Before & After: A Dated Cabin Becomes a Dreamy Airbnb Hideaway In The Woods

Have you ever dreamed of owning a little home from home? Somewhere you can escape to at the weekends and completely switch off. Often the cost and effort involved in acquiring and renovating a second home is enough to put most people off. But actually, a fixer upper doesn't need to cost the earth - there's a lot you can do with a small, remote place on a tight budget. Tom and Hope had always dreamed of owning and renovating cabin in the woods. The answer came in the form of The Cobb Haus, a wooden cabin at the end of a track in the quiet rural neighbourhood of Whispering Pines, Cobb, California. The pair closed in February and set about transforming it into a peaceful retreat, a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I caught up with the pair to find out more about their wonderful hideaway in the woods - which is also available to rent


How long did it take you to transform your cabin into the lovely hideaway it is today? 
We completed in February and had it finished (I say that loosely as it is a continuous work in progress!) in June.


Wow, that was quick! What type of work did you carry out in that time?
Most of the work we did was purely cosmetic aside from the bathroom which was a complete remodel. 


What was your decorating goal? 
We really wanted to keep the original 40s / 50s charm while adding some modern touches. It's a small space so keeping the decor minimal and well thought out was key. 


The upper cabinets were replaced with relaxed open shelving and the lower cabinets were painted in Woodland Lichen by Sherwin Williams. The green was a perfect choice as it draws the surrounding nature indoors. 


"There is no central heating but there is a wood burning stove and two small space heaters you can move around as needed."


The pair painted the wood burning stove with special paint and replaced existing the hearth with tiles from Home Depot. 

The cosy sitting room has been kitted out with poufs and a side cabinet from IKEA and an Article sofa. There green curtains from Target were picked out to match the kitchen cabinets for a cohesive look. 

What inspired the interior style? 
It's hard for me to pinpoint one style as inspiration, but I love to pull from Scandinavian, mid-century and a little boho, while keeping a minimalistic feel. 


I see (with glee!) that you rent out your cabin through Airbnb - did you have this in mind during the renovation?
Ultimately, we wanted it to feel like home for whoever walks in. We wanted it to feel cosy and inviting with a focus on the beautiful views of the surrounding forest. 



A lick of white paint on the floors, walls and ceiling have completely transformed the bedroom into a light and airy room. A glimpse of the forest through the window makes a great focal point (almost like art!). 

The side table is from HomeGoods, however, you'd be forgiven for thinking it has been fashioned out of a tree trunk from outside the door. A perfect nod to the surroundings! 

Truly inspiring, don't you think? 

In case it's rekindled your dream of going for that fixer upper you've always dreamed of, here are some budget friendly lessons to learn from this renovation:

6 ways Tom and Hope saved money
  1. Carrying out a lot of the renovation themselves
  2. Painting existing kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them
  3. Working with the existing structure
  4. White washing the interior for a fresh feel
  5. Furnishing with items from IKEA, Target etc
  6. Renting out the cabin via Airbnb to cover running costs
Not quite ready to purchase your own rural hide-away?! The Cobb Haus is available to rent through Airbnb. And word on the street is that you can also order healthy, homemade meals directly to the door! It sounds like a trip to Whispering Pines (beautiful name!) might be in order, don't you think?

Read more about The Cobb Haus here and check out more pics on instagram

Other incredible rural retreats to dream about this Monday:  

Wishing you all a truly inspiring start to the week! Here's to new future projects, big and small!


Photography courtesy of The Cobb Haus, with kind permission

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The 10 Winners Of Association of German Furniture Industry Global Photography Contest

Sponsored by the German Furniture Industry:
What does #beingathome mean to you? This is the question that formed the basis of an exciting global photography contest held by the Association of German Furniture between 5 - 18 August, 2019. Contestants were asked to submit photographs that depict their favourite place in the home, across ten categories as part of the #zuhausesein / #beingathome initiative. A total of 232 entries were received from 19 countries as far and wide as India, Switzerland and South Africa!

It was an honour to be a part of the jury, and so inspiring to see so many beautiful entries, thank you so much for taking the time to enter!   

Here are the 10 winning photographs: 

1. Outdoor Living

Winner: Silvia Ferrando, Italy 
Copyright / Instagram: Silvia Ferrando @illumino_home_ideas
Category prize: SK 07 Ritual bowl: designed by Stefan Knopp for JANUA

2. Tiny Spaces

Winner: Karst Rauhé, Netherlands
Copyright / Instagram: Karst Rauhé / @krrrrst
Prize: Super Light by Bordbar

3. The Hallway

Winner: Agata Dimmich, Italy
Copyright / Instagram: Agata Dimmich / @passion_shake

4. Kitchen Lover

Winner: Mike Klar, Germany
Copyright / Instagram: Mike Klar / Mensur Liang, homemade studio / @herrklar
Prize: Fabella light designed by Laura Straßer for Caussa

5. Relaxed Sleeping

Winner: Anastasia Benko, Germany
Copyright / Instagram: Anastasia Benko / @stilzitat
Prize: Pfeife Night Stand designed by Vitamin Design

6. The Living Room

Winner: Roger Lemoyne, Canada
Copyright / Instagram: Roger Lemoyne / @rogerlemoyne

7. The Bathroom

Winner: Alex Schälar, Germany
Copyright / Instagram: Alex Schälar @dieartige

8. Living with Children

Winner: Elizabeth Barrett, USA
Copyright / Instagram: Elizabeth Barrett & Kristen Fiore / @kristenelizabethdesign
Prize: Birdy stool from Hülsta 

9. Working at Home

Winner: Vicson Chan Chua, Philippines
Copyright / Instagram: Vicson Chan Chua / @neonvixx

10. Other Forms of Living

Winner: Pepper Schmidt, Germany
Copyright / Instagram: Pepper Schmidt / @heimatbaum
Prize: S18 side table / Thonet

A huge congratulations to all the winners!  We feel they really captured the essence of #zuhausesein / #beingathome.

In addition to a piece of furniture from a German furniture manufacturer, the winners can look forward to: 
  • Integration of your picture in the photo exhibition at IMM Cologne 2020
  • Integration of your picture in the German Design Book 2020
  • Two tickets and one overnight stay to IMM Cologne 2020 (the VDM will provide a travel allowance of up to €500. The winner is responsible for making the booking which will be refunded by the VDM).
You can find out more information about the #zuhausesein / #beingathome initiative on this website as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


This post is sponsored by the Association of the German Furniture Industry - however, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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Stylist and Author Natalie Walton's Understated Yet Incredibly Charming Home

FREDAG! Oh, am I happy to see you, it feels like it's been a long ole week. Do you feel the same?  Any fun plans for the weekend? Lots of rest in store for me I think (with any luck!). Before we all start mixing that Friday night sundowner, I have one more home tour to share with you. This charming and relaxed home belongs to Natalie Walton, an Australian designer, creative director and author of the best-selling book This is Home: The Art of Simple Living. Natalie prides herself on creating "genuine and atmospheric interiors" with meaningful products. When she's not working with her design studio and online emporium Imprint House, she's relaxing right here in her understated yet incredibly beautiful home in Byron Bay with her husband Daniel and four children. Ready to take a look around? Let's have a nose! 

Natalie was considering painting the posts white but was so pleased she didn't. They add a lovely raw contrast to the space.  

Bemz loose fit urban cover* for IKEA sofas is similar to this

Linen table cloth in grey stripes*

Oh wow. I love this look. Raw, understated yet staggeringly beautiful! Natalie certainly practices what she preaches in her popular workshops (I see there's one coming up soon..... hmmm, interesting!). 

Is this your kind of style too?!

You can see more of Natalie's lovely home over on her blog and instagram. I have to say, her book This Is Home (a back-to-basics guide on how to create authentic wholehearted interiors) is so inspiring too - it's packed with drool worthy spaces! It's available in a load of different places including Amazon and Natalie's own website where she offers signed copies

I can't resist sharing a few more places from Byron Bay for you to enjoy over the weekend. It seems to be one of those creative hubs packed with incredible homes and places to stay. Here are a few of my favourites:

Right, that's it from me this week. Time to start mixing (make mine a G&T!). 

Have a FABULOUS weekend and thanks for joining me on the blog this week!


Photography credits: 1, 4, 5, 6 , 7  Natalie Walton 2 & 3. Jessie Prince 

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Could You Imagine Staying In This Dreamy Riad in Marrakech?

One day I'm excited about Autumn, the next I'm dreaming of an escape to warmer climes (yep, my mood is as fickle as the between-season Skåne weather!). But seriously, who could blame me with places like this waiting for us all? Riad 42 is nestled in the heart of the bustling Medina in Marrakech and has been lovingly restored by French-Belgian duo Sarah & Grégoire. The couple worked with the existing architecture and added a soothing neutral palette, handwoven textiles, a touch of that Moroccan style we all so love - and one very refreshing rooftop pool! Could you imagine recharging at this serene bed and breakfast?! 

I love these cross taps but struggling to find them online - does anyone have any tips? 

Simplicity which works beautifully thanks to the patina on the surfaces (both the wall and shower head / taps).

Lounge chairs like these have become increasingly popular and so easy to work with inane space. I stumbled across this woven leather one which is similar - and oh so beautiful!

Not a bad place to hang out after a day at the souks, right?! 

So dreamy! 

Can you imagine the sense of calm you'd feel just walking through the door?! 

If Marrakech isn't on the horizon right now - there are still so many homes with a Moroccan touch to feel inspired by. Here are a few of my favourites:

I'm feeling a teeny bit excited. First the sun has come out for the first time in days (such a relief!) and secondly, I'm off to visit my new office in Malmö. I'll be sharing the space with two very fabulous, very creative ladies! Yay! We need to do a little work on the interior, but I hope I can share some pictures of it soon! 

I hope you have a fab day!


Photography courtesy of Riad 42 with thanks!
*Affiliate links

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All Fluffed Up: This Autumns Cosiest Trend (And The World's Most Simple DIY IKEA Hack!

I've kind of got over my end of summer angst and finally starting to embrace the chillier Autumn days, dhow about you? There's something about the idea of layering the home with cosy blankets, warm chestnut tones and lots of candlelight that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! But there's also another cosy item to hit the scene and it's fuzzier than ever. It all started with the re-emergence of the short faux furry Teddy jacket back in 2016 (so called for its 'teddy bear' appearance) - an item that has become a bit of a wardrobe staple in 2019. And now stools, armchairs and sofas are being upholstered in undeniably cosy, super fluffy fabrics too. From The Tired Man armchair to the Banana Sofa (great names!) - this Autumn's seating is akin to a big bear hug - just add tea! 

1. &Tradition 2. Oliver Gustav 3. Paustian 4. Jesper Florbrant / Lovisa Häger 5. Louise Holt Design 6. Suite NY 7. The modern House 8. RandCompany 9. Warm Nordic

Get the look

1. &Tradition Little Petra Chair
2. Paustian Arctander Chair
3. DIY Stool by Lovisa Häger
4. Flemming Lassen Easy Chair
5. By Lassen The Tired Man Chair
6. Danish Cabinetmaker Banana Sofa
7. Pierre Yovanovitch Pappa Bear Armchair
8. House of Hans Olsen Fried Egg Sheet Chair

How To Make Your Own Faux Fur Stool

Looking at Lovisa Häger's beautiful Stockholm home, you'd never guess that many of the pieces are handmade. Stools, tables, paintings - she is without doubt one of Sweden's queen of DIY! If you're feeling inspired by the fluffy furniture in today's post but a little tight on budget, Lovisa's DIY faux fur stool is super simple to make and looks fab!

What you need: 
  • Frosta stool from IKEA
  • A section of thick foam 
  • Black paint
  • Faux white fur 

What to do
  • Before assembling the stool, cut the foam so it's the same shape and size of the seat surface 
  • Glue the section of faux fur to the foam and the foam to the seat
  • Paint the legs black
  • Assemble the stool
Et Voilà!

If you love this, you might like to check out other DIY ideas on Lovisa's beautiful blog An Interior Affair and see more pictures of her fabulous Stockholm home here and on Instagram.

Could you imagine curling up in one of these seats this Autumn?! I most certainly could!


PS Thank you to the wonderful Ana Degenaar for helping me to compile this post! 

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