Njuta (Enjoy, Delight In). The Swedish Art of Savouring the Moment

"Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more; and all good things are yours." - Swedish proverb.

Last January I headed out to the forest on cross-country skis for some much needed me-time. Just as I arrived, a text message with one single word from my Swedish father-in-law pinged on my phone: "Njut" it read. I smiled. The one-word message served as a reminder to take in the beauty of the moment - the landscape. the silence, the solitude, the dappled sunlight over the tracks - and breathe it in.

I've noticed the swedes delight in the simple things in life. They see greatness in the small things - it doesn't take grand gestures or vasts amount of money to make life not only okay but truly wonderful. Through my Swedish friends and family, I've learned simple pleasures are all around us and can be found in every minute and every hour of the day. You just have to stop and take time to consciously appreciate what's already there. That is the essence of njuta.

It's a simple idea, but so easy to live life in todays busy world rushing from one things to the next without so much as an upward glance.In my new book, I explain njuta (pronounced 'nyu-tah) and offer advice for incorporating it into any lifestyle. At home, take time to savor that first sip of coffee in the morning - the wamrth of the cup, the smell of the beans. Or relish a quiet moment by lighting a candle, rolling out a blanket and opening a book for 5 minutes. Outside, delight in your surroundings no matter the season. It might be as simple as turning your face to the sun to take in its wonderful warmth, or to feel the wind in your hair as you bike.

I hope my book helps to enrich your life in the simplest of ways, the pafges become worn - and you njuta from it!

Niki x

"Her reminder to focus on what you have rather than what you don't have" resonates, even if readers may be hard-pressed to do so while pining after the good life in Sweden. This is ideal for stressed-out readers seeking new ways to slow down." 

- Publishers Weekly, Sept 7, 2023
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