An Idyllic Finnish Summer Cabin on the Water's Edge

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here in Scandinavia, it looks like the summer isn't ready to give up on us just yet - and we're being treated to a last hurrah, with blue skies and sunshine. In honour of this, I'm excited to be taking you on a tour of a wonderful Finnish summer cabin. Perched on a rocky incline, overlooking the water, the timber cabin is situated on a secluded island close to Rymättylä, South Finland. Owner, Nina Ahonen - interior designer and stylist - has created a wonderful, laidback oasis, from which to switch off from the world and enjoy the magic of the surroundings. The cabin is accessed by boat from Helsinki. Here's a peek inside. 

How incredible! 

When we're out sailing (binoculars out!), I often spot idyllic cabins like this one on the various islands we pass. They always look so idyllic. 

Could you imagine wiling away a summer here? 

Other Finnish summer cabins and cottages to love: 

And for something more year-round with ALL the warm feels: 

Gaaah, take me to Finland (I'm currently obsessed with this country as I've just written an article for a magazine about Lapland - I promise to let you know once it's published!). It's such an incredibly varied country - from the summer paradise in the south, to the frozen Arctic Circle in the North where husky sledding and the Aurora Borealis await! 

Here's to an inspiring start to the week! 


Photography: Krista Keltanen, Researcher, journalist and stylist: Jonna Kivilahti - shared with kind permission.

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A Fairytale Swedish Summer Cottage / Plus Camp Adventure, Denmark

Cities and towns across Scandinavian are starting to buzz with life again as people slowly return from the countryside and head back to work. But for some, like me, their heart remains at their summer cottage. There's something magical about the laid back, simple lifestyle they afford - and of course, their lush surroundings. Curious to sample Swedish summer cottage life yourself? This idyllic croft from the 1800s just came on the market! Located a short distance from Stockholm  - the traditional Falun red and white cottage is fairly small (50 sq m / 538 sq ft), but definitely big on personality - and wouldn't look out of place in an Astrid Lindgren tale. There's only one foreseeable drawback - and I'm curious to hear if it would be a deal breaker for you or not. Read on to find out! 

And the deal beaker (or maker)? The only loo is a compost one in an outhouse. This is not unusual for an old croft which is yet to be modernised. Helen (as in the interior designer I work with) has an outdoor loo at her cottage too. They once lived there for a year and she remembers waking up in the night and trudging out in the snow to go to the loo! But she says they got used to it and in the end and don't give it a second thought any longer. My granny had one too (as well as an indoor one upstairs) - and I remember it being full of spiders! But the one at this croft is charming in every way. Would it work for you?

Could you imagine spending your summers here? 

If so, this pretty cottage has your name on it, and we'd all love to be the first to visit (bringing our bed linen of course - as is the Swedish way!). 

Feeling tempted? Read more about it here

Fancy seeing some more pretty cottages over the weekend? Here are a few others that belong in an Astrid Lindgren tale:

All this talk of Sweden, and I'm actually in Denmark right now. Having been double vaccinated, we've taken the opportunity to head over the Öresund bridge for a couple of days. Our first stop was Camp Adventure (for a press trip) - which has treetop climbing (have you ever done it? Once you get over the nerves, it's so exhilarating!) and the kids absolutely loved it!

As well as an awesome 45-metre tower you can climb (the structure is magnificent - and has won several architectural awards (not my picture below!):  

And best of all (for me, not the kids, they spent 8 hours in the tree tops!), Northern Europe's largest 'pick your own bouquet' flower farm! It was beautiful:

Keep an eye out for the yurts / cabins (they're pretty booked up so you'd need to plan in advance to stay the night). You can also pair it with a long weekend in Copenhagen since it's only a 50 minute drive away. 

Right, I'd better put the kettle on - the rest of the family will be waking up any moment and I need to take the most of the peace and quiet before the mayhem begins and a day at the worlds oldest amusement park: Bakken

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - I hope you've got some fun /  relaxing plans. 


Cottage photography: Historiska Hem

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Jessica's Idyllic Swedish Country Croft From 1900

In the month of July, Swedish cities can feel very deserted. Many have fled to the countryside to 'nytta av' (benefit from) the lush greenery and 24-hour sunshine for several weeks, sometimes up to six! Hey, we've waited a long time for this good weather, when it arrives we need to make the most of it! Every July, Jessica, a high school teacher and the creator behind @bynilsgarden, locks up her house in Trollhättan to enjoy the peace and quiet of her pretty country retreat 70 kilometres away. Located in Mellerud, Dalsland, just West of lake Vänern, it's a place Jessica goes year-round to watch the seasons unfold. The traditional 1900 Falun red and white structure conceals a pretty, pared back interior with a country feel. Outside, a pretty veranda provides a spot to enjoy the evening sunset. I caught up with Jessica to find out more. 

"The house was built in 1900 as a small 'Soldarttorp' (soldier's croft). The previous owners took great care of it, renovating it slowly with a passion for old houses. It's located in Dalsland, next to the mountains and a beautiful lake".

Note: a 'soldarttorp' is a croft (or cottage) on the property of a farm reserved for Swedish volunteer soldiers. The dwelling was part of the soldier's pay and included a small field, a few farm animals and other small outbuildings. 

"I use it every month of the year. It's beautiful in summer but it's also special to light a fire when it's snowing outside". 

"I renovated this house myself and live here alone. I was looking to create a warm, cosy and relaxing feel with an old country style". 

"I love the silence and the good energy. It's a place I come to rest".

What a beautiful cottage! I can certainly understand why Jessica loves to come here year-round, how about you? It looks so peaceful.  

See more of this pretty cottage and Jessica's Trollhättan house on instagram at @bynilsgarden.

If you're feeling inspired, you might like to check out the country style living archive and Swedish cottage archives - they're packed with romantic homes and will have you dreaming of a move to the Scandinavian countryside! 

Wishing you a wonderful mid-week - see you Friday!*


*I am posting three days a week during the summer holidays in order to spend a little more time with the crazies. Check in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - or enjoy the archives round the clock! 

Photography: Jessica / @bynilsgarden

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10 Dreamy Scandinavian Summer Cottages

As my family and I pack up our things in preparation for a few weeks at the cottage (hurrah!), I thought it would be apt to spread a little Scandinavian summer cottage love with you, what do you say? Over the years, I've shared hundreds of idyllic summer hideaways - each of them unique, all of them inspiring in some way. Here are ten I love to revisit (only virtually sadly!) time and time again. I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane too - click on each link for the tour! 

1. A magical Norwegian cottage with a wabi sabi vibe

2. A charming Swedish photographer's cabin in the woods


As a bonus - you can find the first picture (a Norwegian fjord side cabin) here.  

All of these retreats immediately transport me to a back-to-basic lifestyle where eating, sleeping, swimming and hanging out with friends and family is the order of the day. I hope you feel the same! 

I can't wait to get to the cottage now and spend some downtime with my family. Roll on long summer days (please weather gods, be kind to us!). 

I'll be back on My Scandinavian Home on Monday 26th July. In the meantime, I'll likely be swinging by instagram from time to time and there's always the archives with over 2500 Scandinavian inspired home posts (I counted the other day since MSH will be turning 10 this autumn!). These are particularly popular.

Wishing you all a wonderful couple of weeks! 


Credits: 1. Slettvoll 2. Hilde Mork 3. Lina and Karl Anderson 4. Jonas Ingerstedt 5.@nordiskrum 6 & 7. Emma Sundh 8 & 9. @anordicmoment 10 & 11. Carina Olander 12 & 13. Johanna Lehtinen 14. Per Erik Jæger / Siv Brenne for Jotun

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