A Family Home With a Breath-taking View of The Austrian Alps

Sometimes it's the home you fall in love with, other times it's the setting. I can imagine that for the Sperrer family, it was both! When blogger, PR consultant and portrait photographer Lisa Sperrer, her husband and  two daughters (7 and 15) went to view this 1970s bungalow in the foothills of the alps back in 2015, they were amazed by the views. They also saw that the house had huge potential - despite the 1970s wallpaper! They set about transforming it into the light and airy living space it is today. I chatted with Lisa to find out a little more about the renovation, the inspiration behind the neutral scheme and THAT breath-taking view!

What was the house like when you bought it?
It was fresh out of the 70s - with outdated wallpapers, carpets and furniture. Everything was in good condition, so we were able to sell a lot of it, keeping a few special things.

Did you need to make any bigger changes too?
We stripped the wallpaper and carpets, laid solid wood floorboards and renovated the bathroom and the rest room. The house was designed with huge windows, which we loved, but we replaced the existing windows with wooden ones. We're honestly not finished yet, and I don't think we ever will be - there's always something to do and I love that! This week, for example, we got new doors. 

Was it love at first sight?
When I first stepped into the house, we immediately fell in love with the view. We love our window seat - it's like an ever changing painting. The mountain in front of our house is called 'kremsmauer' - and we have a lot of other mountains nearby. We love to hike with our daughter (meanwhile the teenie has different hobbies!!), we also love mountain biking. 

What is important to you when it comes to decorating? 
My husband and I fortunately share the same taste. We love the combination of white and solid wood, and the mix of old and new. For the last few years I've been focusing a lot on sustainability - with regards to food, clothes lifestyle and furniture.  

What inspires you?
I get inspired by a lot of things! Firstly, nature! Most of my ideas come to me while out walking in the woods. I also love to travel and soak up the culture and style of other countries. I like to look at old interior books from the mid-century. And last but not least, Instagram and Pinterest - there are so many creative people out there! 

I spy lots of designer pieces in your home - do you have a favourite piece? 
We have some classics from Vitra, Iittala, Fritz Hansen and Thonet but also items from new designers. I really love my shelves from Konstantin Slawinski - they are modular, so you can easily arrange them however you like - perfect for interior lovers who always like to change everything in their homes! We also have some IKEA furniture - like our kitchen and the solid wood items in my daughter's bedroom. 

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home this Monday Lisa - those views are just incredible! 

If you'd like to see more of Lisa's lovely home hop on over to her instagram feed: @wohnprojekt and blog: Wohn Projekt (I see she's also shared a great star / snowflake DIY!). 

This isn't the first Austrian house I've shown - a quick check in the archives revealed this fabulous ski chalet (which makes me so excited about our ski trip to the Austrian Alps in February! Have you been to Austria? If not, it's definitely one for the bucket list! 

Have a great start to the week friends! 


PS Did you stop by for Christmas inspiration? If so, head on over the Christmas and Christmas decoration archives - there are so many inspiring ideas waiting for you! 

Photography: Lisa Sperrer

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Before and After: A Rundown Flat Becomes A Stylish London Pad

When you see pictures of a beautiful home it's hard to imagine the blood, sweat and tears behind the renovation - especially when the result exudes effortless charm. When Natasha Barry renovated House of Clay, a 3000 sq ft white stucco house in Islington, London not only was it a complete gut job, she also gave birth one month into the build! Imagine?! I'm pretty sure I was wondering around in a complete daze until my girls were at least 6 months old - I certainly wasn't working on projects of this magnitude! This one-bedroom flat occupies the House of Clay top floor and has been carefully restored to ensure original features such as the wood beams, floorboards and attic windows are intact and play a central role in the contemporary look and finish. I couldn't resist throwing in some 'before' and 'during' shots, so you can appreciate the total transformation!



Tiles - Claybrook Studio, Tap - Devol Kitchens, Kitchen - Howdens, Handles - Buster & Punch 

The window frames have been painted in Studio Green from Farrow & Ball.



Abstract Cubism* - print, lamp - Soho Home, sofa - Arlo & Jacob

Bedroom before


Bed - Habitat, Light fixture - Wo & We



Although there aren't many of them, the 'before' pictures are perfect for showing just how far this apartment has come (especially the kitchen being converted to a bedroom)! Quite incredible.

I particularly love the kitchen (the handles are amazing!) - and the bathroom.

I also feel like I have a whole new source book for London!

Is there anything that stood out to you?

See more pictures from House of Clay here - and good news if you're looking for somewhere to stay in London, it's available to rent through The Plum Guide.

If you love a before and after as much as I do, don't miss these transformations too:

A dated Georgia house gets the Scandi treatment
a 1950s danish house gets a fabulous make-over
A drab Cape Town interior becomes a warm and cosy cottage

Vi ses imorgon! 


Photography: Anna Stathaki 
Styling: Rebecca Wakefield 

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A Wonderful, Relaxed Family Home In the Heart Of the Beaujolais Wine Country

Sometimes I'm going about my business in Malmö as happy as Larry and then a home tour pops up that knocks me for six and has me dreaming about a total life change! This is one of those days! And once you see the pictures, I have a feeling you might just feel the same. Lysiane Marcel lives in a beautiful 18th century house in the wine-producing region of Beaujolais, France, with her husband Laurent, three children Léonce, Bertil and Colette and their cats and dog. Their home is an inspiring blend of vintage, antique and high street finds (I even spy some IKEA pieces!), giving the space a truly relaxed and personal touch. I briefly caught up with Lysiane, who runs a concept store in Villefranche, to find out a little more about her 'golden' house in the heart of the Pierres Dorées. 

Your house looks magnificent! How old is it and when did you move in?
It is an old vineyard house built in 1752 from pierres dorées, which is the golden stone of our region. We moved in when I was pregnant with Colette three years ago. 

What inspires your interior style?
I follow my heart and allow the house to guide me. 

I can imagine feeling very inspired by a house like this! Was it love at first sight? 
Yes, but we were afraid about all of the space because the house is very large, and we were living in an apartment in Lyon at the time!

Do you plan to decorate the entire house, or will you leave some of the rooms empty?
We plan to create a lot of guest bedrooms for our friends. They are empty during the week, but we often have friends to stay at the weekend. 

What do you love most about your house?
I love the space, the light, the floor and all the little details that come with an old house. 

And finally, do you have any tips for anyone who dreams of owning a similar property? 
It takes a lot of time to find a house like this. We visited 30 properties before we found it! it's all about following your heart, a home must make you feel good. 

What do you reckon, are you ready to enjoy croissants and a café au lit by the pool?! Or perhaps a glass of Beaujolais would be more apt?! 

Check out more of Lysiane's beautiful home over at @une_idee_entete. Lysiane also sells her family's lovely clothes second hand on instagram here

I've shown a few other wonderful French country homes (which I still dream about), including:

Is anyone else feeling truly inspired now for a Monday?!

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of @une_idee_entete, shared with kind permission

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A Charming Studio Filled With Vintage Finds

Last night I fell down the Instagram rabbit hole (you know, the one where you disappear for the best part of an hour...) - which eventually landed me in the Hudson Valley, Upstate New York. Unit One, in the Hudson Valley to be precise. Unit One might not sound like the most glam name, but the pictures of this rental property speak for themselves. Designed by Zio and Sons as part of the This Old Hudson portfolio, Unit One is in a 100 year old property and serves as a creative place for photography and film for the likes of Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller and Anthropologie. Laid out over two floors, the apartment is a perfect balance of whites, greys and weather tones and filled with charming vintage finds. Forget the shoot, I think I might just check myself in.... I wonder if that's possible. Ready for the tour? 

Isn't it charming?

In my mind, I've already run a deep bubble bath and soaking in the tub with a glass of prosecco! Oh, and it's Friday.

Could you imagine rocking about here for a long weekend too?

This Old Hudson also rents out other properties in the same building for photoshoots - and offers residences for long term rent too - say what, now?! You can find out more on their instagram here.

I had the fortune of visiting the Hudson Valley to photograph two homes for my first book Modern Pastoral (which is set be re-released in march 2020 with the prettiest jacket!) and also to film the greenhouse make-over with Emily Henderson few years back and absolutely fell in love with the region. Here are a few other homes from the area I think you'll love:

The beautiful nature inspired home of a ceramicist 
A light-filled converted barn in Upstate New York
A calm white house in the catskill mountains

Perhaps you've also got some great home tour tips from the area? If so, please drop share away below!


Photography credits: 1. Martyn Thompson 2 & 3 Zio & Sons Creative 4 William Geddes 5 Dane Tashima 6 Fran Parente 7 & 8 Martyn Thompson 9 John Bessler courtesy of This Old Hudson with thanks

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The Soot House: A Beautiful Cabin Inspired By Rugged Landscape

What do you get if you combine a sculptor with a builder? The Soot House, that's what! Sculptor turned builder Anthony Esteves built the Soot House by hand, combining his learnings as a sculptor with newly acquired high-end building techniques. The charred black structure was inspired by the 'ghostly quality' of 17th century New England homes and the wild, craggy landscape of Spruce Head, Maine. Today Anthony, his wife Julie O'Rourke (founder of RudyJude kids clothes) enjoy the house and it's beautiful surroundings first hand. 

I've always been such a big fan of black houses. They're fairly common in Scandinavia (especially for summer houses / cabins). For this charred black structure, Anthony was inspired by the island's black spruce and lichens as well as the wild landscape. 

The table (which was picked up at a local secondhand shop) is so beautiful, don't you think? My Mother has a similar one which she bought at auction years ago- sadly the drawers mean that it's too low to fit a chair / your legs under the table (just a word of warning to measure up before you acquire one of these bad boys!). She uses hers as a side table, and it looks equally beautiful!

I love how the textures - such as stone and wood - have been carefully selected to mirror the craggy surrounding landscape.

A small stove resting on a vintage chest-of-drawers serves as somewhere to cook evening meals (in a back-to-basics kinda way!).

Rails made from copper pipes and ropes are used as clothes hangers in the bedroom.

Wow! So striking, personal and unique! You can really sense the connection that the house has with its surroundings.

The interior would look equally at home on the rugged Swedish Baltic island of Gotland.

And the exterior reminds me a lot of this incredible black house by the sea in rural Iceland which I'm totally planning on renting one day! 

Are you a fan of black facades too?  


Photography Greta Rybus, found via Remodelista with thanks. 

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