A Scandi Love Affair at our little Cabin: Carl Hansen & Søn Nesting tables

Paid partnership with Carl Hansen & Søn, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love

Hello, how are you this bright and sunny day? 

Do you live in a small space or have small rooms to finish? When you only have 30m2 / 322 ft2 to play with, like we do at the cabin, you're constantly on the lookout for furniture that works well in a compact living area. And these CH004 Nesting Tables designed by none other than Hans J. Wegner - one of the most prolific furniture designers of all time, couldn't be more perfect! 

I've always been a big fan of nesting tables since they are so versatile - and it's incredible to think that this particular set was first launched in 1952! The beauty of good design is that it's timeless, and the lightness, distinctive craftsmanship and classic Scandinavian minimalism of these fine specimens, ensure they work equally well in homes today - and no doubt fifty years from now too.  Which is why Carl Hansen & Søn has recently relaunched them. 

Here's a closer look: 

For a small space, compact and multifunctional furniture is key, and the Nesting Tables come in a set of three different sizes which nestle together to create one smaller unit, or they can also be pulled out for a larger surface area. 

Sidenote: The little ceramic plate is by Sara Bergman, who's home I featured here. Sara is currently exhibiting at Norrviken - a beautiful garden down the road and I couldn't resist picking this up in the museum shop! The knotted candle is by Swedish ceramicist Emmeli Hultqvist

You can also choose to divide up the tables and use them as a side table and coffee table. 

In the background you can catch a glimpse of the FK10 Plico Chair which is also from Carl Hansen & Søn - sadly I rarely get to sit there as it is highly coveted by the entire family - and I'm never quick enough! 

The craftsmanship that has gone into the tables is incredible. Look closely and you'll see the subtle rounded corners which means there'll be no sharp in-take of breath should you bump into them (easily done in a compact space!), and the joinery and oak finish is so ultra smooth (this kind of thing warms my design heart!). 

If you love these Danish beauties as much as I do, you can find out more about the CH004 Nesting Tables here - and check out the other finishes, which include oak, soap, oak / walnut, oil and an incredible, dark walnut, oil. 

Could you imagine having these nesting tables in your home? 

We are so looking forward to heading up to the cabin tomorrow for the night. It's forecasted to be 22 degrees Celsius / 71 degrees Fahrenheit - an absolute corker considering the winter we have just had, and we need to make the most of it before it drops by 10 degrees nest week - baaaah! Barbecue at the ready! 

Speaking of our little cabin, we were so happy to see it featured in the summer edition of Simply Scandi magazine in the UK this month. I wrote a guide to dreamy Scandinavian summer destinations in the same issue if you're looking for inspiration! I believe there's a digital version available here

The next step is to work on the garden. The neighbours put up a chicken wire fence and every time I see it, I weep a little inside! I'm thinking a hydrangea hedge will do the trick, but maybe you have other suggestions? I'm all ears!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. See you Monday! 


A big thank you to Helen Sturesson for helping me to capture these nesting tables, it was such a fun day! 

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A Swedish Duplex With Historic Features and Vintage Finds

I have to admit, when I was little I dreamed of owning a big house - one with a huge garden, containing a tennis court and pool (preferably with a waterslide going from my bedroom to the pool)! Did you have similar ideas? The dream has thankfully faded over the years! And after building our little 30 m2 / 323 f2 cabin, I truly understood that the tiniest of spaces can feel the cosiest - and our family is at its happiest and most content. 

If I were to move home today, I'd be looking for something fairly small with beautiful historical features, and I'd also take note of how the light falls in each room. In fact, this Swedish duplex apartment is pjust the ticket!  

Granted, it's by no means small (it measures 101 m2 / 1087 f2), but with a ceiling height of 4.35 metres, beautiful wood beams dating back to 1912 and lots of cosy nooks, it has everything I love! And Idon't get me started on the wonderful array of very cool furniture, art and accessories too! Did I also mention it's located in an area called 'Midsommarkransen' (meaning 'midsummer crown')? Be still, beating heart!

Glossary: vardagsrum - living room, kök - kitchen, badrum - bathroom, sovrum - bedroom, sov / TV Rum - bedroom / TV room.

How lovely! I've been going through the pictures so many times eying up all the vintage pieces, lamps (does anyone know where the table lamp in the kitchen comes from), funky chairs and design classics. 

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

See more pictures over at Historiska Hem and more duplex apartments here: 

Have a happy mid-week - I hope the sun is shining where you are too! 

Stor kram! 


Photography - Lina Östling, Styling - Olivia Lind for Historiska Hem

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Wallpaper, Stainless-steel and a Sunny balcony in a Swedish Home

Why, hello there! A new dawn, a new day, a new week! Although, I'm still enjoying looking back at last week's posts and reading your comments about allotment cottages - thank you for sharing your stories! Plus, I'm really curious to know if you were tempted to snap up the photographer's cabin in the woods? I'm still dreaming about it! Although today, it's back to the city and this wonderful apartment in Gothenburg. 

It was owned many moons ago (2015) by Johanna Bradford - who installed a stainless-steel kitchen and Pimpernel William Morris wallpaper (see the tour here and take a look inside her current home here). Despite having many different owners since, these elements have remained - and rightly so, they're beautiful! Elsewhere in the home, the latest owners have added their own personal stamp with an array of funky furniture in the sitting room against a backdrop of white, as well as new wallpaper in the bedroom. I hope you feel inspired by the tour! 

Here's the floor plan in case yo'd like to get an idea of the layout: 

It's no secret that vintage glass cabinets are hugely popular right now - but I have to say, I particularly love the idea of having one in the bathroom. After all, bathrooms are expensive to renovate and therefore it's important to go for a fresh, timeless look - which is also in danger of looking sterile. Adding a vintage item in the form of a chair or cabinet does wonders to add warmth and soul to the space. And in this case extra storage too! 

Also, anyone else thinking how lovely it would be to sit in that sunny spot on the balcony with a cup of coffee today? 

Sharing a few more spaces to feel inspired by this fine day: 

Have a great start to the week! 



Photography: Anders Bergstedt for Entrance. 

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Are You The Next Owner of this Idyllic Swedish Photographer's Cabin?

Four years ago, I was leafing through the pages of Swedish country life magazine 'Lantliv' and came across this summer cottage. Bowled over, I reached out to the owner to ask if I could share it here on My Scandinavian Home. Safe to say, I've been dreaming about this beautiful cottage in the woods a couple of hours North of Stockholm ever since - and frequently turn to it for inspiration for our tiny cabin

The estate agent describes the cottage as an idyllic place where nothing has been left to chance. And looking through the pictures I can only agree! In the summer, Lina, Karl, daughter Charlie and their Jack Russell Terrier Kilda make the most of the great outdoors cooking, tending to the vegetable and flower patches or simply relaxing on the terrace. 

The inside is a picture of calm and feels completely clutter-free despite having everything they need for a perfect getaway. Think two tones walls in white and grey, open shelving and relaxed vintage furniture. It's with a heavy heart that the family have decided to sell this cottage. Could you be the next owner? Take the tour before you decide! 

It's not uncommon to find wood floors painted with patterned diamonds in Sweden. I love this affect - wood feels wonderful underfoot, and you get the illusion of tiles without the cost! 

The cottage has three bedrooms - one on the lower floor, a sleep loft (seen over the dining area above) and an extra bedroom in an outhouse. 

It can be hard to add storage to a sleep loft, and this solution from IKEA is great! 

The pair run the shop Noy Road, selling ethically and sustainable produced home textiles which you can see dotted about the cottage.  

Here are the plans so that you can understand the layout: 

And here's a link to the listing - just saying!! 

Sadly, it's a little too far from Malmö, or I'll have snapped it up in a flash. What a perfect little paradise, don't you think? 

Would you like to see a few more pretty Scandinavian summer cottages today? I love:

And there are lots, lots more to explore in this summer cottage archive

Have a wonderful weekend, thank you so much for stopping by!


PS It was so interesting to read all your comments about allotments this week! 

Photography and plan courtesy of Fastighetsbyrån with thanks. 

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