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Inspiration from a Swedish Attic Apartment with Low Angled Ceilings

Good morning friends, how are you today? I'm stopping by to share this Swedish apartment which has some perfect inspiration for tight, angled spaces and how to fill darker homes with light! 

Nestled under the roof on the top floor of beautiful house dating back to 1913, the owners of this apartment have worked around the angled ceilings to ensure a truly lovely living space. Let's take a closer look at some of the elements at play. 

The kitchen units have a staggered height, and where no units would fit, a shelf has been used instead to ensure every inch of space can be used. 

Two skylights have been installed to ensure natural light. Try Velux for similar. 

Dormer windows are a perfect solution to draw in lots of light and carving out standing space. 

There are solutions available for every shape and sized space these days. A made-to-measure glass door and windows help to ensure a flow of light between the rooms to capitalise on any natural sunlight that enters the home, while a curtain can be pulled across for privacy and a cosy feel in the bedroom. 

The doors open right out for a light and airy feel. 

Low art in the bedroom adds a decorative touch while the bed is tucked under the ceiling and a dormer window. 

A closet can be seen tucked in behind the glass door above. 

In Sweden, it's common to find washing machines in the bathroom (another popular alternative for apartments is a communal washing room in the basement). In England, it's popular to have washing machines in the kitchen. Where do you tend to have your machines? 

I have always loved the idea of art in the bathroom, it adds such a cosy, personal touch. 

A window seat in the stairwell capitalised on natural light from the window. 

Such a pretty house - I love the garden with a communal outdoor dining area! 

It's very common for Swedish apartments to have an inner garden where you'll find a shared dining area, barbecue and children's play area. Some even have herb gardens! 

Working with awkward angles takes some extra thought and problem solving, but I think this home is a great example of how you can find a solution for every shape and size today! 

I particularly liked the glass wall and door designed to fit the sloped ceiling - this could be a perfect solution for our top floor! 

I hope you found some nice ideas for your own home here today!

Speaking of dark spaces, I'll be working on our windowless downstairs loo today. Per and I have been doing a budget make-over using a splash of tile paint as well as a few other touches. I am hoping to share the makeover with you on Friday, but we'll see how we get on, DIY updates always takes longer (and creates way more mess) than you think, right? 

Wishing you all a great Wednesday! 


Styling: Copparstad. Photography: Boukari. For sale via Historiska Hem. Found via Nordroom with thanks. 

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Smart ideas for Small Spaces in a Stockholm Flat

A friend of mine recently transformed a tiny outhouse into a living space and asked me about small dining space solutions. I've been on the lookout ever since! And this Stockholm apartment popped up just at the right time - who wouldn't like to enjoy a morning coffee by the window? And then, as I took the tour, I discovered more exciting features which help to make a small space (50 sqm 540 f2) fabulous and practical. Keep a look out for clever tricks such as the use of mirrors, raised beds with storage underneath and a hidden washer-dryer. Välkommen! 

A small table, bench and chair tucked into the corner are all that's needed to carve out a quiet spot for breakfast! 

Carefully placed mirrors can brighten up a darker space and visually enlarged a room. 

A dining table by the window in the sitting room serves as a work and more formal dining space. 

Using the full height of the room is important in small spaces. This wooden shelving system provides open and closed storage. 

In a small space, it's important to keep the home as clutter-free as possible. Hiding appliances such as washers and dryers can help to keep the space looking clean and serene! Plus no one can see your smalls spinning away when they stop by for a visit. Major bonus! 

A raised bed makes way for an entire under-the-bed storage system. 

Loved some of these ideas. And the kitchen too - such a beautiful design! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

The sun has returned here after a very stormy week on the west coast, so I'm very keen to head out and enjoy it while it lasts. Plus, I have two girls here waiting to go for a morning dip! 

I hope the sun is shining where you are today and that you have a fabulous weekend!

I'll be back on Monday with a very exciting 'before and after' tour, see you then! 


Styling: Studio Rydman

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A Swedish Apartment for One (or Two) on a Serene Island

Tjena! Sweden is slowly waking up after a long weekend of Midsummer celebrations. The sun shone for us all too (usually Midsummer's Eve can be particularly dicey as the Nordic weather gods know we all want to eat alfresco!). All in all, it was a beautiful weekend of wildflowers, dancing around a may pole, singing and catching up with friends and family! Take a look at this post to learn more about the Swedish Midsummer celebrations in case you'd like to join in with the revelry! 

Anyhow, I'm sure you're here for the Scandi interiors inspiration today not to hear about my weekend, so let's crack on! This lovely little apartment measuring 34 sqm / 365 ft2, has everything a single person or couple might need to enjoy life near the Swedish capital, yet still feel close to nature. Situated on Stora Essingen, an island on Lake Mälaren, the peaceful surroundings are there to be enjoyed year-round. 

The main living space is open-plan and has been organised so that you can enjoy meals looking out over the water.

A classic Gubi semi-pendant lamp has been hung over the table. But the real eye-catcher is the striped tablecloth (it was only a few weeks back that we were discussing how much a tablecloth can transform a room and here is yet more proof!). The closest I found was this nautical striped fabric on Etsy*

A gallery wall (source similar prints at The Poster Club*) and collection of cushions add a cosy touch to the living room area. 

I love this corner with a wall hanging, Flowerpot table lamp in 'beige red' and a cabinet. The latter looks like it could be an IKEA hack using Bestå units and adding a cane front. I noticed last time I was there they now have an IVAR cabinet with cane front in the range too! 

Notice how subtle pink tones can be seen in the living room area. This is part of what the Swedes call a 'red thread' - using the same colour in every room to create a cohesive feel throughout a home. 

Swedish string pocket shelves and a row of wooden hooks create space to display an array of pottery. 

It's in the bedroom where the pink has been allowed to really shine through - seen on both the wall cabinets, curtains and bed linen! Love this, how about you? 

If you're curious about the layout, here are more details (courtesy of Historiska Hem). 

Glossary: vardagsrum - living room, kök - kitchen, sovrum - bedroom, bad - bathroom. 

I could totally see myself enjoying a slow breakfast looking out over the water, how about you? And I'm very tempted to add that lovely pink tone to a small bedroom in our house, I wonder if Albin would let me? I doubt it! 

Is there anything that struck you about this serene space? 

I also love these homes in the Stockholm archipelago: 

If you're looking to combine a trip to the Swedish capital with a stay in the Stockholm archipelago, we loved our press stay at this hotel last summer! 

See more lovely Swedish homes in this archive. And don't miss some of these tours that I've shared lately: 

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography: @jockeono Styling: Lindholm Design for Historiska Hem

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5 Simple yet Impactful Ways to Add Interest to a Room, Swedish Style

Good morning! Yesterday was a big day, Sweden celebrated 500 years of independency - and the sun was shining for the occasion! I feel very honoured to have called this beautiful country my home for over nineteen years. To mark the occasion, I thought we could take a tour of a humble Swedish home - which combines form with function, in true Scandi fashion! 

This lovely apartment is located in a 20th century building in Gothenburg and measures 33m2 (355 ft2). The living room serves as somewhere to relax and sleep, while a separate dining area in the kitchen means you can dine in style (or al fresco!). There are five simple yet impactful decor factors I love about this apartment which bring interest to the rooms. Here's the low down: 

1. Checked tablecloth - going for checks rather than a simple linen table cloth adds a little pattern  to the kitchen and brings the look up to date. Source a similar one here*

2. Use size as a surprise! When it comes to lamps, it can be fun to play with dimensions. By going oversize or tiny you'll make a statement and add interest to a room. Not everything should be perfect, after all! 

3. Go natural: speaking of lamps, we've been seeing white paper ball lamps for a while now, but a new dimension has been doing the rounds lately - with 'natural' paper. I love this one from Imprint House (owned by Natalie Walton whose home I once featured here!). 

4. Throw in some stripes (or other bold patterns): after all, it's all about the element of surprise. You don't need to go all out, just one or two pieces like an armchair and cushion will do the trick. 

5. Bring the balcony inside: greenery has so many health benefits and is a great air purifier. If you live in an urban area, why not bring it one step nearer by placing plants on a shelf just inside the door for year-round plant-therapy! 

I hope you enjoyed my observations! Did you spot anything in particular? If so, please do leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about it! 

You can see a ton more small spaces in this archive - I love these small flats and cottages: 

Have a lovely, sunny day (even if its cloudy out!). 


Photography Jonas Berg, Styling: Livindeco for sale via Stadshem, found via Nordroom with thanks.

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