Hang Out Here: A Dreamy Rustic Loft Under Swaying Palms!

I mentioned yesterday that the weather in Sweden is not great right now - at least, not what you would call 'summer' (a high of 16 degrees (60 Fahrenheit) today - and we live in the South!). The first response tends to be to batten down the hatches at the summer cottage and scurry back to the city. The second for some, if the rain really persists, is to book a last-minute summer holiday abroad! No easy feat this year. So, instead, I'll be dreaming of days at this luxury loft for two, a few steps from a pristine, white sandy beach on the island of Holbox, Quintana Too, Mexico. If the dreamy, cool white interior with boho touches of wood and rattan doesn't grab you - the double bed on the terrace surrounded by swaying palms is sure to seal the deal. The question is, what book to take?! 

At Casa Impala, it's natural all the way - from the concrete floors to the handwoven lighting. We might not all be able to travel right now, but I for one, will be stealing a few ideas to bring a touch of the tropics to my own home!

The mattress stands on a simple wooden structure and a simple cotton beige throw with a pom pom fringe* helps to break up the sea of white and add balance to the room. 

I love this white blanket with pom poms* too (just saying!). 

I'd happily work away from this spot by the window - although I have to admit it would be hard to concentrate with the waves beckoning in the distance!

I love that this loft has two outdoor spaces - one for lounging, another for an evening drink!

The stool reminds me of the ones I use as a bedside table (these vintage stools* are similar).

Those stairs! 

I'd happily hang out here for a loooong time. It could even prompt me to write another book (it would make an amazing writer's retreat, don't you think?!). 

Could you imagine hanging out here under the swaying palms too? 

Read more about Casa Impala onAirbnb! 

Did you get any ideas for your own home? In the advent of the current 'staycation' climate, I've been adding basket bags, straw hats and any other tropical vibes I can think of to my My own home! 

Oh, and in case you're putting together a holiday folder for 2021 or simply looking for some 'tropical' inspiration for your own home - you'll love the holiday home rental and design hotel archives. Perfect for a little dreaming until the sun decides to shine again! 


Photography courtesy of Casa Impala / Airbnb

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A Magical Norwegian Cottage With a Wabi Sabi Vibe

Here in Scandinavian we're counting down the days to Midsummer's Eve. Nature has sprung to life in a riot of colours - with meadows and grass verges bursting with poppies, daisies, harebells and lupins. The sun casts a long, hazy shadow well into the evening as adults and children alike soak up every last drop of golden sun. In the small hamlet of Nesodden, near Oslo, Norway, Hilde Mork and her two children are enjoying the midsummer sun from their magical country cottage. Last year, Hilde and a colleague converted the former ceramics studio and stables into a family home using 100% recycled and secondhand materials. Inspired by Scandinavian functionality and 'Nordic wabi sabi', today the cottage also serves as a studio for Hilde's work as a graphic designer, photographer and storyteller - and an idyllic base from which to enjoy the surrounding forest and countryside. Velkommen inn to Hilde's magical world - where the beauty lies in the imperfection. 

The neighbour's cat often stops by for a visit, making himself at home beside a vintage cabinet, cookery books and bunches of dried flowers. 

In this close-up you can really see how the kitchen has been built using secondhand and recycle materials - from the reclaimed porcelain sink and taps to the cabinet doors. A vintage scissor lamp* provides light after sunset.

A simple rail serves as storage for an array of pots and pans and a traditional woven birch basket* is ideal for other small items. 

In the winter a wood burning stove helps to keep the cottage feeling cosy and warm, while in summer it provides a perfect spot for a vase of wildflowers. 

A series of vintage mirrors help to bounce the light around while also creating a lovely wall display! 

On warmer days, life moves outside, where the family enjoy the surroundings in an understated way while making the most of the long hours of sunshine. 

What a magical world! Slow and sustainable living at its finest. 

Could you imagine soaking up the Scandinavian summer sun from this charming Norwegian country home? 

Take a peek at more of Hilde's home on her instagram @hildemork78 and find out more about her work as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and storyteller on her website

Up for a little more Scandinavian country inspiration today? Take a look at these magical homes:

Have a great start to the week friends! 


Photography courtesy of Hilde Mork, shared with kind permission. 

*This post contains affiliate links which means I might make a very, very tiny amount of money if you buy an item through the links marked with an asterisk. 

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A Rustic Danish Kitchen With Cool Industrial Touches

Oj oj oj! It's FRIDAY friends! Is it just me or did this week fly by? Only a flying visit from me today since I'm meeting Per by the water next to our house in approx 20 minutes for lunch - but I promise it's a goodie! I spotted this beautiful, rustic Danish kitchen over at Bungalow 5 a few days ago. Designed by interior architect Sif Grandorf, the kitchen occupies a small part of a beautiful home in the oldest quarter of Copenhagen. Sif was careful to keep to a fairly tight budget - using clever up cycling and handiwork where possible. The main investment was a Frame CPH unit (well worth it as they are beautifully made and will last a lifetime!) and a great range cooker. But above all else, I've got my on those lovely beams and exposed brick wall - which lends itself perfectly to industrial-style touches. Step this way for the tour! 

I've always wanted a wine glass rack but never quite figured out where to put it. Hmmm. maybe I need to revisit the idea! 

I love that the space feels so relaxed and lived-in. 

A perfect room tour with which to complete the week, don't you think?

Right friends, I'd better put my skates on! 

Leaving with you a few other kitchen's I love lately: 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, stay well! 


Photography: Another Studio, shared with kind permission

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A Beautiful Rustic Swedish Home Where Old Meets New

Why, hello there friends! How are you today? The sun is still shining in Southern Sweden, which is just what we need right now! I thought I'd kick off the week with a beautiful home tour which could have easily have hopped straight out of the pages of The World Of Interiors. It's got this wonderful, old school, rustic, romantic feel about it. Located in central UmeĆ„, East Sweden the house belongs to Soraya Forsberg, a Mother to six children (yes, SIX!) and the founder of Byn Collective - a creative design studio in North Sweden. Soraya is unsure when the house was built since the records were destroyed in a fire, but it's thought to date back to 1800. The living space has been decorated and furnished with a wonderful nod to both the past and present. Look out for textured walls, bare wood ceilings and a wealth of vintage and antique pieces! 

I've looked back through these images a few times and every time I spot something new. It's full of wonderful details! Make sure you take your time to linger on each image, there's so much to feel inspired by!

Did anything stand out to you in particular?

You can see more lovely pics of Soraya's home over on her instagram here.

I've searched archives for similar home tours - so if you're loving this vibe, pour yourself a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy a cosy country home in rural north sweden (the picture of Nicole watching salmon jump in the river from her atelier is etched in my mind - so beautiful!) and a Rustic mill on the shores of lake Rinnen, Sweden.

Have a great start to the week!


Photography: Soraya Forsberg, shared with kind permission

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Home tour: A Charming, Rustic House in the Genoa Hills

Why, hello there! Sorry for posting a little late today. I've been busy launching a 30 Day Home Love challenge on Instagram with Holly Becker this morning. We hope it will bring a little light to everyone's day and help to make our homes a brighter place! Please do come and join in if you fancy it! SO, on with today's tour. And I thought we could take a peek inside the beautiful rustic home of Sarah Tognetti in the hills of Genoa, Italy today. Sarah, who founded the magazine Slow Home Slow Living Living, husband Gigi and their two daughters Beatrice (15) and Mathilde (12) enjoy a slow pace of life nestled between the beautiful Ligurian mountains and the sea. Their country home is filled with natural touches, raw materials and earthy tones. Fresh in-season flowers and plants also help to bring nature indoors. Welcome to Sarah's cosy world! 

The family's pink residence is nestled amongst a cluster of pretty houses on the Genoa hillside. She and her family are the first to live in the house in over a century. In the past it has been a carpentry workshop, a tavern and a meeting place where people got together to dance during the war. 

"We love nature and our dream is to buy a house with lots of land and be able to cultivate it," Sarah tells me. 

The kitchen has a really Scandinavian feel to it, don't you think? I love the open wood shelving lined with jars of pasta, pulses and rice - they add a really cosy touch. 

A vintage dresser in the kitchen has been painted in a soft grey from Farrow & Ball and filled with bowls, baskets, tins, glasses, kitchen towels and other necessities! 

Look closely at this beautiful space and you'll spot exposed wood beams over the window (I missed these the first-time round), which add a lovely rustic touch to the room.

Pick up similar factory lighting here*.

Sarah shared this picture in the #30dayhomelove challenge on Instagram today as her favourite room. I can totally see why, it's somewhere cosy where everyone in the home can gather. There's also a great wood burning stove which can be fired into action on chillier days. So toasty! 

There's so much to love about the master bedroom - the whitewashed wood cladding, the linen curtains, the plants..... But also, if you have a sloped ceiling, putting in a dummy wall like this is a great way to optimise space. 

Look what we have here! My book The Scandinavian Home! What an honour that my interior book has been a source of inspiration for Sarah. And I see it's in great company too! 

Such a beautiful home, don't you think? 

Is there anything in particular that stood out to you? 

Sarah's instagram feed is really beautiful too - if you don't already follow her, it's a must! 

If you're in the mood for more mountain / hill home inspiration today, make yourself cosy and take a peek at these charming spaces: 

Sending lots of love and hugs to Italian readers and all today. 


*affiliate link

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