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One of Norway's Most Beautiful Homes Is For Sale!

The Oslo home of Nina Holst is a bit of an institution. Instantly recognised for its clean lines, soft, muted colour scheme, sloped wood ceiling, scandinavian design furniture and fabulous views over the Oslo fjord - it's been at the heart of Nina's wonderful blog Stylizimo for years. And now, it's up for grabs! Yes, really! Not only does this mean one lucky person gets to move in (could you imagine?!), it also gives us a chance to see what Nina does next - which will no doubt be incredible! In the meantime, let's enjoy a tour of her Norwegian home, one last time! 

Egg chair*, I am not sure who this artwork is by (tips welcome) - but Nina creates and sells paintings in similar hues here.

Kubus candleholder

IKEA cabinet, series 7 arm chair, Limited edition PH 3/2 table lamp, source made to measure white linen curtains here*

Do you recognise this fabulous walk-in-wardrobe? I once wrote a feature about it: Tuesday DIY: A Fab Walk-In Wardrobe on a Shoestring.   

I will never tire of Nina's home - it's so simple, yet so serene and inspiring.

Could you imagine living here?

After my trip to Norway earlier this week, I'm certainly tempted!

It's for sale here. Just saying....

Fancy dipping into a few more Norwegian homes this weekend? How about a serene japan style home in western Norway, a Norwegian house by a fjordan elegant Norwegian home in striking dark colours and a stunning Norwegian home in many shades of blue.

Got to love the Norwegian flair for interior design!

In the words of our Norwegian friends:

Ha en flott helg! 


PS I'll be stopping in tomorrow to share the latest update on my summer cottage kitchen renovation.

PPS It's been one crazy week, I'm so looking forward to a more chilled one next week (fingers crossed!) and spending a little more time on here. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see? If so, give me a shout below!

Photography: Nina Holst / Stylizimo shared with kind permission

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The Genius App Every Parent & Grandparent Needs (25% off!)

Paid partnership with Doodlespot:
Are you a parent / aunt / uncle/ grandparent / someone who just happens to know a child who loves to draw?! My daughters have always loved to paint. In fact, not a day goes by without some kind of creativity. At one point, when Liv was at nursery, she was so prolific, she'd run through the door clasping 10 "masterpieces". As lovely as it is to see, le't face it, it can be hard to know what on earth to do with them all, don't you think?! At worst there might be one line per page but even the beautiful ones are on poor quality paper that's become a little scrunched and ripped in their school bag! 
And then I discovered the app Doodlespot. I'm the first to admit that I'm terrified of anything techy (seriously!) - but this app is GENIUS and sooooo simple! Available (almost) worldwide on Google Play and iTunes, Doodlespot allows you to capture your child's artwork on your phone. You can then have a play around with the design tools and templates before ordering the framed print straight to your door. I asked the crazies to choose their favourite paintings so we could put the app to the test!

My ten year old daughter chose 'Lazy River' (seen above and below) which she painted in art class a few weeks ago. She went for a classic portrait template with her name and age underneath so it would look super pro (just like her wonderful piece!). I think she's proudly shown the print to every single person who's walked through the door! 

My younger daughter chose a painting she did of our house and was as pleased as punch when it arrived. Even though the painting was drawn in landscape, she chose the 'portrait' format and had a little play around with the colours - and since she's the artist, who am I to disagree?! 

Doodlespot co-founder Stefan Persson tells me: "Our driving force is child creativity. It is all about helping children to explore and experiment, then we enable you to transform their creations into art you can display on your walls. Filling your home with your own child's art is such a beautiful thing."

The girls and I are so pleased, we've already started thinking about which artwork to get done next! It would make such a great present too, don't you think? 

Oh, and another thing - part of the proceeds are donated to 'War Child', a non-profit organisation helping children traumatised by war. Such a worthwhile cause. 

If you'd love to give Doodlespot a try*, make the most of a 25% discount with the code follow25 until 10th June, 2019! 


PS I think the last time I showed my crazies together in a post was in their room reveal back in 2014 - with the risk of sounding like a great aunt.... haven't they grown?!! 

*This post is a paid partnership with Doodlespot. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

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Holiday here: A Romantic Lakeside Schoolhouse In Sweden

We've had a few days of beautiful weather in Scandinavia. The plants, trees and flowers have burst into life and are all aglow in the golden sunlight (it didn't get dark until 23.30 where I am in Norway right now!). We finally dare to dream of long summer days by the water. If you're heading this way and looking for something quintessentially Swedish, I may just have the ticket! Owned by photographer Frida Edlund, this romantic 19th century Falu red and white schoolhouse in Värmland offers a rare chance to go back to basics and enjoy everything the Swedish summer has to offer.  Surrounded by lakes and acres of woodland. the secluded environment is perfect for morning dips, boating, hiking, fishing, cycling, dining alfresco by the lake or simply sitting by a log fire with a good book - and it's available via Airbnb!

Could you wile away a summer here? I certainly could! 

Find out more and check availability on here. It's available for film shoots, conferences, as a party venue or simply somewhere to switch off for a few days and enjoy everything the Swedish nature has to offer in summer! Basically any excuse to go there and you're in! Got to love that!

It's also worth keeping an eye on the @valleyschoolhouse instagram for upcoming photography workshops with Frida - how I'd love to participate in one of those, how about you?

More places to stay in Sweden this summer.



PS Coincidentally, Frida worked on the Rosenhave packaging for Skandinavisk - with whom I am touring the breathtaking Hardanger Fjord fruit trail in West Norway (more on stories!). This morning we're heading to Bergen. I can't wait to share more with you when I return!

Photography: Frida Edlund

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4 Hot Vintage Chairs You'll Never Believe Are IKEA!

Everyone knows IKEA as that big yellow and blue Swedish store selling low cost furniture (and meatballs). But did you know it can also be a bit of a vintage gold mine? Yes, really! I'm talking sought after IKEA pieces that are catching the eyes of collectors around the world! Some are originals from the 60s and 70s and others might have been sold as part of a limited-edition collection such as the Stockholm PS range or in collaboration with a designer. Either way, they're fabulous, on trend and you might already have one lurking in your home! Here are four, sought after, vintage IKEA chairs that are hot right now in the world of vintage:

1. EKER chair
Designed by Gillis Ljunggren in 1960. Original price €6.50 ($7.25). Today's second hand value circa €100 ($110).
2. NATURA chair 
Designed by Karin Mobring in 1970. Original price €55 ($61). Today's second hand value circa. €500 ($558)
3. KROKEN chair
Designed by Christer Blomquist in 1969. Original price €28 ($31). Today's second hand value circa. €100 ($110)

4. AMIRAL chair
Designed by Karin Mobring in 1970. Original value €20 ($22). Today's second hand value circa €450 ($500).

I can't believe these are IKEA! They look like true design classics! Little wonder they've gone up in value over the years!

Do you have a favourite?

Perhaps you already have one of these in your home? If so, there might just be a queue of people on eBay waiting to buy it!

Next time you're in IKEA, why not consider how you can turn a purchase into a collector's item. Here are four things to think about:

1. Look for high quality furniture that will age with grace
2. Keep an eye out for pieces with a classic / iconic form
3. Opt for limited edition pieces from collections such as the Stockholm PS range (released each year) and designer collaborations etc.
4. Pick out items made from limited edition fabrics

Do you have anything at home that you bought for a song that has become a collector's item? If so, I'd love to hear about it!


PS I'm hiking along the Hardangar fruit trail in Norway today with Shaun Russell from Skandinavisk and perfumer, Stefan. It's breathtakingly beautiful. Follow along on Instagram stories if you're curious!

Photography courtesy of Ikea Livet hemma.
Thank you to Felicia Alm for contributing to this post

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