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Pretty pictures

I am so proud to introduce you to my wonderful new sponsor L'Affiche Moderne, an online shop selling fab (and affordable - yay!) art for the home. Here's a sneaky peek of some of the work they sell. I've just been browsing the sea/water and retro/vintage photography sections too, ooooh so fab. I'm ridiculously excited!

Photographs courtesy of L'Affiche Moderne

Definitely check out  their online shop if you get the chance. Thank you to the L'Affiche Moderne team!
I'll be popping by later with some home inspiration so stay tuuuuned, until then, enjoy the sunshine! x


  1. Congratulations, off for a peep looks like they have some super stuff.

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful work, I'm going to check it out.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. I really like their colors- can't wait to go see more!

  4. Congratulations! I love the picture with the flower design. ...and thanks for the blog visit and your nice comment.

  5. I pinned that girl with the striped shirt a few months ago but had no idea of the source! That happens frequently it seems, and you are always the one to enlighten me! I love it, I think I'm going to buy a print of it now.
    And I meant to ask, where did you live in Philly? You said you were there for school. I was born & raised in Philly (and never left! not even for college, I went to Temple), and it's such a small world that you were there before! xo

    1. No way, I spent a year at temple! I'll have to send you a mail about it so we cam compare notes! Ps I love the striped girl one, you should definitely go for it!

  6. what a wonderful shop! i, too, love the girl in the striped sweater! though, they are all delightful.

  7. OOooohhh always on the lookout for affordable and pretty art (a surprisingly hard combo to find together). Yay for a new sponsor! Definitely going to check them out.

  8. nice and clean,,i will take that style..:D


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