Sidsel's Elegant Copenhagen Home with a Snoozing Dog!

Many moons ago (I think we're talking four years) I featured Sidsel Garsdal's lovely Copenhagen apartment on My Scandinavian Home.  I've been following her on instagram ever since, and felt it was definitely time to see what the Dane has been up to! Sidsel her family and their dog Pablo divide their time between a flat in the heart of the Danish capital, where Sidsel works as a psychotherapist and their charming cabin on the island of Fejø

In their apartment, Sidsel has struck that wonderful balance between clean and clutter free and homely. The trick: a mix of materials and textures, beautiful wood floors, rugs and art - and a gently snoozing dog! Let's take a look around!

The chairs around the table are a mix of classic wishbone and old Danish school chairs. The incredible table was a secondhand find. 

My eyes are on the armchair - I bet it's so cosy to sit in! The armchair and sofa are danish design pieces by Formal A. The mirror coffee tables by Kristina Dam Studio are also very cool and a great way to lighten up a space. The La Cava rug is from Jotex. 

Light therapy spot, right there! So important in the Nordics! 

I love the vintage table - and also can't help but notice Sidsel's cowboy boots, one of this season's hottest trends. Will you be rocking a pair? 

The PAX closet is from IKEA which Sidsel has painted in 3372 from Flügger

It's not uncommon for beautiful old apartments in Scandinavia to have a decorative communal stairwell. Some have wonderful old lifts too. I love the blue shade and stain glass window in this one! 

I hope you enjoyed revisiting Sidsel's apartment as much as I did today!

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Take a peek inside more danish homes: 

I'm on my way to the cabin today for a few photoshoots. It's so tricky with the limited light, but I'm looking forward to sitting by the fire with a glass of wine tonight!

I hope you have a great Lillördag too!


Photography: Sidsel Garsdal, shared with kind permission

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A Design-Filled Hamburg Apartment, with Fabulous Sky High Ceilings

Sometimes the world is smaller than we think. And since moving to Sweden, I am still amazed at just how near other European countries are. Hamburg in Germany, for example is a short 4 hour hop on the train. But there's no train ride needed today as we can look inside an interior from the city through the lens of freelance photographer Oezlem Oezsoy (working name Mia Takahara). 

Oezlem has a beautiful apartment that's full of fabulous designer pieces and funky touches. A neutral background ensures the magic of these items remain star of the show, although it's also hard to ignore the beautiful architecture and period features (some of which are painted gold!) which do wonders to take the apartment to a next level of fabulousness! Welcome to Oezlem's inspiring world! 


I love the furniture and smaller accessories (every time I look through the pictures, I spot something new!). You can find the source of each item over at Oezlem's instagram - or please do ask below in the comments section and I'll do my best to help you. 

I also really like the tones and textures she has used on the walls and the tiling in the kitchen - very cool! 

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

Would you like to peek inside a few other Hamburg apartments today? Here are a few tours I've shown in the past: 

Have a great start to the week friends! 


PS After a weekend of not one but two big competitions for my girls (swimming for Liv and gymnastics for Allie) from 15.00 on Friday finishing 21.00 last night on opposite sides of Skåne - I am wiped. I wouldn't change it for the world, I'm so happy they have found their passion, but I think I age at least two years every competition from the nerves! To the unsung sports parents out there, ALL parents out there, I commend you! 

Photography: Oezlem Oezsoy / Mia Takahara

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Bright ideas: Lighting up our Cabin and a Friend's Bathroom

Paid partnership with Hudson valley Lighting Group, all words and pictures are my own

There's nothing like the autumn and winter darkness to make you realise you don't have enough lighting at home (yelp!). Put simply, you need at least 5 different types of lights in a standard size room (a mix of ambience, overhead and task lighting). Outdoor lighting is also important to extend the alfresco season, brighten up an entrance and create a welcoming vibe! Last week, Per and I headed to the cabin to install two lights in the fading autumn light. 

The first one we installed was the District pendant by Troy Lighting which is made from hand blown glass with soft black detail. The cabin has a 4-metre ceiling height, so we borrowed a ladder. Here's me checking the length (for someone who has a slight fear of heights, this was a brave moment!). The light comes with a black ceiling canopy which looks super smart once in place.  

As with all handmade pieces, the handblown glass has subtle imperfections which give it a lovely vintage feel. It comes in two different sizes (this is the smaller one measuring 40 cm high x 20.32 cm wide), and three different glass finishes: clear, topaz and smoke. Since it's a fairly small room, I chose the clear glass for a 'barely there' feel. 

I love the closed concave bottom - it's not unlike a fine bottle of wine! But more than that, it catches and reflects the light in a lovely way. 

Outdoor lighting 

Meanwhile, outside it can be pitch black (save for the moon and stars) at this time of year at the cabin. 

I've learned good garden lighting is key for three reasons: it means you can still be outside and enjoy mild evenings after the sun goes down, it creates a welcoming feel when you arrive home and finally, there's something unsettling about looking out into a black hole of darkness through the window, and good garden lighting can do wonders to lighten up the outside world - highlighting your deck, a tree or other parts of the garden, helping you to feel less 'closed-in'. 

Note: try to steer clear of lights that emit light directly upwards as this can disorientate migrating birds.  

For us, the first step was to install a light in the decked area so we can sit outside on autumn evenings (when the weather allows for it of course!). The Atwater Wall Sconce by Troy Lighting caught our eye as we liked the vintage brass finish and the warm glow. 

Specifically designed for outdoor use, it's available in three different sizes. This one is 45.72 cm high x 16.51 cm wide. 

I particularly like the finish - it's a tone I've used throughout the cabin. I also really appreciate the golden glow, it creates a really welcoming, cosy vibe! 

It's so much cosier to sit out here in Autumn now. Maybe we'll invest in a fire pit next, what do you think? 

Lighting up my friend's bathroom
And finally, it would be mean spirited of me to keep all these wonderful lights to myself. My friend Ullis (who I've known since I was five and lives a few doors down) has recently completed her bathroom renovation and it's amazing! There was just one piece missing - mood lighting! 

Ullis already has spotlights in the ceiling, so the overhead lighting was covered, what was needed was a warm mood light. Which is where this beauty came into the picture!

Made from solid cast brass, the Diggs wall sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting Group is small but fairly weighty (you do need a good, solid wall for this one). It looks great all over the home, but I also love that it can be installed in the bathroom. 

It has a hooded design with a handcrafted look and feel which looks equally pretty switched off or on.  

It gives off such a lovely warm glow, don't you think? I love it when a plan comes together! 

I'm considering installing this in our stairwell too (a dark area of our home that's in need of more light!). 

I hope you like these lamps as much as we do. Do you have a favourite? 

You can see all the lights have selected from Hudson Valley Lighting Group in the past herehere and here

This weekend is perfect timing to do a light edit in your home and ensure you have enough each room. Is there somewhere in your home you need to work on? 

Have a great weekend friends, vi ses på måndag! 


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A Swedish House Where the Town and Forest Meet

On Monday someone wrote requisition to see more urban apartments. I hear you, I have been featuring a lot of rural homes lately. I promise to keep shaking it up and try to share a little of every Scandinavian style - watch this space! Today's property offers the best of both worlds, which I'm hoping will also tick the box! Located on the outskirts of Kungsbacka, it has the benefit of having the town's facilities in walking distance, yet backs onto woodland (which looks especially pretty at this time of year). 

But it's not the location that caught my eye (although if you'd like to buy it, this could be good to know!), it's the decor. Built in 1906, the house has been completely renovated in keeping with the age and style of the property. I especially love the wood panelling (ever since building our little cabin, I'm even more of a fan!), and the way doors, ceilings, skirting boards and architraves have been painted in a darker tone. The upstairs bedrooms have also been painted in deeper soothing tones, adding a cosy touch. Oh, and the owners also have impeccable taste when it comes to furniture and lamps too! Ready to take a look? 

Notice how the kitchen is painted in two subtle tones, which immediately adds difference. Although rather spartan in this picture, you can imagine how lovely it would look when the whole family gathers round! 

What a wonderful house! I could definitely see myself living here, how about you?

Whoever snaps it up is extremely lucky. Hmmm, maybe I should speak to Per, although it is a little out of our budget! In case you're curious, there's more info about it here

Love to see some Scandinavian apartments today? Here some goodies: 

Live small? Get inspiration here!

I'm off to take some photos of a lamp now - it's such a gloomy day, I think it will need to be switched on. I'm looking forward to showing you the results on Friday! 

Vi ses! 


Photography: Mika Ågren 
Styling: Epok Interior 
Found via Planete Deco with thanks

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