An Earthy Swedish Apartment Where Old Meets New

This Swedish apartment in Linnéstaden, Gothenburg fascinates me. It's contemporary yet traditional - urban yet country. And it's beautiful. Every room has its own subtle earthy tone which adds interest and an element of progression but also ensures a cohesivene look throughout. Keep an eye out for the rich patina in the sitting room and bedroom (I chatted about chalk and limestone paint the other day as I recently applied it to my bedroom wall).  In fact, keep an eye out for all the details - there's so much inspiration to be taken from this beautiful 60 sq m (645 sq ft), turn-of-the-century apartment! 

I once captured a similar glass cabinet in this corner of my home. I have a bit of a thing for these as they offer a beautiful way to ensure treasures and practical items stay dust-free while also on display. 

Notice the blend of furniture in the corner above which ticks every trend - rattan (set to continue for the foreseeable future), a marble 'sculptured' table and an arched mirror. 

Arched mirrors are a big micro-trend right now - so much so that I think I might just create a post around them, what do you think? It looks pretty in this corner - and helps to bounce light into the room from the window. But they also look great propped up against the wall in the hallway, landing and bedroom (if young kids are about always attach the mirror to the wall). 

While the cabinet has a traditional feel, the Alma wall light brings the look bang up to date. I have actually been thinking of getting a light like this too - I've been a big fan ever since seeing it in the danish home of Marianne Jacobsen

It's hard not to notice the texture on the bedroom wall. The effect has most likely been created with chalk paint paste using a spatula. It adds a LOAD of interest and depth to a room, however this look might be too much for some. What are your thoughts? 

I love how a simple linen curtain has been hung in front of the wardrobe. Not only do curtains add softness to a room, but they're also a great way to dampen sound, hide items or provide makeshift wardrobe doors. The only problem is, I know that in our hose no one will ever close them - the crazies have a hard enough time opening the curtains in front of the windows! Grrrr! 

Love the William Morris hallway wallpaper, it adds so much character, don't you think! A lovely entryway to come home to each day!

Is there anything that stands out to you?

If you're in love with the space - good news, it's for sale! You can see more pictures and find out all the details over at Alvhem

Right, I'd better hurry, due to family circumstances I am flying to London in a few hours time and have so much to organise (I haven't even packed yet - but I do have my double vaccination certificate and my negative test so that's a good start!).

Wishing you all a happy midweek! See you Friday!


Photography: Henrik Lindén

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Renowned Swedish Photographer Andreas Kock Has Teamed Up With Peytil To Create a Limited Print Series!

I love it when Swedish creative forces collaborate - and the latest partnership is creating waves across Scandinavia! Stockholm-based fashion designer and artist Eitil Thorén Due (AKA Peytil) has teamed up with one of Sweden's most sought after and respected photographers, Andreas Kock to launch a limited series of art prints. I'm already a big fan of Peytil's work, having had a piece on my wall for many years (seen here in my sitting room - Studio Antwerp is similar), but my budget has always been a little too tight to extend to a piece by Andreas Kock... until now!

"Usually to buy a Andrea Kock photo, you'd need to sell your car but I asked if it would be possible to make a special exception for Peytil, just for a while, and he said yes", Eitil Thorén Due confirms exactly what I was thinking! What an opportunity! 

The limited edition series is a reflection of their combined creative influences of femininity, fashion and bold expressionism and includes prints like Frida, Stella and Arena

This gallery wall above shows a beautiful selection of prints by both Eitil Thorén Due and Andreas Kock.

The limited series is exclusively available on until the end of May. Keep a special eye out for Indian Summer and Late Afternoon - these two prints have been limited to 500 editions only.

I have a sneaking suspicion we'll need to be quick!

All of Eitil's other prints are also available directly through Peytil. I love seeing him in action - it's incredible!

Do you have your eye on any of the prints? 

I selected three earlier this week, and they've just arrived. Keep an eye on my instagram / Facebook to see which ones I chose! 


Photography courtesy of Peytil

*This is a paid partnership with Peytil. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the local artists that make My Scandinavian Home possible and our homes a little extra beautiful!  

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My Gallery Wall Updated In Blues + 15% Off At Posterlounge!

Sponsored* - Last Friday I chatted to the Danish girls behind kunstsalonen - curating public art exhibitions in private homes. One of their best tips for arranging art is to choose pieces you love and group them according to colour. I took this to heart this week when I updated the wall behind my sofa with four prints from Posterlounge. Inspired by this Norwegian home in beautiful shades of blue, my new gallery wall combines art inspired by nature (Mountains and Flow) as well as a beautiful illustration by Sophie Schultz and abstract art resembling glass architect. My daughters' faces lit up when she came home from school to discover the transformation! I hope you like the update too!

I love using art to update my home (as you know!) and Posterlounge has an absolutely huge collection of around 80,000 artworks in different sizes. You can also choose which material to print on!

Great news too - they're offering My Scandinavian Home readers 15% off with the code MYSCANDI15 until 31st March, 2019.

In case you're curious about the ones I picked, here's a little more information:

1. Mountains
2. Flow by Laura Marshall
3. Standing by Sophie Schultz
4. Construction (glass architecture) by László Moholy-Nagy

Do you have a favourite?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


*This post is sponsored by Posterlounge, however all words and photos are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses that make My Scandinavian Home blog possible.

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An Art Exhibition In Your Home? Meet the Danish Women Behind the Concept!

In celebration of International Women's Day, I thought I'd shine a light on two inspiring women from the Scandinavian art and design scene who I've been following for a while! Meet Mette Helena Rasmussen, a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and Anne Aarsland, an art history and Visual artist graduate from the University of Copenhagen. The pair met through a mutual client in 2017 and founded KUNSTSALONEN through which they curate public exhibitions in private homes across Denmark. To date, they've held five successful exhibitions (FREDERIKSBERG SALONEN, AMAGER SALONEN, AARHUS SALONENØSTERBRO SALONEN and KØBENHAVN K SALONEN (featured above) showcasing the work of over 35 artists at a time. I caught up with the pair to find out more about how the 'nomadic platform' works and their best tips for creating an incredible gallery wall!

A gallery wall in KØBENHAVN K SALONEN in the home of artist Lis McDonald (complete list of artists featured here). 

How did you meet?
We had been following each other on instagram for a while and met on a styling project for Artemide Lighting. The press event was held in Anne's apartment. 

A mother and daughter enjoy the exhibition in a private home in central Copenhagen last weekend. 

When did you decide to collaborate?
The press event turned out to be a cool experience and Anne enjoyed the guests, the talks and how her home was part of something different for a short period of time. We had a glass of wine (or two!) and talked about how we could do something together. We didn't really know what exactly, but came up with ideas for something like networking, exhibitions, social events, parties etc. 

Artists featured above all tagged here

How did you come up with the idea?
We wanted to contribute to the Danish art scene and somehow arrived at the idea of holding a curated art exhibition in Anne's private home. 

Work by Carsten Crone Caroc, Sarah Schönbeck, Mie Olise Kjærgaard, Martha Kramer, and Line Busch at last week's exhibition captured by Tia Borgsmidt.

What inspired the name?
Our first exhibition was called FREDERIKSBERG SALONEN inspired by the salons in Paris and the tendency to use homes for literature gatherings, music and poetry events. We were also inspired by the fact that people are starting to rent personal spaces through Airbnb and 

Eye-catching art by Kunstsalonen co-founder Anne Aarsland (left) in the KÖBENHAVN K SALONEN exhibition. 

How did you organise your first event?
We invited several contemporary artists and all of them accepted. We installed the art in Anne's home (seen in the last two pictures in this post) and invited everyone we knew. It was a huge success and gave us confidence to develop this active, nomadic platform for showing art and arrange exhibitions in other private homes across Denmark. 

Making final touches to the AARHUS SALONEN exhibition

How does it work?
We curate and invite selected artists to showcase their work in a private home for a weekend. The generous hosts (who are passionate about contemporary art) invite us to use their homes for a week. People visit the exhibition and buy the artwork. It's a true pleasure to work on this project! 

A drool-worthy gallery wall in the home of Mette Helena Rasmussen.

How do you select the artists?
We mostly show Danish artists, but we have featured work by Swedish artist Johan Furåker, Norwegian artists Jeanette Sættre and Arne-Marius Skogås as well as Iranian artist Frank Shoi and Brit Nicholas Imms.

And finally, what are your best tips for creating a perfect gallery wall?
Our best tip is to collect great art! Organise your artwork in tones and colours that work well together. Combine large scale works with minor works and bring in three dimensional pieces to give the wall a vivid expression.

What a truly inspiring idea! Thank you for sharing this with us Mette and Anne!

If you're heading to Denmark, you might like to time your visit with their forthcoming exhibitions:

FUGLEBAKKE SALONEN, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen 10 - 12 May
MORS SALONEN, Jutland in August

Keep an eye out for more information here (and follow along on instagram here).

In case you're feeling inspired to create your own gallery wall this weekend - this guide might come in handy! Or perhaps, if you live in Denmark, your home might just be the location for their next exhibition! Would you be keen? I have a feeling I'd want to keep all the artwork!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend friends!


PS Stuck on a room and could use a little help? We're offering 20% off a new room design through My Scandinavian Home Studio online interior design service with the code MYNEWROOM until 7th May, 2019. We'd love to help you!

Photographs 1 to 6 by Tia Borgsmidt 

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7 Gallery Walls For Every Room - And A Fail-Safe Way To Hang Art!

Are you a fan of gallery walls? They've been rocking the interior world for a while now and it looks like they are here to stay! The great news is, as long as you have the wall space, they can go just about anywhere and make a great feature! I've rounded up some of my favourites from around the web for a room by room guide:

In the sitting room
The Danes are masters of gallery walls. The one below has been circulating the web for a while now, but I'll never tire of it! Made up of exhibition posters from Louisiana Museum of Modern Art as well as pieces by other Danish artists, it adds a whole load of personality to the sitting room!

In the dining room
A selection of prints (including Portrait J*)  trail all the way from the ground up in Theo-bert Pot's dining room against a millennial pink backdrop. See the rest of Theo-bert's creative home here!

Theo-bert Pot
In the Stairway
The stairs is an ideal space for art and photography. In Louise's home, a gallery wall adds a wonderful splash of colour to an otherwise white space. Think about mixing up a series of thin frames* to add interest. FYI - Louise's homes is one of my favourites! Hop over to take the full tour!

Louise / Mor till Mernee

In the bedroom
Who says a gallery wall needs to be perfectly aligned? These pictures arranged above a bedside table have been placed at different heights by Avenue Design Studio for a charming and relaxed look.

In the home office / studio
In this creative studio, artist Edith Rewa's own pretty illustrations have been combined with other work for an entire wall of inspiration.  Not an artist? You can always collect  pictures you love from magazines, cards and other places and create a giant moodboard!

Edith Rewa / The Design Files

In the bathroom
Honestly WTF has ditched the frames to create a gallery wall using prints from Society 6 in the downstairs loo!

Honestly WTF

In the entrance / hallway
What to do with a long, narrow entrance way without eating into the space? Add a gallery wall like Johanna Landbo's to brighten up your entry and exit each day (don't miss the full tour of her Danish home along with a few small space hacks here).

Got the art, but not sure where to start? (I'm a poet, but I just didn't know it!). Here's a guide I created a while ago. It's my fail-safe method for picture hanging (ever since my husband went a bit nuts over all the unnecessary holes in the wall!):

1. Take a large roll of paper and draw around each of the pictures you intend to hang. Cut out the template.
2. Stick them on the wall with blu-tac - and play around with the templates until you have a composition you're happy with. Quick tip I learned: artwork looks best if it's around two thirds of the width of the furniture beneath it (of course rules are there to be broken and this is definitely not an instruction - more a guide if you're feeling stuck!).
3. Measure the distance of the hook on the back of the picture (both vertically and horizontally)
4. Mark out the same spot on your template on the wall.
5. Hammer a nail through the marked out spot
6. Tear away the template leaving the nail in place and you're ready to rock!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on gallery walls. Do you have a favourite from the above round-up? Do you have one in your own home?
Have a lovely day friends!


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Pretty Wallpaper Inspired by Swedish Nature

What's your experience of patterned wallpaper? As a child in London I recall people covering lots of their home in a pattern of some kind (often DIY - which of course sometimes resulted in entire rooms of upside down roses!). I'm excited to see wallpaper steadily growing in popularity again (it makes me feel nostalgic, and done right it can look really pretty). So, imagine how happy I was when an invitation arrived from Sandberg wallpaper for the launch of their spring summer collection Arboretum at the beautiful Holmanäs Gård in Trelleborg. Small side note: if you're looking to get married in Southern Sweden, this place is your gig. It's so beautiful! I love everything Sandberg does so I knew I'd be in for a treat. Here's a sneak peak of the new wallpaper and some behind the scenes from the prettiest of evenings....

“This spring, we want verdant and patterned wallpaper on the walls. We have moved on from four white walls and we are much more adventurous in both pattern and colour. In our new collection, Arboretum, you can find everything from crisp to more dramatic colours which create a soft and fresh ambience in the home."

"We are leaning towards wallpapering the whole room. but there is absolutely nothing wrong with just papering one or two walls to give more life to the room." 

Wallpaper in order of appearance: 1. Harsyra 2. Harsyra 3. Hassel 4. Ek 5. Notebooks 6. Arboret 

Do you have a favourite? Being a softer tone kind of girl, my heart is set on the last one (Arboretet) -  it would look so pretty in one of my daughters rooms, don't you think?

The party was styled by the Sandberg team, led by creative director Katrin Bååth - who's studio I once featured (I sat next to Katrin on the night and she's so much fun too!). The food was created by the amazingly talented Diana Dontsova (AKA Diadonna) - such a treat!

Thank you so much to Sandberg for a wonderful evening!

(If you're feeling inspired and looking for more wallpaper ideas - there's lots in this archive. If this pops up first just scroll past!). Tempted?

Have a lovely day! 

Photography: Wallpapers styled by Sarah Widman and captured by Kristofer Johnsson courtesy of Sandberg. Party courtesy of Katrin Bååth

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