Renowned Swedish Photographer Andreas Kock Has Teamed Up With Peytil To Create a Limited Print Series!

I love it when Swedish creative forces collaborate - and the latest partnership is creating waves across Scandinavia! Stockholm-based fashion designer and artist Eitil Thorén Due (AKA Peytil) has teamed up with one of Sweden's most sought after and respected photographers, Andreas Kock to launch a limited series of art prints. I'm already a big fan of Peytil's work, having had a piece on my wall for many years (seen here in my sitting room - Studio Antwerp is similar), but my budget has always been a little too tight to extend to a piece by Andreas Kock... until now!

"Usually to buy a Andrea Kock photo, you'd need to sell your car but I asked if it would be possible to make a special exception for Peytil, just for a while, and he said yes", Eitil Thorén Due confirms exactly what I was thinking! What an opportunity! 

The limited edition series is a reflection of their combined creative influences of femininity, fashion and bold expressionism and includes prints like Frida, Stella and Arena

This gallery wall above shows a beautiful selection of prints by both Eitil Thorén Due and Andreas Kock.

The limited series is exclusively available on until the end of May. Keep a special eye out for Indian Summer and Late Afternoon - these two prints have been limited to 500 editions only.

I have a sneaking suspicion we'll need to be quick!

All of Eitil's other prints are also available directly through Peytil. I love seeing him in action - it's incredible!

Do you have your eye on any of the prints? 

I selected three earlier this week, and they've just arrived. Keep an eye on my instagram / Facebook to see which ones I chose! 


Photography courtesy of Peytil

*This is a paid partnership with Peytil. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the local artists that make My Scandinavian Home possible and our homes a little extra beautiful!  

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The Genius App Every Parent & Grandparent Needs (25% off!)

Paid partnership with Doodlespot:
Are you a parent / aunt / uncle/ grandparent / someone who just happens to know a child who loves to draw?! My daughters have always loved to paint. In fact, not a day goes by without some kind of creativity. At one point, when Liv was at nursery, she was so prolific, she'd run through the door clasping 10 "masterpieces". As lovely as it is to see, le't face it, it can be hard to know what on earth to do with them all, don't you think?! At worst there might be one line per page but even the beautiful ones are on poor quality paper that's become a little scrunched and ripped in their school bag! 
And then I discovered the app Doodlespot. I'm the first to admit that I'm terrified of anything techy (seriously!) - but this app is GENIUS and sooooo simple! Available (almost) worldwide on Google Play and iTunes, Doodlespot allows you to capture your child's artwork on your phone. You can then have a play around with the design tools and templates before ordering the framed print straight to your door. I asked the crazies to choose their favourite paintings so we could put the app to the test!

My ten year old daughter chose 'Lazy River' (seen above and below) which she painted in art class a few weeks ago. She went for a classic portrait template with her name and age underneath so it would look super pro (just like her wonderful piece!). I think she's proudly shown the print to every single person who's walked through the door! 

My younger daughter chose a painting she did of our house and was as pleased as punch when it arrived. Even though the painting was drawn in landscape, she chose the 'portrait' format and had a little play around with the colours - and since she's the artist, who am I to disagree?! 

Doodlespot co-founder Stefan Persson tells me: "Our driving force is child creativity. It is all about helping children to explore and experiment, then we enable you to transform their creations into art you can display on your walls. Filling your home with your own child's art is such a beautiful thing."

The girls and I are so pleased, we've already started thinking about which artwork to get done next! It would make such a great present too, don't you think? 

Oh, and another thing - part of the proceeds are donated to 'War Child', a non-profit organisation helping children traumatised by war. Such a worthwhile cause. 

If you'd love to give Doodlespot a try*, make the most of a 25% discount with the code follow25 until 10th June, 2019! 


PS I think the last time I showed my crazies together in a post was in their room reveal back in 2014 - with the risk of sounding like a great aunt.... haven't they grown?!! 

*This post is a paid partnership with Doodlespot. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

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10 Ways To Transform a Room With A Single Painting!

I love reading your comments - it adds so much to the post and more often than not someone will point out something I haven't noticed and I'll look a the home tour from a new perspective. Yesterday,  for example, someone pointed out that there was no art on the walls - and it was in no means meant as a negative - more an observation that a home without art can also be interesting.  So today, I thought I would go to the opposite extreme and take a look at how a single painting can transform a space. When I was writing my first book, Modern Pastoral, the photographer James Gardiner and I captured a beautiful home in the Hudson Valley designed by Jersey Ice-cream Company. One of the things I noticed about the work of Tara Mangini & Percy Bright is how they apply art (mainly portraits, but also landscapes and still life) to bring the look together. Here are ten fine examples:

I found this fascinating, how about you?

Did you have a favourite?

It has totally spurred me on to look out for more original art for my walls. These are often good sources: 

Flea markets
Charity shops

Do you have any other suggestions on where to source original portrait paintings? Perhaps some wonderful, modern artists?

I'm going to need to be careful though - there was a painting in my childhood home of my great, great, great grandfather who was an Admiral. My Mother used to have to cover it up with a sheet at night because my sisters and I were so afraid of it! There was something about the way his eyes followed you around the room. Did you have any paintings like that in your home? 


Photography courtesy of Jersey Ice-cream Company  / some credited to Beth Kirby
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My Gallery Wall Updated In Blues + 15% Off At Posterlounge!

Sponsored* - Last Friday I chatted to the Danish girls behind kunstsalonen - curating public art exhibitions in private homes. One of their best tips for arranging art is to choose pieces you love and group them according to colour. I took this to heart this week when I updated the wall behind my sofa with four prints from Posterlounge. Inspired by this Norwegian home in beautiful shades of blue, my new gallery wall combines art inspired by nature (Mountains and Flow) as well as a beautiful illustration by Sophie Schultz and abstract art resembling glass architect. My daughters' faces lit up when she came home from school to discover the transformation! I hope you like the update too!

I love using art to update my home (as you know!) and Posterlounge has an absolutely huge collection of around 80,000 artworks in different sizes. You can also choose which material to print on!

Great news too - they're offering My Scandinavian Home readers 15% off with the code MYSCANDI15 until 31st March, 2019.

In case you're curious about the ones I picked, here's a little more information:

1. Mountains
2. Flow by Laura Marshall
3. Standing by Sophie Schultz
4. Construction (glass architecture) by László Moholy-Nagy

Do you have a favourite?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


*This post is sponsored by Posterlounge, however all words and photos are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses that make My Scandinavian Home blog possible.

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Danish Design: City Prints By Martin Schwartz

Do you have a happy place in your home?! Mine is this corner which is always bathed in sunshine and sooooo snuggly. Sadly I never get there first (my children are like cats - they always curl up in the warmest spot in the house before I get there - and then you don't have the heart to move them!). Anyhow, our happy corner of my home has just got a whole lot happier with the help of a new print by local danish designer Martin Schwartz. Martin has a special gift to capture the soul of a city in a single print. Each drawing takes months to create and the buildings are carefully selected and illustrated down to the finest detail - "only then can it depict the true DNA of the city". There are currently 13 cites available with the recent addition of Stockholm!

 The level of detail is just incredible!

I also picked out the London city print to add a little piece of 'home' to our Malmö house! It'll serve as a perfect backdrop for when I ask my husband to play 'streets of London' on his guitar (you can imagine his eyes rolling!). But he does love this print at least! It's the small wins, right?!

Take a peek in Martin Schwart's online shop for the full range of city prints. Martin ships throughout Europe! 

Do you have a favourite? 


*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Martin Schwartz. All words and pictures are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the small Scandinavian businesses and local artists who make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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7 Gallery Walls For Every Room - And A Fail-Safe Way To Hang Art!

Are you a fan of gallery walls? They've been rocking the interior world for a while now and it looks like they are here to stay! The great news is, as long as you have the wall space, they can go just about anywhere and make a great feature! I've rounded up some of my favourites from around the web for a room by room guide:

In the sitting room
The Danes are masters of gallery walls. The one below has been circulating the web for a while now, but I'll never tire of it! Made up of exhibition posters from Louisiana Museum of Modern Art as well as pieces by other Danish artists, it adds a whole load of personality to the sitting room!

In the dining room
A selection of prints (including Portrait J*)  trail all the way from the ground up in Theo-bert Pot's dining room against a millennial pink backdrop. See the rest of Theo-bert's creative home here!

Theo-bert Pot
In the Stairway
The stairs is an ideal space for art and photography. In Louise's home, a gallery wall adds a wonderful splash of colour to an otherwise white space. Think about mixing up a series of thin frames* to add interest. FYI - Louise's homes is one of my favourites! Hop over to take the full tour!

Louise / Mor till Mernee

In the bedroom
Who says a gallery wall needs to be perfectly aligned? These pictures arranged above a bedside table have been placed at different heights by Avenue Design Studio for a charming and relaxed look.

In the home office / studio
In this creative studio, artist Edith Rewa's own pretty illustrations have been combined with other work for an entire wall of inspiration.  Not an artist? You can always collect  pictures you love from magazines, cards and other places and create a giant moodboard!

Edith Rewa / The Design Files

In the bathroom
Honestly WTF has ditched the frames to create a gallery wall using prints from Society 6 in the downstairs loo!

Honestly WTF

In the entrance / hallway
What to do with a long, narrow entrance way without eating into the space? Add a gallery wall like Johanna Landbo's to brighten up your entry and exit each day (don't miss the full tour of her Danish home along with a few small space hacks here).

Got the art, but not sure where to start? (I'm a poet, but I just didn't know it!). Here's a guide I created a while ago. It's my fail-safe method for picture hanging (ever since my husband went a bit nuts over all the unnecessary holes in the wall!):

1. Take a large roll of paper and draw around each of the pictures you intend to hang. Cut out the template.
2. Stick them on the wall with blu-tac - and play around with the templates until you have a composition you're happy with. Quick tip I learned: artwork looks best if it's around two thirds of the width of the furniture beneath it (of course rules are there to be broken and this is definitely not an instruction - more a guide if you're feeling stuck!).
3. Measure the distance of the hook on the back of the picture (both vertically and horizontally)
4. Mark out the same spot on your template on the wall.
5. Hammer a nail through the marked out spot
6. Tear away the template leaving the nail in place and you're ready to rock!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on gallery walls. Do you have a favourite from the above round-up? Do you have one in your own home?
Have a lovely day friends!


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Loving these new Danish prints!

Something beautiful happens when danish businesses come together (how can it not?!). This is why I was super excited when The Poster Club* announced an exclusive collaboration with former fashion designer Malene Birger (check out her home here). Birger's art is expressed in strong, abstract and graphical forms, mostly developed in monochrome colours. As part of the collab, the six new prints have been styled by Dane - Pernille Vest and captured by Emil Monty Freddie in the beautiful Skagerak showroom (yep, it's a complete Danish family affair!). Here's a sneak peek!

What do you reckon? Could you imagine having these in your home? I love them - especially with the oak frame.

Want to pick one up? The prints are available here*.  

By the way, I owe everyone who popped in on Friday an apology! For the first time ever, I failed to turn up and post (eeeek)! I was in Moscow to hold a a talk about Pure Scandinavian Design (such an honour!) and time just ran away with me. I have to say I was completely mesmerised by the city! What a beautiful, fascinating place! One of the highlights was the Christmas market on the red square - the bright colours, the music, the backdrop! And exploring the subway which is full of beautiful sculptures and art. A big thank you to all my new Russian friends who made me feel so welcome and anyone who took the time to send me tips!

I thought I'd make up for my lack of Friday post by posting twice today - look out for a little more inspiration later!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


Design: Malene Birger. Photography: Emil Monty Freddie, Styling: Pernille Vest, Sold through: The Poster Club.

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Favourite Right Now: The African Basket Gallery Wall

There's been so much talk about rattan on here lately that I've neglected to mention another rustic bohemian item that's been rocking the home world over the past few years: African baskets. From kitchens and sitting rooms to staircases and bedrooms, these beautiful decorative handwoven pieces are giving traditional 'print' gallery walls a run for their money and adding plenty of warmth and texture to boot! Here's a round-up of some of my favourites.

There are tonnes of different types of African baskets. Binga baskets from Zimbabwe tend to be popular for walls due to their flatter shape and light weight, but there are many other beautiful handwoven designs which make beautiful decorative pieces too. They're widely available online - I like The Basket Room, Paulski Art* and Sekai baskets* (the latter sells baskets in sets which are great for gallery walls!).

To hang them, all you need to do is thread some multi-purpose fishing line through the centre of the basket, creating a loop at the back. Baskets tend to be fairly lightweight so a small tack / nail should be enough to bear the weight. Some people also nail baskets directly to the wall using a slightly longer nail, but be aware this will damage the basket in some way. 

1.  Anna Malmberg (see the full home tour of her lovely, natural home here) 2. Avenue Design Studio (see the rest of  Holly's sitting room here) 3. The Design Files 4. Can anyone help with the credits for this wonderful pic?!  5. Simply Chi Vintage 6. I'd love to know the credits for this picture too! 7. Chicville USA 7. Madam Stoltz 8. Couleur Locale 

What do you think? Could you imagine creating a basket gallery wall in your home?

I think they make a great addition to prints and paintings!

I'll be back tomorrow with a very exciting home tour! See you then!


*contain affiliate links

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