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A Jewel In The Suburbs of LA

Tjeeeeena! How's your week going? I haven't had a chance to say a big THANK YOU for responding to my survey last week! Such invaluable help. It looks like my new project might just hit the ground after all. Watch this space! Speaking of entrepreneurship, allow me introduce you to Jaimi Brooks. Jaimi is a California based marriage and family therapist who also regularly conducts Entrepreneurial Women's groups and special topic group sessions at her wonderful house in Tarzana, LA. The house is located at the top of the Santa Monica mountains against Mulholland Preserve (please see my note below about the wildfires). Inside, the space has been given an incredible overhaul by interior designer Sarah Sherman - think 25 foot high ceilings, arches, white washed walls and contemporary pieces. Love this!

What a great space! I wonder if my new project will require me to travel to LA for one of the Entrepreneurial Women's sessions? A girl can dream, right?!

Did you see the 'hand' chair? Seriously, what are the chances of spotting two 'hand' shaped chairs in the space of one week (the other one was in this home in case you missed it)? Are we allowed to call this a new micro trend? If so, you heard about it first on My Scandinavian Homet!

Is there anything that stood out to you about this home?

You can see more of Jaimi's home and keep up to date with the latest news from her private practice here and on instagram here. The house is also available to rent as a location for photo shoots etc (is it Ok to take your bikini on a shoot?!).


PS Important note: I'm sad to hear about the deadly wildfires in California right now which have displaced  hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes. If you would like to do something to help, there are some helpful tips in this article.
Thank Dianna for sending this link through.

Photography: TSLR Lifestyle & Daniela Rey

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Subtle Seasonal Touches in a Beautiful Swedish Space

Tjohoooo! With the days getting slowly darker, I've noticed little twinkling lights starting to appear in my neighbourhood. Nothing 'Christmassy' - just subtle, cosy touches to mark the cusp of winter, which the Scandinavians do oh so well! You may remember that I featured the beautiful home of Swedish photographer and stylist Anna Kvarnström in before in 2016, but so much has happened since then - and Anna does cosy so well. Definitely time to revisit, don't you think?! Anna shares her house in Örebro with her husband, two children and furry friend, and has decorated it in a simple white and brown palette - but look closely and you'll see the real beauty lies in the carefully curated details. Välkommen in!

There's no simpler way to amp up the hygge around a dining table than throwing sheepskins* over the backs of chairs and lighting a candle or ten!

Leading image: Ikea Stockholm PS cabinet 

...OK - and maybe a fire and the cutest dog ever too! 

Botanical displays have been kept strictly to whatever happens to be available outside  - a wonderful way of drawing attention to the season - just add fika

When I show a wall of open shelving, I often get comments asking about the dust. And to be honest it can be a bit of a nightmare. That's where one of these beauties come in. A glass cabinet (try IKEA) is ideal for showing off pretty items but keeping them dust-free at the same time. Note the candle storage - a vital element in any Swedish home! 

So. back to my comment about subtle 'seasonal' touches! How pretty are these fir sprig stars? So simple too! Admittedly - I found this image in Anna's Christmas 2017 archive - but I think you could almost get away with these in November, right?

Placing candles or lamps in the window is another clever trick Swedes use to make their homes look warm and inviting. It helps that curtains are often left open at night, off course. But also, I recently heard that in some countries the window sills are on the outside, so this isn't a possibility at all. The good news is, everyone can take inspiration from the candlestick holder base - which has been used for leftover candle stubs - kind of cosy, right?!

I love the simplicity of this whole set-up - from the linen cushions and sheepskin in off whites to the candlelight and eucalyptus wreath. So simple yet so pretty! 

Brown linen has to be the 'it' bedding of Autumn 2018 - and I love the warmth it radiates. It's kind of begging you to get in for a read and not climb back out again until spring 2019!

Dromedary double duvet and pillow case by Midnatt

Hemtex bamboo mirror, Bla Bla print by Lisa Wirenfelt 

Wow! Anna's home has left me with SO many ideas - I love it when that happens. 

I'm totally going to make those little fir sprig stars!

Is there anything that caught your eye?

Check out Anna's instagram and blog to see all her latest work.  

And for more homes with a chestnut and white theme, I'm loving this archive

Ha dett så bra! 


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Tile style: Three Living Rooms, Three Different Vibes

Considering floor tiles for your living space? My sister's Goldendoodle (google 'Goldendoodle puppies' and your heart will positively melt) put paid to their wooden floor. So, in their recent renovation they opted for tiles instead. Growing up in a home with wooden floors and wall-to-wall carpets, tiles are a bit of a new area for me. So, for fun, I decided to experiment with three tiles from the Gemini Tiles floor tile collection available through CTD Tiles to create three different living room vibes. The brand offers an extensive collection of handpicked wall and floor tiles which take inspiration from both traditional and contemporary styles so there were a whole load to choose from! In the end I opted for the Cuban Black Block tile, Buxy Gris floor Tile and Cuban Silver Sky tile. I can't wait to hear which one you like the most!

Be still my beating heart! How fabulous is this Cuban Black Block Tile? Inspired by traditional hot wax paintings, the tile comes in size 223 x 223 mm and is made from glazed porcelain with a matt finish. The intricate geometric look instantly took me back to an elegant, eclectic contemporary Parisian hotel I stayed at last November. Think gold, luxurious velvet in deep earthy blues and emerald greens and the infinite depth and nobility of black marble.  I might just be willing to forgo my pattern shyness and go all out in my own home with this one - how about you?

Get the look:

1. Vitra Suita Sofa Designers Choice
2. Twice Ceiling Light
3. The Lily Candleholder
4. Ferm Living Marble Table Black
5. Gubi Bat Lounge Chair High Back
6. Embroidered Velvet Star Cushion
7. Boule Vase
8. North Shelf
9. & Tradition FLY Chair SC1 Smoked Oak
10. Gubi BestLite BL1 Table Lamp Brass
11. Fishbowl Vase

If the industrial look is more your thing - I picked the Buxy Gris floor tile for its cool, contemporary urban style. Think New York loft living meets Scandi minimalism! The grey porcelain floor tile comes in 600 x 600 mm and a 600 x 300 mm size and looks pretty fabulous with a cognac, grey, white and black palette. Throw in furniture made from cool metals, wood, leather and wool to bring natural warmth to the space. I love the fresh, earthy look of this style, and it's timeless too! Could you imagine incorporating this look into your home?

Get the look:

1. Tribeca Series Franklin Chandelier
2. Anderssen & Voll strip back the sofa
3. The Art of Fabric Print 3 
4. Vitra Eames Hang It All - Walnut & Chocolate
5. Lína Swivel Chair
6. Metal Candlestick
7. The MANTIS - DCW BS5 SW Wall Lamp
8. Carl Hansen CH28 Chair
9. Magis Lem Round Table

And last, but by no means less - if you love to rock a boho look, you might be drawn to this fresh yet cosy contemporary Mallorcan finca vibe. Inspired by traditional encaustic tiles, I feel the subtle colour palette and intricate pattern of the glazed porcelain Cuban Silver Sky tile in size 223 x 223 mm gives a space a lovely, cool look and feel. I love the idea of pairing it with beautiful natural wood finishes, rattan furniture, glass, brass and linen to add character while keeping the look calm, and cosy yet bang up to date. If you don't want to go all out, this is the type of tile which would also look pretty in the hallway or bathroom, don't you think?!

Get the look:

1. Gervasoni Ghost Sofa
2. Dutchbone Brute Side Table Aluminium
3. Binga basket
4. NORR11 Nomad Lounge Chair Bamboo Cognac Leather
7. Colton Coffee Table
8. Large Glass Vase
9. Genuine Moroccan Ottoman
10. Silk Cashmere White Cover Lamp
11. Round Metal Tray

Did you have a favourite style?

I could quite easily envisage all three in my home but if I had to pick just one I'd go for the third.  Perhaps that's just because the sun is slowly fading in Sweden and I'm pining after the med! Plus I've always loved pretty patterned tiles!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Gemini Tiles, all words and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting the wonderful, hand-picked brands that make My Scandinavian Home possible! 

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10 Ways To Turn a Pokey Top Floor Flat Into A Swoon-Worthy Living Space

Why, hello there! How was your weekend? I thought we could kick off the week with something a little more down-to-earth. After all, it's lovely to sit back and enjoy incredible homes with towering ceilings, impeccably preserved stucco, and large, spacious rooms - but when you live somewhere that's not big enough to swing a cat, they can just feel well, a little too far from reality sometimes. And the beauty of this itsy-bitsy 35 metre square (376 feet square) top floor flat, is that it's proof that a pokey living space, with tricky angled ceilings and limited natural light can be swoon-worthy and highly practical too!  Here are a few clever interior tricks to steal from this small attic space in Gothenburg:

1. Keep it simple: It's easy for a small open-plan living space to feel cluttered - so try to stick to a simple colour scheme throughout (in this case white, charcoal and brown). It's enough to just stick to this colour scheme for bigger items - sofa, rug, bedding etc to create the impact you're after.

2. Use art to create different zones: In the open-plan living space, a carefully placed gallery wall creates a focal division between the bedroom and living room area. Note how they've been placed at all different heights - a popular styling trick!

Above: The Wise Man by Hein Studio*, Her Side by Nord Projects*, Grain pendant light by Muuto*

3. Let in the light: In a small space with limited windows, it's important to keep the flow of natural light as unobstructed as possible I.e. knock down dividing walls to create an open-plan space and avoid heavy curtains or clumsy-light-blocking pieces of furniture (note the cane chair!).

 4. Put it on a pedestal: Plinths are no longer reserved for galleries and museums. I've been seeing an increasing number of them in humble homes like ours! They are perfect for highlighting an item you really love such as a plant, sculpture or even a pile of books.

Above: Muuto nerd bar stool*, pick up a similar plinth here - or keep a look out on Ebay.

5. Make the most of every inch: angled ceilings can be tricky, but with some clever custom-made storage, you can make the most of every single centimetre of your apartment! IKEA has some great solutions and will help you design the space.

6. Somewhere to reflect: Use mirrors to bounce light around and also reflect items you love!

7. Play with shapes: Monochrome it maybe, but this little bathroom is far from boring thanks to the fabulous chevron and square tiles. Note the contrasting grouting in both cases! The plant adds a touch of harmony too! 

8. Space under the window: in a flat measuring 35 metre square you've got to maximise floor space! This otherwise redundant area under the window has been used for a washing machine and recessed storage - and I noticed they have done the same with shelving in the main living room too.

9. Get a look-in:  These internal windows allow light to flood into what would have been an otherwise dark stairway / entrance hall.

10. Extra storage: Recessed shelving in the stairwell is ideal for providing a little spot for keys, glasses etc (in my house they'd no doubt be loaded with a ton of other random stuff too - honestly, the things my girls pick up during the day!).

Bonus tip! I was chatting to a friend the other day who lives in a tiny apartment- we're talking shoe box size. And he said 'everyone is raving about 'tiny homes' right now,  but there is one major drawback (space limitations aside) - and that's how everything suffers from more wear and tear - the floors, the furniture etc - since it is used more. If you're in the process of decorating a small space, he recommended making sure you invest in high quality, durable flooring, rugs and furniture that can withstand a lot of use. Wise words!

I'm sure I've missed a load of things, so please feel free to add anything in the comment section below - I'd love to hear your thoughts / observations!

If you found this home inspiring, you might also want to have a rifle through the small space archive - it's one of the most popular!

Have a fabulous start to the week!


Photography: Alen Cordic
Styling: Emma Fischer
For sale through Bjurfors 

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