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Hello! I can't believe how popular yesterday's home was, I really enjoyed reading all your comments both here and on Facebook (where it got over 245 likes!), it was indeed a beautiful apartment and I too could move in tomorrow. To continue the theme of homes for sale in Sweden I was extremely excited to come across the Stockholm home of Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling which is currently for sale through Per Jansson. It's a picture of calm. I am particularly loving the bedroom - I'm sure it's impossible to have a bad nights sleep there, what do you think?

Per Jansson
Such beautiful images!

On Sunday we had a Facebook discussion on whether to go for less or more based on this post. Elin's home is definitely 'less' and the beauty of that is that it feels incredibly serene. Are you a less or more person?

Thank you so much to Sofia for today's tip. Have a lovely day!

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The (truly beautiful) Line Apartment

You may already be familiar with The Line in New York but in case you're not, it's a beautiful online store selling pared back items and latest finds from emerging names across fashion, home and beauty. Already sold? Well, there's more. The Line believe objects gain new meaning and greater dimension through context and as a result have created The Apartment to showcase items in the intimate setting of a home. And what a beautiful home it is, don't you think?!

Copyright: Apartment34.comThe Line Apartment. Photography: Aubrie Pick via Seventeen Doors.

The Line has recently introduced Toteme the fashion brand created by Swedish stylist and blogger Elin Kling and Karl Lindman on their site which is well worth a look here.

And how cool is that blue velvet modern take on a chesterfield?! My parents have always had blue velvet chesterfields so they always remind me of my childhood. Keep an eye on LiveAuctioneer for similar. I pinned a space on my 'Moody' board the other day which had a surprisingly beautiful sitting room colour combination of dark blue velvet, dark grey and brass. You can see the image here (what do you think?).

Is there anything you love in particular about this space?

You might also want to take a peek at The Apartment in Copenhagen which works with the same concept. Also beautiful!

Are you doing anything great this weekend? I am at home with my sick three year old today (poor little thing) but I hope she'll be better by the weekend so we can do something fun in the sun.

Have a wonderful couple of days and see you Monday!

PS don't forget to enter the Rosendahl Monkey give-away which closes Sunday

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