Could This Hygge Danish Log Cabin Be Your Holiday Home?!

Dreaming of a summer in Denmark? This authentic log cabin has just popped up on Airbnb! Situated in the countryside near Asserbo and the coastal resort of Liseleje on North Zealand around 60 km from Copenhagen, the cottage sleeps 10 and comprises a main house and guests house. But the best part? It's owned by Pernille Grønkjær Taatø (who's inspiring coastal home I featured here and charming parent's cottage I captured here) - which means that it's also been decorated in the most impeccable Danish style! As per Scandinavian holiday cottage tradition, the interior is understated and designed for a simple way of life - but also immensely cosy! The fresh white and gentle blue-grey tones are true to Pernille's signature style, while the rich dark wood and stove give the space a lovely, warm, hygge vibe!

The cabin has everything you might need for a long Danish summer - a comfy sofa and chair (Söderhamn), simple dining table, wood burning stove, candles and string lights* for a little hygge on chillier evenings! 

When it comes to holiday homes, Danes often prefer to pick whatever they find in the nearby meadows or along the country lanes. 

A mattress and cushions helps to transform a little nook under the stairs into a chill out zone.

A coffee and reading spot for one - with a candle (of course!). 

 A simple rustic stool* and traditional rag rug* add a cosy touch in the sitting room.

A rattan chair and hooks provide the perfect place to build up a 'chairobe' and never feel the need to put any clothes away (it's summer after all!). 

The guest house is made for bunking down (I'm thinking all the kids!) and relaxing (those fresh white floors, walls and hammocks!). 

Isn't it charming?

I'd be so happy to wile away a summer here, how about you?

More about Pernille's summer home on Airbnb here.

Unavailable the weeks you're looking at? There's also the option of these two lovely cabins on the same coast- or why not hop over the bridge to Sweden and stay at one of these instagrammable places.

Anyone would think I'm trying to entice you to Scandinavia this summer - who me?!

If I haven't managed to persuade you - you could always bring a Scandinavian summer cottage feel to your own home - there's a load of rural retreats to feel inspired by in this archive (I think it's one of my favourites!). Can I stop by for a fika?!


Photography: Pernille Grønkjær Taatø
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  1. Replies
    1. It really is! I'd love to stay here :)

  2. I love it, I could definitely even live there. But I am fascinated with Scandinavian style of mattresses and bedding. Could you please explain this as it is totally foreign to what we do here in the US.

    1. Do you mean on the double bed? If so - Scandinavians use two single duvets on a double bed instead of a double duvet since this is more practical. It allows you to choose the duvet thickness you want and also stick out limbs in any direction!

  3. Oh, I see, now if there was only one person using a double bed then they would just use a double duvet? And do you use a top sheet along with the duvet, or extra blankets? If you only use the duvet, then do they remove the insert each week and wash the duvet just like we change our bed linens every week?

    1. Hi, double duvets are not very common here in Scandinavia, so we would normally have just one single, or perhaps two single on a double bed, even if only one person was using it. We do not use extra sheets or blankets for sleeping. Our duvets are of a different kind than yours in the US, they are a bit thicker, both warmer but also fluffier and softer. Sometimes we have thinner ones for summer. Very often filled with down, making them very comfortable. The duvets have covers, that we change weekly. The down-filled insert gets washed or dry-cleaned when needed. We sometimes have a blanket that cover the duvet during the day, for aesthetic purposes as well as to prevent the duvet covers to become dirty in case you use the bed for sitting or putting things on in the daytime. Also, for mattresses we use two, one bottom mattress, the main mattress, for support, and a top one, usually about 5 cm thick, for comfort. This gives a much higher level of comfort, plus it spares the main mattress some wear, so it lasts longer. It is cheaper to change the top one than the main one.

  4. I love this idea, thanks for the reply, and I wonder why we don't have these items available for sale in the US. Over the past few years, I have found myself disliking the elaborate bedding styles everyone in the US seems to like. Pillow shams plus bed pillows, heavy stuffed comforters which no one likes to really sleep under, and are impossibly expensive to have dry cleaned, extra throw pillows on the bed for decoration, and top sheets and blankets. A lot of money spent when one could simply use a stuffed duvet!

    But since discovering the Scandinavian style of decorating, (very similar to minimalism) I find myself veering away from the Traditional Style which features more elaborate window coverings, lots of accent pieces of furniture, decor pieces, wall art, etc. as well as a lot of pattern in fabrics. Pretty but not too relaxing. Now it feels way to busy to me and I have unsubscribed to the many decorating blogs I used to embrace.

    1. Yeah, I see not even IKEA sell our type of bedding. No idea where you could get it then, must be possible to order online but that would probably get a bit expensive.


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