Cold on the outside, cosy on the inside!

The Christmas count down has begun. I'm hoping for snow on the outside, and roaring log fires and glowing candle light on the inside! These images set the perfect tone of my ultimate Scandinavian Christmas!


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My Scandinavian Home


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Notice how I snuck in an image of my little 4 year old making snow lanterns with Pappa :) Christmas is all about family after all.

What are you most looking forward to about Christmas?

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Christmas wrap up

The advent candles are burning, the tree's up, and the house full of sparkly Christmas decorations and the scent of glögg. There's only one thing's time for a little gift wrapping. This year I love the Christmas present wrapping inspiration  from Cox & Cox.....

Cox & Cox
Last year I used shiny white wrapping paper with red ribbon and a sprig of fresh holly from the garden complete with bright red berries for my presents. The holly was a bit spiky but hey, it looked pretty!! I always try to do something different every Christmas and I haven't decided what it'll yet this year but I do like the idea of natural coloured paper with some greenery like fir or boxwood.

How will you wrap your presents this year?

PS I had my first little interview the other day, thank you Lottie Loves for including me on your lovely blog!

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Pared-down Christmas tree

For those of you who like the simple things in life, how about these pared-down Christmas trees? What I love about these is that the beauty is in the tree (or branch)  itself and what you stand it in - whether that's a demi-john, crate, tin bucket or a sack rather than what you actually decorate it with.



via Anna Leena's hem

Lisettes perler

Kjerstis Lykke blog

La petit cuisine
 What does your tree look like this year? Do you go for all singing, all dancing decorations or the simple scandinavian style like in these pictures? Perhaps you don't have a tree at all but opt for a more modern tree like in this post?!

What I love most about my tree this year is that we cut it down ourselves in the forest. Perhaps next year I'll go for something more asymmetrical and simple.......but I say that every year  :)

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My home: Christmas work space

After seeing the beautiful IETS studio on Wednesday I thought I'd better pep up my work station a little and add a touch of Christmas. Here are a few pics from my home office....

Photographs: My Scandinavian Home

It's so important to have a lovely place to work and surround yourself by pieces you love.

Here's a little guide on where thing's are from: The flowers to the left were a lovely birthday surprise from my Mum and Dad. The desk, storage unit and arch lever lamp are from IKEA. The pictures are my own, except the heart one which is by one of my favourite Swedish artists, Pearl Wallin. The silver birch pen holders and white tin jug are from Granit. You can get the HAY artist's hand from Malmö Modern or La Maison D'Anna G online shop. The black telephone is from Graham and Green. I made the garland using paper stars from Granit.

I hope you all have a really lovely weekend!

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