Dreaming of a Second Home on a Tight Budget? How About This!

I felt like sharing something completely different today. I hope you up for that! I've been reading a lot about how the current situation has us all dreaming about second homes. A simple home from home a few hours from where we live - no matter how tiny the space. That might come in the form of a 'hytte' in the Fjordlands of Norway, a 'bothy' in the Scottish Highlands or simply a cabin at the end of your garden in London. 

But since researching a new 'attefall' for our summer cottage garden I've realised that costs can quickly escalate. So much so, that a second home is simply out of reach for many. And then I remembered Emma's home in Gotland with the guest caravan! Could this be the perfect solution? You might already be a caravan owner, in which case you're already sold but if you're not, hear me out! Firstly, there are many vintage / second-hand caravans on the market for a song, secondly, they're easy to transport (and can be parked at the end of your garden / in your driveway AND finally - with a little imagination, they can make the perfect little second home! 

Not convinced? Take a look at 'Plenty' Caravan in Victoria, Australia. The Franklin van has been transformed inside and out to create a cosy peach and white home from home, complete with a bedroom, kitchenette and even a woodturning stove - with romantic views over Apollo Bay. 

Pretty cool, don't you think? 

Perhaps this could be something for our summer cottage garden instead? I quite fancy doing up a caravan! 

Has this given you food for thought too? 

If you could imagine spending your weekend here - soaking with a glass of fine wine from nearby Otway Estate Vineyard, you'll be happy to hear Plenty caravan is available to rent via Airbnb (one to add to the travel files for when we're ready to roam once again!).

Looking for more 'second home' inspiration on a budget? Take a peek at your very own garden retreat on a shoestring budget , a lovely Swedish Outhouse in 25 m2the world's smallest luxury home, a dingy garage become a bright guesthouse and a tiny Danish cabin that's big on style.

I'd love to hear about other unusual / creative second homes you've seen! 

Perhaps that home from home is in reach after all?!


Photography courtesy of Plenty caravan / Airbnb.

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Ulli's Beautiful, Relaxed Urban Family Home

In the mood for a wonderful, relaxed home today? Ulli's apartment in Stuttgart, Germany is the type of place you walk through the door and feel instantly at home, it just oozes warmth and character. Dating back to 1900, the building features original parquet wood floors, high ceilings and large windows which flood the space with warm pools of light. Huge glass doors in the kitchen open right back to let in the morning light and large bites of greenery, despite the urban location. But best of all, every room has a relaxed and lived in vibe, offering a perfect haven in the heart of the city, which Ulli, her husband Nils and their two daughters Smilla (5) and Ida (3) can kick back and be themselves. 

What an apartment! 

I love all the personal touches - especially in the children's bedrooms. And can we just take a moment to admire the ceiling in the master bedroom?

How nice would it be to sipping a coffee in Ulli's kitchen right now, looking out at the trees?

Is it just me or has it been one crazy week? Maybe we should all put our feet up just a little longer today and enjoy a few more home tours in the same, relaxed vein. Here are a few I love: 

I hope these beautiful spaces have put a little spring in your step this Wednesday!


Photography: Ulli / @uls_andthekids

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A Beautiful Swedish Home with Staggeringly High Ceilings

We woke up to a magical mist here in Malmö - and I thought, today is a day for dreaming. And I was right. I have been dreaming about this beautiful Swedish apartment with staggeringly high ceilings, large spacious rooms and charming period features all morning! There's also something about the earthy green, grey and blue tones and the natural wood 'spegeldörr' doors which I love. The turn-of-the-century building is in the wonderful Haga district of Gothenburg - which means that whoever is lucky enough to snap it up (yep, it's for sale... *more dreaming*), will have little boutique shops and cafes right on their doorstep (one of which is famous for selling plate sized cinnamon buns - I kid you not!). If only the owners could leave the furniture behind. Ready for the tour? Step this way! 

What a beautiful apartment! I particularly like the living room and children's room. 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Take a peek at other incredible Swedish homes in this archive (if this pops up first, just scroll past!). 

Wishing you a lovely day friends! 


Photography: Alen Cordic / Styling: Grey Deco Interiors for Bjurfors

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A Cosy Apartment With a Warm Autumnal Vibe

Has Autumn arrived where you are? In southern Sweden there's a crispness in the air and the leaves are slowly starting to furl, a tinge of gold creeping across their surface. Time to get cosy and embrace the season (or I might just cry at the impending long Swedish winter!). To me, this means bringing wonderful earthy tones into the home in the form of rust, burnt amber, chestnut and auburn and layering up with soft cushions, rugs, and blankets. This morning I was scrolling through the Autumn #30dayhomelove challenge on instagram and immediately paused at Sabina's beautiful Berlin home. The tones perfectly capture the feel of the season. Think art, ceramics, pottery, cosy shag pile rugs and layers of textiles in warm shades of brown. Beautiful! 

Source similar linen bedding on Etsy here*, Le Klint lamp

Anyone else feeling the lovely, warm Autumn vibe from Sabina's home? 

I included the links to some of the furniture and accessories under the pictures - but I can't resist highlighting a few of my favourites here! Firstly - did you see that Kahler Balustre lamp in dusty rose? I can think of several places I could put that in my own home! And I also love her Aura vase

Another thing I'm keen to talk about is the colourful twirly candles. They're starting to pop up everywhere right now, particularly in Danish homes! I've tracked them back to Hay design who are launching spiral, conical and twisted variations. If you love them as much as the Danes (and Sabina!) you can find your nearest dealer here

See more pictures of Sabina's cosy home over at @67quadrat.

In case you're looking for more autumnal home inspiration today - check out: 

Wishing you a wonderful, cosy start to the week! 


Photography: Sabina / @67quadrat

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This Pastel Infused Danish Home Is A Feast For the Eyes!

How about ending the week with a burst of colour and pattern - Danish style? Boy have I got a treat for you! Interior stylist and graphic designer Kamila Osinka's Copenhagen penthouse is full of drool worthy pastels as well as lush accents of electric blue, forest green and deep maroon. Better still, every room serves up a fresh new look  - from the vibrant pink dining room to the striped study and bedrooms with half-half walls - and yet there's still a lovely flow throughout. Oh, and keep a close eye on the furniture and details. The eclectic mix of vintage finds, DIY hacks, Danish lighting, ceramics and glassware are part of what makes this home so special! Welcome to Kamila's world! 

Kontur vase by Kahler, table - second hand

Blanket from Ferm Living, Vintage lamp from Bottega Blu, glass from Kodanska

The Lines Wallpaper, IKEA table (painted by Kamila), Bondi chair by Please Wait To Be Seated

Fly chair and Formakami pendant light* from &Tradition chair

Wow, oh WOW!!!!! There are just so many cool details in this home. If you follow the links under each picture, you'll also discover some really fabulous danish brands - both big and small!

A total Danish love fest! 

What a perfect way to complete the blog week. 

Kamila's home has put a real spring in my step - I hope it has lifted your spirits too. If you'd like to see more, take a peek at her instagram over at @kamila.osinka and website

Who else is feeling the pastels? 

I'll leave you with a couple more pastel-inspired homes just in case: Trend alert: how to rock the pastelsA delightful Swedish home in a former schoolhouseA home with pretty pastels and inspiring details.

Right folks, who else is ready for the weekend? have a fabulous couple of days and see you Monday!


Photography: Kamila Osinka / with a selection by Anitta Behrendt 

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