Ten steps to a half painted wall

Photography: Avenue Design Studio. see the full tour of Lola's pretty room here.
While I'll always love an accent wall, lately I've had a soft spot for half painted walls too (seen in Marian's home today)! If you're a little colour shy, or simply feel like pepping up a space without going all out, a half-half horizontal wall is perfect for the job! Not only does painting a wall in two different shades create a beautiful wainscoting effect, it also adds visual interest to a space - perfect! Before I launch in to the 'how to' - here's a little inspiration to show just how pretty it can look.....

Photography: Lisa Cohen / The Estate Trentham (see the full tour of this dreamy home here)
Anders Sch√łnnemann
Photography: Kristofer Johnsson Styling Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse for Hitta Hem
Jennifer Hagler / A Merry Mishap
Kristofer Jonhsson

How to create a half-half horizontal wall

1. Pick a paint colour. I say it like it's the easiest thing in the world, but we all know it's a little trickier than that! I'd recommend buying a few different paint samples and testing them on the wall first (leave up over several days so you can see how the light affects it). My friend once had to paint her sitting room three times because she went all out with the first sample (you know who you are!). Cue: very unhappy husband.
2. Once you've chosen your paint, prep the area by giving it a good clean with a damp cloth. Remove wall sockets and other obstacles (turning off the electricity first).
3. Decide how high your half painted wall will be (the easiest and most common is exactly half way up - stating the obvious here I know!). But do get creative if you'd like a slightly different look or have furniture you'd like to work around.
4. Measure from the floor up, and mark the wall very lightly with a pencil to show the correct height. Repeat at regular intervals. It's probably a good idea to check your dotted line with a spirit level to avoid a wonky outcome!
5.  Next, place masking tape along the line keeping it even and applying pressure to ensure it's securely in place (best route to a crisp line!). Tape all around the edge of the wall too.
6.  Cover the floor (and if you're painting the upper wall, cover the lower wall too) with newspaper or plastic sheets.
7.  If you're going for a lighter shade on dark you'll need to apply a primer before going all in. Otherwise go ahead and apply your beautiful paint colour with a roller (and a brush for the edges / corners). Repeat layers as required (I'd recommend at least two).
8.  Now for the fun bit (I think, at least!), once the paint has dried remove the tape little by little. 
9.  Place any wall sockets back in place.
10. Stand back and admire the fabulous new look that is your freshly painted half wall!

If you did a little dance at the results and want to show it to the world, please tag me on Instagram - I'd love to see it!!


  1. Just a small hint to secure a straight line: Paint the tape - if you want to paint the lower wall, paint the lower side of the tape with the upper wall colour or the other way around.

    1. Hi Suzanne, thank you so much for the tip - I'll remember that for the next time I create one. Very helpful!

    2. Hi! Can you explain this? I can't visualize what you mean. Thank you !

  2. This is so cute! I will have to try this look with my apartment soon <3

  3. your welcome - love your site ...

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