11 Inspiring Autumn Updates To Steal From A Hygge Danish Home

When everyone else zigs, zag. That is exactly what Sus of lifestyle blog Sus Living has done in her cosy,  eclectic home in Copenhagen. Sharing the house with husband Daniel and daughters Noelle and Noami, Sus tells me "my style has been influenced by everything and everywhere: outdoor terraces, old houses, people's outfits. I see things I like and try to put it together in a new way in my home." The white, blue or light grey tones we often see in Danish homes have been shunned in favour of cushions, blankets, curtains and candles in rusty red, maroon, burgundy and ochre. The look is cosy, rustic, and bohemian with a wonderful exotic touch. The home is beautiful all year round but comes into its own in the autumn when the leaves turn a fiery red outside. If you're looking for ways to update your home for the new season, here are a few ideas (big and small!). 

1. Dried flowers: fresh flowers may be fading along with the summer sun but hold onto them and they'll become golden displays which will last all winter long!

2.  Fill your home with the fragrances of the season: roll up your sleeves and enjoy an afternoon in the kitchen making scrummy comfort foods such as pumpkin soup and homemade Danish pastry (a little trivia for you - Danes call them 'Vienna pastries', I always think that's so funny, like no one wants to own up to them!)  - not only will they fill your home with a delicious fragrance, you get to stay out of the cold and tuck in! 

3. Curl up in a deep sofa in soft autumn colours: The Mr Big sofa from Bolia is amazingly deep (I know, my friend has one and I often get stuck there for hours - nothing to do with the wine, honest!). Sus has covered her Mr Big in a beautiful golden ochre velvet which is perfect for autumn! Now, I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a new sofa especially for autumn - but you can easily update the one you have with blankets and cushions in burgundy and ochre  - or if you'd like to go a step further and happen to have an IKEA sofa, try Bemz who do a similar cover in velvet which you can slip on over your existing one! 

4. Bring in autumn colours: obviously a wall in rich rust red or muted brown shades is nice to have, but again,  re-painting walls each season might not be very practical, even if these colours are bang on trend right now (and I have to say,  I do love my 'blushing peach' bedroom wall - it works well all year round!). But how about adding a load of accessories? "Darker shades can be included by using cushions, blankets, candles and ceramics," suggests Sus. 

5. Create a cosy nook that feels like you're outdoors: as the temperature drops outside it's natural to start to withdraw indoors (by the time it gets to January in Sweden I have to be pretty much dragged kicking and screaming to the front door!). Why not create a cosy nook in the window like this one in Sus's house where you can relax and soak up the autumn sunshine from the comfort of your home?!

6. Coloured candles: where would a Scandinavian home tour be without candles? And at this time of the year they really come into their own. Candles in rich autumn colours placed in vintage brass candleholders* are perfect for dialling up the hygge! 

7. Turn your bed into a cosy cocoon: With the days slowly getting shorter it's so nice to snuggle up in bed and feel all toasty under the covers, don't you think? Sus has updated her bed with brown linen bedding (source similar here*) and a canopy for a super cosy sleep! 

8. Create a 'bed den' for your kids! I love Sus's idea of stretching a canopy (this one is similar) over twin beds so little ones can natter away into the night feeling all snug! 

9. Get your bathroom autumn ready! It might be the British in me, but I do love a bath when it's cold outside, how about you? This wooden bath is the stuff of dreams! But I also like that Sus has stocked up on some lovely accessories to be able to fully indulge the season! 

10. Get gowned up! Linen dressing gowns are all well and good but when it gets a little colder, how nice is it to slip into a fluffy robe and even fluffier slippers? And when they're not in use they'll ramp up the hygge feel in your bathroom too! After sunset, I love placing a candle by the sink too! 

Speaking of which, how fab is that zinc bucket sink?

11. Update your backyard / balcony: The plants and flowers might be slowly fading but the leaves will reward us with a final display of fiery reds, orange and yellows. Don your favourite chunky knit sweater and head out into the autumn sunlight. Simple cushions in this season's tones and string lights will give your balcony / backyard a lovely, warm glow that will last until spring!

I hope Sus's wonderful house has given you a few ideas for your own home!

You can see more pics over on her fab instagram and lifestyle blog Sus Living.  

It would be rude not to share a few other autumn links for the weekend too, don't you think?

How do you like to update your home for Autumn? If you've got any simple tips, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below. 

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!


Photography: Sus Living shared with kind permission

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A Delightful Swedish Family Home In A Former Schoolhouse

A few weeks back I wrote a post about all the pretty pastels that are popping up in interiors right now. But it's one thing seeing a series of inspiration images and a whole other ball game checking out how it might work in practice. And let me tell you, pastels can look fierce! Welcome to the world of Swedish artist and stylist Emilia Ilke! Emilia lives in a 1950s former schoolhouse in Stockholm with her partner Fredrik and son Igor. Captured by Andrea Papini for the September issue of Elle Decoration Sweden, the family home is a place where calm neutral tones meet cheerful pops of pastel. It's also home to original artwork (some of which is Emilia's own) and flea market finds from all over the world. Välkommen inside Emilia, Fredrik and Igor's delightful apartment! 

Emilia works in an analogue way to produce her art (seen here over the shelves). The process for  a composition includes sketching, painting and cutting out shapes and then moving the shapes around until everything falls into place.

String shelving in the sitting room provides a perfect place to hideaway less design-ery (not a word I know, but it's been a long week and I think I kinda get away with it, right?!) objects and a place to display little treasures like ceramics, vases, candleholders and art. So handy! 

When the pair went to look at the apartment three years ago, they completely fell in love with the windows and the massive amount of light they let in. 

I love the way the bed spread matches the pendant lamp in the bedroom - so fun! The Fleck bed cover and big dot lampshade are similar. 

Igor's bedroom is full of vintage furniture and cute details - I love that Emilia has created artwork especially for him. It looks lovely by the bed! 

Wow! A real lesson in how to apply pastels to your home, Scandi style! Emilia's home really does strike that perfect balance between cool and calm, and cosy and happy. Love it!

Do you feel inspired by Emilia's home too?

If you'd like to see more, check out the full feature / interview in Elle Decoration September issue (in Swedish).

Oh, and a selection of Emilia's wonderful paintings are available to buy through her website - and you can also pick up prints over at Wall of Art. I'm on it!

All into the pastel thing?! Don't miss Daniella's home with pretty touches of pastel - it's another favourite of mine. Do you have any favourite pastel-inspired homes? If so, I'd love to hear about them!

Ha det fint!


Photography: Andrea Papini (shared with kind permission)
Design: Emilia Ilke

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A Charming Miner's Cottage Amongst An Acre of Roses!

Do you ever feel like dropping what you're doing and following your dreams? If so, perhaps today's home tour will inspire you to take that step! New Zealand born Sandy McKinley left her career in marketing to pursue her childhood passion for flowers when she moved next door to a renowned and newly retired florist. Soon after she opened a floral studio where she created a successful business growing peonies and crafting events and weddings. When the opportunity arose to purchase 1000 mature heritage rose bushes, Sandy and partner Rob Roy jumped at it! Originally from Melbourne, Rob is not a stranger to flowers and had previous experience in restoring historic homes. He set about renovating their cosy Miner's cottage with the same tenacity he applied to breaking horses: "Hard work but incredibly rewarding to see raw beauty release its potential."  An Acre of Roses - a micro flower farm and luxury wellness accommodation in Trentham, Victoria, Australia - was born. 

The charming Miner's cottage was built in 1860 and has been renovated to maintain the original charm and decorated with the help of interior designer Belle Hemming-Bright. Think earthy tones, natural materials and modern creature comforts such as a cedar hot tub, smoothie bar and state of the art coffee machine. Sounds like my kind of place! Maybe it's important to mention at this stage that it's also available to rent on Airbnb?! Yep, I know!

The cottage is packed with lovely vintage finds, portraits and of course, fresh flowers! The blend gives the living space a wonderful relaxed feel and must smell divine! 

Love the earthy colours in this corner - so pretty! Green is one of my favourite accents - it works especially well in a countryside location, don't you think?

Imagine getting toasty under a blanket by this fire? 

FYI We could use a roaring fire like this in Malmö today - it's 12 degrees Celsius (53 F!) BRRRR

How beautiful!

Earlier in the summer I was dreaming of an escape to the Californian desert, on Monday I was dreaming of a stay at a cabin in Whispering Pines, and now I feel a trip to Trentham is in order. I can't think of a more beautiful place to relax, rejuvenate - and literally, stop and smell the roses! 

So many places, such little time! 

Could you imagine hanging out at Acre of Roses too?! 

Sandy and Rob take bookings for the Miner's Cottage and the Potting Shed here - just sayin'! Keep an eye out for forthcoming events too! 

Wednesday already, and I feel like I have a week's worth of work left to do. Anyone else feel the same? I could use a calming walk through that rose garden! 

Happy humpday friends!


Acre of Roses is owned by Sandy McKinley and Rob Roy. The interior was decorated and styled by  Belle Hemming-Bright. Photography by Marnie Hawson

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Get The Look From A Fab Stockholm Home of A Design Hunter

A new day, a new dawn AND a new studio in town! I'm so excited as I've been cycling passed this little place for years and always dreamed. about working here (a little like the owners of this cabin in Great Mackerel Beach - which they'd be eyeing up for over 20 years!). Further North, Swedish vintage furniture dealer and interior designer Fredrik Karlsson is also enjoying a turn of the century building. His apartment in Stockholm features achingly high ceilings, beautiful period woodwork and a pristine parquet floor dating back to the time it was built in 1902. Light pours in through French doors, casting a natural spotlight on iconic design pieces, new Nordic items and original artwork. I chatted with Fredrik to find out more about his style, love for design classics and best Stockholm tips!

How would you describe your style?
Scandinavian minimalism meets French industrialism. I like the more minimalistic lines and high quality materials of Scandinavian design but always try to mix it up with some favourite French mid-century design pieces by designers such as Pierre Jeannette, Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand.

Above: Floor lamp by Julius Theodor, coffee table by Axel Einar Hjorth, painting by Emma Bernhard

Do you often blend different looks and styles in your work?
In my job as an interior designer I find it very motivating to blend different styles and work with contrast. In my opinion, contrasts are what make a result more personal and interesting to look at - I follow this in every area of my life including the way I dress, my personality and how I decorate my home!

What inspired your home decorating style?
My inspiration from the beginning was to keep the traditional Swedish style - high ceilings, handmade details, stucco ceiling, parquet flooring etc but add other factors such as French design and marble. My home feels like a little Parisian oasis in the heart of Stockholm - which was my goal!

Chandiogarh project table and chair by Pierre Jeanneret

Where do you find items for your home?
I find most of my furniture in Swedish / Scandinavian auctions as well as international galleries and antique shops. I love looking for a combination of unusual objects and better known iconic pieces in order to achieve a nice balance.

Table by Axel Einar Hjorth, Art by Wolfgang Voegele

I like how your instagram is also dotted with self portraits / fashion. Can you tell us a little more about your personal style? Do you have a favourite Swedish clothing brand?
Our Legacy has been my favourite for many years now and if I buy new, I mostly buy from them. However, I mostly purchase vintage clothes these days (mainly to create a more personal and interesting style). If trends get too popular, I usually go the other way and I think that's where I differ from many Swedes. I enjoy taking a different path.

And finally, do you have any insider restaurant tips for anyone visiting Stockholm?
My favourite places to dine and wine are Riche (a true classic!), Ciccio's and Coquetel Social (a fairly new bar that serves great drinks with phenomenal service!).

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home Fredrik! What a treasure trove! Loved the Stockholm restaurant and bar tips too. I'm looking forward to trying them out next time I'm in town!

In case you're feeling inspired to achieve a similar look to Fredrik's apartment, here's the low down:

1. Gubi Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp*
2. Fredericia J39 chair
3. Ellos Consua Carpet
4. Galerie Patrick Seguin A Passion For Jean Prove
5. Paustian Arctander Chair
6. Zara Home Teak and Rattan Chair
7. Hay Longue sofa 321

Did you spot the cosy, fluffy chair?! Ever since creating this round-up last week, I've been wanting something like this in my own home. I've got a feeling I'd never get near it though, the kids would totally OWN IT!

Is there anything that stood out to you about Fredrik's home?

You can see more pictures and enquire about Fredrik's vintage furniture and interior design services over at @Fredrikkarlssoninteriors.

The week is young, I think we need a little more inspiration today, don't you? Here are a few other fabulous Stockholm homes I think you'll love!

The beautiful Stockholm home of Amelia Widdell
A Stockholm home in pretty colours
The cosy urban home of a macrame artist

Vi ses imorgon!


Photography courtesy of Fredrik Karlsson, shared with kind permission. Portrait image by Milad Abedi

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