Old meets new in a Stockholm home

It's all happening in Södermalm, Stockholm this week. So if you're looking for somewhere to live, this area of Sweden's capital city's got the place! Following Tuesday's all white affair, this beautiful apartment (which I found via one of my blog favourites, La Maison D'Anna G) has a lovely relaxed old meets new feel with a touch of industrial / shabby. 

Burfors via La Maison D'Anna G

So which style is more you - the fresh white or the relaxed old meets new?

Me? I'm definitely for a little mix of old and new, I love an old floor with history like the ones they sell at The Reclaimed Flooring Co and antique / vintage pieces which tell a story. Plus if you're a bit messy (like I am) it this tyle is much more forgiving!
PS Just a quick question before I leave, does your man / girl understand your love of Pinterest? My guy is finding it hard to grasp the context, or actually I think he gets it but doesn't actually get why. Oh how he's missing out!


  1. really excactly my cup of tea! A lot of whites mixed with modern and old furniture and a wooden floor... what could be better? Really an adorable home.

  2. This house is exquisite! I'm not usually into the old stuff but in this case the owners mix it so well!

  3. That kitchen is perfect, but the wall of books in the office space? I've died and gone to heaven! I love a bit of a mix of old and new, too, bringing in vintage elements like old light fixtures or an old desk. So basically this apartment, haha. I wouldn't complain if it fell into my lap.

    And how can anyone not understand Pinterest?? My boyfriend was lukewarm to the idea because he's not a huge "online" guy (fair enough), but once he realized there were recipes on there, he was happy!

  4. oh my god.
    it`s gorgeous!

    lovely greetings from berlin.

  5. I love bits and bobs of the house but the overall look is not me. Mixing old and new definitely is but something just didn't click for me here.

    As for Pinterest, I'm a huge fan (started following you just now) and even managed to convince my fiance to get in on the action. He's been on it for about a week now and loves it! Yay!!

  6. I love Stockholm's flats but I love from this one only bedroom. The kitchen seems cold for me, like only the chairs.

  7. I love it all, I could live here! But that sofa would have to go, 3 kids=extra messy! Lovely post!

  8. I love the big stove top - mine is nearly as big as that and it is awesome if you love cooking. A little messy for my liking though - but I am a fan of book shelves and that looked lovely. x

  9. would like to say all white but guess it is probably old meets new!

  10. My GF has now been brought over to the dark side that is Pinterest! Woot. Now we compare boards and pin things for each other.

  11. I love the office space. I can imagine myself working there.

  12. I love the mix of old and new in this homes in general. The old things often tell a story ...and new things...well we just fall for them and hopefully one day they will be the old things we still love. Hope that makes sense :)

    1. Makes perfect sense to me! You're a poet and you just don't know it ;)

  13. I'm nosey too and love to peek into others living spaces and get inspired. I'm generaly very interested in people and I think that peoples caracter reflects in how they live and organise their living spaces.
    That is why i love to pop in hire. I find your blog very inspireing.
    This flat is gorgeous. Love everything about it. I love fresh white style too, but if I would have to choose, I would pick this one.
    And about Pinterest....yeah, my man do not understand that passion :), he allso think I spend too much time on Instagram. But i have a plan ;), gonna buy him a new phone, so he can play too :)

  14. This home is awesome! It's so light and specious and cosy at the same time/ I like the mismatched chairs in the kitchen and bookshelves in the study.

    It's a great flat - I could move in right now:D

  15. Wow! they look extremely awesome. The white colour of the design adds more beauty to it. Very attractive design.


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