This Fairytale Swedish Country Home Could be Yours!

Tjena vänner! Another Monday has rolled around, but it's slightly different here. Our eldest daughter has returned to school. Two down, two to go! One thing that has stayed the same: I'm still dreaming over beautiful homes far and wide. Especially ones that are for sale! Do you enjoy looking at local real estate too? Now, I wouldn't call this one local (I think 600 km is a stretch for USA even) but it IS dreamy - and definitely worth interrupting Per's coffee break (''hey P, how about moving here?''). Dating back to 1915, this beautiful Swedish country home is around 45 mins from Stockholm and part of a row of red and white houses which wouldn't look out of place in Astrid Lindgren's 'Children of Noisy Village' (my kids would fit right in!). The large spacious rooms have been decorated in soothing muted tones which look out over the snowy countryside. In springtime, the melting snow makes way for lush green rapeseed fields which turn a vibrant yellow come May. Enjoy the tour friends - who knows, this might just be your next home! 

So beautiful! 

I love the golden winter light - and would happily sit out there on the terrace for a social distanced gathering, how about you?

Are you tempted to move right in? If so, you can find more details here - including pictures and layout (I know sometimes it can be hard to figure this out from the pictures). 

Since we need to ease ourselves into the week gently, I couldn't resist digging out these incredible Scandinavian country homes from the archive. Time to put those feet up! 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!


PS before Christmas I mentioned I'd planned to introduce a new MSH column about readers homes. I plan to kick this off at the end of Feb - and I need your help! Do you have a room in your home you'd love to share? If so, please e-mail me a picture (a JPEG at least 750 pixels widen- this interior photo guide is helpful) with a little info about why you love the room and any key details (furniture / accessories etc) we'd all find helpful. Tack så mycket! 

Photography courtesy of Bo Sthlm.


  1. :-) I come here to get my "Sweden" fix; we spent so many holidays in Sweden over a period about 30 years, but since the ferries to Scandinavia stopped, it's no so easy to do. We are not fond of flying - there is limit how much one can bring back in a suitcase! ;-)

    1. I hope the ferries get going again soon so you can come over! I'm so happy my blog gives you your Sweden fix in the meantime :)

    2. Sadly it has been several years and I don't think anyone plans to re-start that kind of connection with Scandinavia, commercially no longer viable. Those mini-cruises at the start and end of holiday were so nice, all part of the holiday.

  2. The bedroom with the wonderful earthy colour looks so inviting, it reminds me of your bedroom. It looks very cozy and much warmer than the rest of the rooms. Long time ago, I perceived Scandinavian interiors as 'cold' and I know many people still think of them as such, but I no longer have the problem. Although I still struggle a bit sometimes, particularly when the photos are taken in wintertime and the rooms have bluish tones - that contributes to the colder feelling - but the bedroom is wonderful. I might even sit in the sauna for a bit - it's -21 C here today!

    1. Now that you mention it, the colour is similar! I've been wondering lately if I should update it but at the same time it's a hard colour to let go of! PS -21 C? BRRRRRR!

    2. I understand the desire to change it but it really is such a lovely shade. I vote that you keep it a little longer.

  3. What a fantastic landscape this house is surrounded by.


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