A Lakeside Swedish Log House In The Snow

Living in the south of Sweden, the winters tend to be long, cold and dark and life tends to gravitate indoors. Many a night are spent at home surrounded by candlelight while munching on comfort food! In the North of Sweden however - the days are lit by dazzling white snow and children play outdoors, building snowmen, sledging or building domes. At weekends, many locals like to head off into the wilderness by ski, ice-skates, snowmobile or show-shoes - all of which will leave you happy, rosy-cheeked and ready for a steaming hot chocolate with rum and whipped cream once home! 

Located around 500 km North of Stockholm, Ann Rullander has created a winter paradise in the form of a beautiful log cabin on the edge of a vast frozen lake. The house dates back to the 1800's and was completely renovated in 2006. It was previously used as a summer cottage before Ann and her husband moved there permanently five-years ago. Today, the simple white wood clad interior mirrors the blanket of snow outside, while a roaring fire, candles and blankets help to create a toasty feel. Ready to be transported to a Swedish winter wonderland? 

How beautiful. 

The porch shovelling looks like heavy work (did you notice how much snow there is?) - but an essential exercise if you want to be able to leave your house in wintertime up there! 

Do you get snow like this where you live? 

Ann tells me that in summer they love to swim in the lake and get about by boat. But for a while yet they'll be using skis and a scooter. 

See more of Ann's lovely house over at @annrullander

Would you like to see a few others Scandinavian cabins in the snow? Here are few of my favourites: 

Stor kram! Big hug! 


Credits: Ann Rullander, shared with kind permission

For my sentiments on what is happening in Europe right now, please see this post. While I continue to blog, behind-the-scenes I am doing what I can from Sweden, while hoping for peace, humanity and a brighter tomorrow. 


  1. Of all the houses you’ve featured, this has to be my favorite! What a beautiful spot to live.

    1. I am so happy this lovely house resonated with you so much - I can totally see why!

  2. from french woman : when I see the last photos of these peacefull immenssities, my heart bleeds for all those in pain, fear and pain. Part of my work integrated the possibility of expressing oneself, thinking and living freely. This is called law, justice and peace.The complete totallity of my one and only famille is 4 boys aged 37 years to 10 months and 4 girls aged 31 years to 7 years old. How could I imagine it leaving its roots under the bombes without the rest of humanity in very warm and with a full stomach moving ! Yes my heart is bleeding and I will do everything that remains in my power to help those who need so much. And my family too !

    1. I totally agree with you. I thought the same when I looked at these beautiful snowy vistas and also as I gazed out to sea as the sun was setting yesterday. For the sake of our children, we need to hold out hope that light will prevail over the darkness.

  3. re from french woman : Niki, all I said was appart from the fact I appreciate your work and I really like the nice proposals that you present. In not too long.

  4. Another winner of a house! We used to get heavy snowfall in the winter but the weather has shifted in the past 10 years or so. I enjoy snowshoeing and other winter activities and would love snowfall like this--but it is a lot of work to do the shoveling!

    1. Where do you live? So curious now! It is the same in the south of Sweden, my husband remembers so much snow from his childhood but we barely get any these days. Although I am happy to skip the shovelling, plus it can be very tricky to navigate my way into town by bike in snow, the wind in Malmö is enough alone!

    2. I live on the west side of Michigan, near Lake Michigan. My area is known for getting "lake effect" snow when the cold wind blows over the relatively warmer lake, but I've seen a drastic decrease in the amount of snow in the past 10 years or so. Shoveling snow gets tiresome (kudos to you for bike rising through it!) but rainy, sleety days are depressing. I enjoy getting out if it's snowy but when it's icy and damp, the only place to be is inside. At this time of year, I agree with Alena--bring on spring!

  5. We probably have the same amount of snow right now. It looks like a bit more when I look at the photo of the front porch but this is in the countryside (presumably) where shoveling is not done on a daily basis so it is fluffier. Last week, we had a few days with a drizzle (followed by frost and snow) so the blanket of snow has compacted but it will thawing till the end of April. I am so ready for spring!

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