A Dreamy Rustic Cottage in a Hidden Corner of Tasmania

I always try to stick to scandinavian homes here on the blog, but every now and again I go off-piste in a spectacular way! Like today. Those of you who know me well, will confirm my lifelong dream of visiting Tasmania, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Despite being on the opposite of the world and no doubt a very different climate, there are a few similarities with the Nordics (at least from what I have seen!). Firstly, Tasmania appears to be characterised by incredible, wild untouched nature. And secondly, this nature often inspires the decor in a beautiful way. 

I feel so drawn to the relaxed vibe of the cabins and cottages I so often discover on Airbnb! And this charming little rustic cottage is no different! Beautifully captured by Lean Timms who tells me 'it's such a special space, you'd love it' (I have no doubt!), the 160 year old cottage is hidden away in a secret, secluded corner of Tasmania, inviting guests to 'slow down, unplug and reconnect.' 

Owner Christine Hansen - founder of The Patina Factory,  recently returned from an eight year Hiatus in Sweden and has loving restored the one-bedroom cottage using only locally-sourced natural materials which compliment the antique timber frame. The result is a charming and relaxed cottage in which to kick back, unbind and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 

Ready to take a look? 

"Living in Sweden, I really came to understand some fundamental things about what makes a building beautiful" - Christine Hansen. 

I'm already on that daybed looking out over the Mersey river, how about you? 

The style reminds me a of a farmhouse high up on a hill in Vermont that I captured for my first book Relaxed Rustic (formerly known as Modern Pastoral). Which also took my breath away! 

See more pictures of this luxury rustic cottage in Tasmania on Airbnb here and follow Christine for more over at @twissstreet. 

Have you been to Tasmania? Or perhaps you're lucky enough to call it home? If so, please do share your experiences in the comment section below! Did anything stand out to you? 

Here are a few other dreamy Tasmanian properties I've featured in the past: 

Have a great start to the week friends! 


Photography by the talented Lean Timms, shared with kind permission. 

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Holly Becker's Fab Hannover Home, Podcast and Magazine!

When I first started blogging, I remember reading about people meeting friends online - and often wondered how! Fast forward 8 years, and I am proud to say I have made many friends through my blog. Have you found that over time you've met friends online too? I feel particularly lucky to be a part of the interior design blog community - it's an incredibly supportive gang! A few years back one of my online blogger friends - Holly Becker of Decor8, became a great offline friend when we met at Habitare in Helsinki. This lady amazes me and is so inspiring in every way! Not only does Holly curate one of the world's top design blogs, she's also a best-selling author and editor of HOLLY magazine. And now she's started a podcast series to boot (because clearly, she wasn't busy enough....!) read on to have a listen! Originally from Boston, USA, Holly lives in Hannover, Germany with her husband Thorsten and five-year-old son, Aidan. Their home has crazy high ceilings, beautiful period features and a wonderful minimalist vibe with trademark touches of pastel. Welcome to Holly's world! 

'Leaf me' art print* by Silke Bonde

Bed from Fennobed / headboard from Matri, Flowerpot lamp*

Such a lovely home - it's got a really calm feel about it, don't you think?

Our podcast recording 
Last month Holly invited me to Hamburg to participate in the first ever episode of her new podcast series HELLO HOLLY. We had so much fun chatting about Scandinavian design, blogging and well, life! I couldn't resist a peek behind the scenes of HOLLY magazine too. 

In case you're curious to hear our chat, it's now available on Spotify, AudioNow and iTunes and I've also embedded it below. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it! 


Holly's magazine
Having seen the moodboards, it felt extra special to see Holly's magazine hit the shelves last week. It's also available online here (in German).  Don't speak German? What?! ;) The English version will be out at the end of the month (can't wait!).  

Thank you for a great time in Germany, Holly. 

Here's to friends, near and far! 


Photography credits: Holly Becker / Decor8

This post contains affiliate links (marked with *)

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My Residence: an elegant Danish home

The beauty of jet lag is that you wake up a little earlier than normal without a double strength coffee - giving you a whole morning to rock about in a relaxed way (this must be how 'morning people' feel everyday?!).  So far I've managed a whole load of things - but my favourite moment of all was calmly leafing through the latest edition of My Residence (if you're not familiar with it - imagine one of Sweden's most beautiful interior magazines beautifully packaged in a Bookazine and written in English. Yes, I know!). In this edition I got completely stuck on the beautiful Copenhagen apartment of Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams. Think elegance with an edge, rich golden hues, beautiful architecture and lots of space to breath. Enjoy!

 Photography - Magnus Mårding Courtesy of Residence magazine.

So beautiful! I love how Nathan has selected only a few key pieces, allowing each to stand out. And although minimalist, it has a wonderful lived in feel too.

The Danish 90 degree floor lamp by Frama is one of my favourites - love how it's covered in books in this home.

Is there any inspiration you'll take away with you from this home?

You can order the latest edition of My Residence here. And see more pics of Nathan's home here.

Have a wonderful day!

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Fabulous bright and zesty inspiration from Inside Out

I have several favourite interior magazines which I've followed for years but lately I've started to branch out a little. All the way to Australia in fact. Here are some pictures from the recently launched September issue of Inside Out magazine.  I think they give you a great idea of the kind of fabulous contemporary spaces the team at Inside Out find. Whether it's the bright zesty colours, the odd designer pieces or simply the cool take on the latest design trends and of course the cute dog, I'm all over Brunswick House, designed by Clare Cousins Architects. Perfect inspiration for the weekend don't you think?

Styling: Marsha Golemac, photography Brooke Holm. Clare Cousins Architects. Inside Out via Fancy with thanks
Styling: Marsha Golemac, photography Brooke Holm.  Clare Cousins Architects. Inside Out via Fancy with thanks
Styling: Marsha Golemac, photography Brooke HolmClare Cousins Architects Inside Out via Fancy with thanks
Styling: Marsha Golemac, photography Brooke HolmClare Cousins Architects Inside Out via Fancy with thanks
Styling: Marsha Golemac, photography Brooke HolmClare Cousins Architects Inside Out via Fancy with thanks
Styling: Marsha Golemac, photography Brooke Holm.  Clare Cousins Architects. Inside Out via Fancy with thanks

Do you know what? I absolutely love a statement splash of yellow, it makes such a great impact! I love the way the yellow geometric prints on the wall are balanced by a bunch of bananas on the table too, very cool styling by Marsha Golemac!

Is there anything that stands out to you or that you love about these spaces?

Very brief I spy: Hay cushion in yellow, Muuto The Dots hooks, Thonet 214 chairs around the dining table, and the Forså chrome desk light from IKEA.

I hope you have a really great weekend, see you Monday!

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MSH in Hearst Home

Sadly I couldn't be at be at the Milan Salone del Mobile (or Milan Furniture Fair) but I was there in spirit as My Scandinavian Home blog is featured in the latest edition of beautiful Italian interiors magazine Hearst Home. My italian is not great non existant, but for those of you who can, here's the piece in case you fancy a light read.

A big thanks to Serena for scanning in the piece and sending it over, you're a sweetheart!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! 

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Sneek peek: Covet Garden interior

You know it's a beautiful morning when....the sun is shining, it's nearly the weekend and the latest edition of Covet Garden pops into your mail! For those of you who haven't subscribed to this fab online interior magazine, here's a sneek peek into Michelle and Glen's home from the latest edition.....

Photography: Valerie Wilcox for Covet Garden with kind permission. 

LOVE the hallway. Must be the gold and raspberry colour combination. And look at that collection of vintage fans? Beauty in numbers. And just  imagine how cool you'd keep on a hot summers day? Ha! Do you collect anything?

Have a lovely sunny day!

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My Scandinavian Home in Stylist magazine

Hello! This week My Scandinavian Home blog is featured in Stylist magazine UK (in store now!).  So exciting! You may recognise the main image as one from a post I wrote on Muuto here. It was taken by Swedish photographer Petra Bindel in my neighbour's beautiful home which I featured here.

I hope you like the piece.

Other exciting news is that I have started blogging once a week for Design Collectors (click 'Blog' to access). And of course, my nomination for the The Homies (vote here).

Oh no it's all ME, ME, ME today! Ha! I am just excited. Still I hope there's time to rescue myself - HOW ARE YOU TODAY?! And what Scandinavian designer piece would YOU choose?

Lovely day to YOU all! (errr..)

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Beautiful, light, loft space living

Thanks Anna G of wonderful blog La Maison D'Anna G for pointing out that yesterday's image was styled  by Nanna Lagerman and photographed by Philip Karlberg for Swedish Elle Interiör. And the good news? This meant I also found more images from the shoot.....

Philip Karlberg
Imagine having huge windows like this? Such wonderful light! And that bathroom......that bathroom?!

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Traditional meets modern in France

A rare weekend post but I simply couldn't resist sharing this absolutely beautiful home in Sante-Marie-de-Ré, featured in the equally beautiful and inspiring interior magazine; Marie Claire Maison. It's the home of painter Catherine Le Van and her husband, both of whom are passionate about design.  I love the perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary items.

Marie Claire Maison
Read more about it here (French only).

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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A relaxed dutch home with vintage touches

I have to admit, this Tuesday I'm feeling just a little bit bluuuur. I think it could be because my holiday's officially over. It could be that the weather is just a bit cold, cloudy and windy. I'm not sure. But this interior from the FAB Dutch interior magazine VT Wonen which I spotted over at SF Girl By Bay has done a little to lift my spirits at least. It's sooooo cool. I love all the vintage finds, the eclectic mix of furniture and the relaxed vibe. Peeeeerfect. 

I really love pink in a home and thankfully my man is just a little bit colour blind and thinks fuschia pink is in fact red.... mwah ha ha ha!

Do you have a favourite accent colour of the moment?

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