A Peek at the Lights in My home and Studio!

Sponsored by HVLG International. All words and pictures are my own.

Do you find that when it comes to decorating a home, there's always some items that are easier to buy than others? And it's so personal! While I might be less good at sourcing rugs, I have a huge passion for lighting and it's one area of our home that I have fully covered! Could it be the dark Swedish winter? Or perhaps that I see lighting like art? Or maybe it's the huge variation waiting to be discovered. Either way, I'm always on the hunt!

Last week, I added three beautiful new gems to my home and studio from Hudson Valley Lighting Group International. While this was purely an instagram collaboration, I'm so happy with them, I thought maybe you'd like to see the gems here on the blog too! 

At home

In the corner of our sitting room I added the Nora wall sconce by Mitzi. I was drawn to it because it's like a jewel, brightening up what can be a fairly dark corner. It's also not too big which is great, as behind that curtain is our flatscreen TV and my children wouldn't be very happy with me if something were to obscure their latest series! Oh, the decorating struggles! 

This is the brass version, but it also comes in nickel if you prefer a silvery finish! Oh, and it's also suitable for use in the bathroom. You might recognise the style as Liv has a matching Nora pendant in her room (take a peek here). 

In the studio

A few years ago I made the big move out of my home office to a studio in the centre of Malmö, and I've never looked back! It certainly helps that I share my studio with two lovely, talented ladies (so many laughs as well as support and words of encouragement). 

Last week, I set up this Curves No.1 table lamp on my desk, and I have to say there was a lot of excitement 'Oohing and Ahhing' as we gathered around to admire it. The brass, rattan and linen details are beautiful! It's not all only aesthetics though - the height is adjustable and the lamp swivels, so it's highly practical too! 

Here's a closer look at the fine brass base and details.

You might also be excited (I was) to discover this table lamp has a sister - the  Curves No.1 floor lamp. Which now stands proudly beside the studio sofa. 

I was so happy to discover that this lamp was equally easy to put together - it took seconds for it to be up and running (I'm not one for a major amount of fuss, are you?). 

The lamp features the same brass and rattan details. And I love that it combines traditional touches with a modern aesthetic. It could fit in anywhere and be moved around at whim! 

It also features a foot button to turn it on and off - big bonus in my eyes! 

I hope you like these lamps as much as I do - and have enjoyed a peek inside my home and studio today.

You can read discover more about them and see the full collection at Hudson Valley Lighting Group International (ships worldwide).

You can also see more of their lamps throughout my home and cabin here: 

Feel free to ask about any other details you see in my home and studio and I'll be happy to help in the comments below! 

I'll be back on Friday with a beeeeeautiful home tour. See you then! 

Stor kram!


All words and photography my own ( Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home) 

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A Bright and Modern Danish Apartment With Art and Vintage Pieces

Why, hello there friends! Happy New Year! It's great to be back blogging again after a break over 'Jul'! If like me, you like a fresh start, you're going to love today's home tour, so let's dive straight in. 

This beautiful old apartment in Randers, a city on the Jutland peninsular, Denmark belongs to Anne Hundborg and her family. Anne had applied fresh light tones to the floors and walls, which serve as a neutral backdrop so her art collection, rugs and vintage furniture can pop! Keep a look out for all the glass cabinets, cool lights and touches of pattern too. Although pared-back, her home is full of fab details! 


I was pleasantly surprised to discover the kitchen is from IKEA! Designer items like a tap from Pulcher Denmark and lighting from Nordlux (over island), Verpan and By flou elevate the look.

The large kitchen also has a dining table and sofa as well as a back entrance. 

I love the vintage shoe rack, we could do with sometime like this in our house! 

In the sitting room a mid-century style table from Warm Nordic sits in front of a Hay sofa

A second hand cabinet and a wired shelf from Montana serve as storage beside the TV. 

Anne repainted a secondhand cabinet picked up from danish second hand store DBA. The rug is from Benuta and the wall features art such as Vinyl Guy by Jenny o Jens

The striped bedspread steals the show in the bedroom (I can't find a source, could it be handmade? I'll follow up with Anne and get back to you!), together with the Point chair from OK Design, rug from Benito (as before) and wall mounted second hand cabinet. I love the laces on her Adidas trainers too (below!). 

A second smaller bedroom features a HAY mega dot bed spread, IKEA cabinet (to the left) and an iconic Fritz Hansen Dot stool

What a beautiful apartment. I always think the Danes make it look so effortless to add pops of colour and funky touches to their homes, while still keeping the look calm. It's definitely an art form! 

Is there anything that stood out to you in particular about Anne's home? 

See more and feel inspired over at @by_blogliv. And check out a collection of other fab Danish homes with pops of colour here

Have a great start to the week friends, see you Wednesday with a tour of my new attic storage make-over - I'll tell you now, it was a lot of work clearing out the mountains of stuff, but I'm so happy with the results! 

It's good to be back! 


Photography courtesy of  @by_blogliv, shared with kind permission. 

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Bright ideas: Lighting up our Cabin and a Friend's Bathroom

Paid partnership with Hudson valley Lighting Group, all words and pictures are my own

There's nothing like the autumn and winter darkness to make you realise you don't have enough lighting at home (yelp!). Put simply, you need at least 5 different types of lights in a standard size room (a mix of ambience, overhead and task lighting). Outdoor lighting is also important to extend the alfresco season, brighten up an entrance and create a welcoming vibe! Last week, Per and I headed to the cabin to install two lights in the fading autumn light. 

The first one we installed was the District pendant by Troy Lighting which is made from hand blown glass with soft black detail. The cabin has a 4-metre ceiling height, so we borrowed a ladder. Here's me checking the length (for someone who has a slight fear of heights, this was a brave moment!). The light comes with a black ceiling canopy which looks super smart once in place.  

As with all handmade pieces, the handblown glass has subtle imperfections which give it a lovely vintage feel. It comes in two different sizes (this is the smaller one measuring 40 cm high x 20.32 cm wide), and three different glass finishes: clear, topaz and smoke. Since it's a fairly small room, I chose the clear glass for a 'barely there' feel. 

I love the closed concave bottom - it's not unlike a fine bottle of wine! But more than that, it catches and reflects the light in a lovely way. 

Outdoor lighting 

Meanwhile, outside it can be pitch black (save for the moon and stars) at this time of year at the cabin. 

I've learned good garden lighting is key for three reasons: it means you can still be outside and enjoy mild evenings after the sun goes down, it creates a welcoming feel when you arrive home and finally, there's something unsettling about looking out into a black hole of darkness through the window, and good garden lighting can do wonders to lighten up the outside world - highlighting your deck, a tree or other parts of the garden, helping you to feel less 'closed-in'. 

Note: try to steer clear of lights that emit light directly upwards as this can disorientate migrating birds.  

For us, the first step was to install a light in the decked area so we can sit outside on autumn evenings (when the weather allows for it of course!). The Atwater Wall Sconce by Troy Lighting caught our eye as we liked the vintage brass finish and the warm glow. 

Specifically designed for outdoor use, it's available in three different sizes. This one is 45.72 cm high x 16.51 cm wide. 

I particularly like the finish - it's a tone I've used throughout the cabin. I also really appreciate the golden glow, it creates a really welcoming, cosy vibe! 

It's so much cosier to sit out here in Autumn now. Maybe we'll invest in a fire pit next, what do you think? 

Lighting up my friend's bathroom
And finally, it would be mean spirited of me to keep all these wonderful lights to myself. My friend Ullis (who I've known since I was five and lives a few doors down) has recently completed her bathroom renovation and it's amazing! There was just one piece missing - mood lighting! 

Ullis already has spotlights in the ceiling, so the overhead lighting was covered, what was needed was a warm mood light. Which is where this beauty came into the picture!

Made from solid cast brass, the Diggs wall sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting Group is small but fairly weighty (you do need a good, solid wall for this one). It looks great all over the home, but I also love that it can be installed in the bathroom. 

It has a hooded design with a handcrafted look and feel which looks equally pretty switched off or on.  

It gives off such a lovely warm glow, don't you think? I love it when a plan comes together! 

I'm considering installing this in our stairwell too (a dark area of our home that's in need of more light!). 

I hope you like these lamps as much as we do. Do you have a favourite? 

You can see all the lights have selected from Hudson Valley Lighting Group in the past herehere and here

This weekend is perfect timing to do a light edit in your home and ensure you have enough each room. Is there somewhere in your home you need to work on? 

Have a great weekend friends, vi ses på måndag! 


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Cabin Update: The Lights Are On!

This is a paid partnership with Hudson valley Lighting Group. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love. 

The progress continues at the cabin! During the build we had spotlights fitted in the ceiling, which are all on dimmers. This set the basis for the lighting, and then I needed to add another layer - a more decorative one, but also directional to allow for reading, playing games etc. I.e. The fun part! Read on to see some pictures and find out more about the three new lamps in my life! 

Stanton floor lamp

This little gem in aged brass was the ideal choice for beside the sofa as it is height adjustable, and you can swivel the shade to direct the light. The black and white marble base makes for a great 'anchor' too (with Allie doing her gymnastics all over the shop, there's not much chance of it toppling over!). Find out more about the Stanton at Hudson Valley Group International here

Chloe wall sconce

You might recognise the lovely Chloe wall sconce by Mitzi, as I also have one in my sitting room at home. It's a favourite as I'm a big fan of the aged brass and light grey marble combination. For our bed alcove I opted for two - both connected to a dimmer switch so we can choose between a bright light for reading or a warm glow for ambience - this was important as it doubles up as somewhere cosy to relax in the open-plan living area! 

I love that this wall sconce works as decoration when not in use! 

Beside the lamp you'll notice a power source. The idea is to add a little rounded corner shelf at some point for phones and other tiny items like watches etc. All these details take time! 

Back home we added a third light from Hudson Valley Lighting Group: 

Nora Wall Sconce 

This fine Nora Wall Sconce by Mitzi brass wall sconce is part of the same family as Nora Pendant which I installed in Liv's room. It's available in two finishes: aged brass or polished nickel, but you know me, I love a golden touch! This lovely light added just the warm touch we were looking for in our window nook - day and night! It's probably the most coveted spot in our house, but I've got a feeling it will be even more inviting now! 

It's amazing what a difference lighting can make - whether to add decoration, create a warm and inviting feel, highlight a favourite painting or simply brighten up a corner. This weekend, why not do a light edit in your home and figure out what's missing. By adding a well-placed light you can completely transform an entire space and the way you use it! 

See the entire lighting collection over at Hudson Valley Lighting Group

Do you have a favourite? 

Right, I might just go and drink that cup of tea ('English breakfast'! - you can take a girl out of England, but you can't take England out of the girl!) and relax for a while before the family come home. 

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend. Vi ses på Måndag! 


Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home
Styling at cabin: Helen Sturesson. Styling at home: Niki Brantmark

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