A Beautifully Simple White Danish Summer Cabin

When you stand on the Malmö shore you can see the sun setting over the Copenhagen skyline in the distance  - it's the most beautiful sight! Sadly, it's looking like we won't be able to visit to our Danish friends this summer, so I'll be getting my fix from pictures of their beautiful homes instead. I hope you'll join me! Today, I'm taking us on a virtual tour to Line Stampe Dahl's simple, yet charming summer house in Sjællands Odde, North East Zealand (approximately 1 hr 45 minute's drive from Copenhagen). It's an area that comes to life in the summer months, when Danes flock to the cape to enjoy the magnificent nature and white sandy beaches. Line, a landscape architect and keen knitter, and her family love to escape city life at the weekends and in the holidays, to enjoy a more simple life. Their whitewashed cabin is sparsely furnished giving it a wonderful, light and airy feel, and allowing nature to take centre stage!  

It's no secret that the weather in Scandinavia in the summer can be a little, shall we say, unpredictable - but nothing that a wood burning stove can't fix. The fire adds instant hygge too! 

Simple wood furniture and a Beni ourain rug (source a similar one from Kanyamakan*) are perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the white open-plan living space.

One of those slow frosty mornings when you bring the duvet with you and chill in the early sun.

I love it when a ceiling has been knocked through to reveal beams - it makes a room feel instantly more spacious (rem ember this Danish coastal home?). The panoramic window is fabulous for letting in great bites of nature. 

When you have windows like this, it's perfectly acceptable to wear a sun hat and sunglasses indoors!

The iconic Le Klint scissor lamp* - what a beauty! 

Bunking up. I've  realised over the years, that my children love to live in close quarters, the smaller the space, the cosier they think it is. They'd be so happy to arrive at Line's cottage and discover we were sharing a room!

What a lovely way to spend the summer holidays! It doesn't need to be more complicated than this, do you agree?!

Line sometimes rents her wonderful cabin out (for future reference!). If you're interested, keep an eye out on her inspiring instagram feed for info! 

And if you love knitwear, check out Line's latest pieces here (she's currently working on a home page). 

As always, I can't resist sharing a few other idyllic danish summer cottages for you to dream over today: 

Oh, how I'll miss Denmark this summer! Here's hoping they might open the borders soon! 

Wishing you a dreamy Wednesday friends! 


Photography Line Stampe Dahl

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A Relaxed Swedish Island Summer Cabin on The Water's Edge

Per and I both grew up with sailing, and as you know, we usually spend our summers sailing the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (and sometimes North German) coastline. I readily admit, Per's more into the technical (some might say important) stuff like trimming the sails, navigation etc. While I'm more of a G+T, fair-weather type of sailor who's forever asking to sail closer to the shore so we can take a look at the waterside cottages!! In my mind, the prettiest coastal homes of all can be found out on the islands. What I love most about them is that despite their prime location, they often still possess a wonderful, understated feel.

Just with all Scandinavian summer houses, the focus is on being outdoors - and the interior should never distract from the beautiful surroundings. This wonderful cabin, nestled on the water's edge on a tiny island called Jutholmen in the Stockholm archipelago, is a fine example of this! 

Formerly a workshop, the cabin has been transformed into a year-round holiday home with a relaxed industrial meets boathouse vibe. In fine weather, the family can head outdoors and relax on a large terrace overlooking the water. 

Bamboo furniture from Tine K Home and iconic Swedish Grytthyttan outdoor dining furniture help to add a natural, laidback feeling to the outdoor terrace without taking away from the stunning scenery! 

The island is accessed by boat - and once settled, a small speedboat is used to head to the nearby island of Dalarö which has many restaurants, shops and cafes. People often use their boats to head to smaller uninhabited islands to enjoy picnics and swim.

In Sweden 'allemansrätten' gives you the 'right to roam' anywhere in the countryside as long as you don't disturb or destroy it, enabling everyone to experience nature and enjoy the beautiful Swedish lifestyle. That's one very large playground!

I love this fairly basic outdoor kitchen. Why miss a moment of sunshine to wash-up and cook when you can do it outside! 

The interior has a relaxed, industrial vibe. Mainly black and white, touches of wood help to bring a warm feel to the space. 

Wood panelling, vintage ship lights* and vintage school biology print* help to draw attention to the coastal location, adding a subtle 'sjöbo' (boat house) vibe. 

I spy vintage gym equipment - always a winner in my eyes, and not a bad spot for a round of boxing either! FYI Etsy is a great source for vintage gym equipment*

Bunking up! Simple sleeping quarters lime this or a common site in Swedish summer cottages and are ideal for family and guests to catch some shut eye before another day outdoors soaking up the sun (or rain!!!). 

The Swedish summer can be chilly at times. I'm not kidding when I say last summer we witnessed water temperatures of 9.5 Celsius (49 Fahrenheit) and driving rain on the east coast. A sauna is ideal (some might say mandatory) for thawing out after a day on the frigid waters - and taking a dip in the sea. When visiting it's unlikely you'll have a private 'bastu' (sauna) like this one, but many islands have public saunas you can book (one of my favourites is on the island of Tjärö - which I featured in this post). 

What a stunning oasis! 

This rare gem of a property was actually on the market a few weeks ago but, as you can imagine was quickly snapped up - more details here.

Probably the most ridiculous question I've asked all week (although you never know!) - but could you imagine spending your summers here?! 

I'll be thinking about this beautiful cabin when we take to the water this summer - maybe I'll discover come other hidden gems (from a distance!) - if so, I'll be sure to let you know! 

If you have more time today / over the weekend - take a peek at: 

All so dreamy - do you have a favourite? 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends, see you Monday! 


Photography courtesy of Sjönära with thanks

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A Beautiful Danish Cabin By The Sea Becomes a Lockdown Haven

I'm so happy you enjoyed the Swedish summer cottage yesterday - someone on facebook even said they were keen to buy it, how fun would that be? We could all go to stay! Since the sun is still shining in Scandinavia I thought I'd stick with the summer cottage theme, and transport you to a wonderful, earthy cabin in Smidstrup, a small fishing village near Gilleleje (which I've had the pleasure of visiting many times by boat), just North of Copenhagen. The cabin belongs to Simone Polk Dahl, who's beautiful, golden Copenhagen apartment I featured not long ago. In the summer months, Simone and her family swap city life for this lovely oasis. I caught up with the artist and interior stylist to find out more about how it has become her haven during lockdown, where she sources her vintage furniture and what it's been like to swap life on the 5th floor for a small cabin by the sea. 

When did you buy the house?
We bought the house four years ago.

Have you carried out any renovation work?
We have not done that much with it besides building a terrace and painting over the hemp wallpaper and the 80s lookalike wood ceilings. 

Where do you find most of your furniture? 
The majority of our furniture comes from the local flea markets up here. You can find some real treasures! 

Do you look out for specific pieces?
Since it's a house from the sixties, I try to find pieces from the same period. Examples include our coffee table and the lounge chair by Bernt Pedersen which I picked up for 300 DKK (around €40) at a thrift store. The sofa is an old one which brought up here from our apartment - and is also a sixties piece by Erik Jøgensen.  

How often do you visit your cabin?
We spend most weekends here and have staying here for the past five weeks during the Corona lockdown. We have really appreciated having a garden to relax in and the sea close by for a calm, cold dip.  

It sounds like the perfect haven! Has your life changed during this period?
I was so happy living in a small space up here, that I really considered selling our apartment and moving to this little house permanently. When you live on the 5th floor, it's feels like paradise to be able to open the door and be outside. I have found myself getting quite nerdy about the garden too. I have a nightly check on all the flowers and trees to see if they've grown during the special spring season. I also learned to run up here and did so every second day without exception. Now it's back to the 5th floor only having a ton of stairs as my daily exercise!! 

Thank you for sharing more about your life at this wonderful little house Simone! It's absolutely beautiful! 

Did you see the wall unit with all the shells? When I hold talks (or write books) about Scandinavian design I often refer to the way Scandinavians take a beautifully subtle approach to bringing the outside in. For example, when you live by the sea it can be tempting to go all out and add sea themed elements to your home such as fabrics with anchor or boat themes, 'gone fishing' signs etc, when actually all that's needed (in my mind at least) is shells or pebbles picked up during a stroll along the beach, a piece of driftwood on a table top or wildflowers plucked from the roadside. 

Some great examples can also be found in this feature: 15 Coastal Living Ideas To Steal From A Breath-taking Danish Home

Is there anything that stood out to you?

In case you missed it, you can take a peek inside Simone's beautiful Copenhagen apartment here. And find more inspiration on her fab instagram feed @polkenstudio

Have a lovely day, 


My thoughts are with what's happening in America right now.  My Instagram will be blank today as part of #blackouttuesday in support of justice for people of colour and against racism. 

Photography courtesy of Simone Polk Dahl - shared with kind permission. 

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A Danish Summer Cottage Oasis on North Zealand

It's Friday, the sun is shining here in the Öresund region - and it finally feels like summer has arrived!  Yay! In two weeks, school will be out, and - government guidelines permitting (in Sweden it's not currently recommended to travel more than 1-2 hours) - many are hoping this all blows over so they can head to their summer cottages to relax and enjoy the nature! Tine and Christian Hertz live in Copenhagen, but when time permits, they hop in the car with their children and swap urban life for a summer oasis in Tisvilde, North Zealand, Denmark. Acquiring a summer cottage in the picturesque village had been a lifelong dream - and when a small house came on the market, Tine and Christian jumped at the chance. On the small side, the pair built on an extension and carried out a loft conversion in order to make room for the entire family and guests. Today, the family can relax in a rustic, light-filled space where the outdoors merges with the indoors. Ready to transport yourself to a Danish summer oasis? Iben and Niels Ahlberg paid a visit and took these pictures: 

Absolutely beautiful! 

I love the back-to-basics feel and the way double doors can be thrown open to the garden on a sunny day. 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

I have to say, the surrounding area is stunning (I've had the pleasure of visiting several times and photographed two cottages there for my book The Scandinavian Home). A true summer paradise! 

Up for a little more Danish summer cottage inspiration today? It would be rude not to when the sun is shining so brightly here today!  

Right folks, that's it from me this week. Thank you so much for stopping by (I've loved reading all your comments, especially with regards to my wood floor yesterday). 

Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing weekend - I hope the sun shines for you!


Photography: Iben and Niels Ahlberg - shared with kind permission. Incidentally, if you're looking for prints - check out their online shop North and Space

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A Relaxed Danish Artist's Cabin In Copenhagen

Do you love a relaxed, creative home as much as I do? If so, you're going to find this lovely little oasis near Copenhagen utterly charming! The allotment house (in Scandinavia many allotments have little cottages on them which you're allowed to stay at during the summer months - much like a Dacha in Russia), provides a space where artist Mie Olise Kjærgaard can paint and create sculptural installations as well as relax in the garden with her five-year-old son Neo. Mie bought the 50 m2 (538 f2) cabin in 2005 and worked with the original 1933 structure, adding on a living room and bedroom using recycled materials. The bright living space has been simply furnished creating a wonderful, warm and inviting atmosphere. Karina Tengberg was there to capture these lovely pictures. Welcome to Mie's creative world! 

Mie has an MFA from the St. Martin School of Art in London and has exhibited her paintings, sculptural objects and installations internationally.  

The high ceiling and wood floors have been painted in a fresh white, which instantly creates a light and airy feel, despite the small living space. 

A tea set, found in a nearby 'loppemarked' (flea market) hangs from a simple metal rod, so that it's easy to grab when a friend stops by. 

Mie's work hangs on the wall beside a piece by Mia-nelle Drøschler

The err, eye-catching breasts are made from mouth blown glass at The Glass Factory in Sweden. 

In the garden is a small lean-to / conservatory which is a perfect dining spot in warmer weather.

It's hard to imagine that this gem of a cabin is located in Denmark's capital city - what a find! 

It reminds me a little of some of the houses and boathouses you find on the small islands on the river Thames in London (I used to paddle passed as a kid and be fascinated by the relaxed way of life in the heart of the city). I guess properties like these are like gold dust! 

Do you live somewhere like this? Or perhaps you feel inspired by some special and unique properties near your home. if so, I'd love to hear more! 

I hope you have a great start to the week, I have a feeling this is going to be a good one for us all. Stay well, stay safe! 


Photography: copyright - Karina Tenberg, shared with kind permission. 

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A Tiny Danish Beach Cabin That's Big On Style!

Hands up who loves a beach house (both hands shoot up)! The salty air, the warm sand between your toes, the relaxing sound of the waves breaking - all on your doorstep! Living in Scandinavia, we're never that far from the sea, and Per and I share a dream to live in a cottage overlooking the water one day. It's a real pipe dream as waterside abodes don't go on the market too often and when they do, let's just say they're a bit of a stretch! But this lovely little Danish cabin has restored my faith! Measuring 20 metre square (215 square foot), the wooden structure (designed by Add a Room) might be tiny - but it sure does make up for it in style - and location! Think understated, monochrome decor (courtesy of House Doctor) morning coffee in the sun and a sunset soak. 

Morning coffee here?

 I'm guessing that this sofa converts into a double bed after sunset.  

... and by day it's a cosy sofa laden with cushions and two Swing reading lights combined to look like a double arm wall sconce (clever hack!).  

A small gas stove works great for cooking a dinner for two. Incidentally, my Mother has been cooking on a gas stove in her garden in London for the past 6 weeks! Her kitchen renovation wasn't finished when they went into lockdown and she had no hob or kitchen sink. It's amazing what she's managed to whip up on it (sometimes under an umbrella!). 

A little trolley on wheels is ideal for small spaces since it can be moved to whereever you need it. In this kitchen it serves as a makeshift space for that all important coffee machine!

I've been scouring the pictures to see if this little cabin has running water (we've already seen proof of electricity!) - and this outdoor bathroom seals the deal for me. It even has a little mirror!  

How wonderful! 

It certainly gives me hope that Per and I might just achieve our dream one day - even if it means dramatically downsizing. 

Could you imagine waking up here? 

Other coastal homes I'll be dreaming about today: 

And, just in case you're miles from the shore and unable to travel right now - here are 15 ways to add a subtle coastal feel to your home, wherever you are!

Ha det så fint! 


Photography courtesy of Add a Room & House Doctor, found via Planete Deco with thanks.

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