This Charming Rustic London Townhouse Could Be Yours!

Many years ago, I visited a freelance graphic designer in her cosy Georgian home tucked just behind Waterloo station in central London. I was mesmerised by the location and the charming interior - so much so that she pretty much had to boot me out by the end of the day - I was seriously ready to move in! This cosy home in Bermondsey, not far from Tower Bridge took me straight back to Tamsin's home. Built in 1729, the Grade II listed townhouse has been renovated by architects Mosley & Mann in collaboration with local artist Robert Mosley - who was responsible for the joinery and extensive restoration work. The team have worked hard to restore many of the stunning 18th century details, while raising the standard to meet modern day demands. The result is a beautiful home in the heart of London, packed with rustic charm. Oh, and it's yours, if you have the funds! 

I miss London so much when I see these pictures! 

If you're lucky the one who snaps this up, can I be the first to come over for a drink on the roof terrace overlooking the shard? At a social distance, of course. 

Side note: love how the wine glasses are hung from a beam, did you spot that too? 

The entire interior has been so beautifully renovated, you wouldn't need to change a thing. 

Could you imagine living here? 

Other London homes to love: 

Have a great start to the week - I've got a feeling this is going to be a good one. 


Photographs courtesy of The Modern House - found via Desire to Inspire with thanks.

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Old meets new in a Stockholm home

It's all happening in Södermalm, Stockholm this week. So if you're looking for somewhere to live, this area of Sweden's capital city's got the place! Following Tuesday's all white affair, this beautiful apartment (which I found via one of my blog favourites, La Maison D'Anna G) has a lovely relaxed old meets new feel with a touch of industrial / shabby. 

Burfors via La Maison D'Anna G

So which style is more you - the fresh white or the relaxed old meets new?

Me? I'm definitely for a little mix of old and new, I love an old floor with history like the ones they sell at The Reclaimed Flooring Co and antique / vintage pieces which tell a story. Plus if you're a bit messy (like I am) it this tyle is much more forgiving!
PS Just a quick question before I leave, does your man / girl understand your love of Pinterest? My guy is finding it hard to grasp the context, or actually I think he gets it but doesn't actually get why. Oh how he's missing out!

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A charming rustic farmhouse in Skåne

If it's Scandinavian rustic charm you're after this incredible four sided 'Skånegård' (a traditional Skåne house that sits around a cobbled inner courtyard) this home is IT! Dating back to the 1700s, owners Gunilla and Sven Montan have painstakingly restored this farm house to its former glory. The half-timber structure, stone floors, whitewashed walls and carefully selected furniture work together to create a truly stunning home. 

Magdalena Björnsdotter for LantLiv

Wow! This is the second time time in the past few weeks I have completely fallen in love with a Skåne home. The first was here. There must be something in the Southern Sweden air! What do you think?

Before I love you to have a FAB weekend I'd like to say a big 'hej' to all lovely new My Scandinavian Home readers! If you've got the time I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas and if you have a blog we can all visit!

I'm also on Pinterest (way to much) and Facebook....see you there? :)

Trevlig helg!

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Beautifully renovated workers cottage

Today it was 30 degrees in Southern Sweden - THIRTY! Which I think calls for inspiration from a cool, airy, home.  This 19th century workers cottage in Queensland, Australia, featured in Remodelista, is the fabulous home of photographer, stylist, buyer and seller Kara Rosenlund. Kara and her husband lovingly restored and renovated the home back to it's former glory adding a unique contemporary touch. Beautiful, and perfect for a lovely sunny day (just watch out for the pineapples.....)!

Photography, renovation and stylins: Kara Rosenlund, via Remodelista

For a great read about this home visit Remodelista (thank you so much to the guys at Remodelista for allowing me to publish these lovely images :)  

Have a nice evening!

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Traditional meets modern in France

A rare weekend post but I simply couldn't resist sharing this absolutely beautiful home in Sante-Marie-de-Ré, featured in the equally beautiful and inspiring interior magazine; Marie Claire Maison. It's the home of painter Catherine Le Van and her husband, both of whom are passionate about design.  I love the perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary items.

Marie Claire Maison
Read more about it here (French only).

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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Old meets new in a home with a twist

Inspired by an absolutely beautiful Alice in Wonderland children's garden party I saw here I thought I'd feature a slightly different home today. A beautiful home created by Gilles Jauffret with an eclectic mix of old and new and little unexpected twists.  Personality and creativity sings from every room. A perfect home tour for the weekend!


Images from maison Francaise F/M 2012/ Photography; Eric D'Herouville via Haute Design
Any favourite rooms or ideas? Personally, the moss wall stands out a mile, who would have thought it could look so great? People, we need to be more bold!

Just before I head off to the beach with my girls I've got to give you a quick tip to check out the Haute Design blog, it's full of so many fantastic posts, a quick word of warning though, you could be stuck there for hours!

Have a lovely Friday! x

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The Melbourne home of an illustrator and vintage bargain hunter

I spotted this Melbourne home of illustrator Paula Mills over at the great, well known blog Design Sponge. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it, eh hem, I mean share it. I can't tell you how much I love the home-owners' style. The wonderful wall displays, the vintage finds from around the globe, the pops of colour, the white backdrop. Everything is spot on and apparently this is only the beginning.

Photography: Paula Mills
If you fancy reading more about this home hop on over to the full interview and more pics at Design Sponge.  Don't you love the display of tomato tins? Such an easy to way to make a great display. Next time I'm at the supermarket I might just buy a few items for their packaging (x15!). Any ideas you'll take from this?

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