A Cosy Country Home in Rural North Sweden

Some of the homes I share on My Scandinavian Home are wonderful for interior inspiration, others tell a story. A story that transports you to another world and has you dreaming of faraway places where life is slow, cosy and remote. This is one of the latter kind. Chilean born Nicole Castillo lives in the countryside just outside Byske, Västerbotten, North Sweden with her husband and two children. When Nicole isn't running her online webshop Nicole's Lantgård, selling beautiful vintage and antique furniture, she's looking out of the window watching salmon jump in the Byske river, baking with her children, feeding the chickens or drinking hot chocolate around a woodburning stove. I caught up with Nicole to ask about life in the Swedish countryside, her love of antiques and how to create an incredibly cosy home! 

Your house looks very old, can you tell us more about it?
It's an old farm property from around 1860, that has been renovated and extended to look more like a traditional Västerbotten Manor House rather than the croft it used to be. 

Who do you live with - I spy some chickens...?! 
We are 11 living on the property: my husband, our four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son, our crazy lady cat Svea, 6 chickens and myself, Nicole Castillo (27). 

Wow! Quite a crowd! Your home is full of beautiful antiques and vintage finds, have you always been passionate about second hand items? 
I am from Chile and I met my Swedish husband while he was working in Chile. When we decided to move to Sweden, he already had this place that he found thanks to his passion (fishing). I studied history in Chile and had only ever seen 'old things' in books (Chile is a young country), When I arrived in Sweden and started to experience old furniture and houses first hand, I felt inspired to create a home full of all the things I love. 

Moving from Chile to North Sweden must have been a big transition, did it take you a while to adjust?
The move from Chile to Sweden was very revealing. I thought I was strong and that I knew who I was, until I arrived here! The distractions of city life that I was used to were muted, and the silence surrounding our new home made me go deep inside myself and accept that I had to make a million changes to become a competent wife and Mother. It took me a while, but when I did adjust, I found I was in a beautiful place - surrounded by wildlife, a country steeped in tradition, amazing landscapes and one of the kindest people I have ever met. 

Do you have a favourite season? 
Today, one of the things I love the most is summer: to see the kids playing in the grass and climbing trees, going jogging while trying to overcome my fear that a bear might try to eat me, seeing my husband catch a salmon and the children helping him to put back in the water. 

Do you renovate the furniture or use 'as is'?
After having my daughter, I decided to paint furniture to give it a second chance, and my love for interior decor and creativity evolved along with this process. 

How did your online furniture shop come about?
I founded Nicole's Lantgård in order to create a job that allowed me to be at home to take care of the family. I started renovating old furniture as a hobby, but later I started to search everywhere for "wow" pieces! As my collection grew, my family and I decided to make my dream become a reality and I founded my online shop. Right now, it's growing in baby steps, we are very happy for it! 

Your home is so cosy! Can you share some tips with us on how to achieve that warm, 'hygge' vibe?! 
Our home is a place where we live, love create and rest from everything, therefore it has to be cosy! To achieve this, we try to create symmetry by matching elements in the room, like colour. We're also mindful of the number of decorative items in the room - and try to ensure everything has a purpose. Also, it's very important to leave empty spaces in a room so that your eyes can rest on 'air' - or create areas that don't have too much going on. 

It's amazing what a lovely atmosphere vintage and antique pieces create in a home, don't you think?

If you have the time, I can highly recommend taking a peek in Nicole's shop - there are some really beauties for sale including display cabinets and rugs to smaller pieces like urns, candlesticks and cutlery. You can see more snapshots of Nicole's home and life in the Swedish countryside here

How I'd love to swap my my desk in rainy Malmö for the spot by the window in Nicole's studio, watching salmon jump out of the Byske. Are you also dreaming of that very spot too?!

I guess you know what's coming. Yep! How did you guess?! A round-up of more Swedish country homes. Ha! But they are rather lovely, and now that we're on a roll... here are a few of my favourites: 

Time to dream of cosy days by the fire, in a charming Swedish country home! 

Ha det så mysig! 


Photography: Nicola Castillo shared with kind permission


  1. How lovely! I look forward to visiting the store. Do you mind if I ask what paint color/maker your kitchen is painted? I'm searching for the right green for my tiny studio. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cathy, Nicole blended the paint herself, but says that LevePaaLandet Light Blue from Nordsjö is similar. If you don't have Nordsjö in your country you might be able to still find the NCS colour for the colour on the website and your local paint dealer can blend it for you. Hope this helps! Niki

  2. Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it :)


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