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A Light-Filled Upstate New York Barn Conversion With Fabulous Rugs!

Never underestimate the power of a rug (and two cute dogs!). That's the message I get from the beautiful upstate New York home of Kiana Underwood, Nate, their three teenagers Arasteh, Aram and Navid and furry friends Charlie and Atticus. The family moved from San Francisco to Upstate New York this summer following a 6-month barn conversion project. Kiana, owner of Tulipina - an internationally renowned floral design studio - had always dreamed of living in the countryside and growing her own flowers. Today the converted barn is filled with light and the white walls and light wood floors help to highlight antiques (some of which are local finds), the fine collection of Persian and Moroccan rugs, patterned tiles and floral displays.  Si from French By Design snapped these lovely pics on a recent visit.

That yellow front door is fabulous! It would be impossible not to smile every time you walk through it! As for the wonderful array of flowers and pumpkins up the steps - wow!

Is there anything that you love in particular about this home?

There's a ton more barn conversions to be found here - do you also harbour a dream to live in a house like this one day?

Thank you so much to Si for the kind permission to share these pictures. As I'm sure you can guess, Si also has a beautiful home (check it out here) and recently published an interior book How The French Live. If you don't already follow her blog, it's a must!

Have a lovely day!


Interior: Kiana Underwood
Photography: Si / French By Design

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Snapshots From a Cosy Home in Smögen, Sweden

Tjena! I hope you had a fabulous weekend?! I don't know about you, but what I really fancy doing this morning is chilling in this cosy space in one of my favourite parts of Sweden - the West coast! Almost every summer without fail we pay a visit to the Gothenburg archipelagos. Some of the islands are completely uninhabited, others have a sprinkling of pretty white wood board cottages and colourful waterfront fishing huts, and others are more lively affairs. Smögen spans several islands and is known for its long boardwalk lined with shops, seafood restaurants and bars - many of which play live music until the early hours (it's a great place!). The winter is a quieter affair, harsh winds buffet the coast and the scenery emits a raw beauty. Originally from Gothenburg, Interior stylist Sara Kjellemo has taken up year round residency in Smögen. As the summer sun starts to fade, her home becomes a cosy oasis, layered with fluffy rugs, cushions, candles and linen curtains all in subtle Autumnal tones. 

Sara is a talented artist too - her work includes this portrait in the kitchen and a white clay vase with black splashes  (seen on the coffee table).

Sara bought the art photography at Dear Sam.

Spruzzi jug / pitcher

So lovely, don't you think? The epitome of calm!

Is there anything that stands out to you about Sara's home?

See more pics here and for a little Monday escapism you might also like to take a peek at these Swedish island hide-aways.

The West coast islands are so beautiful at this time of the year, maybe I should start an annual winter trip? I'm curious: have you ever been to this part of the world? If so, I'd love to hear about your favourite places.

Have a wonderful start to the week - stay cosy!


Photography: Sara Kjellemo

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A Cosy Scandinavian-boho Family Home

Do you ever suffer from an interior style crisis? I love so many different looks that my home feels like a complete mishmash - each room a mirror of the style I love that week. Bah! I know I'm not alone, as one of my oldest friends says her home decorating has come to a complete standstill as she simply can't decide which direction to go! If you're anything like me, you'll see a home like yesterday's serene light coloured Danish home and have a light bulb moment, and then suddenly a cosy boho-style home like this one in Vendelsö, Sweden will crop up and you'll be like "oooooh, but this is pretty!"  The cosy home in question belongs to freelance interior stylist Elin Wallin of Studio Elwa (who I had the pleasure of meeting at an event a few weeks back), her partner Jonas and daughters Indra (9) and Edda (5). Elin describes her style as "a bit bohemian Scandinavian style and I'm kind of a more is more person - I just buy everything I like and this is how it has turned out!" As we move into Autumn, I can't help falling in love with the deep earthy greens, rust and light brown tones and the romantic wallpaper. Time to pour a coffee and get cosy....

The sitting room walls have been painted in Jotun Lady Minerals Varmgrå  which gives a cosy, textured feel.

Also seen: String shelving system   Rattan armchair   icelandic sheepskin*

I've got a total weakness for vintage drinks trolleys (and it helps that Friday night cocktails are on the radar too!) -  this rattan one is so pretty, don't you think? I found a few similar vintage ones here*. The wall has been painted in D2.15.55 from Nordsjö (apparently the shade looks slightly different from the picture which has a filter on it).

Yay - a 'real' kitchen. If you wake up on a Saturday and it looks like this, you know you've has a great night!

Love the use of a carpenter's bench as a breakfast bar, how about you? - Wonderful!

The kitchen cabinets have been painted in Intense le Havre from Nordsjö which looks perfect with the William Morris Pimpernel wallpaper.

Elin and Jonas' bedroom is painted in Anemon 656 from Beckers. The rattan headboard is from Teretta Living.

What a lovely bedroom for a sporty girl- this wall bar is similar. I also spy: a Dusty pink bed canopy, bunting and Minnen junior bed.

How's this for an idea if you have some left over wallpaper but not enough to cover an entire wall?! This one is the Ava from Sandberg & Friends.

The bunny wallpaper is from Photowall with a matching rabbit lamp. The vintage children's bed has been painted in D2.15.55 from Nordsjö. Check out the scalloped ceiling too - so pretty! And that mirrored cabinet - wow!

I must say, I'm feeling massively inspired by all the unique details in this home - how about you?!

Is there anything that stands out to you in particular or that you can imagine doing in your own home?

Check out more beautiful pictures from Elin's home here.

It's definitely got me in the mood for a cosy weekend - and I've got some blogger friends arriving soon in the shape of Trend Stefan, Agata Dimmich of Passion Shake, Elisabetta Rizzato of Italian Bark, Igor Josif (Happy Interior Blog) and Mette of Monster Circus - it's going to be a fun weekend in Malmö!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead too!

Vi ses på Måndag!


PS Back to the 'interior style' crisis. One of the beauties of interior design is that you can do whatever you like - and tapping into the various styles you love will make it 'yours' - this is what I try to tell myself. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this too!

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A Serene Light Coloured Danish Home

Black, white, grey and cream. These four simple hues are all that's needed in Carla Sofie Molge's serene home in Horsens, Denmark.  To add interest and depth, the freelance interior stylist and CEO of Molge Decor, has worked with form and texture. Think layers of crinkled linen, lace, marble, concrete and cotton as well as delightful sculptural pieces and contemporary design. Scandinavian minimalism at its finest!  Enjoy the tour!

Natural linen bedding*    art by Kristiina Haataja

 Ferm Plant Box*   By lassen view mirror

Mira 4 Opal light   Montana Free Shelving System   Series 7 Chair* 

Pholc Mobil 100 light*

It's been a bit of a hectic week - and this calm space is exactly what I needed today. Thank you Carla!

Have you enjoyed this tour too?

There's something so effortless about Carla's style and it really does prove that sometimes it's best to keep it simple! 

If you'd like to check out more pictures from Carla's home take a peek at her instagram and website.

A little news from my side. I mentioned yesterday that I was crazily busy with a tight deadline. Today, my The Home Viewings Exhibition has gone live at The Swedish Design Museum! There are already four homes to view with more to follow over the next few days / weeks! If you'd like to learn a little more about Swedish design and architecture come and join the fun! I hope you'll find it inspiring!

Thank you so much  to the Swedish Design Museum, Visit Sweden and Volontair for all your support!

Ha det så kul! 


Photography: Carla Sofie Molge
Affiliate links marked with * 

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