Traditional meets modern in France

A rare weekend post but I simply couldn't resist sharing this absolutely beautiful home in Sante-Marie-de-RĂ©, featured in the equally beautiful and inspiring interior magazine; Marie Claire Maison. It's the home of painter Catherine Le Van and her husband, both of whom are passionate about design.  I love the perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary items.

Marie Claire Maison
Read more about it here (French only).

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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Props and trading house of a mid century collector

And today for something completely different...the home and temprary showroom of 1900 - 1950's collector Alketas Pazis in Athens, Greece. For those of you who love mid-century collector items, I think this home and props and trading house is breathtaking!

Photography: Vangelis Paterakis via Yatzer

If you have a little more time today (it's soooo worth it!) you can see more pics and a really interesting article about Alketas Pazis on Yatzer. And find out more about all the items in his props and trading house here.

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