3 Beautiful Christmas Decorations You Can Make From Wallpaper!

If you've wallpapered your home in the last few years, the chances are, you'll have a few rolls left over - and its way too pretty to waste! Swedish photographer and stylist Malin Mörner (@poppyloveyou) and her daughter created these wonderful Christmas decorations using wallpaper from Boråstapeter. Think bunting, paper chains, and beautiful baubles that can be hung in the window or the branches of your Christmas tree! No wallpaper at home? Pick up some from Boråstapeter, vintage rolls*, or use heavyweight patterned paper instead! 

Bunting and paper chains

To make the bunting, gather wallpaper (Malin has used in Bloom 7203, Northern Stripes 6852, Graceful Stories 7274 and Northern stripes 6854 from Boråstapeter) scissors, string, paper, glue and clothes pegs - and then follow the step by step instructions here (in English!). 

For the paper chains you'll need wallpaper (as above), scissors, a stapler or sticky tape. The instructions can be found here

Paper baubles:

The kit required to make these baubles includes: wallpaper (these ones have been made using Thistle 7203, Harvest Stripe 6854, Rosenvinge 4501 and Dusk Green 7981 from Boråstapeter), wire, a hole punch, wire cutters, round-nose pliers, wooden beads, jute twine and scissors. Once gathered, hop over here to follow the step by step instructions (in English!).  

Aren't these pretty?!

I actually have a few rolls of wallpaper knocking about at home and might give these a whirl! Could be fun to do with the girls! 

Could you imagine making these?

See more pretty Christmas inspiration from Malin Mörner over on her instagram here - and check out the complete Boråstapeter wallpaper collection here

FYI this is not sponsored in anyway, I just loved the idea and thought you might feel inspired by it too! 

If you're in the mood for crafting, there are a load more Christmas decoration ideas here


Photography Malin Mörner for Boråstapeter

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Pretty Wallpaper Inspired by Swedish Nature

What's your experience of patterned wallpaper? As a child in London I recall people covering lots of their home in a pattern of some kind (often DIY - which of course sometimes resulted in entire rooms of upside down roses!). I'm excited to see wallpaper steadily growing in popularity again (it makes me feel nostalgic, and done right it can look really pretty). So, imagine how happy I was when an invitation arrived from Sandberg wallpaper for the launch of their spring summer collection Arboretum at the beautiful Holmanäs Gård in Trelleborg. Small side note: if you're looking to get married in Southern Sweden, this place is your gig. It's so beautiful! I love everything Sandberg does so I knew I'd be in for a treat. Here's a sneak peak of the new wallpaper and some behind the scenes from the prettiest of evenings....

“This spring, we want verdant and patterned wallpaper on the walls. We have moved on from four white walls and we are much more adventurous in both pattern and colour. In our new collection, Arboretum, you can find everything from crisp to more dramatic colours which create a soft and fresh ambience in the home."

"We are leaning towards wallpapering the whole room. but there is absolutely nothing wrong with just papering one or two walls to give more life to the room." 

Wallpaper in order of appearance: 1. Harsyra 2. Harsyra 3. Hassel 4. Ek 5. Notebooks 6. Arboret 

Do you have a favourite? Being a softer tone kind of girl, my heart is set on the last one (Arboretet) -  it would look so pretty in one of my daughters rooms, don't you think?

The party was styled by the Sandberg team, led by creative director Katrin Bååth - who's studio I once featured (I sat next to Katrin on the night and she's so much fun too!). The food was created by the amazingly talented Diana Dontsova (AKA Diadonna) - such a treat!

Thank you so much to Sandberg for a wonderful evening!

(If you're feeling inspired and looking for more wallpaper ideas - there's lots in this archive. If this pops up first just scroll past!). Tempted?

Have a lovely day! 

Photography: Wallpapers styled by Sarah Widman and captured by Kristofer Johnsson courtesy of Sandberg. Party courtesy of Katrin Bååth

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The Beautiful 1920s House of a Swedish Creative

Is it just me, or is the week moving at an alarming rate? If you feel like taking a breather with me, come and enjoy this beautiful Gothenburg home for a moment! It belongs to Swedish graphic designer, artist and photographer Cecilia Hedin (see her former home here), sambo (meaning 'live-in partner') Johan, their baby Björn and dog Bertil. Built in the 1920s, every room has been painted in a different colour - from a deep, luxurious green to soft blues and warm greige and they've also made use of some fabulous wallpaper, and yet there's a wonderful flow to the space. Cecilia's friends Alice Johansson and Johanna Bradford paid a visit and snapped these lovely pics. Välkommen in!

Kitchen cabinets painted in NORDSJÖ simplicity greige and wall panels in the same shade by 40% lighter. 

A circular table and series of Mogensen J39 chairs are surrounded by geraniums for a wonderful 'winter garden' feel! 

This is the kind of 'snug' you can imagine the family spending the lion's share of their time in. I love the classic Jetson chair and indoor climber. And that rustic wood wall adds so much character to the space too, don't you think?!

Sitting room painted in Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue

This Blackthorne wallpaper by William Morris is so pretty!

Bannisters painted in Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell

Source vintage botanical prints like these here*.

This lovely desk area reminds me a lot of the home office in their former apartment. The walls have been decorated in luxurious yet calm Chicken Coop by Alcro. Source a vintage architect's desk like this one here*

Björn's room has been partly decorated in Jimmy Cricket Woodland wallpaper in charcoal.

So fun with the vintage gymnastics equipment (source similar here*), don't you think?! Although not vintage, my daughter has a set of wooden gymnastics rings in her room and she absolutely loves them - she even gets ready for bed hanging upside down (you can imagine how long that takes *rolls eyes*!)! Rattan lounge chair from Tine K Home.

If I was merely considering adding more colour to my home before, I'm fully committed after seeing these pictures. It's also amazing how much the right wallpaper can transform a room too - Björn's room is just lovely!

Are you tempted to add more colour / wallpaper to your home too?

If you love Cecilia's home you'll also love her online shop where she sells her photography, art and badges (the latter of which remind me a little of our time in the Lake District, England as a child - my sister had a ton of badges showing all the fells she'd conquered - me, not so many!).  

Other inspiring Swedish homes with plenty of colour and pattern include Johanna Bradford's former home, an eclectic 19th century Swedish house and snapshots from Ida's vintage-inspired home in Dalarna. Oh and there's actually an entire archive dedicated to 'decorating with wallpaper' too! 

Do you have a favourite wallpaper?

Ha så bra! 


Photography: Alice Johansson. Styling: Johanna Bradford
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Wallpaper that will put a smile on your face!

There's been a fun trend creeping into the world of interiors for a while now: patterned wallpaper. And Wallshoppe is looking to ensure everyone has a chance to get their hands on bright and fun designs which will put a smile on your face! Made in the USA and printed from 30% recyclable material with non-toxic ink, you can choose from whimsical and charming to edgy and sweet designs - or even mix and match your favourites. Since they come in a choice of paper rolls or removable panels - you can also decide whether to cover your walls for one night or over a lifetime.  Here's a peek at some of my favourites....

 Quick guide in order of appearance: Malibu wallpaper (blue on white), George the Octopus wallpaper, Pacifico Palm removable wallpaper (ivory), Malibu removable wallpaper (cadet blue), Goldfish wallpaper (indigo).

These all come in an array of colours, and there are a ton more designs too! Definitely worth hopping over and taking a look for yourself here.

Aren't they fun? All of the above (except George the Octopus) were designed by interior designer Nathan Turner exclusively for Wallshoppe - and inspired by California living - a little nautical and a little tropical! Love that!

I also love that many of the Wallshoppe papers are really easy to clean - making them perfect for children's rooms or family homes. You might even want to opt for the removable panels so you can take them down and exchange as they get older (it doesn't leave a mark!) - or if (like me) you love to shake things up a lot!

Are there any designs that you love in particular?

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Wallshoppe. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the businesses that help bring fresh content to your mail box and make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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A Dutch Family Settle In A Charming House in the Forests of Värmland, Sweden

Some days I spend hours looking for homes - other days they simply pop up in my inbox (hooray!). Today is one of those lucky days. Photographer Chantal Bruienne-Buil emailed me these beautiful images of her home in Sunne, Värmland. Originally from The Netherlands, Chantal and her husband and their daughter emigrated to Sweden 14 months ago in pursuit of a quieter life surrounded by nature ("one of the best decisions ever").  After a period of time in Småland, the Dutch family were drawn to this early 20th century house in the middle of a forest in central-west Sweden. I caught up with Chantal to find out more about their move, transforming their house into a home and the inspiration behind their online print / poster shop Loveprinted.

What attracted you to the house?
While house hunting, we saw this 1909 build and felt immediately smitten by it. It's in the middle of a big forest with all the freedom and peace and quiet we were dreaming of. The perfect place for my husband, our five-year-old daughter and I! So of course, we put in a bid and the house was ours one week later!

Source similar vintage pendant lights on Etsy*, Stokke chair (green)*, Kitchen aid*

How did you turn the house into your home?
Never before has a house felt like home so quickly. I immediately knew what our home should look like. So, making decisions wasn't difficult at all. We love white and wood and natural colours you find in nature so we used these plus a touch of gold. Decorating our home has been a real treat and I love how it all turned out. It really suits our lifestyle. 

Tell us about your choice of wallpaper
I've been wanting to use lovely William Morris & Co. and Engblad & Co wallpapers for ages and now we had the perfect home for it. The funny thing was that we took down a wall in the living room and were surprised to find layers and layers of very old wallpaper and even some bits of newspaper dating back to 1912! 

What inspires your work as a photographer?
As a real nature lover, I like to be outdoors: to grill over an open fire, enjoy long walks with my family and capture the Swedish countryside on my camera. I wanted to share this - I mean if it makes me happy surely it must make other people happy as well, right?! That was why I started Loveprinted, an online poster webshop where we sell our nature photography and graphical prints. It's a place where I combine my passion for photography, graphic design and interior design.  

Thank you so much to Chantal for sharing your lovely home with us! 

See more pictures of her lovely home on and @loveprinted

I'm really enjoying seeing wallpaper pop up more and more in Swedish homes (check out this archive  for a load of Scandinavian homes featuring beautiful wallpaper!). Could you imagine using wallpaper like this in your home?

Ha det så fint!


Photography by Chantal Bruienne-Buil (with a little colour re-touch by me!)
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