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Art photography in a Malmö home

Morning and happy 'lilla lördag' (Little Saturday as it's called in Sweden)! Bringing the blog home today with a tour of a beautiful apartment currently for sale in Malmö. Sometimes simple works best, as the pared-down look of this monochrome space shows. The owners have carefully selected a few Scandinavian designer pieces such as the wishbone chair, cross blanket and bumling light and spiced it up with some very cool art photography. 

Bo-laget via La Maison D'Anna G with thanks
What do you think? Too sparse or just right?

I also spy what looks like a pair of the Vitra Occasional table's in the sitting room as well as an Eames DAR (15% off with code MYSCAN). Oh and while on the subject of designer furniture, Design Collectors are currently offering a free Ottoman when you purchase a Lounge Chair. On the case!

PS I came across a really exciting website yesterday that allows you to create your own typography poster! Quite cool don't you think? What motto would you go for? I think I'd got something like: 'She believed she could. So she did'.

An inspiring interior portfolio

It's Friiiiiday! Yay! Here's a mix of lovely interior images from the portfolio of New York based photographer Emily Johnston Anderson. I often photograph spaces from my home and know just how difficult it is to get lighting right (I never do, but I'm working on it!). I love the way Emily plays with the light and uses items in the foreground to add depth. I have a lot to learn from her photos!

With kind permission from Emily Johnston Anderson

 See the rest of Emily's fantastic portfolio here.

Before I head off into the night (oh, OK day - but it is Friday! are a few wonderful links from across the web for a little weekend reading:

The new issue of Covet Garden is out - woohoo! Take a look at some fabulous homes from the latest issue here. This is a perfect example of how a home can look lovely even if there are children's toys everywhere. This shop is so cute. I love that you can get an illustration of your little one made by the talented shop owner and she has the most lovely blog too. I recently recieved a lovely deer motif storage sack from SackMania and now I see they have the cutest birdy cushion.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I'm heading over the bridge to Copenhagen tonight to celebrate my man's birthday, can't wait! Do you have any fun plans?

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Pretty pictures

I am so proud to introduce you to my wonderful new sponsor L'Affiche Moderne, an online shop selling fab (and affordable - yay!) art for the home. Here's a sneaky peek of some of the work they sell. I've just been browsing the sea/water and retro/vintage photography sections too, ooooh so fab. I'm ridiculously excited!

Photographs courtesy of L'Affiche Moderne

Definitely check out  their online shop if you get the chance. Thank you to the L'Affiche Moderne team!
I'll be popping by later with some home inspiration so stay tuuuuned, until then, enjoy the sunshine! x

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