A Relaxed Tucson Home In Sun Kissed, Earthy Tones

Hej hej! I hope you had a fabulous weekend?! We've been busy renovating the kitchen at the cottage and I can't even lift my arms today. But Per and I did manage to sneak in a sail yesterday afternoon which was BLISS if not on the chilly side- brrrr! Perhaps that's why I was thinking we could head to balmy Tucson, Arizona today - whad'ya think? Emily of fabulous instagram feed @oursouthwestnest, shares her home with her partner and three little ones, and has taken inspiration from the scorched, earthy tones of the desert. Think minimalist furnishings in wood, rattan, stone and terracotta against a white backdrop for a relaxed and inviting home - as well as a cool respite from the Arizonian sun.

Bamboo pendant lights*, Smeg toaster*, wood stools*

This fabulous binga basket* is similar

 Art by Jan Skácelik

Someone asked the other day if any of the homes I show actually have TVs. Fair point! This one's for you! I think it's really inspiring how Emily has transformed the wall into a gallery space too. 

Art by Tucson photographer Emily Tartaglia, Bath from Wayfair, Bungalow pendant light

Absolutely love this home! 

Did you feel inspired too? Is there anything that stood out to you?

The white and wood tones works anywhere. It reminds me a little of this cabin in the woods, Serena and Mason's Topanga Canyon home and a Dutch home enthused with warmth and harmony

See more pics of Emily's home over at @oursouthwestnest

BTW, one of my daughter's 8-year-old friends said the other day "your mother loves wood, doesn't she?!" It made me look at my home in a new way - and she's right, I have a LOAD of furniture made from wood. But seriously, what a great material (as long as it's sustainably sourced, of course). Do you have a lot of wood in your home too?

I've got to run as I'm packing for a blogger trip to Transylvania with Tisca rugs. My flight leaves in a couple of hours and I'm nowhere near ready. EEEEEK! I'm super excited though, as we'll be visiting Dracula's castle! Keep an eye on my IG stories if you'd like to follow along!

Have you ever been to Transylvania? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

I'll be stopping by as usual with the daily post tomorrow! See you then!


Photography @oursouthwestnest
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A Dutch Family Settle In A Charming House in the Forests of Värmland, Sweden

Some days I spend hours looking for homes - other days they simply pop up in my inbox (hooray!). Today is one of those lucky days. Photographer Chantal Bruienne-Buil emailed me these beautiful images of her home in Sunne, Värmland. Originally from The Netherlands, Chantal and her husband and their daughter emigrated to Sweden 14 months ago in pursuit of a quieter life surrounded by nature ("one of the best decisions ever").  After a period of time in Småland, the Dutch family were drawn to this early 20th century house in the middle of a forest in central-west Sweden. I caught up with Chantal to find out more about their move, transforming their house into a home and the inspiration behind their online print / poster shop Loveprinted.

What attracted you to the house?
While house hunting, we saw this 1909 build and felt immediately smitten by it. It's in the middle of a big forest with all the freedom and peace and quiet we were dreaming of. The perfect place for my husband, our five-year-old daughter and I! So of course, we put in a bid and the house was ours one week later!

Source similar vintage pendant lights on Etsy*, Stokke chair (green)*, Kitchen aid*

How did you turn the house into your home?
Never before has a house felt like home so quickly. I immediately knew what our home should look like. So, making decisions wasn't difficult at all. We love white and wood and natural colours you find in nature so we used these plus a touch of gold. Decorating our home has been a real treat and I love how it all turned out. It really suits our lifestyle. 

Tell us about your choice of wallpaper
I've been wanting to use lovely William Morris & Co. and Engblad & Co wallpapers for ages and now we had the perfect home for it. The funny thing was that we took down a wall in the living room and were surprised to find layers and layers of very old wallpaper and even some bits of newspaper dating back to 1912! 

What inspires your work as a photographer?
As a real nature lover, I like to be outdoors: to grill over an open fire, enjoy long walks with my family and capture the Swedish countryside on my camera. I wanted to share this - I mean if it makes me happy surely it must make other people happy as well, right?! That was why I started Loveprinted, an online poster webshop where we sell our nature photography and graphical prints. It's a place where I combine my passion for photography, graphic design and interior design.  

Thank you so much to Chantal for sharing your lovely home with us! 

See more pictures of her lovely home on and @loveprinted

I'm really enjoying seeing wallpaper pop up more and more in Swedish homes (check out this archive  for a load of Scandinavian homes featuring beautiful wallpaper!). Could you imagine using wallpaper like this in your home?

Ha det så fint!


Photography by Chantal Bruienne-Buil (with a little colour re-touch by me!)
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Have You Got The Right Amount of Lighting in Your Home?

When it comes to home decor, what comes easy to you? I am a firm believer that everyone has their thing. And while I struggle with rugs (seriously, I can never get a handle on those things!), I've found lighting to be my superpower!  I think it's because I love lamps as decor and appreciate the way they can completely transform a room! Since moving to Sweden (coming up to 17 years ago now - gaaaah, where did the time go?) I've also realised how important it is to light up your home properly in the long, dark winter, just for your own sanity! To sum up: 

Here are 7 reasons why I love lighting:

1. It helps you to carry out daily tasks such as cooking and reading, as well as to find what you're looking for (saving you from walking out of the door wearing your child's bobble hat / your jumper inside out / terrifying make-up). 

2. Dimly lit, and soothing warm lighting helps you to relax

3. It makes your home feel more inviting / welcoming and comfortable (one off the reasons Scandinavians love to place lamps in the window)

4. It helps to highlight features in your home you love - and hide those you don't!

6. It helps to divide a room into different zones

7. The light itself can be a work of art

So, how does one create the perfect lighting in your home? I'm a firm believer in the 5-7 rule outlined in Frida Ramstedt's Interior Design Handbook. It stipulates that every room should have at least between five to seven lighting points - with some people even recommending up to nine! 

To really use lighting to its full advantage, it's great to cover: General lighting: a ceiling lamp that spreads ambient light across the room, Task lighting: a reading lamp, desk lamp or strong light over kitchen work surfaces. Spot lighting: lighting that directs itself to highlight a picture, bookcase or help create shadow on the wall. Atmospheric / decorative lighting: mood lighting, dimmable small lamps, candles etc.  

It's also important to use the right bulb - check out this guide for more. So much to think about! 

Time to take stock of my own lighting: 

I've had my Z1 overhead pendant lamp hanging in my sitting room for years. It's such a perfect light - when dialled up, it spreads light throughout the room without glare, and when dimmed, it sets the tone for a relaxed evening (while looking a little like a Thai sky lantern!). 

This pretty brass and marble lady is the Chloe lamp from Hudson Valley Lighting - used purely for mood lighting and brightening up a dark-is corner (although I could dial her up for semi-OK task lighting too).

I can't tell you how many questions I get about this Zuiver Shady two arm lamp. It's the perfect reading lamp and a family favourite. 

One of my treasured vintage pieces, I found the Jielde lamp* on Etsy a while back. Vintage lighting can be really tricky and often needs re-wiring - but your efforts will be rewarded. It's used to shed light on the table in this picture, but I also love to use it to highlight the bookcase or pictures (depending on how this corner has been arranged!). 

In the bedroom, my beloved Ferial lamp from Paris Au Mois D'aout. I am not sure if they are still making it, but they do produce similar ones. I love how it spreads light throughout the room and casts shadows on the wall. 

This elegant lady was handmade in the UK by a local craftsman over 20 years ago. She's followed me to Sweden and has stayed faithfully by myself ever since. I have to be honest, she's a fair-ish reading light but I'm not sure a serious lighting expert would approve! 

The Tip Table Lamp on my desk is a little saviour when the sun dips beneath the horizon - or I'm burning the midnight oil while Per sleeps! 

Look closely, and you'll spot the Vuelta table lamp* from Ferm Living on the shelves behind my desk - it has a built-in dimmer switch and looks lovely lit up in the evening.   

One that I haven't had the chance to photograph yet, but really love, is my glass table lamp from Hübsch. If you're looking for a lamp with a perfect, warm glow - this is your lady! 

It was so fun to take stock of what I have. Even so, I realise there's definitely room for more (perfect excuse for a little light shopping this weekend!). 

What's the lighting situation in your home? Do you need more? Any lighting fails? Or great tips and tricks you'd love to share? 

If you're also planning on taking stock of what you have this weekend, you might also like to consider the following: 

- Dimmer switches are your best friend
- Angle or adjust the height of your lamps to ensure you don't get any glare
- Vary the height of the lights in each room to add feeling and depth: e.g. place on the floor, on surfaces such as low tables, shelves, windowsills, wall mounted or hung from the ceiling. 

Right folks. I do believe it's the weekend - wooohoooo! I can't say I'm doing anything too exciting! But it'll be nice to have a lie-in, pick out some paint colours with Liv for her bedroom and perhaps go for a walk along the beach. And enjoy a couple glasses of wine no doubt. 

Skål to the weekend! 


*some of the links contain affiliate partnerships which means I might make a teeny tiny amount if you click and buy something - at no extra cost to you. Also, a few of the lamps featured are press gifts. 

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Bright ideas: Lighting up our Cabin and a Friend's Bathroom

Paid partnership with Hudson valley Lighting Group, all words and pictures are my own

There's nothing like the autumn and winter darkness to make you realise you don't have enough lighting at home (yelp!). Put simply, you need at least 5 different types of lights in a standard size room (a mix of ambience, overhead and task lighting). Outdoor lighting is also important to extend the alfresco season, brighten up an entrance and create a welcoming vibe! Last week, Per and I headed to the cabin to install two lights in the fading autumn light. 

The first one we installed was the District pendant by Troy Lighting which is made from hand blown glass with soft black detail. The cabin has a 4-metre ceiling height, so we borrowed a ladder. Here's me checking the length (for someone who has a slight fear of heights, this was a brave moment!). The light comes with a black ceiling canopy which looks super smart once in place.  

As with all handmade pieces, the handblown glass has subtle imperfections which give it a lovely vintage feel. It comes in two different sizes (this is the smaller one measuring 40 cm high x 20.32 cm wide), and three different glass finishes: clear, topaz and smoke. Since it's a fairly small room, I chose the clear glass for a 'barely there' feel. 

I love the closed concave bottom - it's not unlike a fine bottle of wine! But more than that, it catches and reflects the light in a lovely way. 

Outdoor lighting 

Meanwhile, outside it can be pitch black (save for the moon and stars) at this time of year at the cabin. 

I've learned good garden lighting is key for three reasons: it means you can still be outside and enjoy mild evenings after the sun goes down, it creates a welcoming feel when you arrive home and finally, there's something unsettling about looking out into a black hole of darkness through the window, and good garden lighting can do wonders to lighten up the outside world - highlighting your deck, a tree or other parts of the garden, helping you to feel less 'closed-in'. 

Note: try to steer clear of lights that emit light directly upwards as this can disorientate migrating birds.  

For us, the first step was to install a light in the decked area so we can sit outside on autumn evenings (when the weather allows for it of course!). The Atwater Wall Sconce by Troy Lighting caught our eye as we liked the vintage brass finish and the warm glow. 

Specifically designed for outdoor use, it's available in three different sizes. This one is 45.72 cm high x 16.51 cm wide. 

I particularly like the finish - it's a tone I've used throughout the cabin. I also really appreciate the golden glow, it creates a really welcoming, cosy vibe! 

It's so much cosier to sit out here in Autumn now. Maybe we'll invest in a fire pit next, what do you think? 

Lighting up my friend's bathroom
And finally, it would be mean spirited of me to keep all these wonderful lights to myself. My friend Ullis (who I've known since I was five and lives a few doors down) has recently completed her bathroom renovation and it's amazing! There was just one piece missing - mood lighting! 

Ullis already has spotlights in the ceiling, so the overhead lighting was covered, what was needed was a warm mood light. Which is where this beauty came into the picture!

Made from solid cast brass, the Diggs wall sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting Group is small but fairly weighty (you do need a good, solid wall for this one). It looks great all over the home, but I also love that it can be installed in the bathroom. 

It has a hooded design with a handcrafted look and feel which looks equally pretty switched off or on.  

It gives off such a lovely warm glow, don't you think? I love it when a plan comes together! 

I'm considering installing this in our stairwell too (a dark area of our home that's in need of more light!). 

I hope you like these lamps as much as we do. Do you have a favourite? 

You can see all the lights have selected from Hudson Valley Lighting Group in the past herehere and here

This weekend is perfect timing to do a light edit in your home and ensure you have enough each room. Is there somewhere in your home you need to work on? 

Have a great weekend friends, vi ses på måndag! 


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A fab Danish home with a Moroccan twist

Godmorgon! It's Friday! Woop! I'm always super slow on Fridays, how about you?! I think I'm a secret 'four day weeker' except my mind hasn't told my body yet so I'm still at my laptop. Either that or I'm dreaming about the prospect of chilling out here over the next couple of days (can't wait!). But thankfully things feel super easy today since this little beauty of a Danish home dropped into my mailbox last night. Do you remember Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg and her lovely flat in the Danish city of Aalborg (lest we forget that purple bike!)? Julie (who works for a Moroccan interior store), her boyfriend Mads and daughter Vanilla recently moved from the 5th floor to the ground floor in the same apartment block. Their new home has been furnished with a wonderful blend of designer items, vintage finds and Moroccan wares, or as Julie puts it: 'green, Scandinavian with a twist of Moroccan in my own, cosy, warm and colourful style'. Let's take a tour...

Home-owner: Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg. Photographer: Benjamin Lassen

What a fab home - the apartment itself has beautiful bones and I love Julie's mix and match style.
How about you?

Get the look: dining area - Tom Dixon copper round pendant, Panton chair, Tripp Trapp children's chair, source a lovely boucherouite rug here and kilim cushions here, these string lights are similar. sitting room - source fashion prints and posters here, string pocket shelves.

In case you missed it, you can take a peek at Julie's previous apartment here and here and keep up to date with her latest home projects here.

If you fancy dipping into a whole host of other beautiful Danish spaces today, you could always check out the Danish home archive (oh yes!). My top tips - don't miss the dreamy home of a best selling author, an inviting space with vintage touches, and an eclectic apartment with attitude. Oh I do love Danish style!

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS I'll be dropping in tomorrow with a little pure linen inspiration.

PPS Or if it's drink trolleys (bar carts) you're after, you might want to hop on over to The Washington Post where I contributed to a splurge or save feature! So fun! Hope you like my selection. 

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