Merry Christmas!

Stopping by to wish you  a very merry Christmas!

I'll be taking some downtime with my family and will be back here again on 7th January, 2020. I hope you have a relaxing few weeks too!

Thank you again for a wonderful year!

Here's to the next one!

Niki xxx

PS I couldn't resist sharing this pic of Allie from a few Christmas's ago, it'll always be a favourite of mine! 

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Let it Glow: 5 Pretty Candle Displays You Can Make In An Instant!

The winter solstice 2019 will be at 05.19 this Sunday, 22nd December (counting down the seconds? You bet I am!). From then on, the days slowly get lighter - PHEW! Anyone else feeling a tiny bit relieved? In my mind, the only saving grace is that the darkness gives us an excuse to light candles, and lots of them, which makes for one very cosy home! On the dining table, in the window, by the sink. As long as there's nothing flammable nearby, there's no end to where you can add a little glow. Here are 5 of my favourite, simple DIY candle displays this winter! 

1. Swedish Advent ljusstake: two weeks ago, Per mentioned in this interview how much he loves the traditional Swedish 7-arm candelabra. I have to say, they do look very beautiful in the window (from the inside and out!). Sadly, they're not easy to find in all countries, but if you fancy something similar, why not make one yourself with different size vintage brass candleholders. So pretty! 

2. Jam jars and pine: everyone has a few jam jars lurking in a drawer - why not make use of them and create these simple tea light holders using garden twine and pine (if you don't feel like lopping them off your tree, ask for a few off cuts at your local Christmas tree market, I'm sure they'd be happy to help! 

3. Moss candleholders: no vintage brass candlesticks to hand? Fill glass jars with moss for an instant candleholder - twine and rosemary optional! Do keep an eye on them when lit though - especially if the moss is dry! 

4. Candles and pine in the window: you can't get more simple than white candles in jam jars and branches of pine laid across the windowsill - and it looks super cosy too! 

5. Simple DIY table wreath: A daily Something has shared this simple DIY candle wreath here. I love the idea of the delicate grey, tapered candles too - so elegant! Could this be something for your Christmas table?

Did anything catch your eye? I'm a big fan of moss and have already made a few candle holders with it at home (I also love to wrap moss around the bulb of hyacinths and amaryllis). 

A quick reminder to be really careful with candles - always blow them out when you leave the room and make sure your home is well ventilated! 

If you'd like a few more Christmas decorating ideas check out: 

There's also plenty of Scandinavian home tours all decked out for Christmas in the archive

Have a cosy day!


Credits: 1. Christina Strehlow 2. Linnea, Lovely Life 3. Source unknown - Pinterest (tips welcome!) 4. DIY Jewellery ideas (if this is not correct, please let me know!) 5. Pufik Homes 6. A Daily Something

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3 Beautiful Christmas Decorations You Can Make From Wallpaper!

If you've wallpapered your home in the last few years, the chances are, you'll have a few rolls left over - and its way too pretty to waste! Swedish photographer and stylist Malin Mörner (@poppyloveyou) and her daughter created these wonderful Christmas decorations using wallpaper from Boråstapeter. Think bunting, paper chains, and beautiful baubles that can be hung in the window or the branches of your Christmas tree! No wallpaper at home? Pick up some from Boråstapeter, vintage rolls*, or use heavyweight patterned paper instead! 

Bunting and paper chains

To make the bunting, gather wallpaper (Malin has used in Bloom 7203, Northern Stripes 6852, Graceful Stories 7274 and Northern stripes 6854 from Boråstapeter) scissors, string, paper, glue and clothes pegs - and then follow the step by step instructions here (in English!). 

For the paper chains you'll need wallpaper (as above), scissors, a stapler or sticky tape. The instructions can be found here

Paper baubles:

The kit required to make these baubles includes: wallpaper (these ones have been made using Thistle 7203, Harvest Stripe 6854, Rosenvinge 4501 and Dusk Green 7981 from Boråstapeter), wire, a hole punch, wire cutters, round-nose pliers, wooden beads, jute twine and scissors. Once gathered, hop over here to follow the step by step instructions (in English!).  

Aren't these pretty?!

I actually have a few rolls of wallpaper knocking about at home and might give these a whirl! Could be fun to do with the girls! 

Could you imagine making these?

See more pretty Christmas inspiration from Malin Mörner over on her instagram here - and check out the complete Boråstapeter wallpaper collection here

FYI this is not sponsored in anyway, I just loved the idea and thought you might feel inspired by it too! 

If you're in the mood for crafting, there are a load more Christmas decoration ideas here


Photography Malin Mörner for Boråstapeter

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Lovely Christmas Touches In A Calm Berlin Home

Friday friends, FRIDAY! And it's a special one in Sweden today: as we're celebrating Lucia. Alongside midsummer, the Lucia celebrations is one of my favourite. In case you're not familiar with the concept, Lucia is an ancient mythical figure and a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters. This morning parents across the country (myself included) waited in the dark, cameras at the ready, while our children participated in a special Lucia procession - wearing candles in their hair (gingerbread men, 'tomten' (Father Christmas) and other characters were also involved!). It's a sight to behold! White must be on my mind - as I was immediately drawn to Katharina's beautiful home in Berlin, Germany this morning. Katharina sells beautiful homeware pieces through her online shop Edel Weiss. Many of the pieces she sells can be spotted in her home, and jostle for position with a fab array of  Scandinavian design lamps and cultural objects. Look out for the pretty festive touches too! Enjoy the tour! 

Print from wall of art, IKEA Nockeby sofa with a Bemz Belgian linen cover in soft white*. Z1 lampCuba chair

"This year I have decorated a lot with paper stars and natural materials. There are also candles and small lights everywhere."

Woodland trees from Arboretum

Eve II limestone sculptureKizu table lamp, try the 'Snö' candle by Skandinavisk - smells divine! (20% off with code nikijul20 until 16th December too). 

"This year, our tree will be decorated with white Christmas baubles and pendants made of paper." 

What a beautiful apartment! 

I love the wooden trees - I've just been over at the Arboretum site, they sell such a great selection too (got my eye on the forest!). 

Is there anything that stood out to you about Katharina's home?

If you live in Germany, check out Katharina's shop, it's full of beautiful pieces! 

Right folks. That's it from me for the week! If you're looking for Christmas inspiration over the weekend, have a delve through the Christmas and Christmas decorations archives. 

I'm heading to London today to see my sisters and parents - ALL BY MYSELF! Luxury

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 


PS If you want to give someone the gift of a home that smells like a Scandinavian Christmas, don't forget to make the most of the 20% discount on seasonal candles from Skandinavisk with code nikijul20.

Photography by Katharina and shared with kind permission
*Affiliate links

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Dreaming of a White Christmas in Sandra's Serene Home

Some people love to go all out at Christmas, while others prefer a more pared-back approach. If you fall into the latter camp, I think you're going to enjoy the festive touches in Sandra's minimalist apartment in Hanover, Germany (remember this tour?!). Think subtle bunches of eucalyptus, olive and amaryllis, candles, and white paper stars and Christmas ornaments against a serene white and light wood backdrop. I had a brief chat with Sandra to find out more! 

What is important to you when it comes to decorating for the season?
As you may recognise, I appreciate simplicity and clear structures around me - and, although I really love to follow the seasons with my home decor, the basic feel of the home remains constant.

When do you start adding festive touches to your home?
I see more and more people getting festive in November. But, for me it makes it even more special to wait until the First Sunday of Advent - when the countdown officially begins! 

What's your philosophy when it comes to Christmas decorating?
I think simplicity is key - 'less is more'. I have an overall focus on natural elements like wood, flowers and of course a lot of greenery like fir, eucalyptus and olive. The result is a minimalist, natural but also refined look. 

Do you have anything new in your home this season?
This Christmas, I found a huge Scandinavian paper star, (more info here!) that will spread some Christmas cheer in our living room. 

Thank you for inviting us inside your beautiful, festive home Sandra! 

I think Pauline and Jo, Sandra's dogs are enjoying their Christmassy home, don't you? 

Is there anything that stood out to you?

I guess you know what's coming (you know I can never resist!) - yes, links to more Scandinavian Christmas decoration inspiration of course!! Here goes: 

Our Swedish Christmas from Per's perspective (don't miss the 20% discount off Skandinavisk seasonal candles with code nikijul20 - valid until 16th December). 

Altogether now, "deck the halls with boughs of um, eucalyptus...!"

Incidentally, I have one whole week of blogging left before Christmas - is there anything you'd love to see? Give me a shout in the comment section below and I'll do my best to cover it! 


Photography: Sandra / @Karlas_view shared with kind permission

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A Colourful, Vintage Inspired Danish Home At Christmas

Go'morgon! How was your weekend? We had a birthday girl in the house (me!) and my sister came over from London to celebrate, it was so much fun! I have to admit I'm feeling a little ropey this morning. But, the cheerful Danish home of Louise, blogger behind Mor till Mernee, her partner and two children Merle and Neel never fails to put a smile on my face, especially at Christmas time! Decked out with multiple trees adorned with brightly coloured vintage decorations, homemade advent calendars, fairy lights and other festive touches, it's fun, personal and cosy! I caught up with Louise to find out a little more about Christmas in Jutland! 

I love how you have decorated your home - it looks so festive!
It's my favourite time of the year, except for the weather - in Denmark it's so rainy in December and I don't love that! But I love Christmas, the decorations, the tree, the time spent together. 

Look at that pup! Adorable! 

Every December I think "this year I'm going to really enjoy the run-up - baking with my family etc and then things just get crazy, do you find the same?
Christmas is always such a busy time, but every year we really try to take the time to just be. When the school holidays start next week, we'll be spending lots of time together as a family just doing nothing. 

I love the sound of that Louise! Your decorations are so pretty and unique, where did you find them? 
My decorations are very dear to me. Some are from my childhood; others are from my grandparents and some are bought vintage. I love vintage Christmas decorations, every year I by a new second-hand piece.

I love the trees in your house, can you tell us a little more about the ornaments? 
We decorate our trees with vintage pieces and also pieces that have been made by the children. They are a joy to unpack every year.  

Do you have a favourite tradition?
Every year, we head to the woods in the first weekend of December to pick our favourite tree and take it home. This way, we have a tree in our living room throughout December. The tree is the best decor ever, so why not have it the whole month? We love that! 

Oh, so pretty! 

Has this brightened up your Monday too?

You can also see a full tour of Louise's home (not at Christmas!) here and keep up to date with her latest updates on her blog and instagram

Etsy is a great source for vintage Christmas ornaments* (in case you're feeling inspired to pick up some of your own!). 

Up for a little more Danish inspiration today? Hop on over to the Danish home archive

Have a great start to the week friends!


PS I loved reading all your comments about your Christmas traditions (and your thoughts about Swedish ones) on Friday! Don't forget that you can get 20% off the seasonal collection at Skandinavisk with the code nikijul20 until 16th December - such a bargain and their candles smell divine! 

Photography: Louise / Mor till Mernee - shared with kind permission.
*Affiliate link

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