An Artful And Relaxed Apartment In Aarhus, Denmark (+ Get The Look)

It's Friday, the sun is shining, the weather is sweet. WOOHOO! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Before we all head off to kick-back and RELAX, I wanted to share one final home tour - and this one's a real goodie, especially if you love cool Danish style! I have followed Michelle Nielson on instagram for a while now - mainly for fashion / style inspiration. But lurking behind her in the pictures is her beautiful, quirky home in Aarhus, Denmark. Known online as 'stonemuse', Michelle describes herself as a "blogger, Japan-ophile, dreamer and an eater". Her apartment is full of art, books, vintage finds, contemporary design pieces and the odd high street find which pop against  a deep blue and millennial pink backdrop. Welcome inside Michelle's world! 

Such a perfect home with which to complete the week, don't you think?

Love that it's colourful and full of interesting detail and yet still fairly minimalist. Danish style at its best!

In case you're curious where a few of the items are from, here's a quick guide: 
Get The Look

1. Ikea Stockholm 2017
2. Lou Lou Avenue One Soul*
3. Jotun Skyggebla 4629
4. Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant Light*
5. Innovation Living Soft Coral 557
6. Lisa Wirenfelt I Thought It Was You
7. Rackbuddy The Walking 2-Row
8. OttomandecorShop Brown Pouf*
9. Lisa Wirenfelt Konichiwa
10. Novamobler Linoleumsborde
11. Modway Tracy Dining Side Chair*

Aarhus seems to be a really creative place - especially from what I've seen from the home tours. Here are a few other Danish homes I love from the city:

A lovely hyggligt home in Jutland
The calm home of a Danish design collector
Colour therapy: the happy Danish home of Annemette Moesgaard

I think it's time for the weekend, do you? And we've got a BIG birthday in the house - 'Grattis' to my wonderful stepson, Albin!!!

Wishing you a really fabulous couple of days and see you Monday!


Photography: Michelle Nielson / Stonemuse shared with kind permission
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Before And After: A Californian Mountain Living Room Gets A Scandi Makeover

I had the pleasure of working with American interior stylist and blogger extraordinaire Emily Henderson on a greenhouse make-over in Upstate New York exactly two years ago (funny how time flies, it feels like only yesterday!). In the minibus back to our hotel one evening Emily excitedly told me about a 1960s mountain fixer-upper she had just bought in Lake Arrowhead, an hour and a half from LA. I was really curious to see what she'd do with it. You can imagine how excited I was to learn a little later that she'd gone for a Scandi theme! Yay! Long may this 'Scandifornian' trend continue! I've been eagerly following the renovation process and last week the house was finally completed. Short of posting the entire house (tempting but would probably make the Guinness Book of Records), I thought I'd share the before and after pictures from the sitting room since it sets the scene for the rest of the home and strikes a delicate balance between light and airy and super cosy. Let's take a peek. 


Are those wall-to-wall carpets I see? The soft layer no doubt feels super cosy to walk on, but we all know that in the world of Scandinavia design a wall-to-wall carpet is an absolute no-no! 

Another thing that stood out: the bannisters. Decorative cast iron bannisters might have a place in a more traditional home (especially in warmer regions), but in Scandinavia it's all about the clean lines and simplicity! You can also catch a glimpse of the kitchen in this picture - imprint the image on your mind, we'll come back to it in the after pictures! 

Seeing these before shots, there's no denying that the space has great bones and interesting architecture. But it was in need of a little TLC. And that's exactly what Emily and her team gave it. Let's take a peek at the after pictures...


It really is amazing how much lighter and airier it feels with a wood floor and rug instead of a wall-to-wall carpet. And look at that floor to ceiling banister?! Love it! 

Holiday homes are all about the lounging - and I have a feeling that low, deep vintage sofa (from Gallery 7 / chairish) would be hard to get out of come Sunday night! Love the soft grey shade and seams too! 

Layers of texture give the room warmth - which is especially important when you've opted for a neutral colour scheme. There are so many different materials at work here - from wool and cotton to marble, wood, leather and stone. 

Remember the bubble rock stones on the fireplace in the before pictures? They are still there but hidden under a layer of light plaster, hence the more subtle finish, yet still lovely and raw finish. 

Remember that kitchen shot earlier in this post? It's no secret that Scandinavian's love open-plan living spaces and by removing the kitchen wall in this room, the space opens up in a whole new way - allowing natural light to reach the darkest of corners.

Large white sheepskin rug*, vintage mango wood table from Chairish, these leather and wood bar stools* are similar to the ones seen. 

What a transformation! 

It just goes to show what you can do to a space with a little TLC (and no doubt a LOAD of hard graft!). 

Is there anything you love in particular?

You can read more about the Mountain House here

Oh and check out more inspiring before and afters here (one of my favourites has to be the converted welding plant - so incredible!). 

Ha så fint!


Photography: Sara Ligorria-Tramp - shared with kind permission. 
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A Striking Swedish Cabin On The Island of Ingarö

Here in Sweden, the schools have gone back and offices up and down the country are starting to fill up (can you hear the braincells creaking back into action?!). Pelle and Simone Porseryd have no doubt recently returned to Stockholm fresh from a relaxed getaway at their summer house on the island of Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago. Standing 54 metres above sea level, the contemporary cabin has a beautiful wooden facade and asymmetric windows overlooking the rocky landscape and water beyond. Inside, vintage Scandinavian classics and newer pieces are silhouetted against an earthy, dark backdrop. The look is understated and full of contrast, yet cosy and undeniably cool. And then there's that black sauna too. Let's take a peek! 

I could totally imagine flitting about here all summer - how about you? 

I bet the view from the sitting room window is constantly changing - and equally dramatic rain or shine. 

Seeing this cabin has made me all confused. In my dreams I had always imagined a traditional Swedish cottage but this contemporary style has thrown a spanner in the works - it's beautiful too, in another kind of way! Hmmm. 

If you're feeling inspired by this retreat, you might also like this relaxed Swedish cabin by the sea and an idyllic hide-away on the island of Dalarö



Photography: Kristofer Johnsson (shared with kind permission) / Styling Alexandra Ogonowski. Featured in Residence magazine

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An Incredible Hide-away In The Saguaro National Park

I've only been back at my desk two weeks and I'm already dreaming of getting away from it all. Are your summer (or winter for you Southern Hemisphere guys) holidays over too? If so, let's dream away together over a stay at this dreamy retreat in Arizona! Designed by über talented duo Sara and Rich combs of The Joshua Tree House fame, The Posada, is a 5 suite inn in Tucson, Arizona - opening this September. Book a stay and you'll be invited to reflect, reset and create in a relaxed living space decorated with furniture, rugs, art and accessories in shades inspired by the golden, earthy tones of the surrounding Saguaro National Park. And then there's the outdoor terrace too... 

Art by Julia Kostreva, wooden table made by Sam Okerlund, sofa from six penny home

Despite the huge amount of effort that went into creating this beautiful space, it's the details, like this built in shelving and ceramics that Sara and Rich feel most proud and make the inn feel extra special.  

This is could quite possibly be the most incredible shower / bath combination I've seen. Imagine cooling off from the 38-degree Celsius midsummer heat in this sunken bath? Heaven! I'm now wondering how I could Scandify this look for my own home. Hmmm

Read more about the bathroom renovation here

Tiles from Fireclay Tile, source great macramé plant hangers here*

I also have a serious crush on this wall mounted sink with a raw, handmade feel from Cast Concrete Basins, do you think you'd need to have a country home to get away with this, or could I install one in my townhouse?!

The Posada is situated on 38 acres of land and the terrace looks out over a forest of Saguaro cactus, native plants and passing wildlife. Quite a spot for an evening meal, don't you think?! 

Outdoor string lights*

I'm already on that terrace sipping sangria. Fancy joining me?!

You can book a room at The Posada here

Sara and Rich also rent out a hacienda and casita in Joshua Tree which look like a pretty nice getaway too. 

See also - A desert hideaway

Can you tell I'm not ready for the colder weather to arrive in Sweden yet?!

Ha så fint! 


Credits: Sara & Rich Combs / The Joshua Tree House / @thejoshuatreehouse

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