The Fabulous Eclectic Home of A French Antique Dealer

Bonjour, ça va? That's about the limit of my French. I studied French at school for five years - and now almost every word has been replaced by Swedish - what's the deal with that? Mind you, I never have been much of a linguaphile! Language abilities aside, I think you might have guessed that I'm whisking you away to France today.  An antique dealer, Sonia has filled her home in Ardèche, an hour from Lyon with funky, eclectic pieces from all different eras and countries. Throw in a disco ball, bold wallpaper and lots of art and you have a home bursting with character - where old meets new. Bienvenue chez Sonia! 

Oh mon dieu! 

How fantastic!!! 

It's the kind of home you need to return to time and again for inspiration - and you'll spot something new every time! 

Who's up for a disco ball in the bathroom? MOI!

See more snapshots from Sonia's home here. I noticed Sonia is a personal shopper - perfect for anyone out there would love more antiques in your home but don't have the time to source. 

Would you like to take a peek inside a few other fabulous French homes today? Here are a few of my favourites: 

Have a beautiful day!


Photography: @undouzeavril shared with kind permission. 

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The Beautiful, Earthy Home of a Swedish Florist

This über cool early 20th century Malmö apartment popped up in my feed yesterday via real estate agent Bo-laget - and I've been wondering who lives there ever since. And now, I think I might just have figured it out, super sleuth that I am! Remember this cosy vintage-inspired apartment of a Malmö Florist? Well, since then Sofie has been busy turning this beautiful apartment in the Rörsjöstaden area of town into her new  home. At least, I think so, as many of the fabulous pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures and art photography remain the same. I'm a big fan of Sofie's unique style which oozes texture and a warm earthy touch - you should see the bouquets and floral displays she creates! Ready to see what she's done with this 122 m2 (1313 f2) apartment? 

I love this mix of open and closed storage. One of my Danish friends Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer has developed beautiful shelving for mugs which has totally taken off and would also look nice here. 

I'm so curious about this table and bench, I've never seen this design before. Can anyone shed any light on the brand? Or perhaps it's handmade? Maybe, I'll reach out to Sofie and ask her - I promise to come back to you if I find out! 

I love the casual look of the gallery wall and piled books - it adds a wonderfully relaxed feel to the dining space (dining rooms can feel so stiff and formal sometimes, don't you think?). 

You often see old brass candlestick holders like these in Swedish homes! I have one from Skultuna which has aged really nicely. But I can also recommend looking on Etsy for similar sets*. 

Textures galore!

If I had an old home like this, I'd definitely consider painting the doors, skirting boards and arbitraging in a dramatic colour, I think it looks awesome and adds so much drama and interest to a space. Are you a fan of this look too? 

How lovely! It's fun to see a space with such eclectic furniture. Sofie has clearly taken their time to search for unique pieces. 

Is there anything that stood out to you about her home?

I really do hope it is her home now, or I'll be so embarrassed! 

Take a peek inside other Malmö homes here - I'm so proud to live in such a creative city.

On a completely separate note, have you seen The Father with Olivia Coleman and Anthony Hopkins? Per and I went to see it at my favourite Art Deco cinema on Friday (i's called 'Spegeln' and has armchairs and a little bar in the actual saloon!). For the first half of the film, I sat mesmerised by the set - the apartment was just so beautifully decorated, and I was fascinated by how the decor played a central role in the storyline. 

The entire film was incredibly moving, and really struck a chord with me as my own beloved Father passed away a month ago after a year-long battle with brain cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme GBM). This is the first time I've mentioned it here, I guess I just haven't really been ready to talk about it before. I have to say, it's been heart-breaking seeing someone so close and with such a brilliant mind - so clever, funny and kind, slowly decline. I do take some comfort that he is at peace now, even so I miss him every single day. In honour of my dad, this is probably the only time I'll mention it - he hated a fuss and loved to keep things upbeat, I think that's why he was such a huge fan of my blog and all my books! He's always been my number one fan! 

My heart goes out to anyone of you currently dealing with someone with ill health in your family or who have also suffered a loss. I hope this blog brings a little bubble of escape to you each day!


Photography courtesy of Bo-laget with thanks.

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Step Inside a Belgium Home Bathed In Warm Pools of Sunlight

Why, hello there! New week, new start! How are you today? A simple question, but an important one. I think we could all do with a ray of sunshine this Monday, don't you? So I'm kicking off the week with pictures of the lovely home of Belgium Nelson De Coninck, enjoyed by mischievous cats Ebba and Saga (two grey British Shorthair felines with their very own instagram feed!). Look beyond Nelson's furry friends and the wonderful pools of golden sunlight, and you'll also spot fabulous details - including vintage chairs, patterned rugs and lots of plants, all of which help to give the home a truly personal feel! Ready to feel inspired? 

How lovely!

What a purrrrfect way to kick off the week! 

How I miss having a cat (I grew up with cats - and TBH they used to drive me insane the way they wrapped around my feet in the mornings and batted my pen as I tried to work - but in my mind, there's nothing cosier than a cat curled up on your lap at the end of a long day, purring away!). 

Are you a cat or a dog person? 

Can we also take a moment to appreciate Nelson's office space? With so many of us working from home right now, this corner of Nelson's bedroom is so inspiring, don't you think? I received a mail last week requesting more home office inspiration (thank you for the idea!) - keep an eye out for the post this week! 

You can see more pictures of Nelson's lovely home at @nelplant and feline friends at @nelpets

I've featured several fabulous Belgium homes in the past, including: 

So fun to revisit these tours!

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!


Photography: Nelson De Coninck, shared with kind permission. 

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An Earthy London Home, Packed With Personality

Good morning! I'm feeling all refreshed and revived after a few days off - plus full of energy as I'm back in my studio for the first time in months. Weeeeee! What a difference a change of scene can make. Hopefully we can all experience it soon (meanwhile, I'll make the most of it, who knows how long it might last!)! In the meantime, there's the internet helping to escort us to homes far and wide without leaving our sofa! I spotted this wonderful home of hair stylist Cyndia Harvey over at The Modern House. Located in a peaceful mews in Brockley, South London, the living space is full of rich, earthy tones and packed with fabulous vintage and antique finds, giving the overall look a truly personal feel. 

Cyndia lived in Jamaica until she was eleven years old. As an adult, she lived in various rental spaces until moving into this space three years ago. Cyndia took absolutely nothing with her from her previous home. Instead, she scoured local markets, picking out art-like pieces and anything that 'spoke to her' including a French rattan chair, 20th century wardrobe and ''crazy blue suede bed''. As a result, Cyndia feels a connection to all the items she owns - and loves that they tell their own, unique story. 

The white walls help to give the space a gallery-like walls, allowing the unique furniture and art to take centre-stage. 

Recently I've talked a lot about the 'rödtråd' (the red thread). In this home there are a few factors that bring the overall look together. The first, are the earthy tones of ochre, ombre and rich brown seen throughout. The second is the angular triangular shapes - which have been repeated several times in the main living room. This helps to give the entire living a space a wonderful, cohesive look. 

The bespoke kitchen island is the only modern piece - and was inspired by a Donald Judd desk. 

One of the things that really stood out to me while reading the full interview over at The Modern House, is how Cyndia took her time to decorate her home, picking out pieces one by one. 

Decorating with antique and vintage pieces is a slow, ongoing process, but your patience will definitely pay off: it's the best way to create a truly personal home that's also sustainable! 

Is there anything that stood out to you about Cyndia's home?

Read the full article and see more pictures of Cyndia's home here. Curious about Cyndia's hairstyling? Check out her awesome work over at @cyndiaharvey.

Intrigued by other eclectic homes? Here are some more to enjoy this sunny Monday: 

Have a wonderful start to the week! 


Photographs courtesy of The Modern House

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Keeping It Real In a Danish Family Home In The Heart of Copenhagen

Ever feel like everyone else's home is 'insta-perfect' while yours is a constant battle to keep tidy? Allow me to let you in on a secret, you're definitely not alone. Not even the homes you see on instagram are picture perfect all of the time. I know, because I recently asked around on a recent blogger tour and was secretly thrilled to learn most of my contemporaries' homes were a little messy - just like mine. It's called life - and it should be celebrated once in a while, don't you think? So, friends if you left the house littered with Lego and half-drunk mugs of coffee this morning, Sarah's Copenhagen home will feel wonderfully refreshing! The Dane owns a small shop called 'The General Store' and lives with her six-year-old son Sylvester in an apartment in Østerbro. Together, they've filled the space with bold colours, harlequin patterns, Scandinavian design pieces, art, books, candles and toys. And best of all, she's captured the space just the way it is. Welcome to Sarah's relaxed world! 

One of my favourite captions from Sarah's instagram:

"What I say: 'I am just going to the bathroom', What they hear: 'family meeting."

So funny - sounds very familiar, I must say! 

Harlequin floors like the one in Sarah's hallway are surprisingly easy to create. All you need is measuring tape, string, a pencil to mark the floor and paint. For a more subtle and classic Scandinavian approach, you might prefer a light grey and white version as seen in this Swedish kitchen

The pink wall provides a perfect backdrop for Sylvester's delightful paintings. 

What a great collection of Lego! I guess it is Danish after all. 

My sister and her husband call tidying up the house after a day of their 3 and 5 year old playing 'square oneing' i.e. "time to square one the house" - I love that! For the more OCD among us, I thought I'd share a pic of the same corner after Sarah has 'square-oned' it! 

What a feast for the eyes! 

You can see more snapshots of her Copenhagen home over at @look_good_in_blue (don't miss the ones of her summer cottage too!). 

Fancy taking a peek inside a few other family homes today? I love these:

Before we all shoot off, I'd love to know: are you a bit of a neatnik or is your home of the more messy variety? Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between? 

Have a wonderful, relaxed start to the week!


Photography: Sarah / @look_good_in_blue - shared with kind permission

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