites:

If you're not already following Marianne on instagram it's an absolute must! You can find her here. I'm so looking forward to following her journey with her new home and seeing more pictures of this place too! 

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography: Marianne Wikner (except image 8 by Malin Poppy Darcy Mörner).

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A Charming Shaker-style Kitchen in a 1000-year-old Mill

How about a little kitchen dreaming today? This beautiful space can be found at the heart of beautiful Cotes Mill - an historic water mill dating back over 1000 years and the site deVOL kitchens calls its home. Wonky old stone walls, low beams and an aged wood floor provide a cosy backdrop - but sure can make fitting a kitchen tricky! I mean, when we fitted our summer cottage kitchen we found the walls to be marginally off, and that was enough to give us a total headache - this is on another level! But with some careful scribing and the right choices, you can do wonderful things, as shown here in The Real Shaker Kitchen whit's wonderful mix of cupboards, dressers and work surfaces. Read on to feel inspired! 

I see, that deVOL had the same problem as us: a windowsill lower than standard cabinets (fairly common in older buildings). We used a curtain to shield the back of the cabinets in our kitchen, but these guys have used a Silestone up stands to keep the run neat, and the work surface contained, which makes it super easy to keep clean, and looks really smart. 

The designers kept the colours of the cupboards and worktops fairly light to make the room feel as spacious and bright as possible - important when the room only has limited natural light. 

Paint colour: Mushroom by deVOL. Worktops: Lagoon Silestone on sink run, Helix Silestone on island. Knobs and handles: deVOL's painted shaker knobs & ceramic cup handles, Cooker Smeg 100cm 'Opera' dual cavity cooker in stainless steel. Taps 'Ionian' deck mounted taps crosshead handles by Perrin & Rowe, chrome finish. 

I think I need to move to an old house (although I'd be hard pushed finding one that's 1000 years old!) - so that I can have a beautiful kitchen like this.

Is this your kind of style too? 

Read more about The Cotes Mill Shaker Showroom  and The Real Shaker Kitchen. And see a load more kitchen inspiration like this here: 

You can also find tonnes of kitchen inspiration (big and small) in this archive

Happy hump day (eeeek, that just doesn't work in British English....!). 


PS I'll be back tomorrow with a post about an exciting Danish-inspired update to my dining area, make sure you pop back to take a peek! 

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A Traditional Swedish Summer Cottage, Enjoyed as a Year-Round Home

It's only a few weeks until midsummer (the most important date on the Swedish calendar) and many are preparing to make their big escape to the summer cottage. But for Linnea Fors and her family (which includes her partner and their dogs Oliver and Ronja), it's simply to stay in place and make the most of what the surrounding nature has to offer.  You see, their house used to be a summer cottage up until a few years back - and they were astounded that no one thought of living here all year round. And as the summer cottages in the surrounding area start to fill up for the summer,  Linnea and her family are kicking back, enjoying everything that their traditional Falun red and white croft in Västmanland has to offer. On sunny, warm days the family spill out onto the terrace and garden, and on chillier days they enjoy the comfort of an interior that's filled with beautiful old furniture and soft, linen cushions. Plants and freshly cut flowers line every surface, ensuring nature is never far away. Ready to 'kika in'?

What a dream!

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

See more pictures from Linnea's beautiful home over at @ostersaby155.

Here are a few other traditional Swedish summer cottages to enjoy this bright and sunny Monday: 

Wishing you all a great start to the week!


Photography: Linnea Fors, shared with kind permission

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Scandinavia Meets The Med In A Beautiful Mallorcan Finca

Tjena! Hur är läget? Did you know that Swedes absolutely love the island of Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands? They even have an affectionate nickname for it: 'Mallis'! This actually came as no surprise to me as, after all, we know Swedes have impeccable taste, and as a fellow fan of Mallorca (I've been going there for years since my sister lives there), I'm fully aware of just how beautiful the island is. Needless to say, I've featured several Scandinavians who have made Mallorca their home in the past - including the wonderful boho townhouse belonging to the founders of Dusty Deco. And today, I was excited to discover this beautiful finca belonging to Mercedes Lopez Coello

Mercedes and her husband Mads moved from Sweden to Mallorca with their dog, and settled in a finca in the hills of Moscari, in the North of the island. They have since had two sons - Oliver and Felix and today the family use this house as their holiday home, while living nearer to Palma. The wonderful finca is a place the family can come to in order to relax and reconnect with nature surrounded by the scent of bougainvillea, lavender and olive groves. Here are a few snapshots. 

The finca has been decorated with a blend of pieces, including elements picked up in Sweden - against a backdrop of cool white. 

Fruit likes this can be bought in one of the many Sunday markets across the island, along with olives and other delicious local produce. 

I love this simple DIY idea!

Source a similar basket lamp here* to decorate. 

I'd be quite happy to sit here and watch the sunset over the hills everyday, how about you? 

How idyllic!

Talk about a Monday escape. It had me dreaming about a year in Mallorca - it would be so fun to live nearer my sister too! 

Could you imagine kicking back here? Or perhaps you have your own 'smultronställe' - a special place you can relax and enjoy yourself surrounded by nature? 

See more of Mercedes' home as well as snapshots from the island here

I also love these homes on Mallorca: 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week!


Photography courtesy of Mercedes Lopez Coello

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