White, light and bright in Stockholm

This Stockholm apartment is for sale right now through Erik Olsson. It has the white floors (tick!), the beautiful original windows and doors (tick). A little outdoor space (tick!). And it also helps that the owners have impeccable taste, furnishing the Swedish home with a mix of designer and high street and a hint of far off places. Ja tack!

Erik Olsson
What do you reckon? Somewhere you could see yourself pottering around? Second home in Stockholm perhaps?!!

One of my little girls is sick today (poor lamb) so I'm at home looking after her. This morning I lined the Chariot (we love our chariot - it can go behind a bike, be used as a push chair and in the winter it even hs it's own set of skis!) with a sheep skin rug, wrapped her in a cosy blanket, surrounded by cushions and took her for a stroll in the nearby park to take in the Autumn sunshine. It wseems to have done the trick as she has just appeared in her 'dancing dress',  ten hair clips and pink leg warmers.... it must be the Swedish sea air!

This afternoon we're planning on making an apple pie with the apples from my friend's garden....any recipe link tips?!!

Have a lovely afternoon!


  1. This home is lovely! I really like the kitchen, the coat hangers, the wooden floors and the double-doors out to the patio.

  2. such a lovely apartment - glad your little one is feeling better too. x

  3. Oh, so sorry to hear your little one is sick! It sounds like the stroll might have done her some good though. Hope she recovers quickly!

    As for that house...well, you know me. I'm a sucker for white floors, white kitchens, and anything to do with Scandinavia ;) It's why I love your blog so much!

    (PS. Go Owls!)

  4. Love the black and white details.
    Hope the little one is better soon!
    Sea and sunshine is better then calpol any day!!
    Happy Pie cooking.

  5. Wonderful! Simplicity is so beautiful isn't it?

  6. Snyggt, gillar färgen på dörrarna och elementen. /Anna

  7. Hi Niki! Hope your daughter is gettin better! The other day I had a real crush on a Gothenburg apartment.....and couldnt' resist from publishing some pictures on my blog. I am head over heels about everything that has to do with Scandinavian interiors. Thanks for sharing such lovely houses!
    Have a great day!

  8. Absolutly beautiful!!!! Have a great weekend!

  9. Oh where do I sign to buy this apartment? It is lovely and I could see myself living there. Unfortunately I do not speak Swedish nor do I live anywhere close to Sweden...Have a great weekend Niki!

    PS. Hope the little one feels better today!

    1. Thanks Nina! never to late to move to Sweden and learn Swedish - I did after all....having said that, my Swedish's really not that great. Hmmm!

  10. Laura again here!!! Congrats! Your house (the bubble chair you have in the living) has been featured on Apartment Therapy!

    1. Hi laura - Thanks for letting me know, I Just popped over to have a look out of excitement but couldn't see it - do you have a link to the page? Have a lovely weekend!

  11. hi Niki!
    here is the link.


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