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Are you a book lover? I love a good read. Novels, autobiographies and biographies, design books.... basically anything that catches my attention. And of course, being the author of three books, with a new one coming out in January 2024 (exciting!), tomes hold a very special place in my heart! 

Even so, in most of the homes we see there may be a shelf or bookcase dedicated to books here and there - but I think this is the first home I have shared with books around every corner!

Step inside this apartment in Södermalm Stockholm and you'll discover a library, a study that also could pass as a library and even an entire wall dedicated to books in the bedroom. Could the owners be 'Scandi noir' writers or work in the literary or publishing world? Or perhaps they are historians? I'll leave you to decide. Either way, their lovely home offers some great inspiration if you're looking to store a large collection of books!

This bookshelf is really clever as it helps to shield the desk from the living room area - meaning you can switch off from your work at the end of the day. Plus, from personal experience, you feel so much more comfortable and calm sitting at a desk where you have a clear view of the outside and entrance to the room (it goes back to olden days when we'd need to keep an eye out for potential threats). 

I also love how they have used mini String shelves as desk storage. 

The library occupies the central room in the home. Bespoke bookshelves ensure no space is left uncovered, ensuring maximum use of space! 

The only question I have is, how do they reach the books that are higher up? Perhaps they have some library steps somewhere? 

Book columns like the one seen below are a good way to make the most of narrow spaces. 

How wonderful - and a perfect way to wrap up the blog week! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Please do also share any great book tips you might have. After all, summer is on its way! 

Would you like to see a few other homes with great libraries and / or bookshelf ideas? Here are a few I love: 

Have a fantastic weekend friends! I hope the sun shines for you!


Photography by Elin Sylwan, styled by Petra Yngfalk for Historiska Hem

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Stay in This Beautiful Victorian House in Nottinghamshire, England?

You can take a girl out of England, but you can't take England out of the girl - as the saying goes. Despite having swapped my morning tea for coffee, bicycling in all weathers and celebrating midsummer, I will always have a penchant for English country homes! Nicola Huthwaite lives in a 150-year-old Victorian house in the village of Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire. Founder of Brand Design Studio and a passionate photographer, Nicola has decorated her home in a beautiful muted palette, and focused on texture and the way the sunlight flows in through the magnificent sash windows to create shadow and light. 

It's one thing to admire lovely decor from afar, but entirely different to experience it first hand - and luckily for us, the house is available for hire! Complete with fireplace, three bedrooms, large garden courtyard, a Victorian greenhouse and outbuilding with an outdoor kitchen - who wouldn't want to spend a week, month... year here! Ready for a nose? 

The kitchen has been painted with an earthy chalk paint. Try Kalklitir for a similar affect. 

Nicola has filled the house with lovely vintage furniture for a relaxed look. 

I bought a drop leaf table like this in a Swedish second-hand shop recently - it's so useful since it can be extended and also contain small drawers. The funny thing is, I didn't even have a place for it, but couldn't resist it anyway (that's the thing with second-hand - you have to seize the moment!). And now that it's home I realise it's equally useful as a side table! 

There's something very English about walking through a front door and immediately seeing stairs. In Sweden houses are configured differently - there must be a reason, but I'm not sure what it is! How about in your country?

I love the ruffles on the shower curtain (source one here*)!

Could you imagine staying here? 

See more snapshots of this Victorian home and find out about hire here, and explore Nicola's Instagram for more inspiration!

Would you like to see a few more country homes today? Check out the country style living archive. 

Stor kram! 


Photography: Nicola Huthwaite - shared with kind permission. 

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Relaxed, Colourful Boho Style in a Swedish Country Home

If you plan on visiting Sweden, think about coming between mid-May and beginning of June. It's a beautiful time: the world has sprung to life in an array of vibrant greens, the birds are back and singing their wonderful chorus and the sweet scent of lilac and wisteria fills the air. And everyone has a spring in their step! 

This charming former schoolhouse in the countryside near Uppsala, Sweden fits the mood perfectly! Think early 20th century architecture, playful patchwork, funky art, vibrant colours and warm pools of sunlight. Welcome to a relaxed, boho Swedish country home in springtime! 

Oh, so charming. You couldn't help feeling anything but relaxed here the moment you walk in the door - do you agree? 

Patchwork and embroidery are making a major comeback in the interior world - which is lovely to see, but you definitely get the impression that the owners of this house don't care for trends and simply decorate in a way that makes them happy. Just how a home should be!

I can see myself at that desk - potentially my favourite spot in the house other than sitting at the table in the warm sunshine! Can you imagine yourself kicking about here too? 

Take a peek inside a few other former schools today: 

Wishing you all a great start to the week!


Photography: Boukari, Styling: Copparstad for Historiska Hem. Found via Nordroom with thanks. 

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The Fabulous Home Of a Finn Living in England

Ready for an extra special Friday home tour? Finn Susanna Hawkins lives in Bath, UK with her husband, two children, cocker spaniel Laila and 'grumpy grey cat' Ebba! You might recognise her home - Susanna has amassed an amazing 745,000 followers on instagram -  where she shares snapshots and films of her effortless everyday fashion, decor and beauty tips - with her Bath home as a backdrop. I've been ogling her magnificent glass kitchen cabinet for a while now (could I fit something like this in my own kitchen?) but am equally excited to discover the rest of her home, there's so much to feel inspired by! 

Architecturally, keep a look out for clever use of skylights and internal windows which help to bounce the light around the open-plan living space, as well as a wonderful  juxtaposition of old and new.  And then there's the decor, which Susanna describes as 'Nordic style, or heavily influenced by it at least....although I'm not a minimalist, I like pretty, curated clutter too much!' 

Tervetuloa (as they say in Finland)...

What a fantastic house! 

A little birdie tells me that they are currently on the hunt for an English country house - a wreck to fix up (Susanna's words!). Does this mean that this house could one day be on the market? Form an orderly queue please! 

You can see more of Susanna's home over at @shnordic and follow their new country house journey at @countryhouseclub

It's the Ascension Day holiday here in Sweden and my family and I are up at our little cabin making the most sunshine - so it's just a quick post from me today! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comments and emails, I really enjoy reading them. I hope you have a fabulous weekend, see you Monday! 


Photography: Susanna Hawkins shared with kind permission.

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The Beautiful City Apartment of Photographer Anna Cor

Why, hello there! Today I'm taking you on a journey to Berlin and the lovely unique home of photographer Anna Cor which she shares with her husband and three children. The open-plan living space  combines a kitchen, dining area and sitting room in one - providing an L-shaped extended room where the entire family can hang out. 

Anna's favourite spot is the kitchen where she spends most of her time (especially with hungry teenagers around!). It's an area that stands out from 'the crowd' with it's wooded cabinets and island - a cool and quirky contrast to the soothing palette used throughout the remainder of the home. Ready to take a tour? Laura and Nora of Our Food Stories fame were there to capture these images: 


I especially love all the different light fixtures which include a Lampe Gras (kitchen), Valerie Objects No2 (dining area) and Le Klint sax (bedroom). 

The balcony is also a perfect oasis in the heart of the city - loving the tropical vibe! 

Is there anything that stood out to you about Anna's lovely apartment?

Read the full interview and see more pictures over at Our Food Stories

Don't miss Laura and Nora's own living spaces and studios past and present which include their beautiful city flat and country retreat, dreamy swedish country house which they sold recently and was coincidentally bought by a friend of mine, magnificent Berlin photography and styling studio and the time they transformed a derelict classroom into an incredible kitchen. And if you're into cooking - or would simply like to drool over divine looking dishes, make sure you take a look at their instagram (there's a reason they've amassed over 1 million followers!).

Wishing you all a lovely day! 


Credits: Laura Muthesius & Nora Eisermann / @ourfoodstories - shared with kind permission.  

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