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Photographer Nana's Light and Airy Copenhagen Home

Hello there! Forgive me if I don't write so much today. I have arrived in London to visit my mother, and there's a list of jobs to do as long as my arm - which involve everything from putting up a picture and stowing the parasol to checking the car tyre pressure (Dad where are you when I need you?). Even so, the sun is shining, just as it is in Nana Hagel's beautiful home in Copenhagen!

A photographer and writer, Nana has an eye for aesthetics and design - and this shines through in her light and airy pared down home. Warm textures such as wood, leather and wool add a tactile touch to the rooms, while a wall of shelves over the door (hugely popular in Danish homes) provide a perfect place to showcase personal items like books, lamps and vases. 

Let's take the tour! 

The incredible kitchen cabinets were handcrafted by Ask og Eng (check out their Norwegian studio and also Sanne Hopp's kitchen). 

I spy a Sjöstrand coffee machine. We have one of these in our cabin - and not only do they look pretty, they also make the best coffee! 

These pretty cup displays ('Sætter') are designed by my friend Caroline - and they've become hugely popular, for good reason! They're a perfect way to display a cup collection, and Nana's is particularly pretty! 

The Le Klint Sax lamps are lovely. I recently put one up in my sitting room at home and have been meaning to photograph it for ages. 

The decorative fan on the wall in the bedroom is from Sakura Copenhagen - a Japanese store selling lots of beautiful things including ceramics. 

Thank you so much Nana for inviting us into your home! 

For more views and snapshots of her Danish home, head to @nana_ha

So friends, I need to get on with those jobs - and then after that I'm so looking forward to seeing my sisters (I am a middle child, with an older and younger sister!) and some great friends who I haven't seen since before the pandemic!). 

I hope you have a great weekend too and that the sun is shining for you! 


Photography courtesy of Nana Hagel, shared with kind permission. 

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Quick Ways to Elevate your Home in an Instant

It's natural to covet homes with magnificent architecture. And I certainly spend copious amounts of time dreaming about living in a property with period features and exposed wood beams. But really, it's the furniture and accessories - and the way you display them, that make a property feel like a home. In fact, a few simple tricks can help to elevate your home  - and lift your spirits in an instant! 

This Swedish maisonette in a former bakery is a fine example of this. Vintage tables, chairs, and lamps provide the core of a warm and relaxed living space, while collections of art, LPs, books, plants and throws complete the personal look and feel. 

Keep a look out for the use of 'blank space' which gives the rooms an airy look and help to focus the eye on smaller vignettes - and the many other smart ways to display your possessions which would work equally well in a rental space! 

Since the upper floor is on street level, the owners have put up strategically placed film to prevent prying eyes, while still allowing the light to flow in. Meanwhile a lovely old bowl and chopping board make a beautiful permanent fixture in the centre of the table. 

While the kitchen units might be clean and minimalist, open storage in the form of shelving, a trolley and hooks provide a great way to display some of your favourite pieces, for a relaxed, lived in feel. 

I have always wanted a wine fridge - there is something so decadent about them. Do you have one?

Sheepskin throws* and blankets are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere come autumn. I am also a big fan of indoor climbing plants for adding lots of greenery - especially when the leaves start to fall outside. 

Many of us have art lying around - on the floor, in drawers or storage, that are waiting to go up. Sometimes it's the fear of creating a hole in the wall only to realise you've hung it in the wrong place, other times you simply haven't found the right spot for it. 

I'm a firm believed that it's so much better to have something on the wall than leave it blank for fear of 'getting it wrong'. This is why I love the gallery above. There's something wonderfully adhoc about it: pictures propped on top of other pictures, frames that are slightly askew. And it works! So let's all challenge ourselves to hang that work of art / framed (our unframed photo) or sculpture today, just looking at it will give us a little lift as we go about our day! 

Overflowing book shelves - that's what I like to see! Why not make a statement and pull out some of your favourite books and present them like art?

Simply hanging out some of your favourite items of clothing can be enough to brighten your mood - plus you can change it up depending on the day, week, or season. 

A marble tray in the bathroom is perfect for gathering all your bits and bobs in one place for a neater look while woven boxes and a candle add warmth to the space. Scandinavians love to light candles in the bathroom when they have guests - and you'll often find them in restaurant and cafe toilets too! 

Finally, simple, removable towel hooks are great for hand towels - and mean you don't need to drill through the tiles. 

I hope this home has given you a few quick and simple ways you can update your living space today! 

Did you see the cosy cottage by the sea on Monday? And also, for more budget ideas, take a peek at my budget bathroom make-over

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! It's a bit gloomy here in Malmö so maybe I'll hang out one of my bright summer dresses - just to bring a little sunshine to my bedroom! 


Photography Lina Östling

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A Cosy Little Swedish Cottage by the Sea

I have to confess, I dread the day my children leave home. On the one hand of course, I'll be happy that they have found their path in life and will be setting off on a new adventure, on the other, I sure will miss those crazy girls. Thankfully, there are quite a few years left. But I have a plan! 

I dream of living in a little cottage by the sea with Per one day, where I can snuggle up beside a woodturning stove with a book and a cup of tea come winter. 

With its cosy small rooms, thick stone walls to buffet the cold winds in winter, exposed wood beams, walls covered in books and art and a sun dappled garden - this 107 m2 (1150 f2) 19th century cottage is just the ticket. What's more, it's just down the road from us in Limhamn, South Sweden - and a short hop from the harbour! 

The eclectic blend of furniture, shelves that bow under the weight of books and pops of blue, red, green and yellow help to add to the relaxed feel of the space. 

I spy a stacked stereo system, just like the one I had at uni! Did you have one of these too? 

A tiny hallway space in the corner of the sitting room beside the entrance is reserved for coats and shoes while a nook in the stairwell is used to store firewood. 

The area up and over doorways is ideal for book shelves - especially in a small living apace. Lights have been added to illuminate the tomes after sunset. 

Curious to see the layout? Erik Olsson shared this along with the listing: 

Translation: Entre - hallway, Vardagsrum - living room, Matrum - dining room, Kök - kitchen, Trädäck - decking. Övre plan - top floor, Sovrum - bedroom. Kamin - woodburning stove. 

How charming and cosy is this cottage? It's certainly designed for 'njutning'! Looking back through the pictures I noticed a cat tree too - of course! I'd love to have another cat one day but I fear I've put Per off for life after the very crazy, viscous feline we had years ago! 

Are you a cat person? 

And more importantly, could you imagine cosying up in a cottage like this? Or do you prefer a more minimalist living space? 

See other cosy cottages here: 

Have a mysig (cosy) start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Erik Olsson (this property is currently for sale). 

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Preparing for 'Fredagsmys' at the Cabin!

Kindly sponsored by Skovby 

One of the things I love most about being up at our cottage are all the local farm shops. A short cycle ride along the road will take you past honesty stalls selling locally produced delicacies such as potatoes, corn of the cob, honey, eggs, strawberries and all other kinds of goodies. It makes grocery shopping a pleasure!

To top off my raid, I always head to Myltes Blomfältet (flower field) to see what's in bloom! 

The flower farm always has the pick of the in-season blooms. This time round it was resplendent with dahlia, cosmos and gladiolas! Well-worth the hay fever induced sneezes! 

Once you've picked the flowers, you measure the thickness of the stems that make up the bouquet and leave the corresponding amount (you can even wrap up your bouquet and add a label to make the perfect gift!) - my girls love coming with me! 

Do you have something like this near your home?  

How pretty are the dahlias on the table? They are possibly my favourite blooms - and one day I've promised myself I'll grow my own, despite the faff! Do you grow Dahlia? 

A word on the table, after all, it is beautiful! The Skovby #33 dining table is Danish made. This particular version is an anniversary edition (Skovby has been producing beautifully crafted furniture for  90 years!) with an oak white oil base and a green laminate top. It's an incredible table aesthetically, but there's also more than meets the eye. 

It's extendable! The leaves are hidden within the plinth and with a few smooth, moves (there's a turn table underneath the table top which causes the top to split into three and reveal hidden additional plates which pop-up and fold out!) you can extend the table from 123 cm - 149 cm - providing space for 6 to 9 people! In a small space, this is a dream!

Perfect for guests in the late summer sun! 

You might notice that the chairs are also new! This fine oak and wicker #827 dining table chair was recently unveiled by Skovby and are already iconic. True to danish design, it's impeccably handcrafted crafted and made from really high-quality wood.  The rounded back makes it very comfy too - so Per's happy! 

And with that friends, it's time for 'fredagsmys' (cosy friday!). 

Thank you so much for stopping by this week and for all your kind words about my new book! I forgot to mention that the English version will also be available through Waterstones and Amazon in most countries at the end of December ( available to pre-order now). 

Have a cosy weekend! 


PS The beautiful Skovby #33 dining table and #827 dining table chair are available in many different versions and Skovby have retailers throughout the world. Find your nearest dealer here

Thank you so much to Helen Sturesson for your help with these pictures! 

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