Emma Sundh's Beautiful Sustainable Swedish Country Home

Happy Monday! Sweden is still feeling the energy of Friday's midsummer's eve celebrations, and although the cut wildflowers have started to wilt, the memories of the day remain strong (although slightly hazy for those who imbibed a little too much aquavit!). 

Last Monday I featured a pretty summer cottage on the Swedish island of Gotland - which one eagle-eyed reader recognised as the former home of Emma Sundh. I've always loved Emma's projects, having featured her summer cottage (and pink caravan!) in the past. So, today I thought I'd share what she's been up to lately, and you won't be disappointed! 

Over the past two years, Emma and her partner have been busy building a house in Värmland. And not just any house. As a strong environmental advocate, the property has been built entirely from 'stone, clay, straw, recycled materials, laughter, hope, happiness and sorrow' (in Emma's own words)! 

Emma has covered the entire process in her new book Att Bygga ett Hem - halm, lera & återbruk (To Build a Home - straw, clay & recycling). Here's a sneak peek of the beautiful interior: 

Look closely at the sink and you'll see a crack in the sink. When Emma found it, there was a huge chunk missing from the front. Not to be deterred, she sought advice from expert friends and filled it in! 

I love these snapshots. It makes me want to see more and read Emma's book! Do you feel the same? I think it's only available in Swedish right now, but hopefully it will be translated to other languages soon! I'll keep you posted if so. 

We're about to head home from our own summer cottage now, life is whirring around me as we speak. I'd better close my laptop and help pack up! 

Wishing you all a great start to the week, see you Wednesday! 


Photography: Emma Sundh, shared with kind permission. 

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Glad Midsommar! - And a Pretty Summer Table Setting

This Friday marks Midsummer's Eve, the most significant day in the Swedish calendar. The celebrations begin with the crafting of floral headdresses, followed by dancing around the Maypole, and culminate in a gathering with fun garden games. I've always cherished Swedish Midsummer's Eve – a joyful celebration of light and nature spent with loved ones, accompanied by plenty of Aquavit and singing! Emma Johansson's charming photographs, where even the glasses wear flower crowns, beautifully capture the spirit of the day.

If you'd like to join the festivities, here are some past posts for inspiration: 

Single? Don't forget to pick seven different wildflowers and lay them under your pillow on Midsummer's Eve. Swedish legend has it that you'll dream of the person you are going to marry! 

Glad midsommar! 


PS I'll be taking a short break over Midsummer - back on Monday! 

Photography: Emma Johansson, shared with kind permission

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A Perfect Swedish Summer Cottage For Midsummer's Eve!

It's the start of a new week - but not just any week. Here in Sweden, we're gearing up for arguably the biggest event of the year - Midsummer! On Thursday evening the city streets will slowly become deserted as folk flock to the countryside to spend 'midsommarsafton' (midsummer's eve) with family and friends on Friday. 

It felt apt to share this quintessential Swedish cottage on the island of Gotland to mark the occasion. You might just recognise it, it used to belong to Emma Sundh (previously featured here with a different layout and furnishings!). The pretty red and white cottage is every inch the archetypal Swedish summer cottage - and it has a large garden that's perfect for dancing around a maypole with flowers in your hair! 

Step inside to discover rooms painted in earthy tones to mirror the surrounding nature, simple decor, touches of floral wallpaper and the most beautiful masonry oven! 

So idyllic! And such a pretty cottage, don't you think? I'd be perfectly happy to spend my summer months here. It helps that Gotland is the most amazing island. Located in the Baltic Sea, the nature is verdant and wild, with rugged shores and sandy beaches, as well as wildflowers growing in the hedgerows. Small ateliers and farm shops are dotted along the roadside, and a cool eatery is never far away. If you'd like to visit, you can read more about the island in this travel guide I wrote a while back. 

Most importantly, it has so much space to dance around like a frog on midsummer (read more about hosting a Swedish midsummer celebration here). 

Step inside more beautiful summer cottages on Gotland today here: 

Speaking of summer cottages, Landfolk and swedish magazine Hus & hem are currenty seeking Sweden's loveliest summer cottage. You can see the shortlist (some of which you'll recognise from past blog posts) - and vote for your favourite here

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Länsförsäkringar Fastighetsförmedling (currently for sale). 

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A Warm and Inviting Home in Södermalm, Stockholm

There's plenty to love about the summer - but one of my favourite things is the light. You simply don't get that wonderful golden light in Sweden any other time of the year - and it gives everything such a wonderful, warm feel. 

This apartment in Stockholm has been captured at exactly the right time of day to capture it in all its glory. And I love the way the golden light hits the touches of colour: a red chair here, a yellow flower there to make it pop. Also, keep a look out for classic teak furniture, bold patterns (by the likes of Svenskt Tenn), the eclectic blend of furniture and playful details - as well of course, as the lovely balcony, which looks like a perfect spot for a Friday night drink or two! Skål!  

This is the second time in the past two weeks that we've seen a home with red accents - could it be a growing trend in Sweden perhaps? Either way, it definitely adds energy to each room! 

Is there anything in particular you love about this home? 

Here are a few other warm and inviting homes to put you in the mood for the weekend: 

In our house today it's a hive of activity since Hilton Carter (AKA the famous plant man from the USA!) is coming to visit and shoot something in our home for a forthcoming project. I've been a fan of Hilton's ever since I featured his former home which of course, was full of the most incredible plants! So the pressure is on, especially as Per and I only remember to water our plants when they're on the sad side! 

And then, I am looking forward to a very relaxing weekend with my family. Phew!

I hope you have a lovely few days, thank you for dropping by - see you Monday!


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This Magazine-Ready Cabin on a Swedish Island is on Airbnb!

Can you work from home? Or more importantly, need a holiday? If so, this lovely Swedish cottage on the island of Dalarö in the Stockholm archipelagos for you.  At the top of the Airbnb checklist is 'dedicated workspace - a room with wifi that's well suited for working'. But when you read the full description, it's enough to make you want to switch off your laptop and soak up the tranquility of the surroundings instead! 

Built in 1968, the cabin is surrounded by the ocean, forest and nature, and the grey and wood interior has been designed to mirror the beautiful rocky cliffs and woodland, giving it a subtle raw, masculine touch. 

On sunny days, life moves out onto the terrace where a bed swing (such a great idea!), hammock and barbecue awaits. On colder days, a wood-burning sauna offers a respite from the chill. Oh, and dogs are welcome too! 

Feeling tempted? Wait till you see the pictures!

Could you imagine swapping your desk for the one in this cabin? Or simply booking this stay for a relaxing holiday? If so, you can find more details here

I was in the Stockholm archipelagos recently and I can't tell you how tranquil it was - rain or shine! it's a great place to hike (there are trails everywhere) or sunbathe on the warm rocks. If you're visiting the Swedish capital, make sure you stay a few more days to explore the islands! 

Looking for more wonderful 'stays' in Sweden this summer? I love these lets: 

Just a word of warning - always check with a Swedish airbnb if they provide bedding. In Sweden, you are often expected to bring your own sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases so it's good to ask the hosts to make sure you don't get caught out! 

Happy Wednesday friends!


PS I am exciting to be heading to 3 days of design in Copenhagen, Denmark tomorrow, let me know if you're in town too! 

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