A Beautifully Simple White Danish Summer Cabin

When you stand on the Malmö shore you can see the sun setting over the Copenhagen skyline in the distance  - it's the most beautiful sight! Sadly, it's looking like we won't be able to visit to our Danish friends this summer, so I'll be getting my fix from pictures of their beautiful homes instead. I hope you'll join me! Today, I'm taking us on a virtual tour to Line Stampe Dahl's simple, yet charming summer house in Sjællands Odde, North East Zealand (approximately 1 hr 45 minute's drive from Copenhagen). It's an area that comes to life in the summer months, when Danes flock to the cape to enjoy the magnificent nature and white sandy beaches. Line, a landscape architect and keen knitter, and her family love to escape city life at the weekends and in the holidays, to enjoy a more simple life. Their whitewashed cabin is sparsely furnished giving it a wonderful, light and airy feel, and allowing nature to take centre stage!  

It's no secret that the weather in Scandinavia in the summer can be a little, shall we say, unpredictable - but nothing that a wood burning stove can't fix. The fire adds instant hygge too! 

Simple wood furniture and a Beni ourain rug (source a similar one from Kanyamakan*) are perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the white open-plan living space.

One of those slow frosty mornings when you bring the duvet with you and chill in the early sun.

I love it when a ceiling has been knocked through to reveal beams - it makes a room feel instantly more spacious (rem ember this Danish coastal home?). The panoramic window is fabulous for letting in great bites of nature. 

When you have windows like this, it's perfectly acceptable to wear a sun hat and sunglasses indoors!

The iconic Le Klint scissor lamp* - what a beauty! 

Bunking up. I've  realised over the years, that my children love to live in close quarters, the smaller the space, the cosier they think it is. They'd be so happy to arrive at Line's cottage and discover we were sharing a room!

What a lovely way to spend the summer holidays! It doesn't need to be more complicated than this, do you agree?!

Line sometimes rents her wonderful cabin out (for future reference!). If you're interested, keep an eye out on her inspiring instagram feed for info! 

And if you love knitwear, check out Line's latest pieces here (she's currently working on a home page). 

As always, I can't resist sharing a few other idyllic danish summer cottages for you to dream over today: 

Oh, how I'll miss Denmark this summer! Here's hoping they might open the borders soon! 

Wishing you a dreamy Wednesday friends! 


Photography Line Stampe Dahl

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Step Inside A Swedish Summer Cottage Oasis From the 1700s

I was meant to post a tour of a city apartment today, and then I realised my mind is already in the countryside - sitting by the sea, legs dangling idly in the cool, sparkling Scandinavian waters. So I hope you don't mind that we return to the beautiful island of Gotland today (yes, I am obsessed!). This summer paradise dating back to the 1700s is nestled in the old town of Visby, a few hundred yards from the Baltic Sea. The current owners described the renovation as a 'treasure hunt' since it unearthed so many exciting discoveries from times gone by including a deep well and an old baking oven. And now, it's time to pass over the reins. Could you be the next one to enjoy this little oasis, with its historic details, traditional kitchen, earthy tones and a seat under the boughs of a blossoming peach tree all summer long? 

Forget the summer - I could live here all year round, how about you?

So happy to see there's an outdoor shower in the garden too, there's nothing nicer than rinsing off under the open sky don't you think (see my outdoor shower and bathroom round-up here!). 

I think I've linked to it quite a few times already (understatement, I hear you say!) but just in case you missed it and would love to see a few more pictures from Gotland and other east coast islands, take a peek at my travel diaries

This summer we're hoping to sail up Sweden's west coast (weather permitting!) and I was thinking of taking my camera and writing a feature about it once we're back. What do you think? Could this be interesting? The Gothenburg archipelago is one of my favourite places in the world and I'd so love for you to experience it one day (if you haven't already!). 

Leaving you with a few other charming summer cottages today: 

Have a lovely, sunny day friends!


Photographs courtesy of Fastighetsbyrån - with thanks

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A Magical Norwegian Cottage With a Wabi Sabi Vibe

Here in Scandinavian we're counting down the days to Midsummer's Eve. Nature has sprung to life in a riot of colours - with meadows and grass verges bursting with poppies, daisies, harebells and lupins. The sun casts a long, hazy shadow well into the evening as adults and children alike soak up every last drop of golden sun. In the small hamlet of Nesodden, near Oslo, Norway, Hilde Mork and her two children are enjoying the midsummer sun from their magical country cottage. Last year, Hilde and a colleague converted the former ceramics studio and stables into a family home using 100% recycled and secondhand materials. Inspired by Scandinavian functionality and 'Nordic wabi sabi', today the cottage also serves as a studio for Hilde's work as a graphic designer, photographer and storyteller - and an idyllic base from which to enjoy the surrounding forest and countryside. Velkommen inn to Hilde's magical world - where the beauty lies in the imperfection. 

The neighbour's cat often stops by for a visit, making himself at home beside a vintage cabinet, cookery books and bunches of dried flowers. 

In this close-up you can really see how the kitchen has been built using secondhand and recycle materials - from the reclaimed porcelain sink and taps to the cabinet doors. A vintage scissor lamp* provides light after sunset.

A simple rail serves as storage for an array of pots and pans and a traditional woven birch basket* is ideal for other small items. 

In the winter a wood burning stove helps to keep the cottage feeling cosy and warm, while in summer it provides a perfect spot for a vase of wildflowers. 

A series of vintage mirrors help to bounce the light around while also creating a lovely wall display! 

On warmer days, life moves outside, where the family enjoy the surroundings in an understated way while making the most of the long hours of sunshine. 

What a magical world! Slow and sustainable living at its finest. 

Could you imagine soaking up the Scandinavian summer sun from this charming Norwegian country home? 

Take a peek at more of Hilde's home on her instagram @hildemork78 and find out more about her work as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and storyteller on her website www.hildemork.me

Up for a little more Scandinavian country inspiration today? Take a look at these magical homes:

Have a great start to the week friends! 


Photography courtesy of Hilde Mork, shared with kind permission. 

*This post contains affiliate links which means I might make a very, very tiny amount of money if you buy an item through the links marked with an asterisk. 

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Small Space Inspiration From Swedish Attefall Houses

I've always marvelled at the way Swedes decorate small spaces in such a practical, yet aesthetically beautiful way. It really is an art form. 'Attefalls' are small Swedish houses that measure less than 30 metres square (322 square feet). I've always found them to be a great source of inspiration for small spaces. Here's a round-up of some of my favourites corners (from various abodes). I hope you find them as inspiring as I do - and can find some ideas for your own small spaces, wherever you are in the world!

There are so many clever ideas here! I especially love the loft beds and kitchen ideas! 

Did you spot anything you loved? 

I found all these pics over at Sommernöjen - the architects who specialise in making these beautiful small houses. Check out their portfolio for more inspiration. 

If you're looking for storage ideas, these small houses probably aren't so helpful as they're built for short term stays. However, there's plenty more small space inspiration to be found in this My Scandinavian Home archive

Before I wrap up the week, I'd like to say, once again, a big thanks for all your comments on my post on Wednesday. I have read every single one of them as they continue to come in and will carry your thoughts with me along with my own reflections. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend friends!


Photography courtesy of Sommernöjen. Pictures 1,2 and 3 from Plaza, photographer Lennart Weibull, stylist Lina Kjellvertz

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A Beautiful Danish Cabin By The Sea Becomes a Lockdown Haven

I'm so happy you enjoyed the Swedish summer cottage yesterday - someone on facebook even said they were keen to buy it, how fun would that be? We could all go to stay! Since the sun is still shining in Scandinavia I thought I'd stick with the summer cottage theme, and transport you to a wonderful, earthy cabin in Smidstrup, a small fishing village near Gilleleje (which I've had the pleasure of visiting many times by boat), just North of Copenhagen. The cabin belongs to Simone Polk Dahl, who's beautiful, golden Copenhagen apartment I featured not long ago. In the summer months, Simone and her family swap city life for this lovely oasis. I caught up with the artist and interior stylist to find out more about how it has become her haven during lockdown, where she sources her vintage furniture and what it's been like to swap life on the 5th floor for a small cabin by the sea. 

When did you buy the house?
We bought the house four years ago.

Have you carried out any renovation work?
We have not done that much with it besides building a terrace and painting over the hemp wallpaper and the 80s lookalike wood ceilings. 

Where do you find most of your furniture? 
The majority of our furniture comes from the local flea markets up here. You can find some real treasures! 

Do you look out for specific pieces?
Since it's a house from the sixties, I try to find pieces from the same period. Examples include our coffee table and the lounge chair by Bernt Pedersen which I picked up for 300 DKK (around €40) at a thrift store. The sofa is an old one which brought up here from our apartment - and is also a sixties piece by Erik Jøgensen.  

How often do you visit your cabin?
We spend most weekends here and have staying here for the past five weeks during the Corona lockdown. We have really appreciated having a garden to relax in and the sea close by for a calm, cold dip.  

It sounds like the perfect haven! Has your life changed during this period?
I was so happy living in a small space up here, that I really considered selling our apartment and moving to this little house permanently. When you live on the 5th floor, it's feels like paradise to be able to open the door and be outside. I have found myself getting quite nerdy about the garden too. I have a nightly check on all the flowers and trees to see if they've grown during the special spring season. I also learned to run up here and did so every second day without exception. Now it's back to the 5th floor only having a ton of stairs as my daily exercise!! 

Thank you for sharing more about your life at this wonderful little house Simone! It's absolutely beautiful! 

Did you see the wall unit with all the shells? When I hold talks (or write books) about Scandinavian design I often refer to the way Scandinavians take a beautifully subtle approach to bringing the outside in. For example, when you live by the sea it can be tempting to go all out and add sea themed elements to your home such as fabrics with anchor or boat themes, 'gone fishing' signs etc, when actually all that's needed (in my mind at least) is shells or pebbles picked up during a stroll along the beach, a piece of driftwood on a table top or wildflowers plucked from the roadside. 

Some great examples can also be found in this feature: 15 Coastal Living Ideas To Steal From A Breath-taking Danish Home

Is there anything that stood out to you?

In case you missed it, you can take a peek inside Simone's beautiful Copenhagen apartment here. And find more inspiration on her fab instagram feed @polkenstudio

Have a lovely day, 


My thoughts are with what's happening in America right now.  My Instagram will be blank today as part of #blackouttuesday in support of justice for people of colour and against racism. 

Photography courtesy of Simone Polk Dahl - shared with kind permission. 

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