Divide And Conquer: 6 Great Ways To Make More Out of Your Home!

Hello wonderful friends, how are you all doing? Over the weekend, I reflected on how staying at home more right now means our living space is having to work a whole lot harder - do you find the same? If you think about it, our homes have changed from a place where we cook, eat, sleep, relax, and do homework to somewhere that needs to cater for all kinds of extra activities like working from home (for those who can), exercising, home schooling, and much, much more! And don't even get me started on trying to carve out that all important 'me time'! Gah! 

In case you're feeling the heat, or simply want to make your living space go further  -  here are 6 simple ways to carve out zones for that online meeting, studying a new language, the kids' Joe Wicks PE class' (or more importantly, your morning yoga session!) or simply enjoying a heavenly siesta in peace! 

1. Shelf life: Shelves are a great way to divide a room in two but still allow the light to flow. Think about moving your freestanding shelves perpendicular to the wall or get crafty and build your own!

2. Vertical garden: not everyone can stroll to the park right now, but you can bring a little park life indoors. I love the idea of using shelves bursting with plants as a room divider. Plus, they'll help clear the air too! 

3. Temporary floating wall: for a more erm, solid approach - why not build a floating wall and split a room in two. I love this idea below! 

3. Screen from view: for a more temporary idea, wood, rattan or bamboo screens with fabric are great for shielding a space from view, and can be moved around the home (I think I might just carry mine around with me for permanent 'me time' - te he he!). You can also use them as a makeshift place to hang clothes, towels etc. 

4. The light screen: see-through screens are perfect for carving out a separate one without blocking the light (and plunging others into semi-darkness!). This lovely one says, "do not disturb morning yoga session in action". Who knows, later it might say "do not disturb: tick tock choreography in session" (likely in my home!). 

6. The peg board: ideal for kitchens and home offices, peg boards are really versatile. They make great room dividers too! 

7. Curtains: Easily forgotten but oh so useful - curtains are easy to install, perfect for privacy, act as sound dampeners and don't take up any space. I love how curtains have been used to turn a nook into a private bedroom below. Who needs a silk eye mask when you can nap here?! 

I hope you've found this round-up helpful. Are there any ideas you might steal for your own home?

I'm also really curious to hear how your home is having to work harder right now? 

In Sweden our children are still at school (for now) but Per is teaching his six-form-college lectures online - so I need to be careful not to whisk pass in my robe!! 

Looking for beautiful home tours to brighten up the start of your week? Here are a few of my favourites:

Speaking of home tours - I've got a really cheerful, colourful home lined up to share with you tomorrow so make sure you stop by. It's bound to put a spring in your step! 



  1. Gorgeous and great ideas! Schools are pretty much closed here in Tasmania so I am homeschooling 5 children currently. It's going pretty well but the kids definitely miss their friends.

  2. I love them all!!! My favorite thing though is the hat holder : ). Where oh where would one get that???

  3. Some really great, easy-to-accomplish solutions! Thanks!

  4. Brilliant and beautiful ideas! Thank you for sharing! Very helpful for those having small spaces like me.

  5. Deep purples and reds or any cozy crisp stuff like this. Definate Coachy and trained.


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