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A lovely Danish student's home - revisited!

Last week I shared pictures from Danish student Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg's lovely home. And guess what? I just discovered another set! These lovely shots were taken by Tia Borgsmidt (shared with kind permission) and stylist Mette Helena Rasmussen about a year ago. It's fascinating to see how a home evolves over the space of a year (Julie shares all the changes on IG here). I love the rustic wood beams,  day bed (oh how I could kick back there right now with a magazine) and that fab bike! Is there anything that stands out to you?

Photos Tia Borgsmidt (shared with kind permission). Stylist Mette Helena Rasmussen. Homeowner: Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg

I'm still wishing I lived like this when I was a student, how about you?!

Another things I noticed this time were the gymnastic rings - I've never managed to conquer these - have you?! But that's not to say they don't add a cool sporty edge to the space (in combo with that bike).  Do you have any exercise equipment at home?

Other Danish homes I absolutely love are all squirreled away here (scroll passed the first one as it's likely to be this one).

I'm heading off on a photo shoot today in the Skåne countryside, so excited!

I hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Amazing home! I wish too my student house looked like this... And what a clever idea for the sneakers arrangement (under THAT bike).

  2. Lovely! Young,bright,free spirit house!Me like it!

  3. What an amazing place! So cool and creative, love it!

  4. WOW! That's amazing. I love the table, it's great.

  5. Your blog is so inspiring! <3

  6. Beautiful home! I'm constantly surprised by how amazingly stylish some Danish students live. I'm in love with the copper lamps, definitely need some like these!


  7. Again, I never had that cool of a space when I was in school, but I did have pink hair! Thanks for sharing, it is fun to see the person, as well as the space.

  8. Oh, I love the wooden floor in this one! :)
    The green plants match so well here ♥

  9. What student can afford such a place!???


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