The Dream Swedish Country House of 'Our Food Stories' is For Sale!

If ever there was an opportunity to snap up a beautiful country home in Österlen, South Sweden this would be it. In fact, when Laura and Nora (of Our Food Stories / Design Tales) reached out to me this morning to tell me the news they were selling I nearly cried on their behalf. But all good things must come to an end, and it's time for this incredibly talented couple to focus on projects in their home country of Germany. Which means that this beautiful house from the 1800s in the tiny village of Södra Mellby is waiting for a new owner!

Since buying it in 2019, Laura and Nora have carried out extensive renovations all the while being careful to maintain the original charm. You might recognise the incredible oak DeVOL kitchen (I once featured it here) - but this is the first time I've shown the rest of the house. And true to their signature style, I was thrilled to see the entire space has been furnished with a wonderful blend of vintage and antique pieces as well as Scandinavian design items, against a calming earthy backdrop. Ready to take a tour? 


Österlen is such a lovely part of Sweden. Home to many artists and musicians, the area is known for its relaxed vibe, rolling hills, stunning coastline, small boutiques and farm shops as well as countless ateliers and flea markets. It's also popular as a summer holiday destination, with many Stockholmers settling in for the month of July. 

The best thing about this house, is that whoever moves in wouldn't need to change a thing. It would be to just relax and enjoy the Österlen sunshine and maybe ride a bike down to the sea for a dip. Such a heavenly escape!

I need to speak to Per. 

Curious to hear more? The house is for sale through Mäklarhuset

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Needless to say, the creative duo has amassed over 1 million followers on instagram. Check out Our Food Stories and Design Tales for more inspiration. 



Photography: Our Food Stories / Design Tales, shared with kind permission

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An Idyllic Rustic Swedish Summer Cottage With a Sauna

It may be cold, it may grey... but that doesn't stop us from dreaming about summer here in Sweden. And I for one, could imagine spending it right here at this idyllic cottage, 50 minutes from Stockholm. Granted the pictures have been taken before the lush meadows have sprung to life and lupins, lilac, and cornflower are in bloom - but you can still get an idea of what a summer paradise this is. Dating back to the 1930s, the 40-metre square / 430 feet square* traditional red and white cottage is far from luxurious - even though it does have a sauna. And that's exactly what I love about it! I'm picturing relaxed days flitting between the indoors and out barefoot  - with long lunches in the garden and a daily dip in the lake. And maybe a good book or two. Ready to dream? 

How lovely! Could you imagine spending your summers here? 

Incidentally - I mentioned that the size is 40 metres square, which is fairly small. But actually, in Sweden they don't count areas under a certain ceiling height - hence the space under the sloped ceiling in the bedroom and bathroom are not included in this. 

There's also the sauna - how nice is that? I can imagine warming the cockles here before taking a cool dip in the lake. So relaxing!

See more pics and all the details here (it's for sale, yep, I know!).

Shall we dream over a few other Scandinavian summer cottages today? Take a peek inside this archive for a LOAD of inspiration. 

Have a great start to the week friends! 


Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem, with thanks. 

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A Warm and inviting Home in Rural Sweden - Filled with Vintage Finds

Hello friends. I'm back here after a week off with my family. Last night the Öresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark was once again lit in yellow and blue as we pray for peace and our hearts go out to all those affected. While I continue to share Scandinavian design inspiration here on My Scandinavian Home, please know you are never far from my thoughts. 

Today, I felt like re-visiting Nicole's charming country home in North Sweden. It's one I think about often (who can forget the seat by the window from where you can sit and watch salmon jump from the river). Originally from Chile, Nicole has carved out a home in rural Byske, and set up Nicole's Lantgård - an online shop selling vintage and antique furniture.  Every room in Nicole's home is filled with an eclectic mix of well-worn pieces - each with a story to tell. The second hand finds create a sense of familiarity and come together to give the home a lovely soul - like a big, warm hug. Ready to see her latest updates?

This room is just beautiful - I can imagine the family spend the bulk of their time here (I would!), snuggled up on the sofa enjoying a book by the fire or playing cards at the table. 

I love how Nicole has chosen to paint the floor in a dramatic dark colour - helping to ground the space  and ensure a cosy feel despite the enormous ceiling height. 

Nicole sells all kinds of vintage and antique furniture through her online webshop Nicole's Lantgard. It's one of my favourite go to sources (she ships worldwide) - I often wonder how she can bear too part with some of the items. Needless to say second hand pieces can be spotted at every turn. 

Despite being far from a town, the house always feels full of life - with children playing and numerous pets occupying cosy spots around every corner.

What a truly lovely home. 

Warming in every way, and so inspiring to see how vintage and antique pieces can be adapted to every space. 

Best of all for me? The library! It's made me realise this is exactly what we need in our tiny cabin. 

Is there anything in particular that stood out to you? 

Stor kram (big hug) to you all,


Photography courtesy of Nicole / @amvalland

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A Magical Rural Escape by a Norwegian Fjord

I am constantly astounded by just how magical some Scandinavian summer residences are. Not because they are luxurious - far from it. You see, Scandinavian summer houses tend to be pretty pared back affairs. The focus is on kicking back and allowing the nature to help you unwind. Slipping away for the weekend or for an entire summer, there are no flights to catch and no schedule to keep. It's a simple life which dances lazily to the tune of eat, sleep, swim repeat. This enchanting summer house on the banks of a fjord in Northwest Norway belonging to Monica (AKA @tante__monica) is a fine example of how the Scandinavians have got it exactly right! 

"The summerhouse has no electricity or water and no road. Usually we arrive by boat," Monica tells me about her family summer house. "But at this time of year we have to walk through the forest since the boat is on land due to winter storms."

So where do they get their water? 

"We retrieve water for washing from a well, and we either get our drinking water from a nearby waterfall or we bring it with us on the boat." 

And the electricity? 

""For cooking we use propane, for light we use old oil lamps and candles and for heating we use the wood burning stoves," Monica explains. "We listen to music on our phones. We love to be there and not have to think about what's on TV. Instead we sit on the veranda and watch the sun go down as the birds fly or swim by and the fish jump from the fjord."

"It's quite romantic, but of course a lot of work," Monica says. "We have no animals, so we have to cut the grass ourselves. We do this once a year in order to allow for the wild flowers and plants to grow and attract a variety of insects. Every year we look forward to seeing if any new species appear." 

"Norwegian flower meadows are now in huge decline and our goal is to make our meadows rich in species again." 

The house is beautiful with a fascinating, if not tragic history. 

"My father grew up in the house. It was built during the war in 1942-43. Sadly the older house which stood there before burnt down. It was a huge tragedy for the family. My father was only nine and had to jump out of the kitchen window and my great grandmother was helped out through the window of her bedroom."

Today, the property, which was built after the fire, has been decorated in a serene, understated way. Vintage and antique pieces pop against a white and grey backdrop, and touches of blue and green mirror the surroundings. 

"I like to use items that have always been here. If we are in need of something new, we tend to buy old furniture and accessories. They are more charming and go a lot better with the house," Monica explains. 

Plates and other items were stored in a wall mounted cabinet with a subtle blue / brown theme and a simple rag rug can be seen on the floor. 

This lovely picture - captured for a feature in Lev Landligs - a Norwegian country life magazine - shows a pair of vintage beds, which had already been painted green when Monica found them. 

What a truly magical place to spend your summers. 

I can almost feel the warmth on my skin and I'd never ever tire of the view, how about you? 

See more of Monica's beautiful summer residence over at @Tante_Monica. Monica is also a keen knitter and sells handmade Christmas stockings through her shop Tante Monica (@christmasknitting) and Norwegian jumpers together with her friend Katrine via @mokkastrikk

Keen to take a peek inside a few other Norwegian summer residences today? I love: 


Photography: Monica Almskår Heggset & Lev Landig 

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