An Idyllic Swedish Summer Cottage in the Forest

Today, I'm continuing with my summer cottage theme to match the relaxed holiday vibe in Scandinavia right now - and the sun has come out just for the occasion! This Swedish beauty belongs to Johanna Hagbard (whose city home I featured in 2018). Johanna acquired this beautiful croft 40 kilometres (24.8 miles) from Gothenburg ten years ago. It had been derelict for many years - save for a local orienteering group who had been using it as a clubhouse due to its location in the middle of a forest. Needless to say, it needed extensive work. 

A handy couple, Johanna and her husband have slowly transformed the property into a magical year-round country escape - with a cosy interior and hand built sauna and a plunge pool. Summer days are spent outdoors looking out over the wilderness and lake in the distance and a caravan serves as an extra indoor space to hangout! 

Ready to feel inspired by the tour? Step this way! 

A magical place to spend summer, do you agree? I can imagine it's really cosy in winter too! 

You can see more snapshots from Johanna's lovely croft over at @johannahagbard

Would you like to see a few more pretty Swedish crofts today? 'Why not' I hear you say! Pour yourself a glass of something cool and enjoy:

Oh, so pretty! 

My family and I are currently trundling up the E4 motorway on our way to Sundsvall to watch Liv swim in the Swedish nationals this week. We've been passing forest and more forest - with 5 hours of forest to go (it's a 10 hour very forest-y drive in total!). I'm excited as I've never been to Norrland before, and we've booked a little cottage on an island just outside the city. I'll share more from our adventure on my instagram stories if you'd like to follow along! 

Have a happy Wednesday!


Photographs by @johannahagbard, shared with kind permission. 

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Henriette & Tommy's Charming Danish Cabin Oasis

Let's just say the weather in Scandinavia is 'mixed' right now. Torrential rain, cold and windy one minute, sunshine the next. But that's not going to deter us from enjoying our holiday! Thankfully, summer cottages across the region are equipped for every eventuality - with doors that swing open to create an indoor / outdoor feel on sunny days, and cosy sheepskin-lined chairs and fireplaces that can roar into life at the drop of a hat on colder days! 

In Houstrup, on the east coast of mainland Denmark, Henriette and Tommy have created a cosy oasis in which to switch off and relax - no matter what the weather decides to do! 

The little black and white wooden cottage seamlessly blends in with its wild surrounds thanks to a beautiful turf roof, and the garden has been kept deliberately untamed and natural. Inside, the cabin is simply decorated in soft, earthy tones and furnished with items in wood and rattan. Danes tend to love their floral quilts and cushions which bring a subtle romantic touch to the rooms. Keep an eye out for pastel florals on the sofa and large quilts over the beds (try IB Laursen for similar). 

Overall, a wonderful, informal and 'hyggeligt' place in which to relax all summer long!

So charming! And in my mind, everything a summer home should be. 

Is there anything that stood out to you about Henriette & Tommy's cabin? 

If you'd like to see more pictures and films, head over to their instagram feed @sommerhusetkirkeflod

Perhaps you'd like to explore more Danish summer cabins this weekend? Here are a few I love: 

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend friends! 


Photography courtesy of @sommerhusetkirkeflod, shared with kind permission.

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A Dreamy Swedish Summer Cabin by the Sea in the Karlskrona Archipelagos

Happy 1st July! it's officially the month many Scandinavians head off for their great summer staycation! Vacation time is serious business here - with most taking at least three weeks off to enjoy the (hopefully) good weather. But it's not unusual to take four or more weeks in a good year. 

This is definitely where Scandinavians have got things right. Many use the time to relax and reset and simply enjoy all that the Scandinavian summer has to offer from the comfort of their home, summer cottage or caravan - without a workday looming. Bliss! 

If you're liking the sound of this and considering moving to Scandinavia with immediate effect, I've found you just the summer cabin! This beautiful, contemporary cabin made by Sommarnöjen is right by the sea on the island of Aspö in the stunning Karlskrona archipelago. Made up of several buildings, it's geared up for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. The wooden exterior and interior mirrors the surrounding nature and large windows and doors ensure that all rooms have immediate access to the great outdoors. 

Ready to feel inspired? 

So beautiful. I love the simplicity, something that's incredibly important in a summer cottage. The less items you have, the less you need to tidy up, leaving more time for relaxing! 

Notice how there are subtle changes in the wood and also a soft grey has been brought in as an accent. It's enough to make the interior interesting without detracting from the sea view. 

And I especially love how so many of the windows and doors can be opened right out giving the feeling that you're outside. 

Could you imagine spending your summers here? I would in a heartbeat! 

In the mood for more cabins today? Check out these lovely summer places for inspiration: 

Have a fantastic start to the week!


Ps loved all your comments about 'grippers' and 'dogs' in Friday's post - they did make me laugh! And thank you for all your kind words about my landing makeover - a reminder that you have until 27th July to make use of the scandi20 20% discount code with Superfront, so if you have any IKEA cabinets that need an update / hack, this is the time! 

Photography courtesy of Liwing Mälarbyrå, shared with thanks

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A Perfect Swedish Summer Cottage For Midsummer's Eve!

It's the start of a new week - but not just any week. Here in Sweden, we're gearing up for arguably the biggest event of the year - Midsummer! On Thursday evening the city streets will slowly become deserted as folk flock to the countryside to spend 'midsommarsafton' (midsummer's eve) with family and friends on Friday. 

It felt apt to share this quintessential Swedish cottage on the island of Gotland to mark the occasion. You might just recognise it, it used to belong to Emma Sundh (previously featured here with a different layout and furnishings!). The pretty red and white cottage is every inch the archetypal Swedish summer cottage - and it has a large garden that's perfect for dancing around a maypole with flowers in your hair! 

Step inside to discover rooms painted in earthy tones to mirror the surrounding nature, simple decor, touches of floral wallpaper and the most beautiful masonry oven! 

So idyllic! And such a pretty cottage, don't you think? I'd be perfectly happy to spend my summer months here. It helps that Gotland is the most amazing island. Located in the Baltic Sea, the nature is verdant and wild, with rugged shores and sandy beaches, as well as wildflowers growing in the hedgerows. Small ateliers and farm shops are dotted along the roadside, and a cool eatery is never far away. If you'd like to visit, you can read more about the island in this travel guide I wrote a while back. 

Most importantly, it has so much space to dance around like a frog on midsummer (read more about hosting a Swedish midsummer celebration here). 

Step inside more beautiful summer cottages on Gotland today here: 

Speaking of summer cottages, Landfolk and swedish magazine Hus & hem are currenty seeking Sweden's loveliest summer cottage. You can see the shortlist (some of which you'll recognise from past blog posts) - and vote for your favourite here

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Länsförsäkringar Fastighetsförmedling (currently for sale). 

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