Peek Inside A Family Home In The Danish Fishing Village off Dragør

Our very first sail of the year is always to Dragør, a charming fishing village on Denmark's east coast, not far from Copenhagen. The harbour, is lined with pretty golden cottages and seafood restaurants serving fish fresh off the boat and the happy sound of children crabbing echos across the water. I have often wondered what lies behind the facade of the ochre houses and today I stumbled across the home of Mille Emilie (AKA SANOMA SEVEN), Lasse and three-and-a-half year-old Frida who reside in the village. Imagine my excitement! Their house was built in 1923 and used to be made up of two properties. Today, the family of three (soon to be four - they are expecting a little girl in December) occupy the ground floor while they continue to renovate the entire house. Mille and Lasse are carrying out as much of the renovation as possible themselves while ensuring everything they do reflects the style of the house down to the last detail. Here's a sneak peek at some of the lovely rooms they've completed so far!

Although not the facade of Mille and Lasse's actual house, I couldn't resist sharing this picture of a cobbled road in Dragør which I snapped on a recent trip to the little village they live in.  

The prints in the sitting room have been picked up at Desenio, Fabrek and Hein Studio*. The sofa is from Bolia

"We were keen to renovate the house so that it matches the style of the period in which it was built - using good materials and attention to detail." 

Panthella lamp* designed by Verner Panton adds a mid-century touch to the living room. 

I've seen these iconic Ljungby vases many times in the past, but never as a big a group like this - love this idea! 

The kitchen is still a work in progress - but we're already seeing some fine details - including an island crafted by Oak Studio and a faucet from Quooker Denmark (it looks a little like the brass one I have in my summer cottage kitchen - I absolutely love this slightly aged look!). 

"We are doing a lot of the renovation ourselves. We have been tiling the kitchen, renovating the bathroom - what a job with all those tiles! And we're trying to put our own personal stamp into everything we do."  

In the bathroom, the pair have opted for a sink cabinet from IKEA, traditional brass faucet and shower from AQUADOMO and opal wall lights from Nuura. 

Total side note, but this reminds me - I featured a loo on my instagram squares the other day for the first time and it's gone completely bananas - over 17000 likes so far and growing rapidly. Loo round-up to follow soon perhaps! Meanwhile, the one in this bathroom is pretty smart, don't you think? 

The trick to creating a bed which makes you want to dive under the covers and stay? Layering! Mille and Lasse have dressed their bed with a graphic throw from Danish brand Semibasic and Dromedary bedding from Swedish brand Midnatt. I also spy the iconic Flos Parentesi light* in the corner. 

I absolutely love this children's room. A lot of the items are from Ferm Living including the Katie Scott Animals wallpaper*, kilim 'borders' rug* and apple braided storage basket*

What's next?  One day Mille and Lasse hope to divide the house into two once again so that Mille's parents can live next door. "My Father was very sick last year and is still recovering. It would be great to have him close by" explained Mille.  In the meantime, Mille and Lasse will continue to renovate the house in preparation for their new arrival in December.

You can keep up to date with their latest renovation projects on Mille's blog SANOMA SEVEN and instagram @mille_emilie.

I can't wait to see what they do next, how about you?

Is there anything that stood out to you in particular about their home?

There's a load more Danish style to feel inspired by this weekend in the Danish Home and Danish Apartment archives. So many goodies in there!

Right. All that's left to do now is sit back and enjoy the fact that it's Friday! Woohoo! I have to say, I never really recovered from my long day to Stockholm on Monday (do you find things like that have a knock on effect?). So my family and I have agreed to have a VERY lazy morning tomorrow: hang out in our PJ's, sip coffee, eat croissants - and generally take it easy. Oh and there's also the small question of a hamster cage that needs cleaning (did I mention we caved under pressure and 'Dexter' joined the Brantmark team last weekend?! He's very sweet). Let me tell you now, cleaning his cage is definitely not my job but I know it'll end up being me! Do you have any experience from this kind of thing?

I hope you've got a lovely weekend lined up too - and most importantly, that you get a chance to chill!

See you Monday!


Photography: all photos by Mille Emilie except the second picture, which I took with my phone on a recent sailing trip to Dragør. 

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A Cosy Country Home in Rural North Sweden

Some of the homes I share on My Scandinavian Home are wonderful for interior inspiration, others tell a story. A story that transports you to another world and has you dreaming of faraway places where life is slow, cosy and remote. This is one of the latter kind. Chilean born Nicole Castillo lives in the countryside just outside Byske, Västerbotten, North Sweden with her husband and two children. When Nicole isn't running her online webshop Nicole's Lantgård, selling beautiful vintage and antique furniture, she's looking out of the window watching salmon jump in the Byske river, baking with her children, feeding the chickens or drinking hot chocolate around a woodburning stove. I caught up with Nicole to ask about life in the Swedish countryside, her love of antiques and how to create an incredibly cosy home! 

Your house looks very old, can you tell us more about it?
It's an old farm property from around 1860, that has been renovated and extended to look more like a traditional Västerbotten Manor House rather than the croft it used to be. 

Who do you live with - I spy some chickens...?! 
We are 11 living on the property: my husband, our four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son, our crazy lady cat Svea, 6 chickens and myself, Nicole Castillo (27). 

Wow! Quite a crowd! Your home is full of beautiful antiques and vintage finds, have you always been passionate about second hand items? 
I am from Chile and I met my Swedish husband while he was working in Chile. When we decided to move to Sweden, he already had this place that he found thanks to his passion (fishing). I studied history in Chile and had only ever seen 'old things' in books (Chile is a young country), When I arrived in Sweden and started to experience old furniture and houses first hand, I felt inspired to create a home full of all the things I love. 

Moving from Chile to North Sweden must have been a big transition, did it take you a while to adjust?
The move from Chile to Sweden was very revealing. I thought I was strong and that I knew who I was, until I arrived here! The distractions of city life that I was used to were muted, and the silence surrounding our new home made me go deep inside myself and accept that I had to make a million changes to become a competent wife and Mother. It took me a while, but when I did adjust, I found I was in a beautiful place - surrounded by wildlife, a country steeped in tradition, amazing landscapes and one of the kindest people I have ever met. 

Do you have a favourite season? 
Today, one of the things I love the most is summer: to see the kids playing in the grass and climbing trees, going jogging while trying to overcome my fear that a bear might try to eat me, seeing my husband catch a salmon and the children helping him to put back in the water. 

Do you renovate the furniture or use 'as is'?
After having my daughter, I decided to paint furniture to give it a second chance, and my love for interior decor and creativity evolved along with this process. 

How did your online furniture shop come about?
I founded Nicole's Lantgård in order to create a job that allowed me to be at home to take care of the family. I started renovating old furniture as a hobby, but later I started to search everywhere for "wow" pieces! As my collection grew, my family and I decided to make my dream become a reality and I founded my online shop. Right now, it's growing in baby steps, we are very happy for it! 

Your home is so cosy! Can you share some tips with us on how to achieve that warm, 'hygge' vibe?! 
Our home is a place where we live, love create and rest from everything, therefore it has to be cosy! To achieve this, we try to create symmetry by matching elements in the room, like colour. We're also mindful of the number of decorative items in the room - and try to ensure everything has a purpose. Also, it's very important to leave empty spaces in a room so that your eyes can rest on 'air' - or create areas that don't have too much going on. 

It's amazing what a lovely atmosphere vintage and antique pieces create in a home, don't you think?

If you have the time, I can highly recommend taking a peek in Nicole's shop - there are some really beauties for sale including display cabinets and rugs to smaller pieces like urns, candlesticks and cutlery. You can see more snapshots of Nicole's home and life in the Swedish countryside here

How I'd love to swap my my desk in rainy Malmö for the spot by the window in Nicole's studio, watching salmon jump out of the Byske. Are you also dreaming of that very spot too?!

I guess you know what's coming. Yep! How did you guess?! A round-up of more Swedish country homes. Ha! But they are rather lovely, and now that we're on a roll... here are a few of my favourites: 

Time to dream of cosy days by the fire, in a charming Swedish country home! 

Ha det så mysig! 


Photography: Nicola Castillo shared with kind permission

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A Pared-back, Warm Family Home With Handcrafted Pieces

Why, hello there! Any plans to celebrate lil lördag (little Saturday) in style? Maybe this home tour will set you on the right path! Schirin lives in an old house dating back to 1928, in Bremen, North Germany with her husband Thomas and their two children Mattis (8) and Karlotta (4). Schirin works for a non-profit organisation by day - and at night pens Schmasonnen, a blog focusing on sustainable interiors. When Schirin and Thomas first bought their house over 7 years ago it was incredibly run down and in major need of repair. The duo set about renovating the property with a sustainable mindset, being careful to retain the original details. Today, the family enjoy a pared-back home which exudes warmth thanks to the abundance of natural materials, handcrafted pieces (Schirin and Thomas designed and built the kitchen table, shelving unit and children's climbing frame among other things! yep, I know!) and vintage finds. Step this way for the tour! 

There are so many pieces to love in Schirin's sitting room including: Nomad chair, Hay sofa, Kristina Dam table. I also love the woodturning stove tucked into the corner of the room - such a cosy touch in wintertime! 

Schirin and Thomas built the shelves (try Tylko for similar), Stockholm 2017 coffee table, Kristina Krogh print and Louis Poulsen Panthella lamp*

Schirin designed the climbing frame and slide, and Thomas, who is an engineer for wood technology, built it. Oh, how I'd have loved this when I was little! Lilla Gunga sells wonderful wooden indoor toys like this (Allie has the gymnastics rings in her bedroom and absolutely loves them!). 

Feeling very inspired by Schirin and Thomas's home - not least because of all the handmade pieces! 

Do you have any handmade pieces in your home? If so, I'd love to hear more about them! 

You can see more snapshots from Schirin's lovely Bremen home on her blog and instragram: @schmasonnen

Looking through the archives, this is actually the first time I've featured a home from Bremen (I'm guessing this won't be the last time, though!). But there are a load of other lovely homes from Northern Germany to drool over, including an inviting family home in a small village,  a charming home in kassel, North Germany and a playful home that will put a smile on your face

Have a wonderful day friends!


Photography: Schirin / Schmasonnen shared with kind permission
*affiliate links

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A Contemporary Yet Cosy Rural Retreat In The Catskill Mountains

A few years back I visited the Catskill Mountains to capture homes for my first book Modern Pastoral - it was a bit of a whirlwind tour and I've always vowed to return. When I do, I've earmarked the studio at Table on Ten. Table on Ten is a restaurant, cafe, inn and a gathering place for farmers and artists alike. It's located in Bloomville in the western Catskills, just a few hours from New York. Known as 'studio on the hill', the cabin stands alone on a 23 acre hillside overlooking the Catskill Mountains. It's simple and understated, yet contemporary and cosy - just the way I like it! Think vintage furniture and a roaring wood burning stove. Oh yes, and you're only a stone's throw from the best wood-fired sourdough pizza west of the Hudson! 

Did someone say wood-fired pizza?! Even if you don't stay onsite (Table on Ten also offers three other apartments through Airbnb) - it's well worth stopping by at the restaurant to take in the rural surroundings and treat your taste buds! 

Sound like your kind of holiday? Perhaps we'll meet around the table one day! 

You can find out more about Table on Ten here (for the foodies among you - there's a sample of the menu here) and book this studio on Airbnb

A few other homes /spaces in the Catskills I think you'll love: 

A Black and White Retreat in The Catskills (I visited and captured this one for my book - it was even more wonderful in person!). 

See you there?!


Photography courtesy of Table on Ten with thanks.

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