16 Ways To Transform A Tiny Room Into a Dreamy Yet Practical Bedroom

If there's one thing I've noticed about the Scandinavians over the years, it's their amazing ability to transform small spaces into beautiful, practical living spaces! It really is an art form! And where better to start than the bedroom? After all, many of us have at least one small box room in our homes (or perhaps you live in a one room studio and need to carve out a space to sleep). Either way, I hope I've got you covered with these 16 'tiny bedroom' tricks' I've learned along the way.

1. Shelving (above) - wall mounted shelving above the bed serves as a night stand and storage! Oh and you can clamp a reading light onto it too. Perfect! In case you're curious, there's a load more inspiration to take from Christina's small yet very cosy Stockholm home here.

2. Go dark! Forget the need to go light, this box room in Sara Margareta Hellman's home is proof that rich colours can add depth and cosiness! Create interest by painting the wainscoting in another colour or only painting a couple of the walls.

3. Sliding doors. Sometimes there's simply no bedroom at all - and you need to create a room within a room. If you're building a wall, use sliding doors so they take up less space and let more light in. We did this with my stepson's room and it made a huge difference.

Historiska Hem

4. Glass partition. Instead of building a wall you could try an oh-so popular glass partition (with curtains for privacy!). This one was created by Elsa Billgren as part of a charming one room studio make-over in Stockholm.

Elsa Billgren

5. Misted glass door. Not sure about a glass all the way? Why not try a door that slips in filtered light  (light is often an important factor in smaller rooms).

6. Go outside. An obvious one, but moving some of your storage into the hallway (like these hooks) is a handy way to expand storage space and clear away a little clutter.

7. Go under.  No space either side of the bed? Try raising the bed and using the space underneath for built-in storage. Super handy and in this case, super stylish too!

Jonas Gustavsson

8. Lift it up! Not an inch for storage? Go for one of these bad boys! I slept in a MALM pull-up storage bed at my brother-in-laws holiday home and I couldn't believe it when I realised all the bedding for the apartment was stored underneath!


9. Headboard storage. A headboard or (or cushions) are a necessity for reading or chaining through Netflix series at night, and they can also be an excellent way to sneak in a little extra storage too!

Pella Hedeby for IKEA

10. Narrow it down. If there's a little space left either side of the bed, go for handy narrow bedside tables with drawers.


11. Use what's there. Window sills (if you have one) are great for doubling up as a bedside table.

12. Reflect the light. Small rooms tend to be rather dark. Strategically placed mirrors are great for bouncing around the light and adding depth.


13. Reading light. Wall or ceiling mounted reading lights are ideal for smaller spaces where floor space is limited.

14. Art. A simple gallery wall can do wonders to the look of a teeny bedroom.

15. Tray table. Nowhere to put your morning cuppa? Invest in a breakfast tray for books, coffee and whatever else you need for a cosy Saturday morning!

16. Plants. Plants are great for keeping the air clean and bringing the outside in which will help you feel less claustrophobic. There's a million ways to display them - take a peek at my guide to indoor climber ideas and hanging plants for inspiration.

While researching this post I realised there are SO many more ideas to add! I might just have to do a follow up post at some point soon, but I hope this has given you a few ideas to get started with!

There's also a load more small space inspiration in this archive!

If you have any tips or tricks to add, please do share them below - I'd love to hear them!

Have a lovely day!


PS Thank you SO much for all your kind words of support yesterday, it meant so much, I'm feeling a lot better today and will be trying all your tips :)


  1. Love this post <3 Our house is 86m2 and there are 7 of us here so we have had to be very clever with space haha. It's great seeing the little spaces get some love!

    1. So happy that this has given you some inspiration for your home :) I will try to do some more small space inspiration soon!

  2. Very inspiring! Love all of these ideas and rooms. "Necessity is the mother of invention"! :)

  3. I’m a fan of the two duvets on the bed approach for couples. How do you make the beds so that the duvets lay nicely? Your photos always show such beautifully made beds.


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