A Stunning French Country Home Filled with Antiques

One day, when my children are fully grown, Per and I dream of spending part of our winter somewhere sunnier and warmer than Sweden. Not the entire winter - I love pulling out my knits and lighting candles in autumn, and the first flurry of snow in December - but just enough to take the edge off the raw, dark days! We're still thinking about where this might be (tips welcome!) - but the South of France is a strong contender. 

In fact, I could very much imagine myself in a beautiful country home like Maison Aumône - then again who couldn't? The property belongs to Rachel Baker, founder of 3 sources - and is located in the Petit Luberon National Park surrounded by rolling hills, ancient woodland, vineyards and orchards. 

Formerly available to rent on airbnb, these days, the country house is the site for retreats run by Rachel (keep an eye out for the next one here) - which offer a perfect opportunity to witness the impeccable restoration and admire French antiques at every turn! 

Oooooh, to wake up here, cycle to the market through the vineyards, before enjoying a local wine on the terrace.  Who's with me? 

Absolutely beautiful! 

The historical features and antiques are a feast for the eyes and the entire interior is like pure poetry. Would you agree? 

See more pictures and read more about Rachel's work over at 3 sources. 

Would you like to dream over more houses in the French countryside today (go on, indulge me!): 

À bientôt!


Photography: 3 sources, found via Nordroom with thanks

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Lacy's Beautiful Family Home in Earthy Tones

Men hejsan! They say a picture can speak louder than words and today is one of those days. 

Photographer Lacy Hoysradt's childhood home was a fixer upper which she witnessed her parents renovating by hand. And now she and her husband Reed have also caught the bug - and have been very busy doing up their 70s house in Austin, Texas despite their three young children. How have they coped? Lacy explains: "There is a beauty in the process... it's okay if your life and your home are currently under construction." Words to live by as we take a tour of their beautiful home today - and as we start a brand new week! 

Keep an eye out for earthy, warm notes of brown and green, a smart breakfast nook, lovely ways to display family photos and vintage finds. 

Welcome to Lacy's world! 

So many beautiful corners!

You can see so many more snapshots and find out about where she sourced items over on Lacy's instagram. Lacy has also shared some some of her and Reed's amazing DIY projects on the blog at Bespoke by Lacy

I hope Lacy's lovely home has filled you with inspiration! 

I have shared many homes located outside of Scandinavia on the blog before - see the entire international homes archive for more tours. 

Stor kram!


PS Thank you for your request to see a picture of my gold boots in the comments on Fridays Norwegian home tour featuring a fabulous walk-in closet - I'll see if I can take one for you soon! Everyone needs a pair, I tell you! 

Photography by Lacy Hoysradt, shared with kind permission. 

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A Fabulous Walk-in Closet Idea in a Norwegian Home

It might not feel like spring in Southern Sweden yet (it snowed in some parts of Skåne yesterday!) but it's on its way, I can feel it! Can you? One of the biggest joys is preparing the home for a new season - which also means storing away heavy winter clothes and making room for pretty spring and summer clothes!  

In my experience, one of the biggest dilemmas is lack of storage space. In 2023 I made it my mission to create organised storage in our home - building a wardrobe and adding shelves to our attic. And our house definitely feels less cluttered as a result (although not always tidier - but that's a whole other issue!). Even so, I am always on the lookout for more clever ideas. And I instantly fell in love with the smart walk-in closet solution in Caroline's Norwegian apartment! 

Caroline is a journalist and editor for Elle magazine and lives in the beautiful neighbourhood of Grünerløkke in Oslo. Read on to feel inspired by her 57 m2 (613 ft.sq) home and clever storage idea, it might just solve a conundrum for you too!  

Carolina has gone for a wonderful palette of blue, dusty pink and brass in her Norwegian home which adds a feeling decadence. I love that it is also filled with one-off pieces, pattern and quirky touches! A Togo sofa is always a comfy addition! 

In the bedroom, a 'sky' headboard adds a wonderfully fun and unique touch to the space - and the blend of new nordic pieces such as the Flos light beside antique finds adds to the relaxed feel. 

And THIS was what I was talking about in my intro: a fabulous walk-in-wardrobe built into the corner of the bedroom! 

The 'wardrobe' is made up of two glass doors which Caroline designed and had made according to the exact measurements of the space. 

Inside Caroline has used the Décor design from Elfa (which I also used for my storage - the entire system is great as it's really flexible and you can personalise the design to work for your needs and the space you have) to create shelving for her shoes and hanging space for clothes and other items. 

What a clever way to transform the corner of a bedroom into storage - do you agree? The frosted glass doors provide a glimpse of the interior of the wardrobe, without allowing the clothes and shoes from taking over the room and making it feel cluttered. 

I have to say, I'm drooling over her clothes and shoe collection too - so many fabulous items! 

I hope this has filled you with inspiration for the weekend! Or maybe just inspired you to pull out those sparkly shoes and hit the town! Follow Caroline's instagram for more interior and lifestyle inspiration. 

Speaking of which, I don't own many pairs of shoes, but last year I bought a pair of gold sparkly ankle boots, and they really seem to bring out the best in people and put a smile on everyone's face. I always make a point of wearing them on friends' birthdays to add some sparkle! Do you have a favourite pair of shoes too? 

Check out these other ways to get organised at home: 

That's it from me this week folks. Thank you for stopping by - see you Monday! 

Trevlig helg! 


Photography: Birgit Fauske

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An Artist's Cottage, Atelier and Gallery by the Sea in Cornwall

Usually we go to visit family in England at Easter, but this time sadly we didn't have the time. Often when we go, we pay a trip to Cornwall in the southwest, where some of my ancestors are from and my sister has a beautiful house (they rent it out too - more details here, in case you're a budding surfer or simply love beach life and coastal walks!). 

The rugged coastal nature and quality of the light has been a draw for artists since the early 19th century.  
And it must be with a very heavy heart that the landscape painter has decided to sell her home (found via Nordroom today!), atelier and gallery in nearby Padstow. You can tell that so much love has gone into the decor - with it's white washed walls, pillars and beams, arched doorways and lovely antique furniture. And the stepped garden is lovely too! A perfect coastal sanctuary in which to inspire creativity. 

The coastal vibe is accentuated with subtle details such as a pendant light made from a ships horn!

A wood burning stove in the centre of the room is made from a repurposed spun steel trawler net bobbin.  

Shells and other beach combing finds have been displayed in bell jars. Art decorates the walls in every room.

The  reclaimed doors have gothic and Georgian elements. 

Notice how treasures have been displayed in a glass cabinet built into the side of the stairs. I love this idea! 

Books shelves are laden with white tomes. Look closely and you'll see they are all labelled. I am wondering if they could be catalogues from galleries? My mum has a ton of these too. It could also be that the owner has taken time to cover the books to preserve the original jacket, before labelling them. Or a blend of the two. 

Upstairs, a subtle blue wall helps to connect the home with it's coastal location. 

An atelier on the top floor serves as a perfect place to sit and paint in quiet. 

The garden has views over the camel estuary, and this seat offers an ideal perch to sit and watch the town go about it's business along with passing gulls. I see it's already occupied! 

The front of the house is perfectly positioned to be a shop or gallery. 

What an amazing opportunity to fulfil a dream of living in Cornwall and start a gallery! More details here in case you're feeling inspired! 

My Mother would love this house - I must send her the link straight away. She used to work in the art world and wherever we go, she pops into galleries looking for paintings. Needless to say, Cornwall is one of her favourite haunts! 

If you're planning on visiting England - do try to visit the Southwest. It's full of pretty coastal villages like this one. Last summer my family and I went on a day trip to St Ives - home of the Tate and Barbara Hepworth museum and sculpture garden, which I absolutely loved! 

Would you like to see other homes by the sea today? 

And so many more in the coastal archive! 

Altogether now: 'Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the seaaaaaa!'

On a final note, I seem to have got a little out of sink with my posting days - the next post will be on Friday and after that, I'll be back to my usual Mon - Wed - Fri routine! Thank you so much for following along! 


Photography courtesy of Inigo with thanks. 

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