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Very Exciting news! Plus Win a Room Design!

Guys! I have some exciting news to share with you. Last January I sent out a survey to find out what you'd like to see more of on My Scandinavian Home - and I received so many wonderful, helpful replies! I noticed many said that although you enjoyed the inspiration, you still sometimes feel a little stuck with how to arrange a room, which colours to choose, or simply how to complete the look in a beautiful way (don't I know that feeling!). I also receive a flood of mails each week asking for similar advice. So, I put on my thinking cap.

One of the key philosophies of Scandinavian design is that everyone should have access to good design. And I felt the same should be the case with interior design.

So, on 1st March I am launching a new, affordable My Scandinavian Home online interior design service from this fab studio. For a small fee, the small team of highly qualified, passionate, über talented Scandinavian interior designers are waiting to help you pretty much wherever you are in the world!

All you'd need to do is fill in a simple online form about the room you'd like decorate and complete a fun style survey on the bus home from work or from the comfort of your sofa.  One of the members of the team will then contact you to discuss your needs, before sending you a room layout, moodboard and product list (if required) so you can get decorating and create the room of your dreams!

Since I am really keen for this service to be as smooth and helpful as possible for you, I need two wonderful people to test the My Scandinavian home interior design service before the launch. All we would like in return, is your feedback! Sound good?

To enter:

- Let us know in the comment section or on instagram or Facebook which room you would like to redecorate and why.

The two winners will be announced here and on instagram and Facebook on Sunday 24th February. This give-away is open to everyone!

I hope you feel as excited as I am! We're so looking forward to helping you transform your home, one room at a time!


PS It's half term in Sweden next week so I am going to be giving my husband and little girls my full screen-free attention - do you think they'll recognise me?!  I won't be blogging but I might just sneak on to instagram stories from time to time (yes, I know, but!). I hope you have a really lovely, relaxing week too! 

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Embracing The Blues In The Fabulous Danish Home of Michael Schmidt

There's no mistaking Michael Schmidt's favourite colour. The thirty year old Danish creative consultant and business owner (with a background in fashion and interiors) acquired his 74 sqm  (796 sq ft) apartment six years ago as a student. "It had more space than I needed, but I fell completely in love with it's quirky layout and the great location - it's literally a few metres down the street from the Copenhagen lakes in the lively Nørrebro area." Michael has shared the apartment with various flatmates and partners, but today lives alone giving him a free hand on how he decorates the bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Not only is the home full of bold, yet harmonious contrast, it's also full of fascinating collector's items including art, design classics and sculptural pieces. I caught up with Michael to find out a little more about his wonderful, colourful Copenhagen home! 

Rhythm & Blues Dhurrie rug, teak credenza*, Knoll diamond chair*, vase by Helle Mardahl (seen in top picture)

How did the apartment look when you first bought it?
It actually had a lot of colour in each room - but a mix of purple, red, terracotta and beige - far from my liking! So I started from scratch by renovating it and painting everything white to create a blank canvas.

When did you start adding colour?
Over the years I have added more and more colour, as I feel it can be a great way to highlight different things. My apartment is very long, with an extended view through three rooms so I decided to highlight this by painting one wall in each room in three different colours, which elongates the layout even more. 

Art by Fabian Treiber, Karl Monies, Vintage poster from Vintage Cph

In what other ways has colours helped to create the atmosphere you were looking for?
I have a very small kitchen and it looked a bit dull in white, so I opted for a rich green to give the room a moody expression. People tend to be frightened of adding colour to small spaces but it can actually bring them to life in a totally new way.

How else have you added colour to your home?
Of course colour in the home is not only about walls, it's about furniture, accessories and art. Art especially can create a unique mix of colours in every room - I buy all my art from the heart, but I do think about how it would fit into my home, how it will work with the other colours, the light etc. 

Eiermann2 table, Montana shelves, VP Globe pendant* Photo by Martin Solyst

I notice you also have some fabulous, bold textiles!
I find another great way to add colour is with rich fabrics such as curtains or cushions. I have collected a number of cushions by designer Raf Simons for Kvadrat - his eye for colour and texture is amazing.

What are your go-to colours - I guess blue...?!
Blue is one of my favourite colours, as demonstrated. by my wardrobe and home! But I try to be careful not to overdo it with one colour, so I add a lot of green, grey and some red to my interior as well. I love to create a contrast between a green wall and a red shelf, or a blue wall and yellow vases. Maybe it sounds like a loud combination, but I spend a lot of time finding the exact shades to create contrast but maintain a calm atmosphere. Most of the colours I choose have a dusty tone. 

Poster from Louisiana museum, painting by Michael's great grandfather, Strøm Collection vase / jug

Where do you find inspiration for colour combinations?
One of my biggest inspirations is the Bauhaus movement. It is known for its functional design and use of primary colours like red and blue which help to highlight function and form. When I started painting the walls in my home, I made a collage of five Vilhelm Lundstrøm paintings, which gave me ideas on how to combine contrasting colours in a harmonious way. 

Recently we've been admiring the colourful Danish homes of Celine Hallas, Sofie Amalie and Trine Brunsvig. Do you think we'll see more and more colour in Danish homes? If so, what do you think is behind this movement?
I think Danish homes are much more colourful than they were ten years ago. The internet and social media provide amazing inspiration from all over the world. I also think Scandinavian countries have always created trend-forward homes, so why wouldn't they be adventurous with colour as too?  

Do you think the way Scandinavians use bolder colours differs from other parts of the world?
I think the shades of colours will be tailored to our climate, our light and our way of living - so even a colourful Danish home will probably appear different from a colour-filled Spanish or French home. We use muted colours to create our famous hygge, and add bolder colours to create contrasts and personal splashes of colour in our homes. 

Thank you so much for telling us more about your home Michael! It's totally inspired me to start playing around with colour contrasts, how about you? 

See more pics of Michael's interior and fab style on instagram: @danskmode

Meanwhile, I'm off to find out more about the Strøm Collection and pieces by Helle Mardahl - they look fabulous! 

Is there anything that stands out to you?

We're busy packing for a half-term ski trip today (I always forget how much stuff there is to do before you go away - help! We're bound to forget something important too (we've forgotten my elder daughters' ski jacket two years in a row now, not popular! Bah!). 

I'll be nipping in tomorrow as I've got some super exciting news to share with you!!! 

Have a lovely evening, see you tomorrow!


Photography by Martin Solyst & Michael Schmidt
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A Charming White and Natural Family Home In Normandy, France

Cosy, warm, natural, très belle - these are just a few words I would use to describe this delightful French home in Manche, Normandy. While the interior world is adding colour to the walls one room at a time, Flo of blog J'aurais pu m'appeler Marcel is sticking to her white canvas - and it's a great reminder that white can be family-friendly and warm! Often seen as a Nordic trick of the trade, Flo has added lots of texture to offset the cooler white backdrop. From market bags, wooden furniture, simple sheets thrown over the sofa and fluffy rugs to beautiful vintage pieces that tell a story - it's obvious that the home of  Flo, Sieg and their three children Lilou, Gabriel and Jude is here to be lived in and enjoyed!

Flo has a basket bag for every occasion and they make a wonderful display in the kitchen. Source a similar array here*

A glass partition creates a divide between the kitchen and sitting room without stemming the flow of light. I've been thinking of doing something similar in my kitchen ever since seeing it in Zoé De La Cases beautiful vintage-inspired country home. What do you think?

Replacing the cabinet door under the sink with a simple linen curtain* is a great way to add a relaxed, cottage feel to a kitchen and make everything feel that bit softer, while a 'barely there' round jute rug* protects the floor. 

Everyone needs a little alone time in a larger family (trust me, I know!) - and this corner seat is ideal for listening to records (on a very cute Crossley player*). I always think kids are a little like cats though - they always seem to get to the cosiest spot in the house first and look so content you can't bare to move them *rolls eyes*!!

Despite the simple white theme, the sitting room has a super cosy touch thanks to the layers of texture which include a Beni Ourain rug*, sheepskin throw and striped cushions.

Jude's room features the only real pop of colour in the house - a half wall painted in a dusty rose (or 'mellinial pink' as it has become known!) and an armoire painted in Farrow & Ball Stone Blue.  

Tip: choose a rug you love (this one is from Monoprix -  and I also like this one seen in Olivia's cute bedroom) and then create the room around it, picking out the different accent colours. It's a simple, yet great way to create a cohesive look. 

The school desk and chair were a vintage find (there's a load of vintage school furniture available here*). 

On the opposite side of the room, a ladder leading up to the top of Ivar cabinets creates a cosy place for the kids to sit and play (remember to always nail furniture like this to the wall, just to be on the safe side!). I love the swans (similar also seen in this beautiful home) - I've written a little note to Flo to find out where they're from and will hopefully come back soon!

What a delightful home, don't you think? There's something so charming about the relaxed, simplicity of it.

Did you come away with the same feeling?

See more snapshots of this home on Flo's fab blog and instagram @jauraispumappelermarcel.

Oh and more French homes I love (where do I even start with this, there have been so many lately!?)  include: the wonderful home of a French stylist, the playful home of a French photographer and a serene home in Normandy, France.

Wishing you a happy hump day (yep, the phrase still not doing it for me!!).


Photography; Flo / @jauraispumappelermarcel

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5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

Weekend House by Gafpa architects
Whenever I visit interior fairs, I always intend to take it a little more easy, put my feet up here and there. And then I get there and there's so much to see and feel inspired by I end up running around like crazy and arrive at the press happy hour totally disheveled (and in desperate need of a glass or two!). Perhaps it was ironic then, that my favourite trend forecast at the wonderful Ambiente Fair - which focuses on international consumer goods - in Frankfurt this weekend was 'Quiet Surrounding'. Annetta Palmisano, Cem Bora and Claudia Herk picked this out as one of three 2019 trends alongside 'tasteful residence' and 'joyfilled ambience' - all of which have an underlying theme of sustainability, naturalness and recycling (hurrah!).

Noma restaurant, Copenhagen

So what is 'quiet surrounding' all about?

"Simply beautiful: natural, simple and useful products satisfying a yearning for calm and honesty. They create in soft colours unpretentious havens for everyday life free from stress. Respect for materials and creativity in the use made of them are of great importance here."

Sounds good to me - and something very close to my 'scandinavian heart', how about you? But how do we tap into this trend and create our very own sanctuary far from the stresses and strains of everyday life? Here are 5 simple steps:

1. Colour:
Think about introducing soothing, earthy, muted colours inspired by nature to your home. Walls, textiles and accessories in 'green moss', stormy sea' and rose dawn' are bound to help you lower your pulse and create a dreamy haven!

Pantone 466 C Pantone 16-09460 / Pantone 11-1001 TCX Cream Pink / Pantone 5655 C 16-6307 Agate Grey / Pantone 2177 C - 18-4711 Stormy Sea / Pantone 451 C 17-0636 Green Moss / Pantone 7504 18-1029 Toasted coconut / Pantone 7612 C 16-1522 TCX Rose dawn / Pantone 426 C 19-4006 TCX Caviar

Mark's 'Memories / Bigso notebook 

2. Natural materials:
This season is all about natural, honest, sustainable materials and are "combined with a love of experimentation and traditional handcraft techniques". Furniture and accessories in wood, stone, glass, paper and wool with a handcrafted finish will help you to reconnect with nature.

Uashmama washable paper bags

The beautiful patina from different types of respectful, handcrafted items made from wood tell a story and add to the warm and inviting, ultra cosy feel of the home. Plus they'll just get better with time!

Wooden Hanger by Aveva Design, Serving Boards by Stuff Design

3. Textiles
Linen tea towels, bedding, knitted dishcloths and blankets not only make you feel super comfy so you can relax anywhere in your home - but they also help to dampen noise for a calmer abode! OK, and they look pretty too!

Aspegren dish cloths, LinenMe Tea Towels and Lovely Linen towels

4. Plants and flowers
I always find it incredible how quickly you can be in the moment and unwind when surrounded by nature. Think about the last time you are in a forest, a meadow, the local park or walking along the beach - everyday concerns seem, to disappear (even if for a short time). It makes sense then, that bringing plants and flowers into your home are an instant mood lifter - and an essential part of our 'oasis'!

Climbing plants in the Stockholm home of Karolina Modig

Uashmama paper bag plant pot / Wooden vases by Danish Made By Bent

5. Wildlife
You might be lucky enough to have a wonderful furry friend rocking about the house, but for the rest of us pet-less folk - bringing wildlife indoors can help to complete your oasis! And I'm not talking about the two homing pigeons that made themselves at home in my bedroom last summer (I'm still worrying they'll be back again this year!). Search for beautiful Danish bird-shaped ornaments and nature-inspired art.  Or go a step further with an indoor 'Zwitscherbox' bird house with sensor chip: every time you walk past, the birds start to sing!

Finnish Illustrations by Teemu Järvi / wooden birds by Novoform

I'm feeling pretty inspired by this trend, I have to say - and was so excited to discover some of these items at the fair. I hope some of these ideas will help inspire you to make small changes to create your very own sanctuary at home too! 

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PS you can hear about other news from Ambiente fair over on their blog here

Note: My trip to Ambiente fair was a paid press trip. All words are my own. 

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