Marianne's Art-filled Apartment in SOFO, Stockholm

Sweden might be a big country geographically, but the population is small:10 million (the same size of London), which means never more than a few degrees separation from anyone. Interior and graphic designer Marianne Wikner and I first connected when I reached out to feature her beautiful home in Mariefred (which she has since sold). I instantly fell in love with her love of art, sculpture and antique pieces - and a home tour of her and her husband's charming country escape in Österlen, southeast Sweden quickly followed. 

So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Marianne has a flat in Stockholm! Located in SOFO (the quarter south of Folkungagatan in the hip neighbourhood of Södermalm), the apartment has all the hallmarks of Marianne's signature style including plenty of antique and vintage finds as well as paintings, busts and figurines, but it also has an air of calm, ensuring it's the perfect oasis to return too after a day in the city. Welcome to Marianne's Stockholm home!

You'll recognise this table from her Mariefred home. This time, Marianne has opted for a soothing beige backdrop as opposed to the striking deep tone seen in her previous dining room area

The trick to creating a gallery wall like this is to include a variety of different styles of art (oil painting, illustrations etc), as well as mix and match frames (some without too!). I also like the way Marianne has included objects. 

The entrance hall is wonderfully clutter free - a calm welcome after shutting the door on the buzz and whir of Sweden's capital city! 

The sitting room is made up of a selection of times collected over time including a leather Chesterfield, cane chairs and poufs. 

A collection of well loved coffee table books, sculptures and treasures have been displayed on the table in the corner. 

What a perfect oasis! 

Marianne's interiors have got me so excited about 'Konstrunda' next week. Every easter, it's time for the big art exhibition across Skåne, south Sweden. There are five different tours to choose from, and we usually pick one each year, travelling around the countryside dropping in at the ateliers and galleries of painters, potters and sculptures. It's one of my favourite events of the year. 

Do you have something similar in your area? 

I'm particularly excited about heading to Norrviken to see Sara Bergman's exhibition - I featured her lovely home in Höganäs last year, and her art is wonderful! 

In case you'd like to see more of Marianne's home - check out her instagram here, and take the tour of her Österlen home and former house in Mariefred

On another note, I know I usually write posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but this afternoon the crazies and I are heading off on a long weekend to Berlin (very exciting!) with my Mother so this post is a little earlier than usual! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday! 


Photography courtesy of Marianne Wikner, shared with kind permission. 

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A White Swedish Home In An Attic

Homes come in all shapes and sizes - some of which can present challenges! But help is at hand: there are plenty of tricks you can use to create a beautiful interior no matter how awkward the space! This delightful Swedish home is tucked under the roof tops of a 1920s townhouse in Gothenburg. Fairly small (it measures 44 m2 / 473 f2 but bear in mind Swedes don't count areas under a certain a ceiling height), with angled ceilings and smallish windows, the living space could feel dark, and pokey had it not been for the fantastic Dormer windows, white walls and floors as well as the light coloured furniture. Keep a look out for other touches such as mirrors and internal windows which help the flow of light, while subtle shifts in tones ensure the space remains interesting and cosy. 

In smaller spaces, furniture with 'gaps' that you can see through help to create an airy feel and ensure the light can flow. 

Storage is key to keep the space clutter-free. 

A mix of white with wood creates strikes a perfect balance between clean and bright and cosy and warm. 

A sage green brings a soft, calm touch to the living space. 

Blue is also known for its calming affects. A darker shade helps to create a lovely 'cocoon' affect in the bedroom, while a window ensures the light flows through. 

Skylight windows are really affective - and often come with built in blinds for bedtime! 

Here is a look at the layout: 

What a perfect pad! I'd be so happy come back home here each day after a long day of work, how about you? 

Is there anything in particular that you love about this home? 

I hope this serves as perfect inspiration for anyone dealing with awkward angles, low ceilings and smallish living spaces! The Swedes certainly are a dab hand at this. 

Would you like to see some other attic apartments today? Here are a few of my favourites: 

Oh, and did I mention this home is on the market? Gothenburg is a great city - and a perfect gateway to the archipelagos in summertime. Just saying! 

Stor kram! 


Photography: Jonas Berg
Styling: Livindeco
Found via Nordroom with thanks

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A Striking Swedish Flat, Full of Contrast

I whizzed up to our little cabin yesterday over the day to take some photos. I noticed that the buds were starting to appear on the bushes - small wins friends, small wins! It's hard to imagine that in just 10 weeks it will be June - the month when the Swedish school summer holiday begins. 

Many flock to the island of Gotland in the Baltic to soak up the warm weather and beautiful light. The island also has many year round dwellers who make the most of having the place to themselves the rest of the year. This striking apartment in the picturesque capital - 'Visby', looks like somewhere someone could happily live year round. Built in the 19th century, the flat has many features typical of the time including high ceilings, large spacious rooms and wide doorways as well as a beautiful tiled masonry oven. 

The decor is one of contrast - where a deep charcoal and dark wood juxtaposes with white, while a mustard tone fills the in between to create harmony. Look closely and you'll also spot some gems, including the desk lamp and bamboo safari chair as well as other vintage pieces. I hope you enjoy the tour! 

I'd happily sit at this desk while looking out over the Baltic Sea, how about you? 

I haven't see a bamboo version of the safari chair before, have you? I found a similar one here

I love this spot - it's the perfect place for a little light therapy and warmth, even if the weather isn't playing nicely outside! 

While monochrome can feel quite austere, the use of mustard / golden tones helps to soften the look and add warmth. 

Source a similar vintage scissor lamp*

Such a stunning tiled masonry oven - it's like art in itself. 

The kitchen  cabinets and backsplash are all made from wood - a look we don't see very often!  

The subtle shift in tones between the sitting room and bedroom add to the interest of the living space. 

It's not always easy to understand the layout of these homes, so I have promised to start sharing the floorplan whenever there is one available. This is how this apartment is laid out:

Glossary; 'sovrum' = bedroom, 'Vardagsrum' = sitting room, 'Kök' = kitchen 

Are you a fan of dark colours in homes? 

We once had a black wall in our bedroom (many moons ago) and while I enjoyed the contrast and cosiness, we needed to add a lot more lighting! Just to warn you, in case you're feeling inspired to do something similar in your home. 

Fancy moving to Visby? This apartment is for sale via Bertwig

See more homes on the island on this archive - so many beautiful ones! 

Vi ses på Fredag! 


Photography: Andreas Ljungqvist / Bertwig with thanks 

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A Dream Stockholm Apartment, Inside and out!

''Think with your head not with your heart'', they say when it comes to house hunting. In my mind, this is way easier said than done, do you agree? 

Take this apartment for example, I'd fall in love the moment I'd step in the door! Located in the oldest buildings in Södermalm dating back to 1640, the exterior is a dream, with an interior to match! Eagle eyes out there might recognise the apartment from this post back in 2020. It's fun to see some new angles, but above all else to discover that it's for sale and looking for a new owner. Could that be you? 

Keep a special eye out for the incredible architectural details, interesting colour scheme, blend of furniture, lighting and art! 

The predominant shade is a deep Almond beige by Jotun. 

I love the way art has been propped atop the wainscoting, so you can move it around on a whim. The glass wood cabinet is also lovely! 

The tone in the bedroom has a pink - red  tint to it giving a soft touch of romance. I'm pretty sure it's also a shade by Jotun, check out their pink range here

The Flowerpot pendant in beige red make such a pretty combination with the almond beige walls! 

It's fun to see gymnastic rings in one of the children's rooms. My daughter Allie absolutely loves hers - well worth me bumping into them every time I go into her room (she says)! Source similar wooden rings here*

Industrial blue has been on the walls and desk and a hint of pink adds warmth and contrast.  

All in all, a really fabulous apartment! I really love the colour scheme. 

Is there anything that popped out to you? 

If you're curious about where some of the items are from, head over to this post (I did my best to link to as many items as possible!) 

Could you see yourself living here? Word on the street is that there's a viewing this week. More details here

Take a look at other Scandinavian homes with noteworthy colour schemes here:

Have a great start to the week! 


PS did you see the beautiful limited edition wishbone chair in slate in my bedroom / home office on Friday

Photography: Peo Bengtsson 
For sale via Bjurfors

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