A Cosy Country Home in Snowy North Sweden

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Here in Malmö in southern of Sweden, it's been unseasonably mild - so much so that it's still considered to be summer meteorologically. But Sweden is one looooong country, and in the far North they've already had their first flurry of snow. 

Frida Lindgren shares snapshots from her everyday life in Tvärålund Northern Sweden - including glimpses inside her cosy country home, which she shares with her husband Anders, two sons Axel and Viktor as well as a host of pets! If you've been following my blog since 2018, you might recognise Frida's house - but as someone who loves to tinker with interior design, it's being constantly updated, so I felt it was time for a new feature! 

Think maximalist rather than minimalist, lots of pattern and prints, vintage finds and layers of texture to keep the cold at bay. Oh, and I love the swing and star lanterns - keep your eyes peeled! 

We had jars exactly like this in our kitchen growing up. I remember there was a really long one for spaghetti! They create such a nice display and are really practical too! 

According to reports, the more you have your food on display and can see what you have, the less you are likely to waste food. Do you organise your food into jars or keep it in its original packaging? We're kind of a mix but I'd love to be better! I love these labelled spice jars*

Side cabinets like these are massively popular right now. The good news is, you can easily find simple inexpensive ones second hand and then give them a new lease of life with a lick of paint! 

Checks and gingham patterns are also having a moment - and tablecloths* and bedding* are a perfect way to bring your home up to date. I'm really happy with my gingham ironing board cover too (something I never thought I'd hear myself say - although it still doesn't actually prompt me to do any ironing ). Since then, I've found a whole market out there for them like this one for autumn and one for spring - who knew? 

How pretty is this peacock chair? Such a great find! 

The sitting room area is layered with texture including a large rug, blankets and sheepskins for a cosy feel. 

Now that I've just updated my laundry room (thank you. so much for all your lovely comments non Friday!), I have a new found love for the room. Frida has gone for a traditional look with wallpaper, a chequered floor and plenty of baskets. 

The swing I was talking about. What a perfect way to sit and look out over the wintery landscape at the end of the day. 

Ever since moving to Sweden, I've loved these Christmas paper star lanterns* that hang in the windows, they look so pretty in the winter darkness. 

How cosy! And such beautiful surroundings too. It's really got me in the mood for winter and the holiday season ahead, how about you? 

See more of Frida's lovely home over at @froken.frida

Are you in the mood for more snowy pictures today? Grab a coffee and blanket and check these homes out: 

Have a cosy start to the week! 


Photography: Frida Lundgren / @froken.frida, shared with kind permission. 


  1. Cozy and comfortable inside, a very nice retreat against the beautiful snow and landscape outside.

    1. Yes, it's just the place you would like to discover when you walk in from the cold :) / Niki

  2. Those chairs in the kitchen remind me of the chairs we sat in at the parochial school I went to in the early 70's. I am also ordering a paper star for my living room window today. Love this cosy farmhouse. Patty

    1. That was my first thought too about the chairs! I hope you enjoy your paper star, they look lovely in the window! /Niki

  3. I wish I had a good place for a paper star. They are so pretty.

    This home looks like a place where wonderful family memories have been made. It's visually lovely and has a very authentic feel.

    I wonder if living in Sweden is a bit like living in Michigan. We are having an unseasonably warm autumn in the southern part, but the northern part of our state has already received significant snowfall. I'm not quite ready for snow yet, but give me a few weeks and I'll be looking forward to it.

    1. It sounds like it could be very similar Kris!

      Here in the south of Sweden we get much milder winters - usually hovering around 5-6 degrees but which feel much colder due to the dampness in the air and the strong winds. BRRRRR! / Niki

  4. The peacock chair is lovely, and it looks like one can actually sit on it. I used to have one (two decades ago) but the backrest was at 90% degree angle to the seat and it was impossible to sit on it - it was purely decorative.
    But Niki, please wait with the snowy scenery a bit! I am not ready for winter! :)

    1. Yes, exactly the same here. I recently got rid of mine as although it looked pretty, it just sat there collecting dust as no one could actually use it!

      I hear you on the snowy front LOL! /Niki

  5. This style country living is lovely, but I miss the fantastic urban apartments that you used to post. The beautiful old Swedish apartments with high ceilings, moulding on walls, a mix of contemporary and vintage furnishings…

    1. I hear you! I promise to mix things up in the coming weeks. Watch this space :) - and thank you for the input, always appreciated and helpful! /Niki

  6. I live in an old farmhouse and love your country-house posts. So inspiring and this house is just beautiful in every way. The first photo of it in the snow is like a fairytale!

    1. I'm happy you've found the country home posts inspiring. I love the sound of your old farmhouse! / Niki


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