Then And Now: An Iconic Swedish Home Six Years On!

One of the beauties of blogging over time (it's been eight years and counting!) - is that some homes pop up over and over again, each time revealing either drastic transformations or small tweaks. This is the third time this instantly recognisable Gothenburg maisonette has popped up in six years, and I'm happy to see it falls under the latter camp. Former owners Catarina Skoglund, husband Robert and daughter Stella left their mark with exposed brickwork, William Morris Wallpaper and fabulous tiles (among many other fabulous details) which I first featured here. They then sold it in 2016.  The new owners have made their own small mark while maintaining many of the original details that allow the architecture to shine.  Can you spot them? 

I don't know why but I've always felt this house has an English air to it - could it be the narrower rooms, or perhaps the wallpaper? Either way, it always makes me feel really nostalgic! 

How fabulous is this black radiator? I love that they've made a statement out of it. 

Those blue stairs! A bold move that completely paid off. Would you dare to paint your stairs in a different shade? 

I love seeing the contrasting walls, it gives the home a lovely relaxed vibe. Look out for more and more contrast in living spaces throughout 2020! 

I couldn't think of a more lovely spot to sit and work! Although the cane daybed would always be calling me...

It looks like a mid-century piece which has been given a new lease of life with new legs (potentially?) and a striped linen mattress cover (find similar linen here*). Please do give me a shout in the comment section below if you know anything more about this daybed - I'm curious! 

Spotted after several hours looking at the pictures: the pipe in the corner has been disguised using a tube wrapped in the same wallpaper as the wall behind.

I love how the floor is more of a grey tone than white. I've done something similar in my bedroom using 'strong white' by Farrow & Ball which is actually a very pale grey (beats me why they gave it such a misleading name!).

What a beautiful home. I loved in 2014 and I love it now. 

I can't wait to see what the next owners do, can you?  

It's for sale here - just saying!

Shall we take a look at a few more homes with William Morris wallpaper and textiles? Here are a few of my favourites: 

Oh, and curious to see what Catarina did with her next home? Check out her free-spirited family home on a Swedish island, it's so beautiful! 

Talk about free spirit. Can I let you in on a secret? I haven't made it into the studio yet. In fact, I'm not even dressed. Talk about breaking every rule in the 'how to successfully work for yourself' book. I have two say though, it feels great!  

Have a fabulous start to the week friends! 


Photography courtesy of Kvarteret Mäkleri - and found via Coco Lapine with thanks! 
*Affiliate links which means I might make a tiny amount of money if you click on the link and buy the item. 

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The Small, Cosy Vintage-Inspired Home of a Malmö Florist

Oooooh have I got a wonderful flat to show you today. And it's thanks to Victoria over at SF Girl By Bay who featured this yesterday and reminded me I needed to share it with you guys! It's the wonderful former home of Sophie and Gustaf Wiking and their cocker spaniel Farfar here in Malmö. Sophie and I have got to know one another through her beautiful flower shop Florista of which I am a very regular customer (you might recognise the name from my local guide to Malmö). Malmö based photographer Andrea Papini and stylist Alexandra Papini (who also own the very cool Cafe Noir in town - yes, it's a small world!) went along to photograph it before Christmas just before the gaff was put on the market. And I have to say, what a feast for the eyes! Dating back to 1904, the small apartment (it measures 54 m2 / 582 f2) is teeming with vintage pieces, art, and books. Layers of textile help to create a cosy retreat from which to recover from a cold, early start at the flower market! Välkommen in! 

Sophie and Gustaf built the bookshelves in the living room by hand. Source similar sheepskins from Black Sheep (White Light).

As with all cities, bikes are often stolen in Malmö (I've had two stolen in the past year, it's absolutely infuriating!). This wall hung solution is perfect for a small space. 

Sophie wanted to create kitchen cabinet doors out of brown metal sheets but felt it would be too heavy and expensive, so she painted the wooden cabinets with an oxidised colour to give them a dark bronze effect.

My guess is that the Artek stools are vintage (Sophie loves to pick up items from antique shops and flea markets) - even so you can pick up new ones here* or shop for a vintage set here*.  They're perfect for a small space since they take up little room and can also be stacked. 

Simple linen bedding adds a load of texture on the bed and makes the room feel instantly calm and relaxed. This one* is similar. 

In case you missed my guide, here are a few snaps I took of her beautiful shop. A must if you're in Malmö! 

I hope Sophie and Gustaf's home has inspired you as much as it has inspired me today! 

And just how adorable is Farfar?! He's always in the shop helping out!

I can't wait to see what Sophie and Gustaf do with their new home! 

I'm proud to be a part of such a creative community - and was excited to see these photographs featured in Elle Decoration Sweden with the text written by none other than Ida Magntorn - who's poetic 19th century house I featured here

Happy lill' lördag (little Saturday!) vänner


Photography: Andrea Papini / Styling Alexandra Papini - shared with kind permission.

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A Soothing Swedish Home In Shades of Green and Grey

Hej there vänner! I have to admit, I hit a bit of January bump on Saturday and felt so fed up with the relentless grey, cold, dark days (cue very grumpy wife and Mum!). And then - just when we needed it most, the sun came out and we were treated to a diamond of a day - PHEW! Spirits revived and feeling like I can do these winter months after all, I thought I'd kick off the week with a beautiful Swedish home. Formerly owned by Lovisa Kvist, it went on the market a few months back and was, understandably, snapped up within a matter of days (you've got to be quick over here!). Lovisa and her partner have furnished the home with some beautiful design pieces against a soothing backdrop of green, grey and the palest of pinks. Ready for the tour?  

Formakami pendant lamp*

This cane harbour bed* is similar. I've never seen this lamp before and am curious to know whether it's a DIY hack with a mosquito net? If so - what a fabulous idea!! Now that I've written this, I really hope it's not an eye-wateringly expensive designer lamp or I'll have caused major offence - eeeek! Please do chip in in the comment section if you know anything about it! 

Update: I received a lovely message from owner Lovisa who confirmed that she did indeed make this lamp using a mosquito net. In fact, she used two for extra fluffiness - which she bought from IKEA along with the pendant lamp inside. The bedroom wall has been painted in Thyme from Jotun. 

 Large shell pot*

So beautiful! 

I love the bathroom, it has a touch of old school glamour. My guess is that the curtain hides a washing machine - clever solution, don't you think? In the UK people tend to have their washing machines in the kitchen but in Sweden they are either housed in a communal area known as a 'tvättstuga' which you sign up to use each week, or people put them in their bathrooms. How's it done in your country?

Did you spot the cheeky picture in the bathroom, too?! 

Here are a few other tours which I think will help get your week off to a great start:

Ha det fint! 


Photography: Alen Cordic, Styling Emma Fischer. Sold through Bjurfors

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Looking to Shake Things Up In 2020? How About This Estate In The Stockholm Archipelago?!

I've shared so many Christmas-themed posts lately, I thought it was time for something different - what do you reckon? A little dreaming perhaps? This one's for anyone looking for a total life change and a new renovation project in 2020 (Per starts quaking in his boots.....!). The property in question?This magnificent gardener's house and orangery in the grounds of Engsholm castle. Located on the island of Mörkö in the Stockholm archipelago, the estate also comes with its own jetty so you can arrive by boat! The gardener's house dates back to the early 20th century and has been fairly newly renovated (the process of which was covered on Swedish television), whereas the orangery needs a whole load of work. But imagine how incredible it could be? Let's take a tour and you can decide for yourself!

Just incredible! 

The estate agent describes it as 'Tuscany meets the Archipelago' - kind of spot on, don't you think?

Could you imagine living here - or at least wiling away your summer holidays on this estate?!

See more pictures (including the inside of the orangery) and find out more info over at Historiska Hem

Other beautiful Scandinavian country homes to dream about today:

... I need to speak to Per!

Have a great day friends! 


Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem with thanks

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