Irina's White, Light-Filled Family Home

I love to share all kinds of homes on My Scandinavian Home - from the more relaxed, bohemian style to the clean and minimalist look. And today is a fine example of the latter. Irina's home in Munich caught my eye for several reasons: it's light and airy (which feels important right now), it's void of clutter (which is extremely intriguing since she and her husband have a little four year old son at home, so I wanted to hear more about how she achieves this, and hopefully pick up some ideas for my own home - yep, forever hopeful!). And finally, there's one piece of furniture that I've never seen before - but absolutely love. Read on to find out more and feel inspired!  

What is your home decorating philosophy? 
I really do believe that less is more. I feel better when I'm surrounded with less things and only items which I like and find useful. My favourite quote is "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

How do you keep your home so neat and tidy with a small child around?
Of course, it requires a bit more effort to keep the home looking like this, when you have children. I need to clean up a little bit more often, but it's my choice. And I have a rule to never get mad at my husband and son if they leave things / toys in the wrong place."

I love your wooden screen! 
The oak screen is from Hubsch and I use it all over our home - sometimes to soften light, sometimes as a room divider. 

Your home stood out to me in the 30 Day Home Love Challenge because of the way you play with shadow and light in your photography - is this conscious? 
Photos with beautiful light / shadow patterns are my favourites. Luckily, we have huge panoramic windows at home, so usually there is enough light to play with, but I sometimes think about adding some curtains to make the light softer. 

Do you have curtains in your bedroom?
We don't have curtains in our bedroom - but we do have electric blinds. If there's anything that wakes me up in the morning - it's my son! 

Children tend to have a lot of toys and other things, how do you keep your sons' room so neat?
I like to go by a less is more approach - buy less toys, but really good ones. We prefer classic toys and almost never buy on impulse. 

I see you focus on child-friendly home decor in your shop mysoulmateplace, how did this come about?
I started my shop in 2017 in Russia, while on maternity leave. I actually have a higher education in finance and worked as a marketing manager / specialist in various companies from the Forbes500 list, but always dreamed of working in the interior and product design sphere. When I first opened my studio, I was selling only my own designs and the shop quickly grew. After we relocated to Germany, I had to start all over. Now I focus on children-friendly home decor / decor you can play with. My goal is to help families keep their homes beautiful without worrying about decor pieces and child safety. All the pieces are very smooth, lightweight and made from natural wood. 

With everything going on right now, has your perception of 'being at home' changed?
It's a strange time now. Maybe it's time to slow down, rethink and be closer to family. Usually my husband has a lot of business trips and my son is at kindergarten, so I'm home alone (I work from home). And now, we are all together at home 24/7. It's a unique opportunity for us and we try to enjoy every minute, despite all our worries and concerns.  

Thank you so much for transporting us to your lovely, light filled home today Irina! 

If you'd like to see more snapshots of her lovely Munich living space, take a peek at her beautiful Instagram feed @mysoulmateplace. And don't forget to browse her online shop mysoulmatespace - so many beautiful things! 

Is there anything that stood out to you in particular about Irina's home? Do you also live by a 'less is more' philosophy? I'd love to hear your thoughts below! 


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Step Inside A Relaxed Finnish Oasis in Mallorca

I've absolutely loved reading all your comments over the past few days - thank you for sharing all your thoughts last Thursday and throughout the week, it makes My Scandinavian Home such a great place to be and I feel honoured you can come here and comment - whether you're feeling up or down. Keep 'em coming! Meanwhile, I've also been chatting away to my older sister who lives in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, Spain. Have you been to Mallorca? There are many beautiful parts. Wow were meant to visit her this summer but that may need to be put on hold for the time being. Someone who shares my passion for this wonderful Spanish island is Päivi Lemström. Päivi divides her time between her modern Finnish family home in Espoo, near Helskini and the great city of Mallorca. And having featured her home earlier this week, it was no surprise to find that her apartment in Palma Mallorca is equally as inspiring! So, today we're all heading to a little pocket of Palma - to a whitewashed home with striking dark window frames. So, pack your sun hat and pour yourself a sangria - we're off on a virtual trip to sunny Spain! Vamos

Tine K sells lounge chairs like these - and I also love these rattan chairs* from Bloomingdales. Pick up a round jute rug online here*.

As we saw from her home in Finland, Päivi has a real penchant for rustic touches and natural materials (even owning a shop with a focus on this type of homeware!). Her Palma home is peppered with rattan lamps, chairs and baskets as well as rustic wood stools, jute rugs and stone pots. It gives the place a wonderful relaxed, summery vibe!  

A rustic side bench like this works equally well in Mallorca (or should it be 'on' Mallorca'? I guess so since it's an island, but then again, you don't say 'on' Great Britain - so I'm wavering here, help me out!). And this seagrass basket* is similar. 

I love the Dutch online shop 'Old Wooden Stool*' who ship pretty much everywhere in the world.  The Poster Club* sells simple line drawings like this (Josephine* and Lana* prints by Anastasia Benko or Portofino* and Antibes* by Peytil make great pairs). 

From personal experience, homes in Mallorca can get really chilly in the winter - not because it plummets below zero (although they did get a load of snow for a few days last year in Pollenca!) but because the buildings are designed for warm weather and keeping people as cool as possible! I can just see this wood burning stove fired into action and Päivi and her family chilling with books on the sofa. Such a lovely corner!

If you're not happy with your sofa and want a quick fix, pick up some striped linen fabric* sold by the metre and fold it gently over like Päivi has done. It will give your sitting room an instant lift and can be chucked in the washing machine (FYI if you go for linen remember to wash at a low temperature).

I don't know about in Palma, but in the Mallorca townhouses and fincas it's vital to keep the surfaces spotless. Even a mortal of food can attract a trail of ants in no time! Seeing Päivi's super clean and tidy kitchen made me think of this! Do you have this problem in your country too?

I love how light an airy this bedroom is, how about you? It's just how uncluttered a sleep zone should be IMHO!

What a truly lovely home. I'm feeling the summer holiday vibes all the way from Sweden. Just what I needed!

Is there anything that stood out to you about Päivi's Mallorca apartment?

Follow her instagram account @mondaytosundayhome for more snapshots from her daily life in Finland and Mallorca.

I've featured quite a few homes in Mallorca in the past - so keep that Sangria flowing (alcoholic or non-alcoholic!) and dip into these lovely tours:

An idyllic rustic retreat in rural Mallorca
A relaxed Danish oasis in Palma Mallorca
How about a Sangria by the pool in this Mallorca townhouse?!

Viva Espana! (Sorry to all you language aficionados out there, I couldn't find the special Spanish 'n' on my keypad despite a google search - gah!).

Do you have a country other than your own which you've grown to know and love?


Photography: Päivi Lemström / @mondaytosundayhome
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The Inspiring Life-Changing Story (And Tour) of Wild Run Farm

Do you ever have a niggling feeling you're missing that lifelong project? The dream you can't quite put your finger on. Tamlyn was looking for something that she 'could dig deep within and pour her heart and soul toward'. It all started with a cross country family road trip in an Airstream from their home in Florida. It was a year Tamlyn, hr husband Scott and their twin boys would never forget and made them want to fight for what they loved most: each other. It also helped them suss out the life they wanted to lead. Today the family  live on a beautiful Wild Run Farm in California, surrounded by animals, an orchard, kitchen garden, a barn for workshops and a shop. Welcome to Tamlyn's world deep in the heart of the Californian countryside!  

The farmhouse is nestled in the middle of pasture surrounded by rolling hills. It was instant love, despite the level of neglect and desperate need of renovation!

"The moment I started up the drive, I knew she was the one. I did not even need to walk inside. She had the most beautiful bones and just need a loving touch and lots of TLC."

Tamlyn was keen to create a home void of clutter but that still felt lived in and warm.

"I really love good, clean lines with a bit of texture. Not stuffy but filled with character. We have added in the warmth of plastered walls, redwood plank floors, classic schoolhouse lighting, deep moody greens and blacks along with the warmth of walnut shelving and paneling."

With beautiful surroundings, it's hard to ignore the sheer force of nature and Tamlyn was really keen to bring it indoors. 

"A huge part of my design inspiration comes from nature, when I sit outside, I can't help but notice how everything ebbs and flows naturally. Nothing is forced and I wanted that for the farmhouse."

Tamlyn has managed to strike the elusive balance between decluttered and cosy. The look is also timeless and sustainable. 

"When doing higher budget renovations, you will never regret sticking with classic and simple, and saving your statements for things that are easier to change out - like paint colours, pillows and artwork." 

If you're anything like me (and my Mother - who's currently renovating her kitchen) - changing things in the home or renovating can be a little (understatement) worrisome and it's easy to start second guessing yourself. Having completed the major farmhouse renovation Tamlyn is very philosophical about this: 

"Most of the time, the first ideas that pop into my head are the best fit, even though I'll second guess it a million times. Go with your gut more often than you feel comfortable doing when designing your space, and odds are you won't regret a thing."

Sound advice indeed. I'll do my best to follow this next time I change something up (music to Per's ears!). 

The lovely farmhouse came with acres of land filled with fruit trees, raised vegetable beds and flowers - and not only being a novice but an actual self-confessed 'plant killer' (made me laugh!), this was somewhat daunting for Tamlyn, but she surprised herself. 

"One thing I can tell you is the ridiculous amount of time I've spent with my hands in the dirt and a big ol' smile on my face. Don't ever thing you're too old or it's too late to learn something you've walls wanted to learn..."

You can read more about Wild Run Farm on Tamlyn's wonderful website. And if you're in the area, why not stop by, pick some flowers, buy some fresh produce or simply say hi - I have no doubt the family will welcome you with open arms! 

Are you feeling as inspired as I am? 

Time to invest in an airstream...! 

In other news, today is Per's birthday so we're heading to Copenhagen for the day to celebrate. So excited! I wonder if I can sneakily pop into a few shops, I've got a feeling there are some great vintage ones in Norrebro (where we're headed). 

Have a great day friends! 


Photography: Wild Run Farm with kind permission

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Victorian Charm Meets Modern Scandinavian Style In A Lovely Bristol Home

This lovely Victorian terrace apartment in Bristol, England has been doing the blog rounds lately (it appeared on SF Girl By Bay and The Style Files) - and I can completely understand why! Currently under offer the beautiful property combines English Victorian charm with cool Scandi simplicity - as well as some very modern touches (loving the Crittall doors and windows!). Look out for the vintage touches and very cute dog who totally owns the space (love how one ear's up and the other's down!). I have to say, a wave of nostalgia washed over me as I looked through the pictures. Perhaps this is how our home would look if should we ever move back to old Blighty - here's hoping! I hope you feel as inspired by this charming space as I am! 

What do you think? Could you imagine living here?

I'm curious to know if the owners are from Scandinavia. The last time I raised this question was with this London home - and it turned out that the owner was very much British but had a passion for Nordic design. Stay tuned, in case I find out. What would you guess? 

Other British homes with a cool Scandinavian vibe: 

There's a big birthday coming up in the Brantmark household later this week, and I mean BIG. I'll be the crazy person sprinting around Malmö for the next two days (in case you're looking for me!). 

Hope your day is calmer than mine! See you tomorrow! 


Photography courtesy of The Modern House

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Step Inside Anita's Earthy Family home In Switzerland (Wait Till You See The View!)

Men, tjena! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one. Ours was a little uneventful but I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the cinema to see 1917 - what an incredible film! So moving! Well worth seeing. Anyhooo, I know you're here to get a little interior inspiration and I promise we're all in for a major treat today. This serene home in Gelterkinden, a town in the countryside near Basel, Switzerland belongs to Anita, her husband, three children, two cats and 7 tortoises (I was desperately looking out for a reptile in the pictures but sadly didn't spot any!). The house was built in 1949 and Anita and her husband have spent three years renovating it ("it's still an ongoing / never ending project!" - don't I know that feeling!). Just like the lovely family concept store Wundernest, which Anita runs with her friend Claudia, the family home is full of earthy, natural and ethically made items giving the entire space an element of calm and a lovely warm feel.

It's quite unusual to see light wood kitchen cabinets - and I absolutely love them, especially when combined with white walls and a concrete floor. 

A gallery behind the sofa is made up of a subtle yet eclectic array of items including shelving, a print and skateboard (from Indiana Skateboards & SUP). 

This set-up reminds me very much of my own vintage mid-century trolley (these pictures of it were taken 8 years ago - I can't tell you how much has changed since then!) - pick up a similar one here*. I love the way Anita has used it to display books, plants and a Marshall speaker*

Imagine how nice it would it be to throw open the shutters to this view of the Swiss countryside every morning? Talk about taking that first coffee to another level! 

Monday mornings tend to be a little fraught (don't you think?) but this lovely home makes me feel instantly calm and like I can achieve anything! It's simply beautiful! 

I love the earthy tones. And the view over the Swiss countryside from the bedroom is wonderful! How nice would it be to throw open the shutters to that every morning?

You can see more of Anita's home over on her instagram @wundernest. In two week's time, Wundernest will open its doors in Liestal - if you're in the area,  do stop by!  

Looking back through the archives I found this to be my first ever feature of a Swiss home - hopefully the first of many! But if you're looking for more 'earthy' inspiration I love Danila's Finnish home in a rental, the fabulous Sydney home of an interior stylist and a Gothenburg home full of treasures

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Anita / @wundernest
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