A Striking Swedish Home With A Wall of Books!

Why, hello there! I hope you had a great weekend?! I'm hoping this home might brighten up the start of your week (it certainly has mine!). This incredible apartment in Stockholm belongs to Anna Tuernell, Head of Design at Arket. It's a home of contrast - where light wood floors and fresh white walls juxtapose with dark grey, black and wood furniture. But perhaps my favourite thing of all are the floor to ceiling shelves brimming with books - if you're a book lover, you'll no doubt fall in love with it too! Anna invited Lotta Agaton and Kristofer Johnsson in to capture it for Residence magazine. Enjoy the tour!

The bumling pendant (call me immature but I can't help smile at the name, how about you?!) in brass definitely takes centre stage in the kitchen. There are always second-hand ones available here.

 The sitting room reads like a 'who's who' of fabulous design classics - with the most unbelievably comfortable Eames lounge chair and ottoman beside a Bollo Lounge chair.  

Book lovers rejoice! I've said it already in the introduction, but just how wonderful are these floor to ceiling shelves bursting with books?! The Elfa bookshelf system is perfect for creating this effect. 

The tea trolley - possibly my favourite piece by Artek (and the black version too, love it!) looks great next to the Panthella Floor lamp.

A Swedish Kakelugn in the corner of the bedroom adds a decorative touch (and if in working condition - a lot of warmth!) to the bedroom. An Eames rocker can be seen just in front (ready to act as the perfect chairdrobe?).

What a fabulous space?! The architect is simply stunning too. Imagine having ceilings as high as this?! 

Thank you so much to Lotta for the kind permission to share these lovely photos from her portfolio  - and to Coco Lapine - through whom I discovered this space! 

You can see more of Lottas lovely work here

Have a happy start to the week all!

Credits: Interior design Lotta Agaton Interiors. Photography Kristofer Johnsson.

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A very cool Swedish home with a twist.

There's something up with this space and you'll never guess from the pictures. This is actually a show house for a new residential area outside Stockholm called Fredborgs.  Consisting of 38 modern detached homes, the area is planned to have a village feel surrounded by untouched nature. The low energy villas will be built in natural materials all with a ready made garden looking out over forest land.  The show home has clearly been designed by someone very cool with impeccable, on trend taste!  

Styling Pella Hedeby. Photography Kristofer Johnsson for JM via Stil Inspiration
Apart from the obvious designer items and cool moodboards, I immediately noticed the baby crib in the bedroom as this is the one I also had when my little girls were newborns.

Is there anything that resonates with you in particular about this home? And have you ever seen a showhome like it?! I'd want to move in directly complete with all the furniture, lighting and accessories!

After four fantastic weeks with my family in Thailand we're finally heading home (boo hooo!). Right now we're in Singapore (anyone got any great tips?!) and will fly back to Sweden tomorrow.  The good news is I'll be back to blogging from my usual workspace on Monday. Since we'll be on the move tomorrow I won't have a chance to post, so have a fantastic weekend and see you Monday from sunny Sweden!

PS Other stunning homes shot by Kristofer Johnsson include the artist Therese Sennerholt's black and white home and this beautiful Stockholm apartment with a mid-century touch. Love!

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The Stockholm home of a fashion stylist

One of my girls woke up with a sore throat today, poor thing.  She's on the sofa behind me watching 'fixa rummet' (a program about children's bedroom make-overs) - yes, it runs in the family! Meanwhile, over on this side of the room...I've got a fab home to share with you. Shot by Kristofer Johnsson and styled by Saša Antić, it belongs to Stockholm based Gorjan Lauseger, a fashion and advertising stylist who works with well known magazines from all over the world. In his bio his style is described as 'clean, classic and sophisticated but always with a modern eye'. I think his home truly reflects this too, don't you?

Photographer: Kristofer Johnsson. Stylist Saša Antić. Inspired by My Unfinished Home

The high ceilings, original period features, beautiful parquet flooring and the way the apartment has been furnished is indeed clean, classic and sophisticated. But what really stands out to me is the statement artwork. 

A couple of items I know and love: Sitting room: Hektar floor lamp, Svenskt Tenn elefant cushions, Kate Moss book and Baxton Studio leather and chrome chairs. Kitchen: black and white Marimekko bowl, Thonet 214 chairs, Bedroom: classic white linen bedding, occasional LTR bedside table.  

Is there anything you love about this space?

Some of my fave places to buy fab artwork for the home: The Poster ClubArtilleriet and Fotografiska. Plus more art photography inspiration here

Yesterday's Dutch cabin got me thinking about holiday plans (see my travel board!). I'm thinking Rock the Shack style rentals (inspiration on cabins, cocoons and hideouts) or glamping (again). If you're expecting visitors, I love this round-up of three very different ways to accommodate guests. Do you have any great plans for 2015? If you're thinking about visiting Southern Sweden drop me a mail, I might be able to help you find a holiday home on land or water! 

 Have a lovely day!

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An elegant Stockholm pad with fab windows

It's the weekend! Yay! I actually thought it'd never arrive as my family have all been sick. Poor things! I'm also a bit worried as we have a 7 hour flight on Sunday and I've yet to catch the horrible bug eeeeek. To say I've washed my hands to obsessive levels over the last 24 hours would be an understatement!! I'm also camping out at a coffee shop by the sea to work (under the advice of my doctor sister - if you say so Cas)! On a brighter note,  having blogged about Scandinavian homes for over four years I've started to recognise the photographer before I've even seen the credits. One Swedish photographer with a particularly strong signature style is the talented Kristofer Johnson. You may remember this and this home he captured recently. And now he's back with an equally elegant space in Stockholm. The home belongs to photographer / blogger Louise Ljungberg and has been decorated throughout with that fab mix of grey, green and blue.  I particularly love the sofas and the wonderful windows between the kitchen and bedroom. Let's take a tour...

Styling Anna Mårselius. Photography Kristofer Johnsson. Residence magazine.

Everything about this space is just so calm and the large arched windows are beautiful! I also love the shelves across the windows in the kitchen - very clever (do you remember the window shelves in this Australian beach house too?).

Oh how I could camp out here for the weekend, how about you?!

Get the look: Source a rustic bench here (I've just bought one for my bedroom!). Louise's artwork can be spotted throughout the space and is available here. Washed linen bedding in charcoal, light grey, and navy (absolutely love this colour). Dark grey knitted throw.

More absolutely lovely homes captured by Kristofer include a Stockholm pad with a mix of vintage, Ylva Skarp's magnificent country home and the Swedish home of a fashion stylist.

Right, I'd better go off and pack for our holiday - exciting!! Have you ever been to Sri lanka? I will of course be blogging throughout my time there, although bear with me if I have a little wifi trouble at times.

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS One of my all time favourite bloggers, Victoria of SF Girl By Bay - has written such a nice review of my book here. Thank you so much Victoria! 

PPS If you're looking for some bedroom inspiration, how about this tip / tour from my lovely friend Valentina (who's home I once featured here). 

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Ten steps to a half painted wall

Photography: Avenue Design Studio. see the full tour of Lola's pretty room here.
While I'll always love an accent wall, lately I've had a soft spot for half painted walls too (seen in Marian's home today)! If you're a little colour shy, or simply feel like pepping up a space without going all out, a half-half horizontal wall is perfect for the job! Not only does painting a wall in two different shades create a beautiful wainscoting effect, it also adds visual interest to a space - perfect! Before I launch in to the 'how to' - here's a little inspiration to show just how pretty it can look.....

Photography: Lisa Cohen / The Estate Trentham (see the full tour of this dreamy home here)
Anders Schønnemann
Photography: Kristofer Johnsson Styling Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse for Hitta Hem
Jennifer Hagler / A Merry Mishap
Kristofer Jonhsson

How to create a half-half horizontal wall

1. Pick a paint colour. I say it like it's the easiest thing in the world, but we all know it's a little trickier than that! I'd recommend buying a few different paint samples and testing them on the wall first (leave up over several days so you can see how the light affects it). My friend once had to paint her sitting room three times because she went all out with the first sample (you know who you are!). Cue: very unhappy husband.
2. Once you've chosen your paint, prep the area by giving it a good clean with a damp cloth. Remove wall sockets and other obstacles (turning off the electricity first).
3. Decide how high your half painted wall will be (the easiest and most common is exactly half way up - stating the obvious here I know!). But do get creative if you'd like a slightly different look or have furniture you'd like to work around.
4. Measure from the floor up, and mark the wall very lightly with a pencil to show the correct height. Repeat at regular intervals. It's probably a good idea to check your dotted line with a spirit level to avoid a wonky outcome!
5.  Next, place masking tape along the line keeping it even and applying pressure to ensure it's securely in place (best route to a crisp line!). Tape all around the edge of the wall too.
6.  Cover the floor (and if you're painting the upper wall, cover the lower wall too) with newspaper or plastic sheets.
7.  If you're going for a lighter shade on dark you'll need to apply a primer before going all in. Otherwise go ahead and apply your beautiful paint colour with a roller (and a brush for the edges / corners). Repeat layers as required (I'd recommend at least two).
8.  Now for the fun bit (I think, at least!), once the paint has dried remove the tape little by little. 
9.  Place any wall sockets back in place.
10. Stand back and admire the fabulous new look that is your freshly painted half wall!

If you did a little dance at the results and want to show it to the world, please tag me on Instagram - I'd love to see it!!

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A Striking Swedish Cabin On The Island of Ingarö

Here in Sweden, the schools have gone back and offices up and down the country are starting to fill up (can you hear the braincells creaking back into action?!). Pelle and Simone Porseryd have no doubt recently returned to Stockholm fresh from a relaxed getaway at their summer house on the island of Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago. Standing 54 metres above sea level, the contemporary cabin has a beautiful wooden facade and asymmetric windows overlooking the rocky landscape and water beyond. Inside, vintage Scandinavian classics and newer pieces are silhouetted against an earthy, dark backdrop. The look is understated and full of contrast, yet cosy and undeniably cool. And then there's that black sauna too. Let's take a peek! 

I could totally imagine flitting about here all summer - how about you? 

I bet the view from the sitting room window is constantly changing - and equally dramatic rain or shine. 

Seeing this cabin has made me all confused. In my dreams I had always imagined a traditional Swedish cottage but this contemporary style has thrown a spanner in the works - it's beautiful too, in another kind of way! Hmmm. 

If you're feeling inspired by this retreat, you might also like this relaxed Swedish cabin by the sea and an idyllic hide-away on the island of Dalarö



Photography: Kristofer Johnsson (shared with kind permission) / Styling Alexandra Ogonowski. Featured in Residence magazine

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The incredible monochrome home of Therese Sennerholt

One of the wonderful things about editing an interior design blog is that I get to look at beautiful homes everyday in the name of work (at least that's what I tell my husband when he catches me on Pinterest again!).And every once in a while I come across a home which takes my breath away. This is one of the them. You may have seen it before but hey, you can't tire of a space like this! It's the home of Swedish art director /typographer Therese Sennerholt. I am a great fan of her work and own several of her prints. Her home really reflects her work in terms of colour (black and white) and style.

Therese Sennerholt / Styling: Lotta Agaton / Photo: Kristofer Johnsson via Design Studio 210

Beautiful! What are your thoughts?

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