A Charming Danish Summer Cottage on the Island of Fejø

It's officially the summer holidays here in Scandinavia. From Smygehuk in Sweden to Rossøya in Svalbad,  OOO's are on, the midnight sun is shining and cool, blue waters are lapping at the shores, waiting for the first of the 'morning dippers' to arrive. Forget fancy holiday plans - many Scandinavian's retreat to summer cottages, where they enjoy a simple life and make the most of what nature has to offer. Every July, part time teacher and part-time PR rep for Stolbjerg Copenhagen - Sidsel Garsdal, her husband Jakob and their two children Carmen (9) and Bror (5) take a 15 minute ferry ride out to their very charming cabin on the small danish island of Fejø to relax, be together as a family and in Sidsel's words: "make magic out of everyday life".
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As with most Scandinavian summer residences, Sidsel's cottage has a relaxed, down-to-earth vibe and has been furnished in a simple, understated way, with no two pieces the same. "Most of the furniture here is vintage / second hand and inherited from our grandparents or bought at flea markets etc." confirms Sidsel.

This differs greatly from year round city dwellings, which often tend to be stricter with a more contemporary touch. "The furnishing here is more playful than in our Copenhagen apartment. I was aiming for a classic Danish summer house look, but also felt inspired by Southern beach houses. This is why I chose to paint the floors turquoise!" explains Sidsel. 

Since life at Scandinavian summer cottages tends to be centred around the great outdoors and soaking up the abundance of light before it starts to fade, nature becomes a central theme indoors too. Sidsel has drawn the surrounding nature indoors using vintage school posters*, plants, pretty botanical themed bedding and a mix of natural textures.

Making the most of what nature has to offer includes daily dips - rain or shine. And it's not unusual to see our Nordic friends cycling / walking to the nearest shoreline in their dressing gowns (the more worn the better!) to take their daily dip. "I love being close to the sea," enthuses Sidsel. "We start and end our days by the sea which is a two minute walk from our cabin. In spring and summer it's a house rule to go for a swim everyday."

What an idyllic way to spend the month of July, don't you think?

I love the way Sidsel has decorated their cabin too - relaxed yet with so much character! Is there anything that caught youy eye?

If you'd like to see more and check out snapshots of their home in Copenhagen too, hop over to Sidsel's wonderful instagram feed.

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What are your plans for the summer? (or winter for friends in the Southern Hemisphere!).

If you're heading this way, don't forget your dressing gown!


Photography: Sidsel Garsdal


  1. Beautiful furniture. I have always liked such simple armchairs. Recently I even hunted at IKEA but there were no colors matching my creamy interior. It is a pity you did not add a picture of this whole house from outside. I'm curious how it looks because the interior is very much in my taste, it's great. Light, transparent and very pleasant.

  2. perfect in every way!

  3. Looks very plain, this is a perfect home, it is not only beautiful interior, decoration but also the location of the house. I wish I had a house like that! fanfiction

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  5. comfortable home, im very intresting about your flower sheets on your bed, just love it.!


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