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A Thoughtfully Curated Dutch Family Home

Well, I do believe we've made it guys: it's Friday! And the sun is shining. Hurraaaa! I hope you've got some fun plans for the weekend? But please don't go quite yet as I have the prettiest house to share with you ! This gem of a family home in Tilburg city, North Brabant, The Netherlands belongs to Ilona Polycen (also known as @mamoesjka_nl), her partner Daniel and two sons Tycho (13) and Fender (7). The thoughtfully decorated interior is characterised by subtle shades of pastel, soft light  wood, one-off pieces and vintage touches. I caught up with Ilona to find out more.

How would you describe your interior style?
I like a fresh white canvas decorated with vintage, design or handmade items, mostly in fresh or soft pastel colours. I’d much rather have one item that I really love rather than five things I just like. I don’t shop on impulse. I will always take my time before I buy something for my home.

Do you have  a favourite spot?
You’ll often find me sitting on my pink home-made bench. It’s my favourite spot in the house, where I write, scroll through Instagram and sit with family and friends. From my bench, I also have a clear view of the rest of the living room and the open-plan kitchen.

Do you update your home often?!
I love to use my home as my test lab. If I haven’t painted anything for a few weeks, the paint tins literally call out to me from the closet.

Where do you shop?
I like to search the internet for new treasures. I look for both new and second-hand items and design pieces as well as less expensive finds. For me, it’s very important that they’re not things that everybody likes and buys. I want stuff that is unique and is available on a small scale. For that reason, I always search for small websites or designers that sell their own work. It’s so much more fun to make a small independent enterprise happy by purchasing some of their products than to buy something from a big retail chain.

Do you have a favourite piece?
My favourite piece of furniture is the vintage cupboard that my partner and I bought at a thrift store. I really loved it when I first saw it, but we both thought it was far too expensive (the cupboard was not in the best condition) and we left the shop without buying it. But soon I had second thoughts and we quickly went back again and bought it. We gave the little cupboard some love with oil and wood paste and I now think he’ll stay forever!

Chrysanthemum wallpaper by William Morris

25Lamp, this mustard waffle throw is similar.

What's your best home decorating tip?
I like to do things my own way. I think that’s my best tip I can give anyone. Make the choices yourself. Fill your home with items you really love and that make you happy. These days you can find inspiration everywhere. I like to scroll through Instagram and see all kinds of interiors, but I have to stay true to myself. Something I’ve learned over the years is to choose what makes you happy and don’t do what everyone else is already doing.

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home this sunny Friday, Ilona!

If you don't already follow Ilona on instagram it's a must!

And for more beautiful Dutch home inspiration take a peek at a lovely light-filled house boat, the happy home of Marij Hessel, and a charming and relaxed Dutch home.

Have a fabulous weekend all and see you Monday!


All photography: © Ilona Polcyn

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The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Hanging Plants

Niki Brantmark / Genevieve Jorn

While Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber might be the It girls of fashion, in the interior world it's plants that are stealing the limelight! From large Palms and Fiddle Leaf Figs to smaller Chinese money plants and asparagus ferns, anything goes in the urban jungle! Last month we explored indoor climbers which have been slowly winding their away up the inside of windows across the continent. And this month I thought we could get into the swing (get it?!) of hanging plants. These guys have been hanging around (this is fun) for a while now and look set to stay! In fact, new and exciting ways to suspend your greenery to new, lofty heights are, er, on the rise! I caught up with my green-fingered friends Igor Josifovic, author of Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants, Hilton Carter, who's incredibly green home I featured here and the Arctic Gardener to get the complete low down and find out more about how we can create our best hanging garden game!

Hilton Carter

So what makes the best hanging plant? Igor advises "any trailing plant is perfect for a hanging pot as they prefer space to grow freely."

5 great hanging plants

1. English ivy*
2. Heartleaf philodendron
3. Spider plant 
4. Devils Ivy*
5. Boston Fern 

* the leaves are toxic so keep away from children and pets.  

Benjamin Edwards
 Tip:  If you have a ground floor window plants make a great 'natural' screen. But Hilton warns "be mindful to not block too much light coming into your windows so that your other plants, sitting away from the window can still benefit."

via Bloesem
Carly Page Summers
Hanging plants can be really heavy so you need a sturdy hook and a drill in order to make sure they stay up. Alternatively look for natural places to hang them in your home - like handles, knobs and ledges.

Chris Warnes
They also make great table decorations. In this space there were no pots necessary as branches were simply hooked over a long cane suspended from the ceiling. The beauty of this is you can update it depending on your mood, the occasion and what you find in the garden / local flower shop!

Hannah Puech Marin
Continuing on the same theme... using a rail (or in this case, a vintage ladder) is ideal if you're looking to hang lots of plants (and add to the collection as time goes on). This also means less holes in the ceiling (in a bathroom that's always good!).

For a more relaxed look it's good to use a variety of blooms. "I like to mix and match hanging planters choosing different hangers and pots as well as various lengths creating a more lively hanging garden," Igor tells me. "Of course this depends on personal preferences. But usually I would say hanging plants look lovelier when grouped together unless you have one big hanging statement plant."

Jeroen van der Spek
As long as the plant is suitable for hanging, there are no rules to the types you group. "I like to go free and wild listening to my guts. You can get playful and pair a trailing Tradescantia with purple leaves with a green Bird's Nest fern and romantic ivy plant," enthuses Igor.

Nicolette Johnson
When it comes to keeping your plants healthy, Hilton advises hanging them in places you can easily get to. "The easier they are to get to, the more likely you'll keep them alive and healthy."

And to water them; "take them to the shower or kitchen sink, water them and then let them drain out for about 15 minutes before putting them in back in the water," he adds.

You might want to forgo the traditional hanging planter in favour of a Kokedama. Of Japanese origins, a Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss from which a plant grows. Word of warning - these guys need a lot of water and a shady place.

To care for them check the weight and if it feels light, it's time to submerge the ball in water.

Hilton Carter
Another great option is the hanging terrarium or 'air plant' (source a similiar glass here). The beauty of these is that they are lightweight and can therefore be hung from the branches of other plants. 

via Vtwoven
And finally, the best hanging plant for a beginner? The Artic Gardener suggests opting for a spider plant. "It's really easy to grow so if you're a newbie gardener, you should give it a go."

Now that we're armed with the know-how, all that's left to do is invest in a few planters. Here are some of the prettiest out there:

1. Woven Palm Leaf Hanging Basket
2. Concrete Hanging Planter
3. Raj Hanging Planter Set
4. Mistana Nanette Flower Pot
5. Affiti Hanging Clay Planter
6. Macrame plant hanger
7. Hanging Planter

I hope this has been helpful! I for one, feel much more equipped to create my own hanging garden. I quite fancy one over the bath! Do you have a spot in your home ready and waiting?!


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Green and Pink Accents in a Beautiful Swedish Family Home

Hi de hi campers! I'm on a roll this morning (finally) having ticked off loads from my to do list (check me out!) - it was a long time coming though as this sunny weather has thrown me off my game completely lately! And now for the fun part of my day - writing about today's home tour. And this one comes in the shape of a beautiful Swedish family home in in Bagarmossen in the outskirts of Stockholm. Janniche Kristoffersen the blogger behind Bloggaibagis) and her husband Johan have been renovating their 1950's house over the space of six years and recently moved back in after installing (a fabulous) new kitchen. The home is a vision in white, green and dusty rose accents - and a true calm, oasis for the Janniche, Johan, daughter Rio and son Otis. Välkommen!

The kitchen cabinets are from Skandinaviska Shakerkök (excited to see they have a showroom in Malmö!) and the countertop is from House of Design Sweden. The walls have been painted in EN.02.84 from Nordsjö.

Mix of Thonet (buy similar here) and vintage chairs,  Resting Feet print by Rosie Pike for Paper Collective. 

Eames RAR rocker (and budget version!), gotland sheepskin throw, and Formakami pendant light.  

 Söderhamn sofa, Pyramid blanket, washed linen cushion cover (striped)

Collection of  Dots by Muuto, Sinnerlig lamp, white linen bed skirt

 Cushion made from Water Lilies fabric from Fine Little Day, Hay crinkle plaid throw, wall painted in L8.04.50 from Nordsjö.

Pendant lamp from Afroart, Skådis peg board, le sac en papier, source a similar Beni Ourain here.  Postcard / print by Emily Winfield Martin, wall painted in HoP greige from Nordsjö.  

Sailor Poster, source a similar vintage wicker chair here, the wall is painted in Dusky Paris from Nordsjö. 

Prettiest door painted in D6.07.77 from Nordsjö

Well, I think I might be just about ready to move in. How about you?! 

Isn't this the loveliest of homes?! Janniche's style looks so effortless (even though there's no doubt a lot of thought and hard work behind every space.). I particularly love the wall colours in each of the bedrooms.

Is there anything you love in particular?

Follow Janniche's renovations and see what they get up to next over on Bloggaibagis and Instagram!

More homes with touches of green and pink include my friend Tina's beautiful house (can you tell she's a colour expert?!), a Berlin home of many colours and OK, not green and pink specifically - but I just discovered this long lost home of a French photographer and stylist in the archives and I feel it deserves to be uncovered so we can all appreciate it once again. Besides, I'm sure there's some pink and green in there somewhere. Isn't it incredible?!

Have a lovely day!


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12 Child Friendly Ideas From A Happy Family Home in Berlin

This wonderful turn-of-the-century apartment in Berlin is everything a family home should be. Owned by Nicki (creator of Siglinchen) and her partner (both doctors) and their three daughters (aged 6, 12 and 15), the light-filled, 120 metre square (191 feet square) home is a blend of the minimalism (that Nicki so desires) and the relaxed, colourful vibe that comes from being a family of five. The result is a calm yet vibrant space bursting with happy colours, playful touches, music, books, art and plants. I clocked 12 great things to take-away from this delightful family home (scroll all the way down for notes on how to get the look too!). Enjoy the tour!

1. Research has shown colour affects emotions, and can have a significant effect on a child's development. Warmer colors like orange and yellow bring happiness and comfort and red has been known to increase the heart rate and therefore increase alertness and the appetite (according to Sciencing) - perfect for the kitchen then! 

2. Touches like the Donna Wilson cushions add a playfulness and help to create a home that embraces children and adults alike.

3. Children have the grubbiest fingers (at least mine do!). Using bright coloured fabric will protect your furniture (and can be thrown in the wash every now and again too!).

4. Using your kitchen windowsill as a mini garden for flowers, herbs and vegetables will help your children to learn about nature and the changing seasons -  and enjoy the proceeds too! 

5. Children's high chairs don't need to be boring! I've always loved the Tripp Trapp chair since it grows with your child - and how funky is that retro one too?!

6. It goes without saying that kid height hooks are helpful for keeping stuff off the floor - and they can't not notice these fabulous bright coloured Hang it All ones either. Perfect!

7. Who says you can't have white in a home with young children? White walls are easy to clean with a damp cloth and white furniture covers can be easier to clean than any others since you can always out tougher stains. Just make sure they're removable! 

8. Why stop at bunting when you can have pom poms and garlands too?! OK, this decor has been strung up for a party - but who says you can't totally leave it up for way longer than is necessary - especially when it looks this pretty!

"March to June is birthday season and the apartment is filled with garlands and balloons. The children and I love them so we leave them up for ages." Nicki.

9. Maps are great for helping children make sense of the world. Plus, if you're short for meal time chat, you can always start to plan your next adventure!

10. Marcel Proust once said "there are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favourite book." Words to live by indeed! 

11. Tap into the calming influence of nature. Not only do plants help to purify the air, research has also shown they help to improve memory and concentration in both children and adults. 

"Since I generally prefer a more minimalist look and feel, I try to keep furniture and 'stuff' to a minimum  - both on the floor and walls." Nicki. 

"I love colour and I think it works best against a natural background - so it becomes white with lots of pops of colour." Nicki. 

12. Art makes you smart! A recent study revealed that children who visit art galleries demonstrate stronger critical thinking skills, higher levels of social tolerance, greater historical empathy and a taste of museums and cultural institutions. Why not start with your own private gallery at home?! it'll help to brighten up the room too. 

What a truly inspiring home, don't you think? It feels loved and lived in!

f you're curious about any of the items or feel like creating a similar vibe, you might find the below helpful: 
Get the look:

1. Whole Wide World
2. Girl 1
3. HANG IT ALL wall hanger
4. High Chair in Aqua Blue
5. Meg Printed Cotton Accent Pillow
6. Nursery Decoration
7. Pamina Sofa

If you'd like to see more of Nicki's lovely home hop on over to her instagram feed here.

And for more family home inspiration I'm loving a cheerful and bright Dutch home, all things bright and beautiful in a pared back family home and a lovely light-filled Swedish family home (this last one is one of my favourites!).

If you've got any great tips for creating a family home I'd love to hear them! 

Ha det så bra!


Photography:  Nicki / Siglinchen

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