10 Super Stylish Ways to Display (or Hide!) Your TV

When I show home tours I'm often asked - "but where's the TV"?! I completely understand, after all, almost every household has one, and they don't often feature. Why is that?! Well, let's face it, a big black rectangle doesn't always make the prettiest shot. But that's what makes inspiration for ways to display our goggle boxes even more important. After all, the viewing position often means it needs to take pride of place in the room! So, here it is folks, a long-awaited blog post dedicated to the telly. I hope you find these 10 genius ways to artfully display - or hide  -  a TV in your home inspiring (feel free to add your own in the comment section below). Here's to binge watching Netflix in style!


Micaila Britton

1. The 'just another thing on the wall ' trick (top and above) - Helsingborg based Ruta Vitesson (top) and Chicago girl Macaila Britton (above) have both place their flat screens between two shelves, surrounding it with treasures such as art, books and plants for a cosy look and feel.

2. The gallery wall - concealing your TV as part of a gallery wall has never been easier thanks to the arrival of The Frame TV (seen above and below) which displays art instead of a black rectangle when your TV is not in use (genius!). Many modern TV's also allow you to showcase your own photography which can look equally lovely and even more personal!

Kate La Vie

3. Statement art - in a creative home, a TV that can be camouflaged as art makes a huge difference and even add to the space!

Katerina Dima

4. The vignette: help your telly to fit in by including it in a monochrome display which includes plants, candles and cushions. Ikea Bestå units provide the perfect platform and mean you can hide cables, remote controls and other unsightly things underneath. Perfect!

5. Tone on tone! Let's face it, the TV is never a problem when it's on since it's providing entertainment. The decorating issues arise when it's off! I love this idea of opting for a sleek black TV and mounting it on a matching black wall, it almost disappears!

6. Upstage the TV: place a bold piece of art on the wall beside the telly and your eye will be drawn to that instead of the black rectangle. Extra marks for a beautiful daybed like this so you can turn your back on the flat screen (literally) when not in use too!

7. Create balance: if your goggle box is the only black rectangle in the room, it'll be sure to stand out. Balance the look with other black items (especially if they're rectangular) and the look will be easier on the eye. I love the contemporary fireplace in this sitting room!

8. The raiseable TV: This super clever hidden TV solution first appeared in a home tour back in 2015, and I've never forgotten it! The bespoke unit has been designed to cover the radiators and conceal the TV when not in use. Genius!

9. The closet TV: At first glance it's hard to guess where the TV could possibly be in this cosy room. Look closer though, and you'll spot a set of barn doors above the fireplace!

10. Behind closed doors: Don't want to see it at all when it's off, but still looking for easy access? Why not stash it in a freestanding cabinet - whether built-in or an enviable unit like the one in Brady Tolbert's bedroom - you'll forget it's even there!

There are just so many clever solutions here, don't you think?

Do you have a favourite?

I mentioned the other day that I've also found a way to hide the TV in my sitting room - and it doesn't involve any of the solutions above. I really hope I get a chance to photograph it and share it with you soon (it's very simple, but often those solutions are the best, right?!).

Do you have any tips for displaying a TV that I haven't covered? If so, I'd love to hear about them!


PS I have been watching so many series lately (which I blame on the cold and darkness!). A few of my favourites include Big Little Lies, The Affair, The Handmaid's Tale, Killing Eve and Dr Foster. I need a new one now - guh! any tips?!


  1. Hello Nikki, yes a big black square in the middle of the wall is not the most appealing thing! I went for the gallery wall in my drawing room, to help camouflage the thing. At least, they are flat now, which makes it easier. (Saw that you posted a Kate LaVie pic 😉)
    Hope to see more ideas soon

    1. Love the sound of your gallery wall! Is LaVie Kate’s surname? I must update the post! I love her home 😊

    2. No her surname is really Spiers (don't know if it's her maiden name or married name though). Kate LaVie is for her blog and YouTube (and she is lively; Vie is Life in French) Her flat is magnificent! Especially the kitchen with mint elements (hello Smeg fridge) Can't wait to see the reno she does in the new flat she bought.

  2. So much great ideas!!!! I love the idea of the black wall...hummm i think i will consider it . Have a beautiful day!

  3. Some great ideas here, thank you. And can definitely recommend Season 3 of The Crown.


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