Simple yet striking

A distinctly simple yet utterly striking Scandinavian apartment to celebrate the weekend. If you could choose one fabulous designer item from this home, what it would it be?

Photography: Bohman & Sjöstrand Stylist: Johanna Lavén via Solid Frog

With kind permission from Bohman & Sjöstrand and found via lovely blog Solid Frog.

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Have a really great weekend all!

My friend's lovely Malmö home

A good friend of mine, and fellow Skåne flee market scourer is selling her beautiful 1902 'Sekelskifte' apartment in the centre of Malmö. It will go on the market later today but I was lucky enough to get a sneaky peek! Sofia and her family are so clever at finding items in antique fairs, flee markets and bargain basements and then blending them in with designer pieces. It helps that the apartment has beautiful bones and a fantastic traditional Kakelugn (tiled fireplace) too!

I spy: Many of the frames you see on the picture wall are from flee markets as are the high chair, the shipping crates and the demijohn (green bottle). The retro dining table in the kitchen is a 1950's Perstorp skiva. There are a few pieces of scandinavian design too such as the set of black Arne Jacobson Series 7 chairs around the dining table and the String shelves in the hall.

Such a pretty home. Anyone fancy moving to Malmö? The more the merrier!

PS link to actual page to follow once it goes live!

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Perfect blend: rustic/ industrial/ contemporary

After 8 years in Sweden I thought I knew how to deal with the long winter; leave the country when the snow arrives! If you travel to the Canary Islands or Thailand around early spring you're bound to be surrounded by tanned Swedes stocking up on some much needed sun! But this Autumn I noticed something new-  everyone's heading off now too. A holiday in September presumably to soften the blow of the end of the summer. Since I have missed the boat (litereally) I'm mentally transporting myself  to this stunning home in Spain by architects / property developers Abaton (via 79 ideas) instead. It has just the right mix of Spanish rustic, industrial and modern designer elements to really soften the blow of the impending winter.

Abaton via 79 ideas
I spy Tom Dixon again in the form of the Beat Lights (just goes tp show how versatile Tom Dixon lights are - yesterday the Copper Shade Pendant looked at home in a retro style home, today the Beat Lights look fab in a contemporary minimalist home. The Wegner Wishbone Chairs also blend in beautifully. I could certainly see myself celebrating the end of summer here, could you?

Do you have any winter survival tips?!

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Retro Stockholm apartment

As usual wonderful styling by the Swedish estate agent Fantastic Frank (note the flowers in glass bottles, the open vintage suitcase and the leaves taped to the wall). It helps when they have a fab retro style apartment to play with too. Mint walls combined with mid-century teak (I spy a a vintage drinks trolley in teak like mine) and the Copper Shade Pendant by Tom Dixon make for a very cool home, in my eyes. And I love the small details too such as the siver birch tree trunk in the hallway used as a coat stand - potential DIY project?

Fantastic Frank
Any take home ideas for your home?

Before I rush off I just want to thank you so much for all your lovely comments about my new kitchen blackboard wall yesterday. I really do appreciate reading all your thoughts and views and it makes writing the blog all the more worthwhile.

And secondly, my blog friend Tracey is having a give-away, if you love fun, bright notecards nip over and enter here. But I still want to win OK?

Have a lovely evening!

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My home: kitchen blackboard wall

I'd been thinking about painting one of our kitchen walls with blackboard paint for a while. Hardly a new thing I know, but still these things take time in my home. And after lots of encouragement in the comments section from you guys we finally got around to it. As promised, here are a few pics of our new wall....and me enjoying a very rare minutes peace (planning my next project? mwah ha ha haa, don't tell man)! 

All pictures: My Scandinavian Home Blog
In case you're wondering where anything's from here's a bit of an 'I spy': Blackboard paint by Flugger. Second hand industrial lamp; I think it's Louis Poulsen but I need to get this checked. The pretty pink flower is a 'Gloriosa' and the green plant is a Fig. The footstool is BEKVÄM by IKEA which I've painted in mint green. Oh and my beloved sheep skin rug is from a farm in the North of Sweden.

Just one little thing worth noting - while we were painting we realised it was best to leave a border at the top of the wall and also on one of the edges leading out into the rest of the room - definitely worth thinking about if you're considering painting one of your walls in a strong colour.

Oh and I am wearing a veeeeery cosy new knit from TopShop which I can warmly recommend for blustery Autumn days like today!

Eeeek, hope you like the result, always nerve racking posting my own pics (plus it could take quite a few layers to paint over it again)! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

It's the weekend, yay! And two exciting things today - firstly, a friend sent me a link to this beautiful loft for sale in Malmö, Southern Sweden through Erik Olsson (again). She thought it would be right up my street with the white walls and floor and the touches of natural wood and the mirrors (oh it is, Malin, it is!). I love the way the mirrors bounce light around the home and create a feeling of space, beautiful! Such great inspiration for the weekend!  What do you think? And the second exciting bit of news is......

Erik Olsson

.......I have a wonderful new sponsor - fab online shop LET LIV in New Zealand. I absolutely love everything they sell and currently have my eye on a Jaipur quilt. It's definitely worth popping over to their shop and having a mooch! They automatically ship to New Zealand and Australia and can ship worldwide on request you just need to send an e-mail to - yay!

Have an absolutely lovely weekend guys, and see you Monday! x

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White, light and bright in Stockholm

This Stockholm apartment is for sale right now through Erik Olsson. It has the white floors (tick!), the beautiful original windows and doors (tick). A little outdoor space (tick!). And it also helps that the owners have impeccable taste, furnishing the Swedish home with a mix of designer and high street and a hint of far off places. Ja tack!

Erik Olsson
What do you reckon? Somewhere you could see yourself pottering around? Second home in Stockholm perhaps?!!

One of my little girls is sick today (poor lamb) so I'm at home looking after her. This morning I lined the Chariot (we love our chariot - it can go behind a bike, be used as a push chair and in the winter it even hs it's own set of skis!) with a sheep skin rug, wrapped her in a cosy blanket, surrounded by cushions and took her for a stroll in the nearby park to take in the Autumn sunshine. It wseems to have done the trick as she has just appeared in her 'dancing dress',  ten hair clips and pink leg warmers.... it must be the Swedish sea air!

This afternoon we're planning on making an apple pie with the apples from my friend's garden....any recipe link tips?!!

Have a lovely afternoon!

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